• Was Lara lying when she promised Casey she would get her parents back?

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    • I voted "Yes, she lied" because Casey would have to decide not to go to MGA in order to save her parents and Lara fetched Clarkson back before Casey had a chance to make that decision.  I am assuming that the scene in Issue #28 with Danielle Clarkson driving and crashing her car is when Lara fetched Casey back.

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    • Then who is Clarkson that meets Tom in the hospital (and gives birth to David)?  Also, the Casey that exits the cave seems to know a lot more than the Clarkson that Hodge leaves at the parent-teacher interview.

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    • I am saying that (16 + 12) year old Casey travels back to MGA and her 16 year old self during the car crash.  Are you saying that Casey did not return at that moment?

      How does time travel work? How can there be Danielle Clarkson living on in the past? For how much longer is Danielle Clarkson going to exist when her infant son wakes her at 8:13?

      I have no clue. Casey appears not to remember being Clarkson though.

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    • I still think the Casey that reappeared at the cave is much, much older than we might think. She seems majorly pissed off at Hodge... could it be that she was forcibly sent back by Hodge, or something happened to her husband and her child that required her to return to the Academy?

      Casey only got her amnesia after touching the cylinder.

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    • I too suspect that the Casey that emerges from the cave is not the one in the car crash.  It could be that Hodge explains everything during the ommited conversation (which is why Casey is crying), but cave Casey seems much more in the know than (16+12) year old Casey.

      Casey explicitly remembers being Clarkson until she touches the cylinder.

      I'm however now wondering if "they" induced the car crash so that they could implant her with David.  Maybe Mr. Reed should do a paternity test. . .

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