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Morning Glories Issue 48 Tinychat from September 30, 2015
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

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0009 gingey: it’s the one chat a year I actually make it to
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0011 gingey: (okay I think it’s a little more often than that but)
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0013 brella: we are #blessed
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0019 darrrrkvngnce: hey all!
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0021 chandra: hi!
0022 darrrrkvngnce: really makes you wonder what Julie Hayes was thinking when she built that Cylinder, eh?
0023 brella: "i can't wait for idiot teens to misuse this"
0024 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0025 darrrrkvngnce: "fivesomes!!!"
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0027 brella: because of course ike's mind would jump to that. of course
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0030 darrrrkvngnce: or julies!
0031 chandra: I mean dear god would it kill someone to put a little security around that thing?
0033 brella: universe-bending power? i'm gonna use it for a fivesome
0034 macey: in the greatest twist, i was the one who could not connect
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0037 upguntha: didn't he already have a fivesome in issue 11
0038 brella: or fourth or fifth
0039 macey: ITS TERRIBLE
0040 macey: and if anyone has the first five minutes of chat, i would be eternally grateful, although it is not much
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0043 brella: i'll grab em
0044 macey: you're a saint gwen
0045 darrrrkvngnce: i love how this entire chat is shades of pink and purple
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0047 gingey: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo macey
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0053 upguntha: she keeps teleorting to the beach
0054 macey: what i'm worried about is the fact that we've let ian touch it, and it lets him control everything
0055 brella: right, dv. we're sporting the colors of actual morning glories in nature
0056 macey: http
0057 brella: you guys what if future vanessa is just on the island from lost
0058 brella: what if that's what the endgame is here
0059 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0060 brella: tag your ian closeups oh my god
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0062 macey: hurley is already in the book!
0063 brella: that took a year off my life
0064 darrrrkvngnce: or survivor. in the end it's just going to be vanessa, ian, and hannah
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0071 brella: why must ian survive
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0075 mairelon: the greatest mystery of the series
0076 darrrrkvngnce: story needs a villain
0077 upguntha: for those faces
0078 macey: why must ian exist
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0080 upguntha: FACES
0081 gingey: and even worse
0082 upguntha: lol
0083 gingey: why must more than one ian possibly exist
0084 macey: EVEN WORSE
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0087 brella: that's the real horror
0088 chandra: haha seriously of all the characters to have clones it had to be him
0089 darrrrkvngnce: man, people are SO MEAN to 16 year old Ian.
0090 gingey: (maybe the other ones are less shitty and that's why they don't talk to him)
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0096 joe_eisma: hiiii
0097 darrrrkvngnce: hey joe!
0098 jorge_linus: I love Ian!
0099 gingey: hi joe!
0100 upguntha: maybe Clarkson took the shittiest one
0101 brella: hello joe
0102 upguntha: hi Joe
0103 macey: http
0104 brella: we were just making fun of ian, same as usual
0105 darrrrkvngnce: did you find cause to use that "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals" sanitizer? lol.
0106 joe_eisma: haha of course
0107 joe_eisma: i did, thank you!
0108 brella: ian is starting to look more and more like a mii gone wrong
0109 darrrrkvngnce: lol!
0110 upguntha: after the fivesome
0111 joe_eisma: it was a hit amongst my creator friends
0112 darrrrkvngnce: awesome!
0113 macey: joe adjusts the position of his eyes and mouth every issue
0114 joe_eisma: hahahaha
0115 joe_eisma: he is rather mii-esque
0116 joe_eisma: and we have an ian fan in jorge here??
0117 upguntha: 0MG he has a fan lordt
0118 jorge_linus: why of course! personal favourite!
0119 joe_eisma: that's awesome
0120 joe_eisma: i like ian too, but he is persona non grata to most of the readers. haha
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0122 darrrrkvngnce: it's funny
0123 upguntha: everyone deserves love
0124 brella: i'll be honest, most of my ian hate is for comedic effect
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0126 gingey: yeah same
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0128 darrrrkvngnce: and you think
0129 upguntha: 0h Wofen ugggghhhhhhh
0130 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0131 macey: now don't you think ian relates to woden
0132 joe_eisma: haha
0133 jorge_linus: what can I say, I see a little bit of myself in him!
0134 mairelon: i know a few ians irl so
0135 upguntha: they both have a thing for Asian girls
0136 upguntha: hehe
0137 chandra: dude i actually like Woden, even after reading the latest issue. not my favorite god, but i hate him less than baphomet
0138 macey: i like ian's......character. i don't like IAN.
0139 joe_eisma: he's based on a combination of dudes from my old comic shop
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0141 joe_eisma: well, appearance wise
0142 gingey: we don't talk about me and ian, honestly
0143 brella: yeah gingey's the one with the real ian problem here
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0145 brella: AND he was wearing a NERV shirt today so, you know
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0147 brella: rip gingey
0148 joe_eisma: haha
0149 joe_eisma: i threw that in for you guys
0150 upguntha: yayyyy
0151 gingey: yes we had a discussion about what ian's evangelion opinions would be
0152 macey: the NERV shirt is a travesty
0153 macey: he doesn't deserve that
0154 joe_eisma:
0155 brella: he doesn't deserve it at all
0156 upguntha: was that the first Nerv shirt of the series?
0157 gingey: he doesn't but he is the character joe made an eva reference with before already
0158 joe_eisma: yep, first one!
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0164 brella: watch, the headmaster is just going to be gendo ikari
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0166 gingey: omg
0167 nick: hi all
0168 upguntha: that should have been Hunter's just sayifng
0169 brella: hey nick!
0170 gingey: hi nick
0171 brella: i agree, upguntha
0172 darrrrkvngnce: hey nick! awesome issue!!!!
0173 upguntha: At least Gendo shows up to scold yoiu, headmaster not so much
0174 gingey: just imagine hunter watching evangelion, it's hilarious
0175 nick: hey thanks
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0177 brella: evangelion would fuck him up
0178 darrrrkvngnce: i had been on the fence about enrolling at MGA, based on the lack of vegan options; but now i'm all in.
0179 gingey: it would it'd be great
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0182 brella: fortunato would appreciate evangelion for all of the religious symbolism
0183 guest-73009 changed nickname to djhauge73
0184 gingey: maybe akiko makes him watch it
0185 macey: admittedly eva would also fuck him up
0186 joe_eisma: well first nick has to watch it
0187 brella: SERIOUSLY
0188 upguntha: instead of drowning you they would torture uou with meat
0189 brella: come on, nick
0190 gingey: COME ON NICK
0191 nick: michelle obama endorsed isabel because of the vegan thing
0192 mac changed nickname to macey
0193 darrrrkvngnce: as did i!
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0195 gingey: omg
0196 brella: you would like it, nick. it's dark and existential and terrible things happen to young teenagers
0197 macey: also slightly ot
0198 upguntha: I'm juat glad mfor colorful vomit
0199 macey: transcript?
0200 joe_eisma: haha
0201 brella: yeah i was thinking of you when that happened upguntha
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0205 gingey: we can update the vomiting photoset!
0206 jorge_linus: What happened to Joshua with the bench press???
0207 upguntha: yasssssssss
0208 macey: my first reaction to the bench press line was "IS HE DEAD?"
0209 nick: with the season almost over, I realized I was way behind on vomit scenes
0210 upguntha: poor Joshua
0211 chandra: I mean, it's MGA, he's definitely dead.
0212 upguntha: it was a tamed season
0213 brella: [isabel voice
0214 darrrrkvngnce: i almost feel like there's a "name bingo" going on with MG
0215 gingey: thanks nick we appreciate it
0216 darrrrkvngnce: *or will be dead <-- don't know if the end of that got cut off
0217 brella: i look forward to the day i win that bingo
0218 macey: i got lucky, i'm not at mga
0219 mairelon: YET
0220 gingey: doesn't mean you're not dead
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0222 brella: yeah that doesn't really mean anything
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0225 brella: you're in a truant's backstory. not great for your chances
0226 macey: gingey
0227 darrrrkvngnce: my real name is in the series, but also not at MGA . . . yet.
0228 gingey: I'm sorry macey
0229 macey: gwen
0230 macey: you all hurt me
0231 upguntha: they just don't mention you haha
0232 darrrrkvngnce: oh, wait, i guess i'm dead
0233 darrrrkvngnce: i guess it depends on how the story works out
0234 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0235 gingey: have there been any katelyns (probably spelled differently) in the background anywhere I don't rmemeber
0236 macey: they may have been a different spelling??
0237 macey: *there
0238 gingey: (no one would be named gingey but I know there have been no gingers)
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0242 gingey: just gonna say I'm not dead yet
0243 gingey: and go with it
0244 macey: (gingey i was about to correct you with "but there are so many redheads)
0245 gingey: HAHAHHA
0246 brella: i wasn't gonna make that pun
0247 brella: i have some dignity left
0248 brella: but i definitely thought it
0249 jorge_linus: Maybe the headmaster will end up being ginger
0250 gingey: yes
0251 macey: ginger headmaster, huh
0252 brella: maybe tom is the headmaster
0253 gingey: me for headmaster
0254 macey: huuummmmmmmm [eyes hunter
0255 upguntha: gingermaster
0256 nick: haha if tom is the headmaster, drop the book
0257 macey: i don't want it to be tom i don't want casey to have fucked the headmaster
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0261 gingey: okay but
0262 jorge_linus: then how come david is purple?
0263 gingey: casey/hunter, everyone wants hunter to be the headmaster
0264 gingey: conflicting desires there
0266 brella: eyes emoji
0267 gingey: I'm laughing
0268 macey: it's weirder with tom i guess
0270 darrrrkvngnce: i have to say, this issue really made you think it could be Tom
0271 macey: "why is david purple" is something ive legit been thinking about
0272 brella: he is descended from one of ike's many scarves
0273 upguntha: if Tom was the headmaster the whole David/Hodge/Daramount thing would be creepy
0274 gingey: he's a mutated morning glory
0275 mairelon: David is just super into Grimace cosplay
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0277 joe_eisma: i'm really surprised no one has ever come up to me at a convention wanting a headmaster sketch
0278 brella: you can just hand them a blank piece of paper
0279 upguntha: Was the scantron machine therer when Casey/Zoe were in the room
0280 brella: a joe eisma original
0281 upguntha: does anyone remenber
0282 darrrrkvngnce: nick
0283 macey: no i dont think the machine was?
0284 guest-73105 changed nickname to arsene_wenger_out
0285 macey: somebody check
0286 brella: it was there
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0290 brella: you can see it on the table in the "oh great something mysterious" panel
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0292 macey: then why did it LEAVE
0293 macey: was it there in woodrun?
0294 brella: THAT'S MY QUESTION
0295 brella: who put it in a SUPPLY CLOSET
0296 jorge_linus: it'll end up being a toaster
0297 brella: it does not look like it's there at the end of woodrun
0298 macey: what im also wondering is when did the floor get repaired
0299 macey: and how
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0301 brella: sometimes i wonder if that ever even happened in the first place
0302 jorge_linus: also really inconvenient there is not a plug in the cylinder room
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0305 nick: spotlight issue on the dudes who fixed the floor
0307 gingey: yes
0308 brella: miraculous work
0309 gingey: me too
0310 gingey: you underestimate our dedication
0311 darrrrkvngnce: yeah
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0314 macey: which brings up what kind of plugs mga has
0315 upguntha: if you need sacrifices or scsntron how CaZOe activate it
0316 macey: could we figure out where mga is from the plugs
0317 chandra: MGA's endless death-and-destruction budget has to include at least a small fund for repairs, right? Especially when they've go
0318 upguntha: shake my fist in anger
0319 nick: the dude who had to run the caution tape along the edges of the hell hole
0320 upguntha: i need to know
0321 macey: nick's really into this idea
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0323 brella: already mentally writing a script for it
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0325 guest-73132 changed nickname to macey
0326 joe_eisma: no way am i drawing that spotlight issue before a pamela spotlight issue
0327 jorge_linus: yesss
0328 upguntha: AMEN
0329 darrrrkvngnce: "the men and women with NO glory that make Morning Glories possible"
0330 brella: HAHAHA
0331 darrrrkvngnce: you tell him, Joe!!!
0332 gingey: omg
0333 gingey: I love you guys
0334 macey: joe, if matt doesnt show up, please tell him he deserves an eisner for mg babies.
0335 brella: speaking of pamela
0336 mairelon: im calling for a toby and denise issue
0337 upguntha: that would be the Pablo/Nikki issue lol
0338 brella: i hope she's not still hiding under that table
0339 brella: because she was sorely missed as the announcer at the towerball game
0340 joe_eisma: haha
0341 macey: wait seriously
0342 jorge_linus: Probably she was the one who provided the poison for the drinks
0343 brella: #Friendship
0344 joe_eisma: i'm going to throw matt under the bus--most of the time we just text
0345 chandra: Holy shit I would cut someone's ear off if it meant we got a Pamela spotlight issue.
0346 jorge_linus: from her own personal satck of crazy things
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0348 brella: being bffs means making brownies and committing murder for each other
0349 joe_eisma: and 9 times out of 10, it's just some random idea i have
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0352 brella: poor matt
0353 brella: aaah sadly i gotta run, but this issue was fantastic
0354 joe_eisma: he does dialogue it and letter it, thought.
0355 joe_eisma: bye, gwen!
0356 darrrrkvngnce: Pamela and cowbell
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0358 upguntha: My favs are the Zoe at NYCC and Jade crying about blanky
0359 darrrrkvngnce: bye Gwen!
0360 brella: anything that turns our assumption that casey is good and the academy is bad is something i cheer for
0361 macey: bye gwen!
0362 brella: bye guys!
0363 upguntha: byeeee
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0365 brella: nick and joe, i will see YOU at nycc
0366 upguntha: and no more nap time
0367 brella: and hopefully other people here
0368 chandra: I feel like it would honestly make more sense to just have Pamela off Isabel if she wins rather than go with Ian's complicated
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0370 joe_eisma: yay
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0374 macey: ot again but
0375 macey: i would be eternally thankful
0376 upguntha: I'll try to keep it up
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0380 macey: that'd be amazing, thank you!
0381 macey: and real talk....what IS ian's plan
0382 upguntha: destroy Tuna
0383 jorge_linus: to write Fortunato off and get Akiko for himself?
0384 macey: i was gonna say "besides that", but like
0385 gingey: well this is his practice run for that
0386 macey: how is he even gonna pull that off
0387 gingey: kill tuna's parents before they even meet
0388 jorge_linus: he's the cylinder whisperer he could do whatever
0389 macey: i'm really liking the phrase "cylinder whisperer"
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0393 darrrrkvngnce: people are so mean to Ian
0394 darrrrkvngnce: i mean, not really
0395 gingey: I am also liking this phrase
0396 macey: and we stll don't know why there were multiple ians
0397 macey: so many ian questions
0398 chandra: more likely he'll use the cylinder to kill off all the other parts of him so he can be the ultimate Ian. would not rule out s
0399 nick: not one ian fan exists
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0401 gingey: there can only be one
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0404 gingey: I used to be an ian fan
0405 chandra: or sic all of the other ians on fortunato and have them kill him.
0406 gingey: once upon a time............
0407 jorge_linus: you're wrong I love him!
0408 darrrrkvngnce: what about the Cylinder
0409 gingey: now I have to be extra mean to compensate
0410 jorge_linus: (Them?)
0411 macey: chandra don't make me imagine a horde of ian's tearing tuna up, thats horrifying
0412 macey: just the fact that there are multiple ians is horrifying
0413 joe_eisma: yeah, jorge is the first ian fan i can recall
0414 macey: i was def an ian fan at one point
0415 macey: i still kind of am in a character sense
0416 chandra: i thought that was a REALLY interesting comment he made about it being an old -- or new -- language. But if Julie Hayes created t
0417 darrrrkvngnce: i'm not an ian "fan"; but i would defend him against unwarranted attacks
0418 gingey: I'm really interested in where his plot stuff goes but nice guys don't get to be my sons anymore
0419 chandra: I like Ian in the sense of the way he's pushing the story forward. i just wouldn't mind if his plotline ultimately ends in h
0420 macey: what i'm wondering now is if julie was actually from the past.
0421 gingey: he's disowned
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0427 darrrrkvngnce: i mean, he's 16 years old. even our conservative Supreme Court feels minors shouldn't be offed.
0428 macey: joe who do you think is ian's favorite eva character
0429 chandra: Interesting idea, macey. I guess she could've created the cylinder to embody an ancient language that can and has been used for
0430 macey: does he have opinions? ships?
0431 joe_eisma: hmmm
0432 joe_eisma: i bet he has a thing for asuka, but secretly adores rei
0433 gingey: rei is #reilatable
0434 gingey: (we said he'd have a crush on asuka earlier lol)
0435 macey: #reilatable is the best hashtag i've ever seen
0436 gingey: thank you
0437 nick: the only thing I know for sure is Ian uses a Spider Jerusalem avatar on all social media
0438 macey left the room
0439 gingey: oh my god
0440 joe_eisma: haha
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0442 guest-73255 changed nickname to macey
0443 gingey: when did ian even get to watch eva
0444 gingey: can they watch anime in the desert or at the academy
0445 macey: gingey and i agreed ian and akiko must have binged it together, but when is the question
0446 gingey: yeah
0447 macey: i feel bad. the debate issue and we've barely discussed the debate
0448 gingey: too much ian
0449 macey left the room
0450 gingey: (never too much evangelion)
0451 macey entered the room
0452 guest-73288 changed nickname to macey
0453 darrrrkvngnce: hard to see Ian into Transmet; but if he is, he's probably a more nuanced character than we've given him credit for
0454 joe_eisma: i enjoyed isabel channeling ronald reagan during the debate
0455 nick: isabel is such a young republican
0456 chandra: After that debate, I'm wondering if Isabel knows what Casey's been up to prior to her return to the academy. Calling Casey out _
0457 jorge_linus: ancient language as in Sumerian and new as in Hunter's binary, both were spoken at the same place and time and time changed, th
0458 macey: and here i was starting to think this issue was an argument for casey not being president
0459 macey: but nick would never root for a republican.......
0460 jorge_linus: Is Isabel Brazilian or Portuguese? or neither?
0461 darrrrkvngnce: yeah, it's funny
0462 darrrrkvngnce: but, at least from what i've seen on twitter, that seems to be more or less Nick's approach as well
0463 chandra: The idea of Isabel running for president on the Republican ticket IRL is both terrifying and mesmerizing...
0464 macey: what if after all this neither casey or isabel becomes president
0465 macey left the room
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0467 guest-73324 changed nickname to macey
0468 macey: what if ian's actually rigging it to make himself president
0469 gingey: the goat
0470 mairelon: VOTE ROY
0471 joe_eisma: roy was in the issue!
0472 joe_eisma: his visage, anyway
0473 macey: when will we see roy in the flesh again...i've missed him
0474 mairelon: and so he should have been.
0475 chandra: THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE. Or he wants to make Ike president just to fuck with him and the rest of the student body and then off fort
0476 macey left the room
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0478 guest-73342 changed nickname to macey
0479 macey: is ike as president MORE or LESS horrifying than ian as president?
0480 upguntha: Ike president would just be partyyy
0481 jorge_linus: it would be a very unsanitary place with Ike there otherwise!
0482 darrrrkvngnce: wow, that;s an interesting question
0483 mairelon: mga sex ed worries me but it would probably be better than most other schools
0484 chandra: Less only because Ike would probably just use his newfound influence as prez to get another fivesome going stat. Which is a p_
0485 mairelon: clearly Hunter never attended anyway
0486 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0488 nick1: sorry, lost connect for a minute there
0489 upguntha: mine crapped out too
0490 darrrrkvngnce: just before i went to the Baltimore Comic-Con, i stopped by my favorite museum, the American Visionary Art Museum . . .
0491 nick1: I love that ike is now chasing a five-way clearly. it'll never be enough
0492 darrrrkvngnce: . . . and, among other things, picked up a vagina coloring book from the gift shop, that completely made me think of Hunter
0493 upguntha: Hunter has never seen a vagina so he would neeed sex ed
0494 chandra: Ike, at least, has his priorities in line haha
0495 joe_eisma: haha
0496 macey: the fact that ike even takes the time to listen to ian is amazing. you'd think he'd tune out.
0497 upguntha: Ike is always listening for material to mock you on
0498 jaysel: I kind of love the Ike/Ian dynamic we've been getting lately
0499 macey: no i'm surprisingly up for ike/ian, it's a fun thing to read
0500 jorge_linus: yeah very interesting seeing the jrks of our hearts teaming up
0501 gingey: don't make that sound like a ship
0502 darrrrkvngnce: Ike and four Ians could be their own fivesome!
0503 gingey: OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm laughing
0504 mairelon: though that would solve the whole fortuna thing.
0505 gingey: that'd be so terrible
0506 upguntha: their goals are so far apart that it can only end in disaster
0507 macey: i'm sorry gingey you can't stop it this is fandom, i'm sure it's being ficathon prompted right now
0508 jorge_linus: Ian could be his own fivesome
0509 nick1: haha, that's an excellent point
0510 gingey: I'll surprise everyone and be the one to write it
0511 gingey: (not really)
0512 upguntha: nope nope nope nope
0513 upguntha: well maybe
0514 darrrrkvngnce: i wrote an all Ian-ship in one of brella's ficathons ages ago
0515 nick1: this is what the ficathon is for people
0516 chandra: Ian's so egotistical he probably would be his own fivesome if Akiko was out of the picture.
0517 darrrrkvngnce: i can try to find the link
0518 gingey: god
0519 macey: so what's up with ian's comments about the cylinder during woodrun and how irina didn't want to use it
0520 jaysel: Nick & Joe - I know you get asked this a lot and might not be able to say either way, but is there any news on the Morning Glori
0521 gingey: I'll write ian/ike but it'll be intentionally terrible
0522 gingey: the worst fanfic you've ever read
0523 jorge_linus: she did use it but without using the shortcut hence the sacrifice and the whole mess with Akiko
0524 upguntha: Irina wants to respect the old ways
0525 macey: ian is very science vs faith around here
0526 jorge_linus: yeah look where that lead
0527 chandra: I wonder if Ian's shortcut will end in ruin precisely BECAUSE he doesn't respect the old ways.
0528 upguntha: hence the zealot comment
0529 upguntha: when have things in MG gone well
0530 nick1: sorry jaysel, your question cut off
0531 chandra: true
0532 macey: next issue is the start of the finale....i feel like it's gone so fast
0533 upguntha: I wonder if Casey will find out about Clarkson by end of season
0534 chandra: oh man i hope so
0535 gingey: I'm so excited
0536 nick1: I think season 2 took us less time than season 1, but I might be wrong there
0537 gingey: I've been here since the first issue and here we are almost at issue 50.........
0538 jorge_linus: yeah probably David will go and find her and say hey mum
0539 macey: 25 came out march 2013, if i remember right? i think s2 took shorter, yeah
0540 macey: gingey i remember you plurking about it in the early days....
0541 gingey: yes I was like so excited when you finally read it
0542 gingey: little did I know that I'd created a monster
0543 nick1: gotta run soon, any last questions?
0544 macey: i feel like mg creates a monster out of everyone
0545 jaysel: Just wondering/hoping there was some news on a TV show?
0546 jorge_linus: when's the next issue coming out?
0547 nick1: no news on that front.
0548 darrrrkvngnce: hmmm, well i can't find it now. but i think it was called "children, behave"
0549 upguntha: was the question about the yearbook important?
0550 macey: nick, i would love to hear more on hunter and akiko's wicdiv opinions
0551 jaysel: Aw, ok. Keeping my fingers crossed all the time on that one
0552 nick1: we're working on 49 now-- still hoping both 49 and 50 come out before end of the year
0553 gingey: good luck!!!
0554 jorge_linus: nice christmas present
0555 gingey: (crosses fingers)
0556 chandra: that would be awesome
0557 jorge_linus: also, just realised, there are no different seasonal or weather patterns at the Academy, just day and night
0558 jorge_linus: weird
0559 nick1: they've only been there a little over a month, though
0560 jorge_linus: and never rained?
0561 nick1: it actually did rain once
0562 joe_eisma: i was gonna say, i drew the hell out of some rain during woodrun!
0563 jorge_linus: I must have forgotten that!
0564 nick1: but these aren't bad directions to think in!
0565 nick1: looking forward to seeing some of you at the Study Hall panel next weekend btw
0566 darrrrkvngnce: found the 4 Ians ship
0567 nick1: I am not bluffing when I say we're bringing our biggest announcement ever with us
0568 gingey: ahhhh I'm so jealous of everyone that's gonna be there
0569 gingey: last year I said "NEXT YEAR FOR SURE" but nope
0570 jorge_linus: yeah me too
0571 jorge_linus: come to Europe some time!
0572 gingey: I have gwen on twitter though I'm sure I'll hear things pretty fast lol
0573 mairelon: or australia.
0574 nick1: that's it for me-- see you all next issue, part 1 of the season finale
0575 nick1: night all
0576 gingey: bye nick!
0577 macey: night nick! thanks for coming
0578 gingey: thanks for chatting with us
0579 darrrrkvngnce: bye nick!!
0580 upguntha: they will announce the Pamela Issue at last ;)
0581 macey: obviously they're relaunching the book as ROY THE GOAT.
0582 mairelon: we can only hope!!
0583 joe_eisma: haha
0584 gingey: would read
0585 gingey: would read
0586 darrrrkvngnce: hence the expanded vegan options!
0587 macey: hell, just imagine a roy issue
0588 mairelon: like the Lucky Hawkeye issue??
0589 macey: EXACTLY
0590 mairelon: but with more murder
0591 macey: the lucky issue did have murder
0592 gingey: does roy watch the other goats get sacrificed
0593 joe_eisma: i would be all for that
0594 mairelon: ah but MG would have MORE
0595 jorge_linus: they realeasing The Answer but it is for hardcore readers
0596 macey: i would love an actual version of the answer
0597 macey: andres advice column
0598 mairelon: just a blank page at the end of the print
0599 jorge_linus: just get 25 blank A4s
0600 macey: i do wonder what sort of stuff the paper writes about every week
0601 joe_eisma: i'm gonna run too, thanks again to you all for your support! 49 should be done soon
0602 upguntha: a tree issue
0603 upguntha: just for Joe
0604 joe_eisma: and i hope to see some of you at the panel!
0605 macey: see you joe! thanks for coming
0606 jorge_linus: got to go goodnight
0607 joe_eisma: oh and we will have a special guest at the panel
0608 upguntha: night joe
0609 gingey: bye joe! thanks for chatting with us
0610 macey: A SPECIAL GUEST.......?
0611 joe_eisma: yep! tee hee!
0612 mairelon: ROY??
0613 upguntha: i'm excited now
0614 joe_eisma: talk to you guys soon!
0615 macey: it's a goat
0616 macey: bye!
0617 gingey: okay now that they're gone
0618 gingey: who thinks they lied about the tv show
0619 macey: I DO
0620 macey: what ELSE can it be with nick hyping it this much?
0621 gingey: EXACTLY.......
0622 gingey: kinda nervous about that but
0623 mairelon: maybe a crossover? but i don't think one would fit
0624 macey: yeah i don't know how i'd be able to do something like the chat if there was a show
0625 macey: but also how would a show even work
0626 gingey: right
0627 upguntha: alex comming back?
0628 upguntha: haha
0629 gingey: tbh I thought it'd never get picked up because I don't think nick would let them whitewash it
0631 macey: nick said it's had tons of people associated with it over the years and it never worked
0632 gingey: sometimes we talk on twitter. I miss him.
0633 macey: but the thought i've had is that milkfed exists now and is doing sexcrims and wicdiv.
0634 macey: if there can be a sexcrims show mg could happen
0635 gingey: hmmm
0636 macey: i've never seen how mg would work live action though. teen actors age, and we've done two seasons over one month
0637 upguntha: it's prob the live action
0638 macey: animated definitely works better, but it probably means less viewers
0639 gingey: yeah....
0640 upguntha: they can do more with annimation and prob cheeper
0641 gingey: I'd like animation better than live action tbh
0642 gingey: like
0643 gingey: I see it working out better overall
0644 macey: see i wouldn't really watch live action mg, but i'd be into animated. avoids most of the obvious pitfalls.
0645 gingey: the kind of stuff they'd try to change for live action would really grate on me, I feel, if that makes sense?
0646 macey: it would just be a matter of getting people to watch
0647 darrrrkvngnce: an entire season of Archer set at MGA
0648 darrrrkvngnce: an entire season of Archer set at MGA
0649 macey: YEAH GINGEY DEF. that's what i'd worry about.
0650 upguntha: SPLOOSH
0651 darrrrkvngnce: Hunter is like, "Sploosh, but with semen"
0652 macey: like there are HUGE animated shows now- adventure time, steven u- but they're all-ages appealing.
0653 macey: not.
0654 gingey: yeah the market for more "mature" cartoons is all like
0655 jaysel: I really hope they're keeping quiet about the TV show. I wonder what else it could realistically be?
0656 gingey: south park family guy etc
0657 upguntha: sploosh but with semen lmao ohh ray
0658 gingey: with a few exceptions
0659 macey: like, what's the closest thing we've had recently? korra?
0660 macey: i mean, in terms of shows with popularity and appeal, though korra got fucked near the end
0661 darrrrkvngnce: lol, upguntha, i think that was the Burt Reynolds episode, the best of all
0662 mairelon: and thats quite a leap from human sacrifice and eye gouging.
0663 macey: mairelon
0664 mairelon: though to be fair i never saw the final season of LoK
0665 upguntha: yes it was
0666 gingey: I THINK there've been a few things on adult swim that weren't just anime dubs and "adult cartoons" but don't quote me on that
0667 upguntha: something with Mallory's man
0668 gingey: still........our chances look bleak
0669 macey: no gingey i think you're right
0670 jaysel: I think a live-action show could be great, if handled well of course. The network is a huge factor, and Nick would have to be h
0671 upguntha: Pamela as Pam
0672 darrrrkvngnce: YES!
0673 upguntha: back in season 1 when she did HR
0674 darrrrkvngnce: that would be the greatest thing ever
0675 gingey: IT COULD BE REALLY GOOD I just never trust anyone
0676 upguntha: Zoe as Lana
0677 darrrrkvngnce: the ficathon WILL NOT REST!
0678 macey: i feel like netflix could pull off the show without censoring, but aging/cgi problems are still there
0679 jaysel: I'm thinking either AMC or a streaming service like Netflix/Amazon
0680 macey: or like hbo, i guess?
0681 gingey: especially with a cast this diverse and the tendency to want to remove those elements
0682 gingey: but I think netflix has better chances yeah it's been airing some good shit
0683 macey: netflix aired sense8, i don't think it's scared of much
0684 gingey: exactly
0685 jaysel: AMC would be a problem with censoring for sure...but they do have a vested interest in comic adaptations
0686 darrrrkvngnce: the only thing about zoe as lana is who's archer. whereas if you start with ike as archer, jade as lana just follows
0687 upguntha: the students of the academy have been deproved of NetFlix and chill
0688 darrrrkvngnce: or maybe irina as lana
0689 chandra: I could totally see them go the streaming service route. That way they'd also feel less forced into pushing the story forwar_
0690 macey: see what i wonder is ian made a joke about amazon deliveries so??
0691 macey: could they use amazon??
0692 jaysel: That's a great catch. I could totally see it!
0693 macey: i think "streaming service + animated" is my ideal, but i don't i'll get even one, tbh.
0694 upguntha: no amazon. dont want to pay for prime lol
0695 upguntha: even though I wat to watch Man in the high castle
0696 upguntha: Hunter as Cyrill
0697 mairelon: yeah amazon prime isn't offered here
0698 macey: i'd prefer netflix for accesibility
0699 macey: more people just use it, in general
0700 darrrrkvngnce: upgutha
0701 mairelon: yep. we finally- FINALLY got it here in april
0702 jaysel: Definitely. Netflix is the most accessible streaming option.
0703 upguntha: yasssssss
0704 macey: netflix does have animation too, but it's turbo (a kid's show) and bojack (a comedy)- and that's it i think?
0705 macey: but like i said, i don't see them being afraid of anything lmao
0706 upguntha: they're boradcasting Knights of sedonia kinda
0707 gingey: that's not netflix original
0708 jaysel: I really think there's an appetite for a new long-form mystery show ever since Lost ended.
0709 gingey: they're just the ones who subbed it
0710 upguntha: hence the kinda lol
0711 macey: i feel like mg is something people WANT, yeah. it'll be weird to see the fandom explode if a show happens though.
0712 gingey: yeah it will
0713 mairelon: our small safe bubble
0714 macey: like mg is one of those things that i shove at people saying "you keep saying you want this"
0715 upguntha: Pamala greeting her students with pet goats instaad of Dolphin
0716 macey: so if there's a show people will get on it, i think.
0717 upguntha: David can be the Ocelot
0718 macey: i'm trying to think of what it could be if it's not a show. video game? some sort of spinoff?
0719 darrrrkvngnce: just posted an "archer au" prompt on the ficathon, upguntha, so you should run with it!
0720 gingey: what kind of spin-off could we even have
0721 mairelon: toby and denise
0722 upguntha: but but my writing i attrocious
0723 gingey: (I would welcome one bUT)
0724 jaysel: I'm constantly pitching it to people. An adaptation would bring all those people to it who have no idea how good the series _
0725 macey: the mg world is vast enough to accomodate spinoffs, i just don't know how it'd work
0726 gingey: yeah exactly
0727 macey: that's the same reason i could see a game
0728 upguntha: the Abraham spinn off
0729 gingey: I don't know if they'd do a game when they don't have a show
0730 gingey: but then again
0731 mairelon: like a telltale?
0732 gingey: the wolf among us
0733 macey: the wolf among us is what i was thinking, yeah
0734 macey: telltale's all game for comic adaptations
0735 mairelon: that could work
0736 gingey: I'd be down for that
0737 gingey: ngl
0738 upguntha: maybe Gwen drqing some MG
0739 macey: a game about roy
0740 upguntha: drawing*
0741 mairelon: action figures?
0742 darrrrkvngnce: i had this funny idea that Nick doesn't know what the big announcement is yet,
0743 gingey: if whatever happens and it gets bigger more people will shittalk it too
0744 gingey: and that makes me sad
0745 darrrrkvngnce: and he's just gonna take the best one we come up with
0746 macey: a mg annual with different artists would work well, actually.
0747 mairelon: radio show?
0748 macey: dv
0749 gingey: lmfao
0750 macey: mairelon
0751 darrrrkvngnce: ijwts
0752 mairelon: solves all the network/animated vs. LI stuff anyway
0753 mairelon: *LA
0754 darrrrkvngnce: everyone here is so awesome and respectful
0755 gingey: omg I legit was like
0756 gingey: idk somehow thinking you were implying the game idea would have dating
0757 gingey: LI = love interest
0758 mairelon: OH
0759 macey: yeah, the mg fandom has been generally good. it'll change if anything happens
0760 macey: MG DATING GAME?
0761 mairelon: OH YES
0762 gingey: morning glories game like mass effect or dragon age
0763 upguntha: I get PAMELAAAAAAAA
0764 gingey: (how would that even work)
0765 mairelon: YES YES yes
0766 gingey: (but. I'd be all for it)
0767 macey: pamela ending is bad ending
0768 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0769 mairelon: would there even be a good ending?
0770 gingey: true ending, bad ending, worst ending
0771 macey: good ending is surviving for a full school year
0772 darrrrkvngnce: good ending is the hannah ending
0773 macey: im very game for esi/hannah end as best end
0774 macey: for...the best ship
0775 gingey: yes
0776 mairelon: my expectations for the announcement are so high now
0777 jaysel: Hypothetically, is there an actress out there who you could see play Pamela?
0778 darrrrkvngnce: Ellie Kemper!!!
0779 macey: jaysel
0780 jaysel: I can see that! I mean, she's not a teenager, but personality wise...
0781 macey: that's the other problem with live action, all the actors will be 30 by the end
0782 upguntha: Just realized that Towerball is best 2 out of 3
0783 darrrrkvngnce: yeah, you need to suspend disbelief a little agewise. but why not. it's hard enough for actresses who don't look like teenag
0784 darrrrkvngnce: fuck that
0785 jaysel: Haha true. But on another note, it could also be the type of show that introduces the world to a lot of great unknown actors?
0787 macey: yeah that'd be the only plus
0788 macey: mg seems like it'd do that in show form
0789 macey: what if it's something no one is expecting, like a stage musical
0790 jaysel: This is a bit random but every time I read Ike I picture a younger Vincent Karthesier (Pete from 'Mad Men').
0791 darrrrkvngnce: i feel like we already treat the characters like they're older than they are
0792 macey: (fifteen minutes btw!)
0793 darrrrkvngnce: i mean, i can't seriously believe people would really say what they say about Ian if they thought of him as 16
0794 darrrrkvngnce: and, tbh, i think that's because Nick writes the characters as older than 16
0795 darrrrkvngnce: regardless of how old they're "supposed" to be in the script
0796 chandra: Young Vincent Kartheiser could definitely work for Ike. I like that.
0797 gingey: being 16 isn't a get out of jail free card of being a nice guy who wants to murder people
0798 macey: oh yeah, i love the characterization here, but nobody acts 16 except maybe hunter and jade.
0799 jaysel: Yeah I think all the characters are written as super intelligent and often come across older than they actually are
0800 upguntha: well MG kids are very know it all
0801 upguntha: only a 16 yr would use an ultra powerful ylinder for sex
0802 upguntha: or destroy someone cause the been friend zoned
0803 gingey: nah a grown man would do the same thing
0804 macey: man at this point i don't even know if ian wants sex! he just wants tuna gone!
0805 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0806 darrrrkvngnce: the other half can't get the app on their smartphone
0807 upguntha: i meant Ike and the fivesome
0808 macey: cylinder app....
0809 macey: what if the annoucement's an app
0810 upguntha: jesus
0811 upguntha: cylinder app
0812 macey: it just spins
0813 macey: thats the app
0814 mairelon: occasionally glowing
0815 macey: if you tap it just the right way, david appears
0816 darrrrkvngnce: people download the app and then it's like, "insert the Scantron" and like
0817 macey: if you hook it up to a scantron you unlock fun secrets
0818 jaysel: It will make test-taking for high schoolers infinitely more fun
0819 macey: i ADORE that the cylinder is controlled with a scantron though. it's such a fun, creative twist for a school story.
0820 darrrrkvngnce: what if Number 2 pencils were INVENTED by MGA, for a better future
0821 mairelon: i had no idea what a scantron was. we don't use them here.
0822 mairelon: i thought it had something to do with drivers licences
0823 macey: at mga they use number 813 pencils
0824 darrrrkvngnce: macey
0825 macey: i'm just waiting for the annoucement to be totally anticlimactic now.
0826 macey: it's going to be like, nick brought a goat to the panel
0827 upguntha: best 2 pencils out of 3
0828 darrrrkvngnce: that one chat where Nick said the machine was a Scantron was basically the best announcement ever
0830 gingey: GOATS ARE GREAT
0831 macey: TRUE
0832 macey: isn't roy really a ram
0833 macey: do you think he's offended
0834 darrrrkvngnce: both my best friend and his wife are high school teachers, and when i told them there was a Scantron in the comic
0835 macey: (seven min)
0836 upguntha: dying of laughter at the drivers licences
0837 darrrrkvngnce: they laughed and laughed
0838 jaysel: I'm crossing my fingers for a TV show. Nothing against goats, of course.
0839 mairelon: the announcement is that all the Glories are actually The Other Ians.
0840 macey: every character is ians
0841 gingey: they bring the real ian to the pa
0842 gingey: nel
0843 gingey: like
0844 gingey: I mean
0845 gingey: if alternate universe theory is real in mg
0846 macey: if they bring real ian he'll be stoned by the angry mob
0847 gingey: good
0848 upguntha: I wander if the correct bubbles for the scantron are in the answer book
0849 darrrrkvngnce: well, since Gwen is off at Iron Giant, let me pimp the awesome FIC-ATHON!!!!
0850 macey: maybe ian knows all this because he found the answer
0851 darrrrkvngnce: check in here
0853 upguntha: I have to go back to old chat to see if that was my theory when we found ourt what the machine wwas
0854 darrrrkvngnce: lot's of awesome fan-fict
0855 macey: please go to the ficathon. i have been HANKERING for fic, people.
0856 darrrrkvngnce: don't feel shy, post whatever; no one is mean. you don't even know you're a fantictioner until suddenly you are!
0857 darrrrkvngnce: don't feel shy, post whatever; no one is mean. you don't even know you're a fantictioner until suddenly you are!
0858 macey: it's like opening up a whole new world
0859 darrrrkvngnce: well, it was a pleasure to see you all again.
0860 macey: yeah, thanks to everyone for coming, this was a fun one
0861 darrrrkvngnce: hopefully less of a wait until issue 49
0862 upguntha: 49 is extra long
0863 darrrrkvngnce: thanks, macey, for hosting this awesome chat!!!!!!!!!!!!
0864 mairelon: have we got a complete transcript together? ive git from 1022 onwards
0865 macey: sorry about my connectivity issues, i'll see if i can get things fixed up before next time.
0866 macey: upguntha, did you have the rest?
0867 darrrrkvngnce: and i am at @drrrrkvngce if you're on twitter
0868 macey: and thank you mairelon!
0869 chandra: yeah, thanks! glad i finally was able to do one of these chats. night all!
0870 gingey: niiiiiiight
0871 jaysel: thanks! This was one of my first times participating too. Good night!
0872 darrrrkvngnce: i can copy 8
0874 gingey: !!!
0875 gingey: I miss a lot of these chats but
0876 macey: if it's needed dv that'd be genuinely stellar
0877 chandra: definitely. when issue 49 comes out, i'll be here.
0878 upguntha: i have the chat
0879 macey: everyone cheer for upguntha, truly doing god's work
0880 macey: thanks dude
0881 darrrrkvngnce: is there a simple way to export this, or just cut and paste?
0882 darrrrkvngnce: oh, well, if upguntha has it the question is moot
0883 upguntha: i don't have the first 5 mins hopefully you got it from Brells
0884 macey: i think upgunthat has it, yeah, but pastebin is good
0885 upguntha: i did miss 1 min cause i got cut off
0886 macey: yep, i've got it
0887 macey: and one minute is fine!
0888 jaysel: I'll be back next time too!
0889 gingey: OKAY I'M OUT FOR REAL NOW, seeya next time I actually make it to chat
0890 darrrrkvngnce: okay, catch yall next time, or on twitter. VEGAN OPTIONS!!!
0891 macey: BYE FOLKS thanks for coming, ill see you next time!