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During time Travel the students have visions of the past and future, it usually preceded by a big flash and loud sound. This is also used by the author to foreshadow upcoming scenes


ISSUE 13[]

These flashes occurred when Casey and Hodge traveled back in time using The Cave

ISSUE 25[]

The flashes as Ike tries to leverage answers out of Abraham in the cell. It is to noted that the are the first flashes that do not involve time travel and also first to include dialogue

ISSUE 28[]

These flashes occurred after Casey touched the cylinder undoing some of the changes that the Truants caused during Woodrun.These are a continuation of the flashes from issue 13

ISSUE 32[]

These flashes occurred when Vanessa and Hodge used The Walled Garden to travel back in time to the day before the events of the first Issue

ISSUE 38[]

Theses flashes occurred during Akiko's dream walk, it started during her performance at the Ballet House

ISSUE 49[]

Theses flashes occurred during the Earthquakes at 8:13 as Casey enters The Greenhouse