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Vital statistics
Age 16
First Appearance Morning Glories 3
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Megan is a Spanish-speaking girl that attended Abraham's school. When Georgina Daramount razed the area, Megan was among the students who were captured and taken to Morning Glory Academy.[1] She is subjected to some sort of procedure conducted by Nine, and is confined to a room in the basement, next to the cell that would later be Akiko's.[2]

Having escaped her room, she is encountered by Jade in one of the underground floors of Morning Glory Academy. Megan kills two security guards, and uses the blood of one to deliver Jade a message.[3]

During one Jade's dreams, she speaks words that will later be said by Casey Blevins, before guiding her to a mysterious laboratory.[4]

Nick Spencer, the writer of Morning Glories, has said that he has "decided" that the blond girl seen sitting in Abraham's camp is Megan.[5]

Morning Glories #21


Megan has appeared in 5 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #3: For A Better Future, pt. 3
  2. Morning Glories #10: All Will Be Free, pt. 4 Jade
  3. Morning Glories #23: Truants, pt. 4
  4. Morning Glories #37: Honors, pt. 3 (no lines)
  5. Morning Glories #42: Rivals, pt. 4 (dream)

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