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Woodrun is an event held at Morning Glory Academy. The student body is broken into teams of three, and sent out into the woods to reach various checkpoints to earn a prize.  It appears to be a cross between a treasure hunt and capture the flag.[1]

Students can be sent to 'jail' if another team uses a skull flag on them. If this happens, they must return to campus with the other 'prisoners'.[2]

The most recent Woodrun was used by Daramount to try and find the killer lurking in the school. However, it was disrupted by a time distortion caused by The Truants.[3]This woodrun was also foreseen by Mary in 1693, describing it as a game "to see who could tell the truth from the deceptions".[1]


Nick has stated on couple of occasions that he has no written rules for Woodrun. However if he was given sufficient incentive, he could probably come up with them reasonably easily.


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