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The concept of promises and "keeping one's word" is a common theme.

Instances include

  • Georgina Daramount to Abraham "His word was given, and his word cannot be broken"[1]
  • Lara Hodge to Clarkson "You and I had an agreement Casey, where I'm from, we keep our word"[2]
  • Laura to Daramount "We made a deal. He was part of it. and we keep our word, remember?" [3]
  • Lara to Hisao "On that you have our word--and I'm sure you understand what that means"[4]
  • Oliver Simon says "like you, we honor our word" to Clarkson when she is there to take Ian [5]
  • Mr N. to Irina regarding assassinating Zoe "You know we operate under certain...agreements. And taking this target's life, if someone like myself were to do it, would fall under a flagrant violation of those terms. And we keep our word."[6]
  • Susan Dagney to Laura and Georgina "Remember, we keep our word--and this is the most sacred of our promises".[7]
  • Susan Dagney to Casey "You seem surprised. This was the promise we made to you, was it not?".[7]
  • The headmaster to Casey "I wanted to talk to you sooner...but promises have been made and I have to honor them".[8]


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