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Morning Glories Issue 40 Tinychat from September 10, 2014

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Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: throws confetti
0002 brella entered the room
0003 guest-387868 changed nickname to brella
0004 brella: two maceys?? this is my dream come true
0005 guest-387880 entered the room
0006 monk434 entered the room
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0008 macey: theres always two of me....i open this in two windows just in case
0009 guest-387883 changed nickname to monk434
0010 monk434 left the room
0011 monk434 entered the room
0012 guest-387886 changed nickname to monk434
0013 brella: oh good, a monk, fortunato needs one of those
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0018 brella: zach i am side-eying you so hard right now
0019 brella: "ian is really compelling, i find him really interesting" IS HE. DO YOU
0020 silver entered the room
0021 guest-387970 changed nickname to silver
0022 silver: hiii
0023 comicsdude1: Well, I still don't really have much idea what his deal is. He clearly knows A LOT though.
0024 macey: hey ian is still interesting. an asshole who thinks the friendzone is valid. but interesting
0025 guest-387751 left the room
0026 brella: SILVER
0027 brella: his deal is that he's the worst
0028 nick entered the room
0029 brella: why does HE get to now a lot when he's the WORST
0030 guest-387988 entered the room
0031 guest-387985 changed nickname to nick
0032 brella: to know. to know a lot
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0034 yuuhy entered the room
0035 brella: the point is that ian is terrible
0036 guest-388009 entered the room
0037 guest-387994 changed nickname to yuuhy
0038 gingey entered the room
0039 silver: ans you knew it all along
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0041 guest-388012 changed nickname to gingey
0042 brella: i was right.... to hate ian.........
0043 guest-388015 entered the room
0044 brella: the chat is so quiet. the issue must have killed everyone
0045 macey: i feel so bad for everyone who really loved ian
0046 yuuhy: They get Amazon deliveries!!!
0047 brella: .... you say that like those people exist
0048 nick: no one loved ian
0049 yuuhy: I am excited about this!!!
0050 yuuhy: I remember one person liked Ian.
0051 macey: sometimes the chat takes awhile to start up but today it's especially slow where are you people
0052 brella: yuuhy what are you talking about
0053 macey: HELLO NICK
0054 brella: NIIIICK
0055 brella: were oliver and ellen delivered by amazon
0056 gabe entered the room
0057 brella: one inadequate dad, one more than adequate mom, expedited shipping
0058 guest-388033 changed nickname to gabe
0059 yuuhy: I don't remember which person but a person liked Ian.
0060 brella: i think it was televangelionist
0061 macey: somewhere, someone has to like ian, in some universe
0062 silver: i think i used to???
0063 silver: not like intensively, but casually
0064 macey: as evidenced by the mention of the multiple worlds theory in this issue
0065 brella: well according to oliver simon there is probably
0066 yuuhy: brella used to love ian
0067 brella: some universe
0068 macey: there must be a world where ian is loved.
0069 brella: where someone made the mistake of liking ian
0070 brella: I NEVER LOVED IAN
0071 guest-388042 entered the room
0072 silver: you only made him a mix
0073 brella: OUT OF SPITE
0074 comicsdude1: i remember you saying you lked him though
0075 macey: i love the irony in that right before he went to see fortunato ian was getting a visit from akiko
0076 brella: zach, no, please, don't encourage them
0077 brella: nick, does ian even know hunter's name
0078 guest-388051 entered the room
0079 brella: or is he just "[adjective
0080 monk434 left the room
0081 nick: I don't think he can remember it, no
0082 yuuhy: fucking akiko kissed ian and then he goes and does this
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0084 kuhkjhio entered the room
0085 gabe left the room
0086 brella: akiko would be ASHAMED
0087 guest-388054 changed nickname to kuhkjhio
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0092 brella: but also... probably kind of into the straddling thing
0093 nick: yeah, this is my favorite 'scene you saw before' trick we've done
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0098 macey: this isn't how akiko wanted her preference for slash to go down
0099 nick: I was wondering if it would be lost on people
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0102 gabe entered the room
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0106 brella: nah it was great
0107 beth entered the room
0108 yuuhy: brella brought up that it's possible akiko is still hanging out in there when ian visits
0109 guest-388084 changed nickname to beth
0110 brella: although tbh it filled me with an intense feeling of dread
0111 brella: and now i know why
0112 beth left the room
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0114 beth entered the room
0115 guest-388090 changed nickname to beth
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0119 maria entered the room
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0121 gabe entered the room
0122 guest-388108 changed nickname to gabe
0123 guest-388105 changed nickname to maria
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0125 brella: right, what if she's just chilling in the corner
0126 beth: hello!!!
0127 maria entered the room
0128 guest-388114 changed nickname to maria
0129 brella: (i almost typed killing)
0130 yuuhy: BETH
0131 brella: BETH
0132 jesscamacho entered the room
0133 beth: also yes yuuhy i was totally thinking that too and im
0134 beth: YUUH
0135 beth: Y
0136 guest-388120 changed nickname to jesscamacho
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0138 macey: shout out to hunter for caring about some random dude he's never met
0139 jesscamacho entered the room
0140 guest-388123 changed nickname to jesscamacho
0141 jesscamacho left the room
0142 macey: and also for never shutting up about phillip k dick
0144 brella: shoutout to hunter for being DECENT
0145 brella: sometimes
0146 macey: you know shit's bad when hunter is the most decent player in an issue
0147 gingey: shoutout to hunter for not being trash like ian
0148 yuuhy: shoutout to hunter for sitting on the floor when everybody else got a chair or spot on the couch
0149 maria: hello, i'm here for a bit (i missed this)
0150 brella: i'm starting to suspect that philip k. dick is the only thing hunter is knowledgeable about
0151 nick: well, that Fortunato talks about Akiko visiting in the past tense, is kind of a hint on that stuff
0152 yuuhy: MARIA
0153 nick: haha
0154 maria: HI
0155 guest-388147 entered the room
0156 beth: yeah i figured he'd point out if he thought akiko was right there.......
0157 brella: maria say it loud and there's music playing
0158 yuuhy: she could have been sneaky but i guess
0159 brella: lol right "brother ian by the way if i could interrupt"
0160 macey: so many good reaction images in this issue too
0161 beth: could she ghost punch ian though
0162 brella: ian's pissbaby face after fortunato said akiko had been visiting him was gold
0163 guest-388015 changed nickname to joe_eisma
0164 macey: especially ian's pissy scowl when fortunato says akiko visited, which is golden
0165 yuuhy: so i can't check previous issues right now but if i remember correctly
0166 brella: macey stop reading my mind
0167 yuuhy: when we first saw ian with the cylinder, the cylinder was active, right?
0168 brella: yes, it was spinning
0169 brella: blowing his tie around and everything, v dramatic
0170 guest-388171 entered the room
0171 joe_eisma: can't believe nick actually beat me here.
0172 guest-388171 left the room
0173 yuuhy: so he's probably not gonna just kick it and throw a tantrum and fail
0174 upguntha entered the room
0175 macey: YES, in 37- he was also wearing a different outfit
0176 brella: has that EVER happened before
0177 yuuhy: hey joe!
0179 guest-388174 changed nickname to upguntha
0181 macey: joe, thanks for the ian faces
0182 upguntha: hey hhhh
0183 joe_eisma: hey yuuhy! hope you're looking forward to issue 41!
0185 joe_eisma: haha
0186 yuuhy: i am a lot omg
0187 macey: im picturing ian running up to the cylinder, kicking it and falling over crying because he is a wimp
0188 macey: i hope that happens he deserves it
0189 beth: i'd be so happy
0190 gingey: ghost akiko kicks him in the balls while he's down
0191 maria: it doesn't look like it's moving at the end of 40 actually....
0192 maria: the cylinder
0193 brella: i hope the ground opens up and swallows him and daramount isn't there to save him
0194 macey: yeah it seems like ian will have to visit it again
0195 upguntha: or use the machine next to it
0196 yuuhy: yeah in a previous issue we got what was probably a flash forward to ian + the cylinder and it was spinning then
0197 brella: loved that shot of ian in front of the cylinder that parallels all the others, though
0198 brella: future jade and casey and the like. so good
0199 yuuhy: even if he fails it's possible that someone else will activate it and he'll hijack it?
0200 maria: jade and casey looks a lot better though
0201 yuuhy: jade and casey
0202 beth: anyone looks better than ian though
0203 brella: that is NOT saying much, maria
0204 macey: well at least we got richmond reunions
0205 gingey: ian is not allowed to look cool so yeah
0206 upguntha: ellennnnn
0207 brella: a pile of mold looks better than ian
0208 maria: YEAH I KNOW but i gotta talk well of my girls
0209 joe_eisma: no love for dagney's high waisted pants??
0210 macey: so what ellen and oliver are both doctors right? doctors of what
0211 joe_eisma: matt where are you
0212 brella: so much love for dagney this issue
0213 brella: she was lookin FINE
0214 macey: i assume oliver is quantum physics or something but
0215 jeff_stiefer entered the room
0216 brella: doctors of SCIENCE, macey
0217 guest-388204 changed nickname to jeff_stiefer
0218 macey: always up for miss dagney who is incredibly fashionable
0219 jeff_stiefer left the room
0220 jeff_stiefer entered the room
0221 guest-388207 changed nickname to jeff_stiefer
0222 brella: where does dagney get her mom pants, i gotta find some
0223 brella: pull off the dagney aesthetic
0224 joe_eisma: haha
0225 brella: zach wasn't it you who said that miss richmond being at the school is not necessarily good
0226 brella: because it will dissuade vanessa from wanting to leave
0227 brella: im concerned..... im so anxious
0228 beth: unless her mom is part of the reason she goes back
0229 comicsdude1: That's what I'm wondering
0230 macey: surprised matt isn't here yeah i assume this issue was another where he could discuss his dagney love
0231 macey: matt is really proud of that shrek gif thing
0232 yuuhy: yeah i'm wondering if ellen and oliver being at mga is a consequence of what the truants pulled during woodrun
0233 kuhkjhio changed nickname to mompants
0234 upguntha: I wonder if Ellen will meet old Vanessa
0235 yuuhy: like the faculty intend to use them against the kids
0236 nick: lots of the richmonda in 043.
0237 brella: nice nickname change, kuhkjhio
0238 mompants: life is a shrek gif
0239 brella: AH YES
0240 silver: OOOH
0241 brella: RICHMONDS!!!
0242 joe_eisma: ah there you are
0243 macey: i know you couldn't be far mat
0244 yuuhy: not sure if you can really use oliver against ian but
0245 beth: YES RICHMONDS
0247 brella: yeah ian would not give a care
0249 yuuhy: I am concerned for Vanessa and her tendency to emote so openly.
0250 brella: with their matching bad posture and their matching awkward selves
0251 upguntha: remember that time we accidently found out taht Vanessa's origins are complcated
0252 yuuhy: That's not safe, Vanessa.
0253 upguntha: will that be in 43?
0254 brella: vanessa, don't have emotions
0255 brella: be like fortunato
0256 brella: oh, goD POOR FORTUNATO
0257 yuuhy: (whispers be like casey)
0258 macey: no don't be like fortunato he is the last person you want to be right now
0259 maria: (be with casey)
0261 guest-388246 entered the room
0262 brella: he keeps thinking they are there to rescue him and then they DON'T
0263 guest-388246 left the room
0264 macey: being fortunato continues to be suffering
0265 brella: wait a while longer fortunato, i'm actually a ghost fortunato, i'm going to erase you from existence fortunato
0266 upguntha: Why hasn't Daramount released him yet?
0267 beth: he seemed chill though
0268 jeff_stiefer1 entered the room
0269 guest-388258 changed nickname to jeff_stiefer1
0270 silver: how long before hunter figures out what ian's up to though
0271 beth: sitting there probably praying
0272 beth: nothing new
0273 brella: i have a feeling hunter is the opposite of on board with ian's everything which
0274 silver: how long till he sneaks down to the basement himself bc he never listens to ian
0275 maria: probably awhile, silver... it is hunter
0276 brella: might... be good
0277 yuuhy: I don't think it's been that long since 35
0278 silver: open sesame tho
0279 ian entered the room
0280 brella: if there isn't philip k. dick down in that basement he won't be down there for a while tbh
0281 silver: it's been a long time since i've snorted like that
0282 guest-388270 changed nickname to ian
0283 ian left the room
0284 yuuhy: I just hope they're taking measures to prevent infection.
0285 upguntha: Hunter is prety cluless
0286 upguntha: bless his heart
0287 brella: seriously, the first aid for those eyes is complicated and a cell is NOT A GOOD RECOVERY PLACE
0288 macey: really loving all these creative "lying on the cold floor" poses joe is coming up with for fortunato
0289 brella: bless hunter.... bless him
0290 brella: squashes his face
0291 beth: would it be better or worse though if they had nine look at him
0292 silver: worse???
0293 maria: i just want him to get a new shirt
0294 joe_eisma: not only is he now blind, he's going to have such a bad back when he gets out of there
0295 silver: if nine's been at mga all her life, does she even HAVE a medical degree
0296 macey: but no really hunter seemed to be pretty concerned for fortunato i think he'll catch on
0297 yuuhy: silver asks the imprtant questions
0298 brella: yeah that skeptical face at ian's "trust me" was rightly earned
0299 upguntha: Just imaguned NIne in nursung school
0300 silver: more important question
0301 macey: i dont even think hunter knows fortunato is melon guy, he just got concerned
0302 brella: i hope hunter brings him melons
0303 silver: or can he only be in other people's dreams
0304 macey: "medical school? haha, hilarious" nine says, jabbing someone's eye socket with a schapel
0305 yuuhy: oh man oh man i'm so excited for hunter and fortunato to meet
0306 brella: do u think student health insurance covers eyes getting gouged out
0307 yuuhy: i hope neither of them dies before that happens
0308 brella: fortunato will probably be dead before it happens, yuuhy
0309 brella: at the speed he's going
0310 yuuhy: NO i have faith
0311 joe_eisma: hey, what do you guys want us do at the NYCC panel? just give upguntha free reign to ask whatever?
0312 joe_eisma: flog matt if he can't get it to record?
0313 macey: dead or WIPED FROM EXISTENCE
0314 brella: augh, god, i'm so worried about fortunato, i'm dying
0315 brella: upguntha will WREAK HAVOC
0316 macey: tbh i'd go to a panel of just upguntha asking you both questions it'd probably be really informative
0317 upguntha: if i get free reign, we'll be there for hours
0318 joe_eisma: haha
0319 mompants: looks like i'm out for panel host this year, then
0320 brella: nycc... why are you so far away... and sold out.....
0321 mompants: upguntha can have the mic
0322 yuuhy: one day, bud
0323 maria: nooo why am i in canada? i would love to see that
0324 philmaira entered the room
0325 guest-388309 changed nickname to philmaira
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0327 philmaira entered the room
0328 guest-388315 changed nickname to philmaira
0329 jeff_stiefer1: <--west coaster, would love to attent NYCC
0330 upguntha: just make sure ou hit Recor button
0331 macey: i say let matt make a slideshow of his favorite dagney panels, then let upguntha ask questions
0332 philmaira left the room
0333 joe_eisma: haha. he did such a great montage last year of all the deaths
0334 brella: really like can there just be a panel about dagney being great
0335 upguntha: That montage was hillarious
0336 philmaira entered the room
0337 mompants: i'll make a dagney montage, no problem
0338 guest-388327 changed nickname to philmaira
0339 philmaira left the room
0340 philmaira entered the room
0341 guest-388330 changed nickname to philmaira
0342 macey: turns out the actual title of the panel is "SUSAN DAGNEY
0343 mompants: nicki minaj's "anaconda" as the soundtrack
0344 silver: so when do we get this dagney/student brotp action nick
0345 beth: beautiful
0346 upguntha: I wonder i she has a collection of pants just like Hodge has glores dressses
0347 yuuhy: i want to know about the faculty housing
0348 macey: haha i am kind of fond of how all the teachers seem to have specific taste in outfits
0349 joe_eisma: hahaha
0350 guest-388342 entered the room
0351 beth: maybe it's a trait they look for in all applicants
0352 guest-388342 left the room
0353 macey: daramount has her skit and vests, hodge has her seemingly endless dress closet, etc
0354 jayceon entered the room
0355 joe_eisma: very astute, macey
0356 guest-388345 changed nickname to jayceon
0357 guest-388351 entered the room
0358 macey: i'm not sure nine owns anything besides 100 copies of her nurse outfit
0359 guest-388351 left the room
0360 sahkoo entered the room
0361 jeff_stiefer1: yeah the character designs are always really good. Im never confused about who is who
0362 silver: maybe it's all the same outfit
0363 upguntha: Needles
0364 silver: just one
0365 brella: nine's closet probably looks like a 90s cartoon character's
0366 jeff_stiefer1: cant say that for every artist...
0367 guest-388366 changed nickname to sahkoo
0368 joe_eisma: yeah, hmm.. it would be interesting to see what nine wears in her off time
0369 brella: all the same stuff in a row
0370 jayceon left the room
0371 yuuhy: does nine have off time
0372 nick: dagney got some cool stuff coming up. can't say more than that.
0373 gabe left the room
0374 beth: oooooooooooooooooh
0375 brella: there is no off time when you're TORTURING CHILDREN
0376 jeff_stiefer1: im afraid of what Nince does in her free time. yikes.
0377 brella: !!!!!!!!!!
0378 macey: actually rereading, my favorite nine line is still "i get paid either way" because you never really think about these teachers being paid
0379 upguntha: Dagneyyyyy
0380 macey: but no nine gets money. and she must use it for something. but what.
0381 brella: yeah who even pays these teachers
0382 brella: is the tuition for mga expensive
0383 macey: yeaaaah dagney forever!!
0384 brella: do students get financial aid
0385 jeff_stiefer1: they get paid in CHILDRENS SOULS!!!
0386 yuuhy: nine plays video games she buys from amazon
0387 beth: what can they spend money on
0388 brella: will they have student loans or would that be ill advised since theyll all DIE
0389 sahkoo left the room
0390 darrrrkvengance entered the room
0391 jeff_stiefer: no hurry on paying those loans back
0392 silver: kathy said mga tuition was expensive right
0393 brella: i'll bet the student loan people hate mga for murdering all the ppl who owe them money
0394 guest-388375 changed nickname to darrrrkvengance
0395 silver: who is paying it now that she's DEAD
0396 upguntha: I wonder what they but from Amazon
0397 darrrrkvengance left the room
0398 darrrrkvengance entered the room
0399 guest-388378 changed nickname to darrrrkvengance
0400 upguntha: and who's doing all the buying
0401 darrrrkvengance: hey all
0402 yuuhy: wait ok so the school has been open for 14 years right
0403 macey: half of the amazon stuff is hodge ordering dresses
0404 brella: on a serious note the "what is reality" sequence was on point and amazing
0405 upguntha: Nick, Is Oliver Ian's biological dad or dad like in Astroboy
0406 yuuhy: and the first students were probably older than 2, so there should be graduates?
0407 joe_eisma: hello darkvengance (sorry, not typing out all those r's)
0408 darrrrkvengance: great issue, as always, Joe!
0409 joe_eisma: thanks!
0410 macey: judging by #20 the school opened 13 years ago and the first students were about three soooo....?
0411 macey: from what i saw.
0412 beth: the what is reality discussion was really amazing yeah
0413 nick: little more on Oliver and Ian's relationship in 043.
0414 darrrrkvengance: you too, Nick!
0415 yuuhy: oh okay that could be the case
0416 macey: oh man i hope 43 is a science parents issue
0417 darrrrkvengance: though i feel sad about the direction you took Ian
0418 brella: especially after the descartian stuff we saw in 28
0419 comicsdude1: I wonder if Ian had any insights from himself from the talk on reality. I kinda wonder if Simon managed to sort of observe all the branching pathways and that's why there were a bunch of Ians
0420 yuuhy: duuuude!
0421 nick: ah, yeah, wanted to mention this-- every kid we've seen in the book is 16.
0422 macey: that's what i figure about the multiple ians now, that ian could/can access alternate selves
0423 yuuhy: i lie that theory
0424 yuuhy: *like
0425 macey: NICK THANK YOU ive always assumed that but people always combat it thank you. thank you
0426 nick: seen some confusion on that.
0427 brella: zaaaaaAAACH
0428 brella: DANG
0429 beth: WHOA
0430 brella: (i mean, uh, comicsdude, sorry)
0431 yuuhy: okay, thanks! i'd suspected that, but there was something in the study hall that made me unsure.
0432 macey: andres saying isabel looks good, though. amazing
0433 mompants: waht did i mess up in study hall?
0434 darrrrkvengance: andres is a player
0435 jeff_stiefer: its funny the first thing i thought of when shown all the Ians was the Many Worlds Theory and with this issue it seems not to be a conicidence
0436 upguntha: Isabel's age
0437 jeff_stiefer left the room
0438 upguntha: yu sad she might be 19
0439 macey: andres is the biggest player in this school he probably beats ike
0440 upguntha: why keyboard no mwork ughhhh
0441 philmaira left the room
0442 yuuhy: or rather, that the first kids at the school would be 19
0443 upguntha: never underestimate the power of the crustache
0444 mompants: i meant to say that isabel couldn't be one of those kids because the first kids would be 19 -- i'll make it more clear
0445 beth: i have dinner but i might get back on after!! i'm so excited for everything thats to come though from this issue!!!!!!!
0446 silver left the room
0447 beth: thank you as always nick and joe!!!!!
0448 beth left the room
0449 yuuhy: bye beth!
0450 nick: thanks beth
0451 silver entered the room
0452 guest-388438 changed nickname to silver
0453 silver left the room
0454 joe_eisma: see ya, beth! thanks!
0455 silver entered the room
0456 guest-388444 changed nickname to silver
0457 darrrrkvengance: that Isabel would be 19, you mean, had she been one of the first kids, at 5
0458 silver left the room
0459 brella: are we talking about andres because if so
0460 yuuhy: i had assumed that all the students at the school are now 16, including the first ones. nick is that what you meant?
0461 guest-388453 entered the room
0462 guest-388453 left the room
0463 nick: the first kids they got weren't 5
0464 jeff_stiefer1 changed nickname to jeff_stiefer
0465 nick: that said, Isabel was not one of the first kids
0466 nick: though she's a pretty early one
0467 macey: i love it when nick clarifies things it's like the sun coming out from behind clouds
0468 darrrrkvengance: yeah, she'd have had to have been there 11 years then
0469 brella: right, amazing
0470 upguntha: Who's the academy's favourite Isabel or Pamela?
0471 brella: how does she seem MORE sane than pamela if she's been there THAT LONG
0472 yuuhy: pamela probably wishes she were isabel
0473 darrrrkvengance: i mean, assuming time works the way we're thinking it does
0474 macey: i hope pamela and isabel are friends.
0475 silver entered the room
0476 brella: i hope they are BEST friends
0477 guest-388513 changed nickname to silver
0478 brella: as an aside
0479 darrrrkvengance: i'd hate to see the person Pamela isn't friends with!
0480 macey: i hope pamela is her vice president
0481 yuuhy: i need to know everything about hannah and esi
0482 brella: i need hannah and esi to hang out more, and also kiss
0483 brella: this cover was so misleading we were expecting cute av club stuff and instead we got ian simon, angry goblin
0484 yuuhy: i need hannah and esi to steal every scene and be like "oh what this issue isn't about us? OUR BAD LOL"
0485 macey: ians face genuinely got uglier as the issue went on
0486 nick: ha, sorry about that. have wanted to get the AV club kids a cover, this was the closest fit
0487 joe_eisma: hahaha
0488 macey: it's at maximum ugly in that last panel
0489 maria: he's just so ugly
0490 yuuhy: brella you know what this means
0491 comicsdude1: i found it interesting that we now see that the eyes legitimately glow because of the glare in his glasses, which I thought was an awesome touch
0492 darrrrkvengance: lol @ "angry goblin"
0493 joe_eisma: puberty has not been kind to ian simon
0494 macey: can't wait until rodin draws an andres where we can see his face, so super detailed crustache
0495 yuuhy: ian selfies
0496 upguntha: only a mother could love that face
0497 upguntha: speaking of mothers.......
0498 macey: but ian doesnt have a mother
0499 macey: so
0500 darrrrkvengance: poor ian.
0501 nick: that will happen. pretty sure the av club gets a trade cover soon...
0502 macey: yyyeeeessss
0503 maria: YES
0504 jeff_stiefer: Ian only gets more and more constipated looking as the years go. has he tried xanax?
0505 darrrrkvengance: av club should have a spin-off comic
0506 joe_eisma: haha you mean ex lax?
0507 macey: i remember when the truants first appeared ian seemed like a cool snarky one, remember that
0508 brella: IAN SELFIES
0509 mompants: dagney needs a trade cover
0510 brella: no, i don't. at all
0511 jeff_stiefer: no, xanax...he should relax
0512 joe_eisma: nice
0513 brella: macey, seriously, i don't remember ian being cool, when did this happen
0514 brella: refresh my memory
0515 jeff_stiefer: well, i guess at his age a big joint but something tells me the cronic is not easy to get at MGA
0516 brella: (i like that this is the issue where we should probably take ian seriously but we all still physically can't)
0517 maria: i think it was really just in relation to hunter, who is not cool at all
0518 darrrrkvengance: it's in the greenhouse, jeff
0519 jeff_stiefer: THATS where the headmaster is hiding!
0520 darrrrkvengance: the perks of being class president
0521 joe_eisma: all right, folks, i'm out to grab dinner. thanks for being awesome as usual!
0522 macey: hunter is cooler than ian, tbh
0523 brella: idk, hunter survived getting shot in the chest, he might be like 1.2% cool
0524 upguntha: he had great references when he first showed up, then all went downhil,just like his looks
0525 jeff_stiefer: night Joe!
0526 joe_eisma: get ready for many many cameos coming up
0527 macey: have a great night joe! thanks for another awesome issue
0528 maria: bye joe!
0529 joe_eisma: and a surprise one next issue
0530 brella: GOOD NIGHT JOE it's been real
0531 yuuhy: good night!
0532 darrrrkvengance: good night, Joe!
0533 macey: excited for sports
0534 jeff_stiefer: see ya on insangram!
0535 brella: the faces in this issue were SO GOOD
0536 brella: you are great
0537 joe_eisma: thanks!! see ya next time
0538 nick: oh, yeah, that's another thing- no intentional glow!
0539 joe_eisma left the room
0540 upguntha: nightttt
0541 brella: AW REALLY
0542 guest-388579 entered the room
0543 guest-388579 left the room
0544 jw entered the room
0545 guest-388588 changed nickname to jw
0546 nick: wasn't in the script for zoe, wasn't in the script for Ian. Sorry
0547 macey: nick, were you the one who came up with the 41 cover, because i think we all owe you thanks if so
0548 jw left the room
0549 maria: i was looking at the cover for 41 at school and got nervous about what people would think
0550 nick: ha, yeah. Was planned long before all this cover controversy stuff
0551 jeff_stiefer: so nick, have we seen that last of the woman future Jade hires a while back? i cant remember her name...the one that also made a Spinning Time Thingy
0552 upguntha: 41 seems lie fan service central #iaintmad
0553 macey: JULIE HAYES
0554 brella: alicia
0555 upguntha: Julie Hayesss
0556 brella: or, er, sorry, JULIE HAYES
0557 jeff_stiefer: havent seen 41 yet... (looking up)
0558 yuuhy: CERTAIN PEOPLE kept harassing me to look at the cover at work
0559 brella: BRING BACK JULIE HAYES 2014
0560 nick: Julie Hayes? No, you will definitely see Julie again. We alluded to her around the season change
0561 darrrrkvengance: what's the cover controversy?
0562 macey: bohr and planck got mentioned this issue which i remember were people julie studied
0563 yuuhy: YES YES YES
0564 brella: what certain people, yuuhy
0565 brella: chinhands
0566 macey: dv
0568 upguntha: where????
0569 yuuhy: go away brella
0570 macey: but there's also alicia who i always love to see
0571 darrrrkvengance: oh, yeah. i heard about that. ludicrous.
0572 brella: ee hee
0573 guest-388615 entered the room
0574 darrrrkvengance: this is why i don't read Marvel or DC. well, one of the reasons
0575 guest-388615 left the room
0576 upguntha: Will Towerball have rules?
0577 batman entered the room
0578 jeff_stiefer: that section of the story really made me wonder what you and joe are up to long term. i was hooked.
0579 guest-388627 changed nickname to batman
0580 brella: towerball strikes me as one of those games where the only rule is to try not to die
0581 nick: ha, no. Towerball rules are in your heart, just like woodrun.
0582 brella: and also to set abs to maximum glisten
0583 macey: i hope towerball literally involves climbing a tower
0584 guest-388639 entered the room
0585 batman left the room
0586 guest-388639 left the room
0587 brella: i hope towerball involves two people stacked on top of each other trying to catch a ball
0588 brella: like, jun on guillaume's shoulders
0589 maria: okay, i gotta go. can't use up all my friend's internet. next chat i will be here for the whole thing!
0590 nick: sorry, if I had the room in my schedule to invent a sport, i would
0591 yuuhy: bye maria!
0592 brella: no no... the cover more than makes up for it.....
0594 macey: bye maria!!! have a good night
0595 mompants: i'll come up with towerball rules for study hall, and explain them with shrek gifs
0596 brella: i hope towerball has to be played in the TOWER OF BABEL
0597 maria: goodbye friends have fun discussing towerball
0598 maria left the room
0599 nick: there we go! thanks matt
0600 macey: when playing towerball you have to use a different language from each of your teammates
0601 brella: i hope hunter has to stand there gibbering code every round
0602 upguntha: fine I'l make the rules, Guillaume lose that shirt +5
0604 yuuhy: they will fall down and you will trip
0605 yuuhy: don't you know how to sport
0606 macey: oh yeah i'm amazed rodin had the shorts sag but it's very true to actual high school so
0607 macey: guillaume sorel
0608 nick: so any questions before I have to go?
0609 silver: jade's gonna be in 42, right
0610 macey: how much jun in 41....i miss his yelling
0611 jeff_stiefer: whats the planned run, Nick? Still somewhere around 100?
0612 yuuhy: any significance to the guys in the background of the 41 cover or are they just bg dudes
0613 nick: yeah, lots of jun in 41
0614 brella: will fortunato ever catch a break
0615 jeff_stiefer: besides that, thanks for writing my favorite book right now.
0616 darrrrkvengance: sorry if this was covered before i arrived, but can all the students read The Answer?
0617 macey: yyyyesssss!
0618 darrrrkvengance: or just some?
0619 brella: sorry, i know it's spoilers, it's just something i ask my ceiling at night
0620 nick: not just bg-- couple new faces in 41
0621 brella: ooooooh!
0622 yuuhy: YESSS!!!!
0623 macey: hooray! sports!
0624 brella: oh! nick, will we ever find out what the prize was for winning woodrun?
0625 upguntha: yay new faces
0626 upguntha: Zoes's stuff
0627 macey: the prize was the joy in your heart you get from bonding with your teammates
0628 nick: ha, that will definitely be an unresolved mystery.
0629 yuuhy: i'm so eager for more walid but he probably won't be back for a while
0630 nick: don't think Pamela would accept anyway, she just does what she does for the academy
0631 brella: the prize was sven's ear
0632 nick: poor sven
0633 jeff_stiefer: Nick, whats the planned run? Still somewhere around 100?
0634 brella: congratulations
0635 comicsdude1: how far away is checking back in with Abraham or Zoe? (in general terms if not specific)
0636 nick: somewhere around, yeah
0637 macey: pamela probably stitched svens ear to that teddy bear of hers
0638 nick: can't say on that, but it'll be worth it when we do, I promise
0639 brella: i hope irina's doing ok
0640 jeff_stiefer: thanks!
0641 macey: irina? i don't remember a character named irina being in this comic
0642 nick: good news is you won't have to wait long for 041-- out 10/1, I believe.
0643 darrrrkvengance: YAY!
0644 yuuhy: !!!!
0645 comicsdude1: yay!
0646 macey: very excited about sports
0647 nick: And 42 is well underway, so it should be pretty soon after.
0648 darrrrkvengance: DOUBLE YAY!
0649 yuuhy: (i'm so glad i have this desk alone today because i am emoting too obviously about everything)
0650 nick: Thanks for all the nice words about this one, all-- see you in a few weeks
0651 nick: bye
0652 jeff_stiefer: night! thanks!
0653 darrrrkvengance: night Nick!
0654 brella: the SPORT
0655 macey: thanks for stopping by nick!
0656 yuuhy: Bye nick! thanks for coming!
0657 comicsdude1: thanks! bye!
0658 macey: have a good night
0659 nick left the room
0660 silver: goodbye nick!
0661 brella: nick, really, this one was wild and great, BYE
0662 mompants: now that nick is gone, here's a video full of spoilers for 41
0663 brella: is it just shrek clips
0664 brella: i'll bet it is
0665 darrrrkvengance: lol
0666 yuuhy: EXCELLENT
0667 upguntha: night
0668 brella: NO, IT'S BETTER
0669 upguntha: just realized that we only have to wait 3 weeks for 41
0670 brella: this is MY prediction for 41 https
0671 al entered the room
0672 guest-388747 changed nickname to al
0673 gingey: morning glories fancast zefron as guillaume
0674 mompants: hahahaha
0675 brella: 2 real
0676 macey: zefron makes a bizarrely good guillaume appearance wise, which is terrifying
0677 darrrrkvengance: hey macey - can you post a link to the transcript of this chat to the Study Hall comments?
0678 gingey: EXACTLY MACEY
0679 gingey: as soon as I clicked that I was like
0680 macey: oh sure dv! i know people always put them on the wiki too
0681 gingey: WAIT HOLY SHIT
0682 brella: guillaume's head is in the game but his heart's in the SONG
0683 guest-388759 entered the room
0684 darrrrkvengance: thanks. i'm technologically inept
0685 guest-388759 left the room
0686 macey: his heart is in his grief over his fucking dead boyfriend
0687 ddd entered the room
0688 yuuhy: thank you macey
0689 brella: the song is ave maria
0690 brella: rest in pieces
0691 brella: wait maria's gone dang it i wanted to talk to her about hunter's taste in french music
0692 guest-388762 changed nickname to ddd
0693 macey: it shows how deep i am into this that i'm excited for even more new faces
0694 brella: or he just... really likes the country of jamaica
0695 mompants: i will say
0696 ddd left the room
0697 mompants: and no, it doesn't involve shrek
0698 brella: GASP
0699 darrrrkvengance: "Baby Got Back"
0700 macey: doesn't involve shrek? matt, i thought i knew you
0701 brella: which of the av club kids is most likely to suggest shrek for a movie night
0702 brella: that's the REAL question here
0703 yuuhy: ESI
0704 yuuhy: andres
0705 yuuhy: not hannah; she thinks she's too cool
0706 macey: esi just to bug hannah
0707 macey: every time they have movie night esi suggests shrek to bug hannah
0708 mompants: amazing
0709 yuuhy: these girls at my comic book store were like "we love the series but there're too many characters"
0710 macey: ian believes shrek is "immature" and "gross"
0711 macey: why are we talking about shrek, what happened here
0713 yuuhy: esi and andres and akiko singing shrek songs
0714 yuuhy: does shrek have songs besides hallelujah
0715 yuuhy: (have they seen the shrek musical)
0716 macey: UH, YUUHY, SMASHMOTH?
0717 macey: smashmouth
0718 mompants: "sooommmmeBODY once told me the world is gonna roll me..."
0719 macey: smashmoth is my smashmouth parody band.
0720 brella: god, yuuhy, where have YOU been
0721 darrrrkvengance: have people actually watched shrek recently? is this a thing?
0722 yuuhy: I'm sorry I watched Shrek in 2001??
0723 darrrrkvengance: i'm with yuuhy
0724 macey: shrek has been undergoing this weird revival on the internet for awhile now im not sure how it happened
0725 brella: it's all very underground
0726 brella: where it belongs
0727 yuuhy: like fortuna
0728 brella: i can't believe "hallelujah" was in shrek.......
0729 comicsdude1: i watched the musical recently (parts of it)
0730 macey: YUUHY
0731 yuuhy: to
0732 brella: zach, WHY
0733 macey: i genuinely cannot believe shit is getting even worse for fortunato, this is horrific
0734 comicsdude1: it was aweful
0735 beth entered the room
0736 guest-388855 changed nickname to beth
0737 brella: zach...... /why/
0738 beth: hellooooooooo again
0739 brella: macey, just when we thought things couldn't get any worse for him
0740 brella: BETH!!
0741 yuuhy: hi beth we're discussing shrek
0742 darrrrkvengance: i expect shit's gonna get worse for ian before it gets worse for tuna
0743 beth: perfect
0744 yuuhy: doesn't lyndsey love the shrek musical? they should catch up with mg.
0746 macey: "well it can't get any worse", says fortunato, just as the basement roof collapses and breaks his leg
0747 macey: haha but no seriously i'm sure this'll backfire on ian bad
0748 darrrrkvengance: did y'all talk about David before i arrived?
0749 gingey: after he talked about karma
0750 gingey: it has to
0751 beth: i should make them catch up next week and then ill be able to witness someone else go thorugh 33
0752 yuuhy: nope
0753 yuuhy: make sure they livetweet it
0754 beth: ofc
0755 macey: NO! upguntha was talking about david on twitter though!
0756 yuuhy: oh wait no you'll be in florida!!
0757 darrrrkvengance: it seems like maybe he figures into this split-reality thing
0758 beth: i should record it
0759 beth: eeeeeeeee yes i will beeee
0760 yuuhy: i like this plan
0761 darrrrkvengance: oh, what's your twitter, folks. i'll follow you.
0762 macey: right, this seems like something to tie into david
0763 macey: what with there always being multiple versions of him at once
0764 macey: i'm @docenteer
0765 beth: im..............................................@bisexualhoran
0766 brella: i am @brells_
0767 yuuhy: @tartareans
0768 macey: what else happened in this issue
0769 macey: oh oliver was pretty into teaching it's good to see him not fucking a robot
0770 brella: oliver simon had an impressive mullet, i guess
0771 yuuhy: lara looked at a newspaper on the floor
0772 brella: andres is into isabel
0773 yuuhy: but can she read it????
0774 brella: everyone was anime
0775 beth: esi not saying anything
0776 brella: oliver simon actually looked proud of ian
0777 beth: but still being beautiful
0778 yuuhy: esi and hannah not holding hands
0779 beth: or cuddling
0780 macey: i didnt realize that was lara until a second ago because she wasn't in a dress
0781 upguntha: i seriously think that Simon was refering to the whole David phenomenom
0782 macey: maybe someday we'll just get an issue all about esi and hannah kissing
0783 hannah entered the room
0784 gingey: macey be fair
0785 guest-388924 changed nickname to hannah
0786 gingey: sometimes lara dresses like a zookeeper
0787 darrrrkvengance: okay, you're all added.
0788 beth: we deserve it
0789 hannah left the room
0790 hannah entered the room
0791 guest-388933 changed nickname to hannah
0792 macey: TRUE. true.
0793 brella: andres saying "psh!"
0794 macey: so do you think david was some sort of attempt to access multiple versions of a person that went horribly wrong? or something?
0795 silver: i am @awickedspell
0796 beth: OOOOH
0797 comicsdude1: that's actually what I was wondering. Maybe tied into the red eyes and freakouts we've seen
0798 yuuhy: do you ever remember that david is casey's kid and just have to stop
0800 darrrrkvengance: maybe Casey's attempt to find her baby
0801 yuuhy: nick said the glowing eye thing wasn't intentional. i think that's the same as the red eyes you're referring to?
0802 upguntha: @upgunthalol
0803 darrrrkvengance: results in split David
0804 upguntha: @upguntha
0805 guest-388963 entered the room
0808 guest-388963 left the room
0809 haley entered the room
0810 darrrrkvengance: proving just how non-technological i am, i actually searched on upgunthalol
0811 guest-388969 changed nickname to haley
0812 macey: "mom why dont you love me" - david
0813 kelso895 entered the room
0814 guest-388978 changed nickname to newuser2265
0815 newuser2265 changed nickname to kelso895
0816 kelso895 left the room
0817 beth: LITERALLY
0818 beth: poor david
0819 beth: just wants to be loved
0820 macey: even if the red eye stuff is unintentional, it looked great glaring off ian's glasses this issue
0821 macey: rule of mg
0822 yuuhy: macey don't you
0823 brella: ...slowly removes glasses
0824 brella: zach.... do you hate fortunato
0825 yuuhy: keeps glasses on
0826 jeff_stiefer left the room
0827 macey: well if you exist in the mg world
0828 beth: yeah i'd like to see
0829 beth: even if tuna cant
0830 yuuhy: no let's make it a blanket thing
0831 macey: then again mg only has like. three characters with glasses?? ian, georgina, and oliver
0832 yuuhy: since apparently half this chatroom wears glasses
0833 macey: i dont know if oliver even knows what a fortunato is
0834 yuuhy: clarkson seemed to like fortunato!
0835 darrrrkvengance: did Oliver and Ellen know each other before they were brought to MGA?
0836 beth: do you think there's a multiple universe fortunato that's happy
0837 beth: what if he's always smiling somewhere
0838 beth: soakin in the sunlight
0839 yuuhy: eating ice cream
0840 beth: watching lots of cartoons
0841 yuuhy: i don't think oliver was directly involved with the camp
0842 yuuhy: though i guess he COULD be...
0843 macey: dv
0844 darrrrkvengance: i' haven't had a chance to re-read any issues except 40 yet
0845 darrrrkvengance: in fact, i'm still eating dinner
0846 macey: i did find the wording at the beginning of "but dude- that's your-" "mom!" a bit interesting
0847 macey: ahhh i see
0848 macey: but anyway if ellen did help oliver create ian then she would be like. sort of his mom.
0849 yuuhy: 41 is so soooon!
0850 brella: SO SOON
0851 yuuhy: it's been so long since we've seen guillaume do anything but cry!
0852 beth: ALL THE ANGST
0853 yuuhy: it's been so long since jun has yelled!
0854 darrrrkvengance: what's the cover of 41 supposed to be. i saw y'all mention it
0855 brella: maybe he will cry while playing towerball
0859 beth: then like jun sad in the corner
0860 yuuhy: here
0861 macey: http
0862 macey: damn yuuhy so fast
0863 darrrrkvengance: lol, wow.
0864 macey: no really, it's abs and sweat and towerball
0865 yuuhy: that's why they call me [some kind of pun about being fast
0866 gingey left the room
0868 beth: OH NO
0869 yuuhy: i bet it's something really unexciting
0870 yuuhy: like team assignments
0872 mompants: it's a shrek gif
0873 darrrrkvengance: does Matt get an alternative cover with Ms. Dagney? ;)
0874 mompants: i wish
0875 macey: the science classes have discovered a way to put gifs on pieces of paper
0876 brella: what if we get a dagney issue, matt, will you survive
0877 macey: "but ian, i don't even like shrek"
0878 brella: that's what having your eyes opened can REALLY do
0879 brella: gifs work on paper
0880 beth: the goal of the academy all along
0881 hannah left the room
0882 mompants: where are you guys seeing the panel of guillaume? i can tell you waht he's looking at if it helps, i don't think it's a spoiler
0883 macey: you guys know it's been over a year since we saw irina (or mr n, for that matter)
0884 beth: OH MY GOD
0885 macey: joe's posted a bunch of panels on his tumblr, mostly of guillaume looking mopey
0886 beth: that was last summer wasnt it wow
0887 macey: i believe it was last august yeah
0888 upguntha: I feel like this will be lots of ball throwing and angry showers
0889 darrrrkvengance: what was the name of Hunter's almost-gf, who Zoe killed? was it Maggie?
0890 upguntha: I still want that jacjet he's wearing in 41
0891 macey: if nick doesn't take the opportunity to have a locker room showers scene we've lost so much
0892 macey: maggie yep!
0893 mompants: http
0894 darrrrkvengance: i really hope we find out if there was some reason why she had to be offed
0895 brella: MAGGIE.........
0896 brella:
0897 darrrrkvengance: bc she was probably my favorite
0898 yuuhy: A PHOTO
0899 darrrrkvengance: Maggie
0900 brella: maggie was the most amazing i am sad about her every day
0901 macey: a PHOTO
0902 brella: a PHOTO
0903 macey: interesting matt......hmmm
0904 darrrrkvengance: (other than her name, sometimes.)
0905 brella: ahah. macey this is getting creepy
0906 beth: oooooooooooooH A PHOTO
0907 macey: i have friends who read mg casually and have never reread, and they ALWAYS remember maggie.
0908 yuuhy: but of what!
0909 macey: it's a close up of hisao's muscles
0910 yuuhy: if it's a photo of hisao i'm not going to survive the issue
0911 al left the room
0912 upguntha: poor Maggie
0913 beth: what if we actually find out about guillaume's backstory next issue
0915 silver: what if it's a photo of guillaume's parents
0916 silver: or a brother
0917 upguntha: still want to know why Zoe was killng all those kds
0918 yuuhy: that crossed my mind but i don't think that's something he would have
0919 yuuhy: since he was 3 when he joined the camp
0920 guest-389164 entered the room
0921 yuuhy: although maybe at age 3 he wanted to take it with him
0922 guest-389164 left the room
0923 silver: how would parents be ok w/ that tho
0924 silver: unless they're BOTH dead
0925 macey: seeing as guillaume was three it was probably a picture of his favorite toy truck
0926 darrrrkvengance: did something particular happen on the day everyone was born that alerted the Academy?
0927 yuuhy: maybe they were scared of him
0928 silver: guillaume seems to have decided to go to the camp himself in a previous life
0929 upguntha: it's the picture on Hode's desk lol
0930 silver: but i can't imagine any random parents would just allow that
0931 beth: he could've had some situation similar to zoe
0932 brella: maybe it is a picture of zac efron
0933 beth: where his parents weren't really in the picture anymore
0934 beth: i hope it's a pic of zefron
0935 brella: he almost definitely had foster parents, right, like all the other truants
0936 darrrrkvengance: well, the Academy didn't exist yet; but which alerted the people who would become the faculty
0937 brella: i wonder if he bonded with them at all or was just a PUNK
0938 yuuhy: i had thought that he, like zoe, had a heightened awareness at age 3 and so he didn't necessarily decide to go to the camp in a previous life
0939 yuuhy: and if his parents were aware that he was special or strange, they might have let him make the choice to go to the camp
0940 beth: what if he had a younger foster brother he'd play catch with
0941 yuuhy: or they might have feared him and readily been rid of him
0942 beth:
0943 beth: there's endless angst potential w this beautiful french boy
0944 yuuhy: gotta go home now. bye everyone!
0945 silver: byeeeeeeee
0946 beth: bye yuuhyyyyyyyyyyyy
0947 darrrrkvengance: bye
0948 macey: ahhh bye yuuhy!!!
0949 yuuhy left the room
0950 upguntha: bye
0951 macey: what if guillaume gets his hair cut
0952 macey: that'd be a real tragedy
0953 beth: what if someone shaves his eyebrows off
0954 upguntha: I wonder how many of these new faces will make it out of the issue alive
0955 darrrrkvengance: guillaume should get the natalie dormer cut
0956 macey: towerball is usually fatal
0957 upguntha: Queen Dormer swoonnnnnnnnn
0958 beth: guillaume doing natdorms smirk though
0959 macey: guillaume doesnt seem to be in a smirky mood lately
0960 beth: maybe towerball will bring out his smirky side again
0961 comicsdude1: I gotta go now. This was the first time I've been able to make this and it was quite fun. Thanks everyone
0962 comicsdude1 left the room
0963 macey: hey see you! happy you had a good time
0964 darrrrkvengance: laters, cd1
0965 guest-389245 entered the room
0966 brella: BYE ZACH
0967 guest-389245 left the room
0968 beth: bye!!
0969 brella: i told zach to come when we watched gravity falls last night he was very excited
0970 brella: is guillaume even capable of smirking anymore
0971 silver left the room
0972 mompants: i'm out too -- but don't forget to come and post on the mgash later so i don't get fired from doing it in the book
0973 macey: he's too mopey for that
0974 silver entered the room
0975 guest-389257 changed nickname to silver
0976 macey: haha i will matt! thanks for it dude, it's always amazing
0977 darrrrkvengance: i gave my best friend the first two volumes of MG last October, and he still hasn't read the second
0978 darrrrkvengance: i think i need a new best friend
0979 mompants left the room
0980 darrrrkvengance:
0981 silver left the room
0982 brella: bye matt!!!
0983 darrrrkvengance: night Matt
0984 silver entered the room
0985 beth: bye matt!!!
0986 guest-389263 changed nickname to silver
0987 silver left the room
0988 upguntha: night
0989 upguntha: i'm gonna lay down too
0990 upguntha: night guys
0991 beth: goodnight!!
0992 upguntha left the room
0993 darrrrkvengance: night upguntha
0994 silver entered the room
0995 guest-389275 changed nickname to silver
0996 darrrrkvengance: oh, so i asked this earlier, but i didn't hear an "answer." can everyone read The Answer?
0997 darrrrkvengance: or only some? does that weed out whose "eyes have been opened"?
0998 macey: man everyone is so tired tonight
0999 beth: only students can right?
1000 macey: i feel like everyone with their eyes opened can.
1001 guest-389296 entered the room
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1003 beth: maybe it's only people who are like actually ~special and not just birthday kids?
1004 macey: in 31 the av club kids mention hodge is a threat to them, so i dont think it's only students
1005 darrrrkvengance: if so, that would seem like the biggest "trap," right
1006 macey: you mean that adults with their eyes opened could read it too?
1007 darrrrkvengance: i guess, what i'm wondering is
1008 darrrrkvengance: in the comic, it looks like blank pages
1009 macey: yeah how IS it they have to hand write it....
1010 beth: is it like a psychic thing?
1011 darrrrkvengance: but that would be stupid, if all these people at MGA were staring at blank pages
1012 macey: judging by the invisible stuff we saw in 39....
1013 darrrrkvengance: i'd expect it's them looking at a 'fake' BS paper, with the real stuff printed psychically underneath
1014 darrrrkvengance: or in the margins, etc
1015 macey: it's only with those who have their eyes opened, but otherwise it appears as a blank page
1016 beth: if they were smart they probably shouldve done a fake paper to avoid suspicion
1017 darrrrkvengance: but even trying to distribute a big, blank wad of newsprint seems pretty suspicious
1018 darrrrkvengance: or news-nonprint, as the case may be
1019 darrrrkvengance: if Ian is savvy enough to suspect a trap with the overhearing-the-guards thing, i can't believe
1020 darrrrkvengance: they'd just be handing out a big wad of apparently blank paper
1021 macey: that IS true. hhmmmm
1022 beth: yeah like i feel like that would look fishy
1023 macey: maybe there's a trick in there, like it's hidden in like blank piles so kids can pretend to use it as loose leaf
1024 macey: or something
1025 beth: or like it could look like scrap paper someone that ended up on the floor
1026 brella: i presume that may have something to do with it since hodge saw one on the floor in the hallway
1027 brella: maybe they just, like, leave a few of them around and wait for people to find it and spread the word
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1029 macey: yeah i dont assume they could just pass them out
1030 macey: they must have hid them around where kids in particular would notice
1031 beth: i like how we discuss how they distribute the answer more than how they actually wrote an invisible paper
1032 macey: well apparently their first story was on oliver and ellen arriving
1033 macey: and ian says he'll do the second on fortunato....but what will ian write in there
1034 darrrrkvengance: yeah, Ian writing about Tuna seems contradictory to his erasing the memory of Tuna
1035 brella: he SAYS he'll do it on fortunato, but who even knows if that's the case
1036 brella: he may have just been lying to try to get hunter off his back
1037 darrrrkvengance: maybe it's an awkward "Cracks of Time" reference.
1038 macey: watch as ian tries to erase fortunato and just erases himself
1039 macey: or otherwise gets his skin ripped off
1040 darrrrkvengance: i really feel it's gonna turn out badly for Ian
1041 macey: i feel like their treatment of fortunato is gonna backfire on both ian and georgina
1042 beth: i really /hope/ it turns out badly but i have no idea
1043 macey: since it's also been established fortunato is supposed to be powerful
1044 beth: yeah that seems likely macey
1045 darrrrkvengance: i feel Ian is right that there's a trap, but the trap is for Ian
1046 darrrrkvengance: and he
1047 darrrrkvengance: s walking right into it
1048 darrrrkvengance: i just hope Oliver doesn't sacrifice himself to save Ian, because i like that Oliver dude
1049 macey: oliver being weirdly proud of ian at the end was...kind of heartwarming yeah
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1056 darrrrkvengance: what do y'all think Ike's science experiment is gonna be
1057 brella: fire
1058 macey: ike's science experiment is a chart of how many people he can fuck in a week
1059 macey: it also involves fire, somehow
1060 darrrrkvengance: i bet it involves preventing pregnancy
1061 brella: jade is on that chart twice
1062 deathbyvanessa: how many people he can fuck, while they are on fire?
1063 macey: ike's method of preventing pregnancy is "set something on fire before she wants you to get in her"
1064 deathbyvanessa: so, i'm late... have we talked about ian's glowing evil eyes?
1065 deathbyvanessa: ala zoe?
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1069 darrrrkvengance: i was late too, but i thought what Nick was saying was that it was not intentional ??
1070 deathbyvanessa: fair enough, so ian's just a dick
1071 darrrrkvengance: hopefully macey or someone can clarify
1072 macey: yeah nick said that's just stuff paul and alex have done for effect, never anything important
1073 darrrrkvengance: "not in the script" i guess is what he said
1074 silver: i love you all for the ike stuff
1075 beth: oooooooh ok
1076 deathbyvanessa: how long until nick starts bumping off the AV club?
1077 darrrrkvengance: i don't give Ian long to live
1078 darrrrkvengance: and Maggie, alas . . .
1079 beth: hannah and esi are forever
1080 deathbyvanessa: poor, poor maggie
1081 beth: i won't let anything happen to them
1082 macey: i think andres is the most expendable, esi and hannah are at least dating each other
1083 darrrrkvengance: ANDRES IS NOT EXPENDABLE!!!
1084 macey: andres also really likes hunter and thus he can be used for hunter development
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1086 deathbyvanessa: esi is the nicest ever, she'll probably be horribly slaughtered?
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1088 brella: andres is so expendable
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1090 darrrrkvengance: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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1092 brella: and i say that as someone who is approximately 72% in love with him
1093 beth: like andres is expendable but also bc of that expendability his death wouldnt do much??
1094 beth: so idk
1095 macey: it would hurt hunter
1096 macey: and what if hunter is headmaster
1097 deathbyvanessa: i just thought is MGA studyhall our version of the answer?
1098 darrrrkvengance: to everyone else it looks like a blank website
1099 deathbyvanessa: lol
1100 itsmebryant: How is Morning Glories not more popular?
1101 macey: because its very complicated
1102 deathbyvanessa: "nothing ever gets answered" well, yeah, its a fucking long form mystery!
1103 darrrrkvengance: i feel popularity, in most media, has little to do with quality
1104 deathbyvanessa: i agree
1105 macey: haha true! honestly i try not to fault people for not liking mg though. it's not for everyone
1106 darrrrkvengance: at least those of us who DO know and love it are all awesome people
1107 deathbyvanessa: this is true
1108 itsmebryant: Yes we are
1109 beth: yeah like mg definitely requires more effort on a readers part to get the most out of it
1110 beth: but its sooooooooooooooo worth it
1111 itsmebryant: I made a custom poster for my room that's how much i love it
1112 deathbyvanessa: thats awesome, of what?
1113 macey: i try not to generalize fandoms bc that tends to lead to bad things but i dont think ive ever met a big mg fan who wasnt nice.
1114 itsmebryant: The main six characters
1115 deathbyvanessa: nice
1116 darrrrkvengance: that's awesome, bryant.
1117 darrrrkvengance: do you have a link?
1118 itsmebryant: I don't. i printed it at staples
1119 darrrrkvengance: well, that's still pretty awesome
1120 deathbyvanessa: did you draw it, have it comissioned, or just use existingart from the series?
1121 darrrrkvengance: ( i have a stack of original art i haven't even figured out where to put on my wall.)
1122 itsmebryant: i got a picture from google from google pics lol
1123 deathbyvanessa: still, very cool
1124 macey: haha i have some panels i printed out on my wall but now we havent had color ink in a year
1125 itsmebryant: cool
1126 darrrrkvengance: speaking of cool, i haven't sent Joe a picture yet, but this cameo thing is pretty awesome!
1127 itsmebryant: I sent one I can't wait!!!!!!!!
1128 deathbyvanessa: cameo thing?
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1130 beth: if i could id blow up zoe's return and plaster it on every surface
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1132 deathbyvanessa: ha
1133 darrrrkvengance: if you send Joe a picture, you will (probably) get a cameo in some upcoming issue of MG
1134 deathbyvanessa: wow
1135 macey: joe has info on his tumblr, he retweets and reblogs it every so often
1136 deathbyvanessa: that's fun
1137 macey: apparently we have so many crowd and classroom shots now he wanted to spice it up
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1139 brella: i am still working up the courage to send one in, it is nerve-wracking
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1141 brella: WELL FOLKS i'm going to go set up the ficathon so
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1145 darrrrkvengance: oh, i kept meaning to write for the last ficathon, and i didn't get the time
1146 darrrrkvengance: i will do so this tme!
1147 beth: ahhhhhhHHH FICATHON
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1149 beth: i need to up my game i was so sad the last few rounds
1150 brella: omg, no pressure at all!! but your contributions to the one before the last one were amazing
1151 brella: there there beth... i will fix the hannah/esi deficiency
1152 darrrrkvengance: oh, thanks. EVERYONE's contribibutions have been amazing
1153 macey: the ficathon is always a treat for those of you who get into fanfic, you all should check it out
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1156 deathbyvanessa: where is it?
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1158 macey: deathby
1159 deathbyvanessa: im the worst, ive never really been on tumblr, can i just google it and be able to see it?
1160 darrrrkvengance: maybe a link in Study Hall would be good, to go with the transcript link
1161 macey: http
1162 macey: just check there!
1163 darrrrkvengance: i'm tumblr inept too, dbv
1164 brella: omg it will be here!!
1165 brella: http
1166 brella: just refresh in like 30 mins or so, it should be up
1167 brella: tumblr is frightening and confusing i will spare you the trouble <3
1168 darrrrkvengance: excellent. bookmarked
1169 brella: but yeah, you can participate even if you don't have an lj account, so!
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1175 brella: i will see you guys there or later. watch out for ian goblins
1176 macey: ian "goblins" simon
1177 darrrrkvengance: lol. that goblin face comment cracked me up
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1179 brella: put a green goblin mask next to him there is literally no difference
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1181 brella: A BIENTOT
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1183 darrrrkvengance: night, brella!
1184 deathbyvanessa: peace
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1187 macey: night gwen!
1188 macey: i never thought there would be a time i'd like oliver as a person more than ian
1189 deathbyvanessa: true
1190 deathbyvanessa: he seems more like hunter than ian
1191 darrrrkvengance: hunter . . . WITH A SEX ROBOT!!!
1192 deathbyvanessa: but, nick could change all that in less than half an issue
1193 deathbyvanessa: YES!
1194 deathbyvanessa: you know it would look like Casey
1195 macey: haha true! this issue just changed ian completely for example
1196 deathbyvanessa: that he did
1197 darrrrkvengance: i hope we see Debbie the Sex Robot again
1198 macey: these last few issues have been so anime too jeez. especially that first one of hannah on page six.
1199 deathbyvanessa: debbie the sex robot is THE HEADMASTER!
1200 darrrrkvengance: lol, YES!
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1202 macey: im personally up for roy the goat for headmaster
1203 darrrrkvengance: now we know why they grow all the cucumbers and zuchini in the greenhouse
1204 deathbyvanessa: wow
1205 deathbyvanessa: anyone have any thoughts on what Dr. Richmond's field may be?
1206 macey1: i was thinking about that! since oliver seems to be so firmly in quantum physics after that speech
1207 macey1: i would say....if she helped oliver create ian, maybe biology
1208 darrrrkvengance: biology seems likely. i vaguely recall her (maybe in 26) sort of on what looks like a river or bayou or something
1209 darrrrkvengance: so something related to life sciences seems plausible
1210 macey: i do wonder...if ellen was at the camp sometimes, did oliver ever go there too
1211 deathbyvanessa: possiby
1212 macey: ellen seemed to know and like all the camp kids, they are going to have to tell her hisao is dead
1213 deathbyvanessa: ellen seems to be the one with more of an understanding of the chess board, or at least the one the academy deems more of a threat
1214 macey: and irina nearly killed everyone and akikos in a coma and etc etc etc
1215 darrrrkvengance: and her daughter's lover is dead
1216 deathbyvanessa: do we think vanessa is her daughter in a traditional sense?
1217 deathbyvanessa: or more like ian to oliver?
1218 darrrrkvengance: oh, and there's another Vanessa in the basement
1219 deathbyvanessa: id like to see older vanessa talk with ellen
1220 macey: vanessa and ellen do seem to have a closer parent-child relationship, but the fact that ellen works with oliver does bring vanessas origins to question
1221 macey: i'd say there's a really good chance vanessa was also created, although idk if she's meant to be as important and world-altering as ian
1222 deathbyvanessa: that makes sense
1223 deathbyvanessa: but i am interested in the fact that we really haven't seen any of vanessa's past
1224 deathbyvanessa: in comparison to the other glories/truants
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1226 macey: YEAH. her centric issue was about her and brendan, not her past
1227 macey: i think she may have grown up at the camp?
1228 macey: i mean, not just for a few years, for most of her life that she can remember. if ellen worked there.
1229 macey: (also hey 15 minutes until this chat is over!!!)
1230 deathbyvanessa: that reminds me of what the av club said about isobel
1231 deathbyvanessa: what someone whose been there since 5 looks like
1232 darrrrkvengance: good connection, dbv!
1233 macey: yeah! one can only imagine what a kid who was one of mga's first group of students is like.
1234 deathbyvanessa: it was also good to see people at the school who dont like isobel
1235 darrrrkvengance: awww, sure we can, Macey Wacey!
1236 darrrrkvengance:
1237 deathbyvanessa: have they said how long pamela has been there?
1238 darrrrkvengance: i could definitely see her being an orginal MGAer
1239 deathbyvanessa: i wonder what made her special?
1240 deathbyvanessa: since she's clearly insane now
1241 darrrrkvengance: don't talk about my girlfriend like that!
1242 deathbyvanessa: i'm sorry!
1243 deathbyvanessa: please dont cut out my tongue
1244 deathbyvanessa: as pamela herself would
1245 darrrrkvengance: yeah, i was wondering whether there was some event on the day all the students were born
1246 darrrrkvengance: that caused headmaster, Lara, Georgina, etc, to think
1247 deathbyvanessa: and is it a recurring event? each year?
1248 darrrrkvengance: i mean, if the academy has been around 14 years, teh first recruits were like 2
1249 darrrrkvengance: no, Nick said everyone's 16
1250 macey: looking at the timeline in 20 it would have started 13 years ago but georgina says 14 years in 1
1251 deathbyvanessa: okay, they just started at different times in their lives?
1252 macey: HONESTLY i would trust 20 more, because mga also obviously has a fake cover story georgina could have used
1253 darrrrkvengance: well, even so, it goes back at least until the students are 5, and maybe lon
1254 darrrrkvengance: ger
1255 macey: nick said isabel wasn't one of the originals so
1256 macey: i'd say longer
1257 macey: (eight minutes aaaahhhhh!)
1258 darrrrkvengance: yeah, so what could have happened to spark this all?
1259 darrrrkvengance: (not that we have textual clues, as far as i can tell. just speculation.)
1260 deathbyvanessa: i have no fucking clue
1261 macey: also you know why i think 13 years ago is probably better
1262 deathbyvanessa: why?
1263 macey: because 13 years ago is also when abe started picking up kids- guillaume and zoe at least
1264 darrrrkvengance: but it seems SOMETIHING happened on May 4, [whatever year
1265 deathbyvanessa: hmm, and it was at an exact time too, right?
1266 deathbyvanessa: with the whole jun hisao situation?
1267 macey: it seemed to be within an exact period of time, if not one single time
1268 macey: bc of jun and hisao yeah
1269 darrrrkvengance: (though maybe in different timelines?)
1270 deathbyvanessa: hmm, maybe it was an intersection of all the timelines?
1271 darrrrkvengance: maybe all the characters are the same character, in different time
1272 deathbyvanessa: thats where the academy is?
1273 darrrrkvengance: lines
1274 deathbyvanessa: i like that theory
1275 deathbyvanessa: we've seen connections between the characters to support that
1276 macey: so whenever we ship characters theyre just making out with themselves
1277 darrrrkvengance: lol!
1278 deathbyvanessa: whats hotter than making out with yourself?
1279 darrrrkvengance: lol x 2!!
1280 darrrrkvengance: maybe that's why zoe kills the other timeline selves
1281 deathbyvanessa: that is a very good theory
1282 deathbyvanessa: fighting for dominance?
1283 darrrrkvengance: a way of collapsing the wave function
1284 macey: ahhhh one minute ahhh
1285 darrrrkvengance: uh oh, final minute
1286 macey: everything is so tense
1287 macey: but seriously people thanks for coming! this was a fun one for issue, i suppose
1288 darrrrkvengance: at least we (probably) won't have to wait two months for the next one
1289 deathbyvanessa: i know we're really onto something
1290 silver: i feel like i need to be here again for the last minute
1291 macey: haha! and yeah, looks like only three weeks
1292 darrrrkvengance: well, i'll try to fic in the ficathon this time
1293 macey: hopefully we'll all see each other then
1294 macey: awesome!
1295 darrrrkvengance: until next time, friends!
1296 deathbyvanessa: night night, for a better future!
1297 macey: alright folks i'll see you all later
1298 silver: bye
1299 macey: good night!
1300 darrrrkvengance: do as Andres would do
1301 deathbyvanessa: lol
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