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Doctor Ellen Richmond (often referred to as "Miss Richmond") is a teacher at Abraham's school.[1] She is also Vanessa's mother.[2]

Eleven years ago, Miss Richmond (referred to as "Doctor Richmond"), is working with Oliver Simon at the lab where Ian Simon came from.[3]

She is exchanging Vanessa's Phone with Clarkson at some unknown point in time.[4]

Four years ago, she is at Abraham's Camp. She seems to care for the children and is especially fretful when Vanessa is leaving for her mission, making sure that Vanessa packed some special item (theorized to be Vanessa's Phone).[1][2]

One year ago, during Daramount's raid of Abraham's camp, Miss Richmond helped five of them escape: Walid, Caleb, and possibly Hisao Fukayama. It is unclear how many escapees there were: four children and Miss Richmond, or if Miss Richmond helped five children escape.[5]

She is seen being brought into the camp through the The Delivery Point with Oliver Simon [3] and is later seen watching Vanessa through an Academy window.[6]


Ellen Richmond has appeared in 13 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #18: P.E., pt. 6
  2. Morning Glories #21: Truants, pt. 2
  3. Morning Glories #26: Tests, pt. 1 (no lines)
  4. Morning Glories #36: Honors, pt. 2 (no lines)
  5. Morning Glories #39: Rivals, pt. 1 (no lines)
  6. Morning Glories #40: Rivals, pt. 2
  7. Morning Glories #42: Rivals, pt. 4 (no lines)
  8. Morning Glories #43: Assembly, pt. 1
  9. Morning Glories #44: Assembly, pt. 2
  10. Morning Glories #47: Election, pt. 1

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