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David is the ghostly being that resides at Morning Glory Academy. Despite his multiple appearances, he has only been addressed by name twice, when he killed a guard that was attempting to rape Zoe[1], and by Akiko during a ceremonial sacrifice.[2]

David is referred to as the school's "mascot" by Nine.[3]

He is revealed to be the son of Abraham[4], who has been taken prisoner by Reginald Gribbs. When Gribbs sets David on Abraham, Abraham insists it "won't work". David fades away as he approaches Abraham, much as he did when he encountered Zoe. Gribbs admits that "some rules can't ever be broken".[5]

David surfaced in the future when Jun Fukayama attempted a ritual to undo the time shift caused by the Truants. He attacked Jun, and mortally wounded him. In an attempt to save Jun's life, Akiko tells David to leave him alone and take her instead since she was the one he wanted. Claiming she had faith, she let him touch her on the forehead. Unlike his other victims, his hands did not penetrate her head when he touched Akiko's forehead. Instead, a bright light that was visible from outside the building flashed. When the light subsided, David had vanished, and Akiko was unconscious.[5]

Nick's instructions were that David "is in incredible pain".[6]

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David has appeared in 10 issues to date:

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  2. Morning Glories #5: For A Better Future, pt. 5
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