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Five Years Ago: Hisao Fukayama is playing with his twin brother Jun Fukayama at their home when Georgina Daramount and Reginald Gribbs arrive to take them to Morning Glory Academy. Jun confesses to Hisao that he has changed his mind, and does not want to go. Jun understands English, and does not trust Daramount.

Hisao tells Jun he doesn’t need to be scared of leaving, as they will still be together.

Downstairs, Mari calls for the boys. She mentions that “Hisao nearly missed his own birthday”, and that Jun was born almost a half hour earlier. Daramount and Gribbs share a look, before determining that Jun no longer qualifies for acceptance at the school. When Mari refuses to separate them, Gribbs beats her to death.

Jun witnesses this, and runs back upstairs, as Daramount orders Gribbs to get “the one in the blue shirt”, Hisao. Jun locks the door and takes Hisao’s shirt, and with it his identity. Gribbs takes Jun, and Daramount torches the house. Hisao, trapped in the burning home, is saved by Abraham, who promises him he will see his brother again.

Ten Days Ago: His first night at the school, Hisao, posing as Jun, is attempting to break into a locked room when he is interrupted by his twin brother. Hisao tells Jun he came to rescue him, and explains that Jun switched their names when they were younger, but Jun doesn’t believe him. Jun seems ready to shoot Hisao, but is interrupted by Reginald Gribbs.

Hisao is sentenced to detention. As Jun is being dragged away by the security team, he demands to know who saved Hisao from the fire.


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Unanswered Questions[]

  • Why did the earlier birth time make Jun ineligible for the academy?
  • Why did they eventually let the second twin into the academy?
  • How did Abraham know Hisao's name/situation?

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