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Calfaile Calfaile 10 May 2013

Matt joins Team Morning Glories

My favorite Morning Glories scholar (and friend of the wiki) Matthew Meylikhov has been writing the "Morning Glories Academy Study Hall" column at his site Multiversity comics ever since the comic started (well, since isssue #8, but he filled in the rest).  If you're a fan of the series, you probably know this column, If you don't you're missing out!  He just announced that's he's going to be doing a mini-version of the column at part of the backmatter of the comic starting with Issue #27.

There will also be a short four-page recap comic (knights of canon look away now) "Morning Glories babies" illustrated by Andrea Vasquez.

Congratulations Matt!  We look forward to picking it up in person!

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