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Morning Glories 36 is the 36th issue of Morning Glories.


Tagline: "Welcoming Committee"



Eleven Years Ago: Oliver Simon and Debbie are sharing an intimate moment in the lab when Ellen Richmond interrupts to tell him their "guest" has arrived. He runs up to greet Clarkson. He thanks her for her support of their research. He leads her to a room and she is awed by what she sees: a young Ian Simon. They discuss his upbringing and his Gifts. She asks how much he understands about his "situation" and Oliver replies that he's understanding less every day. He expects that Ian will not remember much once Clarkson takes him from them. Clarkson expresses sympathy that it will be difficult for Oliver Simon to give Ian; he is his proudest achievement. He agrees, but acknowledges that this was always the agreement and "like you, we honor our word ". She assures him that he will be safe and taught well, she just wants to know which one she will be taking and the room is shown to contain multiple identical copies of Ian.


Ian is released from confinement, needles his roommates slightly, then promptly takes a nap. Meanwhile Hunter, Esi, Hannah, and Andres are trying to name their newspaper. They are surprised by a knock on the door, but it's just Ian. He has found out that someone important is arriving on campus under heavy guard and suggests that the group hike out and find out who it is. Four of them hike out, having left Hannah behind due to her MS. They arrive at the The Delivery Point just in time to see Georgina Daramount lead out Oliver Simon and a bound Miss Richmond. Andres recognizes Miss Richmond as Vanessa Richmond's mother and Ian recognizes Oliver and tells them "He's the man who made me".



Supporting Characters[]



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Cultural References[]

See also: Cultural References

  • Hunter is wearing a t-shirt with the logo of The Guild, a web series starring Felicia Day.
  • Hunter references "Psychic paper", a trope from the TV show Doctor Who.
  • The posters for Akira (1988 - Japanese variant), Dark City (1998), Solaris (1972 - Polish variant), Total Recall (1990), are seen again.


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Answered questions[]

  • Who is Clarkson representing and Oliver Simon's benefactor? (Answer)

Unanswered questions[]

  • Who/what is Debbie? She freezes in place when Oliver says "stop" and collapses when he says "sleep". He also refers to her in quotation marks.
  • Why is Hannah's dream self subject to her physical restrictions?
  • Why are there multiple Ians?
  • Who are the "adult subjects"?



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