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Age 16
First Appearance Morning Glories 5
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Jason is a student at Morning Glory Academy. He has been at the school for years and is supposedly a favorite of Gribbs. However, since he failed The Test ("What did you see when your eyes were opened?"), Gribbs strangles him in front of Casey to demonstrate the callousness of the academy. Surprisingly, Casey is completely unresponsive.[1]

When Lara Hodge meets with Gribbs and Georgina Daramount to plan the Woodrun, it is implied that his body was never buried.[2] Whether that would be due to callousness or Jason not actually being dead (there are only four bodies in the morgue[3]) is unclear.


Jason has appeared in 1 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #5: For A Better Future, pt. 5

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