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Left to Right: Hunter, Ike, Jun, Casey, Zoe, and Jade

The Glories is the name used in reference to the original six students in the series. While they are never addressed by the name in the books themselves, it is commonly used by fans and in the official issue descriptions on Image's webiste.


Main Article: Casey Blevins

The apparent 'leader' of the group during the first arc, Casey seems to be the most willing to take a stand against the school. She is extremely protective of people close to her, which has helped her form a strong friendship with the frequently-victimized Jade.


Main Article: Hunter

Geeky, shy, and self-described as 'average', Hunter didn't expect to be admitted to the academy. He seems as initially optimistic as Casey, whom he harbors a crush on.


Main Article: Zoe

Beautiful, brilliant, with a cruel streak and a razor-sharp tongue, Zoe is quickly revealed to be much more than she appears. Her mission and motivations are unclear, but it is evident she will do whatever it takes to carry them out.


Main Article: Ike

Quickly rejected by the group for being manipulative and selfish, Ike's recent past involves a legal scandal that indirectly connects him to many of the other Glories as well as the school itself.


Main Article: Jade Ellsworth

Jade is sensitive and emotional, which naturally puts her at odds with Zoe and Ike. She has a great deal of faith in Casey, whom Jade sees as being smart, resourceful, and willing to do the right thing.


Main Article: Hisao Fukayama

Initially introduced as Jun, it is later revealed he and his twin brother traded identities as children. Quiet and strong, he is more aware of the purpose and dangers of the school than any of the others in the group. He is protective of Hunter, and immediately distrusting of Ike.