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He is the father of Casey, husband of Kathy Blevins, and a former marine. He has a close relationship with his daughter.

Army Days[]

Dan Blevins was forced to drop out of school enter the army to provide for the family when Kathy became pregnant with Casey while a teenager.[1]

Dan was a captain in the Marines in charge of some important project (his colleague Harper reminds him "you know where we are".[2] His team captures the teenage Casey and torture her for information (thinking that she may have been sent by the Chinese ). Casey escapes and Dan finds her in the woods. She uses her mind control on him and tells him to raise his daughter to be tough and to pursue his art. She then tells him to forget everything, which he does.

The family lived in Schaumburg, IL. at least around when Casey was 9. He was very protective of Casey and made sure that she was able to be self-sufficient and be able to protect herself.[3] This may be a result of the subconscious order of teenage Casey.

Life as an Artist[]

By the time they moved to Chicago, Dan had given up his army career and was an artist. He takes it seriously, praying before he paints.[2]

He is initially supportive of Casey's acceptance to Morning Glory Academy but his wife orders him to deny Casey. Casey is furious with her parents and does not speak to them until they relent and let her go.

After Dan drops Casey off at the airport, he's looking at the MGA website when he suddenly flashes back to meeting the teenage Casey.

Dan and Kathy are eventually killed by the academy and their corpses hung in the basement to shock Casey.


Dan Blevins has appeared in 6 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #1: For A Better Future, pt. 1
  2. Morning Glories #13: P.E., pt. 1
  3. Morning Glories #16: P.E., pt. 4
  4. Morning Glories #26: Tests, pt. 1
  5. Morning Glories #27: Tests, pt. 2

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