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The Truants refer to the group of students who infiltrated the Morning Glory Academy two years ago. Though the group name itself has never been used in the comics, it is the popular name used by fans and in various promotional material. However, upon the guards finding some of them in a forbidden location, Georgina Daramount called them "truants and delinquents", referring to the general definition of truant as "one who shirks duty; especially: one who stays out of school without permission"[1].

The cover art originally introducing them showed them in the same positions as The Glories were in the first issue. In the image:

Irina replaced Casey; Vanessa replaced Jade; Guillaume replaced Ike; Akiko replaced Zoe; Fortunato replaced Hisao; and Ian replaced Hunter. Additionally, Zoe's mirror is replaced by a knife, and Casey's apple is replaced by a pineapple grenade.

For the most part, each Truant shares some personality traits or roles with the corresponding Glory on the cover. Further, some stories surrounding the Truants seem to compare and contrast similar experiences of the Glories, such as arriving at the school, detention, and the rescue from Nine's office.

The Truants


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