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We know there is a price to be paid for the power we
command. And sometimes, it must be paid in blood.


Several of the characters display particular (and possibly supernatural) gifts:

Irina levitates during meditation, in Morning Glories #25

  • Casey Blevins: Mind control of others.[2]
  • Lara Hodge: Mind control of others,[2] ability to read the "blank paper", [3] mind reading and distance listening.[3]
  • Jade: Mental time travel.[4]
  • Hunter : Time travel facilitation.[1]
  • Irina: Ability to levitate;[1] mind control[5] including stopping someone from breathing[6]; mental projection (into TV/ Hunter's head){{Ref|19}; teleportation.{{Ref|46}
  • Zoe: As a child, ability to speak foreign language and possible telepathy. Telekinesis as a teenager.[7]
  • Ike: As a child, precognition.[8]
  • Guillaume: Time manipulation.[9]
  • Fortunato Medeiros: Mind control? Probability manipulation?.[10]
  • Oliver Simon: Sleep induction? (Unless 'Debbie' is not human)[11]
  • Ian Simon: ???

At least some of these gifts are inheritable: Lara's time-manipulation and ability to read the blank paper are inherited from her mother.[3].

There is also the implication that the gifts are tied to the physical body: While Jun Fukayama didn't have any gifts, he thinks that once he is the body of his gifted brother Hisao Fukayama, he will be able to tap into Hisao's gifts.[12]

There are also references to the gifts:

  • "There are things only we can we possess" - Guillaume to Hisao about how they made the faculty disappear.[9]
  • "And the things you've done, How did your father explain them to you?" "He... said I was blessed. He said I was given a gift by god." "And he was right. At least--in a sense he was. People like us--The two of us--There are thing we're capable of, things we have a kind of control over-- There's power in our words, that's why we have to choose then carefully".[10]
  • "His gifts" "Difficult enough to cope with the manifestations in adult subjects, but in a child his age..." - Clarkson and Oliver Simon about Ian. [11]
  • "I don't have what you have inside you" - Macy to Guillaume (May not actually refer to gifts but to courage or related strength). [13]
  • "What we can do-- there are rules. Limits. Bringing someone back to life, that's not possible" - Guillaume to Jade. [14]


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