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Isabel Traveiso
Vital statistics
Age 16
First Appearance Morning Glories 26
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Isabel is a classmate in Casey's old high school.  They have an antagonistic relationship stemming from the fact that they are both constantly competing for first in their class.  In the previous year, Casey won the top spot (though Isabel accuses her of cheating). Apparently they were the only two freshmen that were able to test into Ms. Clarkson's AP physics class.[1]

Isabel then shows up at Casey's going away party to celebrate her admission to Morning Glory Academy. She implies that Casey cheated on last year's science fair (leading her to beat Isabel for the top spot in the class), and gives Casey a farewell card. Casey opens it and is surprised that it's blank. Isabel expresses mock shock and contrition and the girls admit to their mutual hatred.[2]

Isabel is later shown to have attended Morning Glory Academy for her whole academic career since she was five (aside from the two years at Casey's school). She was so popular that she was elected class president in absentia for those two years. She arrives back at the academy soon after the events of Woodrun.[2]

At the academy, Isabel speaks at the Student Council Assembly asking the student body for re-election, and Casey announces her candidacy against Isabel.[3]


Isabel Traveiso has appeared in 5 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #26: Tests, pt. 1
  2. Morning Glories #39: Rivals, pt. 1
  3. Morning Glories #42: Rivals, pt. 4
  4. Morning Glories #47: Election, pt. 1

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