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The Cylinder is an object of unknown function.  It was created by Julie Hayes and on its initial use, killed or injured everyone in the room (except for Julie).[1] The operational Cylinder has been spotted several times on the academy in the "present"[2], in the introduction video, and with "future Jade".[1]

When Casey and Zoe are both in the room with it, it appears to light up and become more active. Zoe anticipates something, grabs Casey's hand and tells her to run as the floor under them collapses into a seemingly fiery pit.[3]

It apparently gives the user the ability to control the actions of other people. "Think of it s a very old language. Or a very new one. [...] When you speak it--Everyone and everything has to listen"- Ian Simon.[4]

How we see the Cylinder[]

Adult-Jade-introduces-herself.png We could—draw out diagrams with twigs here.

This article or section includes information not confirmed by the creators.

Infinite Cylinder (Adam)

Nick Spencer refers to it as cylinder. A theory presented on mga-study-hall-issue-34 is that the visual of the cylinder is meant to suggest an infinite cylinder., comment by Adam,


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