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The following is a reference list to recurring phrases in the Morning Glories universe. Note that not every instance is used word-for-word.

A Sacrifice is Always Demanded[]

See Also: Sacrifice

Morning Glories #18

All Will Be Free[]

Bell's Theorem[]

Best Two out of Three?[]

Morning Glories #43

  • The Old man said it in Ike's vision in Morning Glories #25
  • A Moroccan child asks it to Abraham after he escape the Academy.[1]
  • The old man turned out to be a future version of Ike and he said the same thing after Ike's library visions.[2]
  • The winner of Towerball is decided as a best of 2 out 3 games.[3]
  • Casey needed 2 out of the 3 judges' vote in order to win her middle school science fair.[3]


  • Georgina Daramount accused Lara Hodge of cheating ("She Cheats!"), both in the field and in the classroom when tutored by Dagney.[4]
  • Isabel Traveiso claims Casey Blevins beat her only through cheating ("You did cheat!").[5] This is later revealed to have occurred during the science fair where Casey's project was apparently "impossible".[6]. It turns out that Clarkson was the tie-breaking third judge for the competition.[3]
  • When talking about Casey's upcoming competition with Isabel for class president, Lara tells her "Who knows? Maybe you won't even have to cheat this time."[6]
  • "This time--you won't be about to cheat your way out of this"-Isabel to Casey at the student debates.[3]
  • "You want to beat the bitch--you're going to have to cheat"-Ian to Ike[3]
  • "The bitch cheated."-Georgina on Casey winning the election.[7]


See Also: Faith

  • Zoe and Abraham to Sudhir.[8]
  • Zoe to Amanda.[8]
  • Zoe to Hunter.[9].
  • Before David touches her, Akiko keeps on repeating that she has faith.[10]
  • Abraham tells Ike that the biblical story of Abraham and Issac is not about the terms of the agreement or even God, but about sacrifice and faith.[11]
  • Clarkson to Fortunato.[12]
  • Akiko's parents told her to have faith.[13]
  • The fate of Lot's wife may have been a consequence of lacking faith. [13]
  • Dagney tells Georgina "So little faith Georgina..."[7]

For a Better Future[]

Morning Glories #1

I don't mind waiting[]

See Also:Waiting

Looks Like I Got Here Just In Time[]

Never Too Late[]

Seeing The Face of God[]

  • Before dying Kseniya tells Irina "What a gift it has been all these years to see the face of God".[14]
  • Akiko has a vision of Abraham explaining to his children the history of Lot, when asked for her interpretation on why Lot's wife turns into salt she said " And when she looked back, she saw it. The true face of God"[13]
  • One day at the Camp Guillaume was blinded by the sun and Hisao told him " We're not supposed to see the face of God, look away my love".[15]

So We Created Our Own Gods[]

See Also:Gods

Morning Glories #25

The phrase first appeared in Jade's hallucination in issue #10, and the full phrase remained unrevealed until Ike's hallucination in issue #25.

  • A robed man, similar in appearance to Reginald Gribbs, spoke the phrase while Megan led Jade through the school hallways, during Jade's hallucination.[16]
  • After Abraham revealed to Ike that their conversation right before Ike stabbed him had not yet occurred, Ike had a breakdown.  One of the visions he saw was Alicia Wyatt speaking the full phrase: "In the end, the solution was breathtakingly clear.  The old ones had abandoned us, so we created our own gods".[17]

Stop Running[]

Morning Glories #19

  • In an inversion, Lara Hodge orders Casey Blevins to "start running"[18]
  • Irina, in an TV interview, tells the camera (and presumably to the watching Hunter) that the title of her new work is "It's Time to Stop Running".[9]
  • After she corners Hunter at the edge of a cliff, Zoe tells him to stop running.[9]
  • Miss Dagney tells a prepubescent Lara Hodge to stop running.[4]
  • After catching up with the injured Hunter who was fleeing from the Temple, Dr. Ellsworth tells him to stop running, but adds that there's always something to run from.[19]
  • Abraham tells the children that "all God really wants man to do--is stop running".[13]
  • "[The Academy] reveals to us a truth that we ourselves had once hidden, that we've spent far too long running from"-Isabel Traveiso.[3]

The Hour of Our Release Draws Near[]

Morning Glories #3

What Did You See When Your Eyes Were Opened?[]

See also: The Test


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