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Dagney-angry-02.png This page is considered official policy on the Morning Glories Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Discussion and proposal of changes should be made using the talk page.

The overall narrative of Morning Glories is heavily reliant on twists, revelations and mysteries. Each plot raises several questions that will likely be revealed in future installments. The "Questions" section of issue pages are aimed at keeping track of such mysteries and revelations.


  1. Questions posed on a particular comic issue must derive from their respective plot.
  2. Questions must open-ended and neutral.
  3. Questions should not focus on internal logic.
  4. When a question gets answered (or partially so) it should be moved to the respective sub-section ("Answered questions" or "Partially answered questions") with a side note "(Answer)" linking to the episode or issue in which the answer is given.
  5. Questions should be specific and non-generic.
  6. There's no need to ask something that can be inferred.

How to pose a question?[]

  • Questions should be based on the elements presented in given story; they should not extrapolate or ask something we have no reason to question. For example, as of "Morning Glories 25" it's acceptable to ask "Is Hunter the Headmaster?", but it's not adequate to ask "Is Hunter a time-travelling alien from outer space?", because in that issue, we have no grounds to wonder if he is an alien or otherwise.
  • Questions must be neutral and not reflect bias. For example, it's acceptable to ask "Who is David?", but it's not adequate to ask "Is David the future version of Gribbs?", unless there are reasons to suspect him in particular.
  • Questions should not reflect what was revealed in the real world.
  • Other examples of what not to ask:
Will Ian find out Akiko and Fortunato went on a date? (Trite and a non-issue)
Will Casey and Hunter end up together? (Character development)
Will Casey burn down the Academy? (Story development)
What will [insert character] do? (Story development)
What will happen to [insert character]? (Story development)
Are the people Zoe killed still alive? (Speculation with no foundation)
How did [insert character] [do something]? (Internal logic, unless it contradicts something previously established)
How old is Susan Dagney? (Not related to the plot)