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First Appearance Morning Glories 30
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Kseniya is the mother of Irina and Georgina Daramount.

She lived with Irina, presumably in Kiev, where she ruthlessly trained Irina to fight and kill. In one exercise, Kseniya paid five men to kill and rape Irina, ordering Irina to kill them first. Irina killed four, but was subdued by the fifth until her dog intervened. Kseniya killed the dog shortly after, telling Irina that her love for it made her weak.

Some time later, Kseniya discovered that "they" were coming for Irina. She ordered Irina to kill her, or be killed herself to be spared "so much pain". Kseniya attacked Irina, who stabbed her with a hidden knife.[1]


Kseniya has appeared in 1 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #30: Demerits, pt. 1

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