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Age 16
First Appearance Morning Glories 15
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Maggie was a student at Morning Glory Academy, and member of the AV club.[1] She had a fourth-period class with Hunter, whom she seemed interested in. Though they were in the same class, Maggie had been there at least one more semester since she talked about remembering her first quarter as being "pretty terrifying"

She seems friendlier than other students, and also seemed to share some interests with Hunter, such as the film, The Lost Boys, and the TV series, Hammer House of Horror.

Maggie encounters the group during the Woodrun, giving Hisao (as Jun) a skull flag, sending him back to campus. She seems to sympathize with Hunter and Zoe about the Woodrun, who as freshmen were "sitting ducks".[2]

Before returning to her team, Maggie met with some members of the AV club, and vouched for Hunter's recruitment.[1]

When Maggie returned to her group, she is teased about having a crush on Hunter. Maggie leaves to get firewood, and is stabbed by Zoe while Hunter watches in horror.[2]


Maggie has appeared in 4 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #15: P.E., pt. 3
  2. Morning Glories #18: P.E., pt. 6
  3. Morning Glories #19: P.E., pt. 7 (dead body)
  4. Morning Glories #29: Tests, pt. 4 (dead body)
  5. Morning Glories #31: Demerits, pt. 2 (photograph)

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