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The Cave is a location near the school campus. The room that is prominently featured is behind an iron gate and hidden behind a boulder that can be pushed to the side.

On the entrance level is a large fire between two gargoyle statues. Behind or inside the fire are two humanoid statues. The lower level is almost entirely empty except for two wooden structures resembling stocks, and chains can be seen on the wall closest to the fire. The wall opposite the fire seems to the largest with the fewest obstructions, so the shadows are cast on it. The shadows themselves move independently of the person casting them.

Though the entrance level and the lower level appear to be reasonably close, they are both temporally and physically distant:  What takes a few seconds on the lower level takes minutes on the upper and the levels are "too far away" to shout between.[1]


The Cave is a shrine and seems to be for sending people back into their past if certain conditions are met. The people travelling through time sit on the bottom floor, staring at the shadows, while other people remain upstairs to cast the shadows. This has currently been shown directly only once, as Casey Blevins and Lara Hodge go back into Casey's past (while Jade Ellsworth and Ike remained upstairs). It is implied the Cave was also used to send Vanessa Richmond back into Hodge's past, and Vanessa was willing to send the younger Hodge back further into her own past, too.[2]

When Jade and Ike were instructed to stay upstairs, nothing seemed to happen until they held hands and prayed.[3] There was a flash of light, during which Casey presumably saw a series of images, including soldiers on a battlefield (likely World War One from the style of helmet ), the bearded scientist from Jade's dream,[4] Roman baths, a man stabbing another man in the back with a knife (possibly circa 1800 based on the clothing and hairstyles), a young girl crying (confirmed to NOT be Zoe),[5] slaves in ancient Egypt, a French city burning, a diner, and people throwing stones.[1] At the same time, the older version of Jade, Dr. Ellsworth, feels sick and throws up, then tells her assistant that they need to hurry.

Fourteen years before the present day, twelve-year-old Lara Hodge is visited by present-day-Vanessa Richmond, who takes her to the Cave. Vanessa has Lara recite Plato's Allegory of the Cave, and explains that Lara can go back through her own past, which she describes as a gift from her mother. Vanessa further explains "The Cave exists to show you how to use it."[2]


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