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Morning Glories 45 is the 45th issue of Morning Glories.


Tagline: “She’s gone.”



Three Years Ago: Jade Ellsworth is praying over her mother's body when there is a Blinding Light and Mary-Beth sits up just as the paramedics arrive. Mary-Beth appears terrified of Jade.

After the accident, Mary-Beth stays in her room. When Jade tries to see her, Mary-Beth attacks Jade and tells her that what she did was an abomination.

A doctor tells them that there is no physical brain damage that is responsible for the change in Mary-Beth. Instead, he thinks that Jade's mother has associated all the trauma from the crash into aggression towards Jade and warns her that it may never get better.

Mary-Beth meets with Clarkson at the diner. Clarkson had been trying to contact her for some time. Mary-Beth wants to know when they can take Jade away but Clarkson tells her they've decided that the best place for Jade is at home with her family. If Mary-Beth is willing to be a mother to Jade again, then Clarkson can help solve her family's problems. However, Mary-Beth emphatically refuses; she thinks Jade is "pure evil".

Clarkson accepts the rejection calmly and asks her to do "something else". That night, Mary-Beth checks into a motel alone and hangs herself.


Guillaume Sorel is practicing Towerball with the rest of the blue team when Jun Fukayama makes a terrible play. Afterwards in the change room, Toby and Denise mock Jun and Guillaume until Jun attacks Toby for talking about his brother. Jun is frustrated that Guillaume is forcing him to play far beneath his ability but Guillaume wants him to keep the truth hidden until the real game. In exchange, Guillaume is helping Jun keep Jade prisoner in the Ceremonial Room.

While Guillaume is giving Jade food and water, he tells her that Jun gave him her file. Since it is written on Psychic Paper, only some people (like Guillaume) can read the whole thing. Jun chose Jade for the sacrifice because of her suicide attempts. Guillaume realizes from her file that Jade has resurrected someone before and begs her to resurrect Hisao. Jade tells him that it doesn't work: the person who comes back is no longer the same.



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  • Jade's mother's assertion that there is evil inside Jade echoes Old Ike's statement in Morning Glories 43: "I know about your nights curled up in a ball, sobbing, wondering why you can't get the evil out of you!"
  • Mary-Beth hangs herself like Jade did in Morning Glories 10.


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