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Let's go crack her skull open
and see what comes pourin' out.


Nine is the nurse at Morning Glory Academy, and a recurring antagonist in the series. She is shown to be sadistic and to enjoy her work, and her personality has put her at odds with Susan Dagney[1] and Lara Hodge[2]

Part of Nine’s role at the school seems to be to look for “special” children, using methods that cause long-term damage to her patients.[1]

She has been in service of the Headmaster since she was a child.[3]

Early Life[]

A young Nine is seen twenty-five years ago, injecting something into the mother of Lara Hodge, presumably killing her.[3]

Two Years Ago[]

Nine conducted her tests on Fortunato,[4] and interrupted The Truants’ attempted rescue of him with Georgina Daramount.[5]

One Year Ago[]

After Georgina Daramount destroyed Abraham’s school, the children were taken to Morning Glory Academy to “continue their education”. Some or all of the students were subjected to Nine’s treatments, including Megan. [6]

For A Better Future[]

Jade Ellsworth is taken to Nine’s office after near-drowning in detention.[7] Once there, Jade attempts to escape, and encounters Megan, who kills two guards. Jade is captured, and injected by Nine, who asks “what [Jade] saw when her eyes were opened”. Believing Jade to not be of any value to the Headmaster, Susan Dagney argues that Megan protecting Jade might be noteworthy. Nine dismisses the idea, insisting that Megan is insane, and that Nine was "the one who put it that way".[8]

Nine is eventually knocked out by Hisao Fukayama, securing Jade’s rescue.[9]

All Will Be Free[]

Nine is seen showing bodies to Lara Hodge. (Chad, Steve, Amanda, and a fourth, possibly Brendan or a security guard). When Nine delights in their “little mascot”’s handiwork, Lara demands to know where Daramount is.[2]


Nine injects Ike with the Green Injection under Gribbs' orders.[10]


Nine has appeared in 10 issues to date:

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