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Sleep projection is an ability to visit other places while one's physical body is asleep.  It is a gift that has been primarily exhibited by members of The AV club. They use it to travel around the school campus and to visit their clubhouse (which in the real world is the Lab In the Woods).

While it appears to be a purely mental gift (the sleepers bodies presumably remain in their beds), it is subject to some physical rules:  The landscape seen corresponds to actual conditions (i.e. night or day).  Also, when the AV club goes on a strenuous hike within the projection, Hannah is unable to join them due to weakness.[1]  The AV club is also concerned about being discovered in their hideout and need to hide when spying on the The Delivery Point.[1]


Characteristics so far:

  • You can enter the projection state unknowingly.[2]
  • It requires a certain amount of strength since Hannah's MS made her too weak to travel with the group during a hike.[1]
  • The students have to be careful to remain hidden even in the projection state.[1]
  • While in the projection state, a person can talk with and physically interact with at least a subset of people.[4]


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