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Ted is a mysterious disheveled man who appeared when Lara and Georgina were young girls.[1] Susan Dagney recognizes him and calls him "Ted". Lara somehow knows that although he's threatening Georgina, he actually would not hurt her. Instead, he's a terrified "good man", though not "one of them". Laura says that he came from "under the ground". The standoff ends when Dagney gives the order and Ted is shot through the head.

When Vanessa is captured after her failed attempt to rescue Abraham, she is kept in a cell with "Ted was here" carved into the wall.[2]

During Akiko's dance, Ted is one of the men seen in a cage.[3]


Ted has appeared in 2 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #20: Truants, pt. 1
  2. Morning Glories #37: Honors, pt. 3

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Ted was here