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Morning Glories Issue 32 Tinychat from October 2, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: good evening everyone!
0002 caseyballvins: Hey!
0003 katie: hey
0004 caseyballvins: so, who cried?
0005 macey: oh yeah so much of this issue was totally unfair
0006 macey: i didn't need that coat scene thank you very much
0007 caseyballvins: seriously though
0008 caseyballvins: and i'm on like 2.5-3 hours of sleep so i was just up for this issue
0009 macey: and what an issue it was
0010 macey: how about that ending huh. huh
0011 caseyballvins: right!
0012 caseyballvins: i figured it out when she was about to look through the hole but i was still overwhelmed
0013 haley entered the room
0014 macey: I DID TOO i called it from the preview
0015 tori entered the room
0016 guest-163413 changed nickname to haley
0017 macey: the haircut and the scar caught me off guard though haha
0018 guest-163416 changed nickname to tori
0019 caseyballvins: yeah, not expecting that
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0021 caseyballvins: but she's not dead, i'm just so releaved
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0024 macey: it's sort of bittersweet. she's alive but she's been locked up for...13 years probabl
0025 macey: y
0026 ashley entered the room
0027 caseyballvins: yeah... not as fun
0028 katie: i'll take what i can get
0029 caseyballvins: same
0030 guest-163428 changed nickname to ashley
0031 tori: I'm glad she's alive though, curious to see if she gets into the plot like old jade did
0032 macey: she looks super tough now though. ready to kill some people if needed
0033 macey: definetely a lot less bright and gentle than the vanessa we know
0034 caseyballvins: i want to see future jade and her interract, that would be cool
0035 caseyballvins: but she still tried to help anyone if she can
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0037 upguntha entered the room
0038 guest-163449 changed nickname to upguntha
0039 joe_eisma entered the room
0040 upguntha: hola
0041 macey1: how many older versions of characters are there now
0042 tori: three?
0043 upguntha: 3
0044 macey: whoops wrong window
0045 macey: yeah i was gonna say. jade vanessa and casey
0046 caseyballvins: yup
0047 macey: does david count. i mean hes supposed to be a baby right now
0048 upguntha: it seems like a girl thing
0049 tori: good point, though david has something else other than aging also going on with him
0050 macey: all the guys are gonna DIE
0051 tori: the poor things
0052 macey: ladies runnin this joint hell yeah
0053 caseyballvins: ah yes
0054 tori: Overall the girls seem to carry more of the story in general
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0056 upguntha: it seems so
0057 tristan entered the room
0058 macey: which is great, god bless em. fiction always needs more ladies
0059 upguntha: the guys are either bruting or being jerks
0060 guest-163479 entered the room
0061 tori: basically
0062 guest-163476 changed nickname to tristan
0063 haley: except whatevers going on with hunter
0064 guest-163461 changed nickname to joe_eisma
0065 macey: hunter's being a good boy right now
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0067 caseyballvins: so more flashing through time panels. and it looks like two new places showed up
0068 tristan: Hey, guys! Good evening!
0069 joe_eisma: what's up people
0070 macey: yeah, it's different this time. probably because it's not about casey
0071 macey: HEY JOE good job on this one! of course that's every issue so
0072 joe_eisma: thanks.
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0074 batgrrrls entered the room
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0076 tristan: I'm still mindfucked.
0077 tori: Yes, very good issue
0078 caseyballvins: very good job joe
0079 joe_eisma: glad you guys liked it. one of my favorites
0080 macey: way to nail that scene with the coat. those are some great expressions
0081 macey: breakin' our hearts over here
0082 joe_eisma: especially for that part of me that's always wanted to draw a romance comic. haha
0083 joe_eisma:
0084 caseyballvins: lots of tears
0085 themightylayman entered the room
0086 upguntha: hehe
0087 guest-163497 changed nickname to themightylayman
0088 macey: speaking of tears, as of now three of the truants have officially cried. three down
0089 tori: That seen was terribly sweet and heartbreaking but really good job on it
0090 macey: three to go
0091 joe_eisma: john layman!
0092 themightylayman: hiya joe! see you at NYCC?
0093 mamavesuvios entered the room
0094 tristan: I kind of hate Lara riight now.
0095 guest-163503 changed nickname to mamavesuvios
0096 mamavesuvios left the room
0097 joe_eisma: yup. not gonna be around a whole lot though
0098 macey: layman! hey i didn't expect that
0099 joe_eisma: image only scheduled one signing for me
0100 themightylayman: me either, but maybe we'll find time to get in an elevator fight!
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0102 joe_eisma: YESSSSS
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0104 upguntha: just watch the face
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0107 joe_eisma: just don't be republican and on the same elevator as layman
0108 themightylayman: no, DO!
0109 joe_eisma: haha
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0111 macey: don't be a republican and meet any comic writer these days, i've noticed
0112 macey: maybe it's just who i follow
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0114 darrrrkvengeance entered the room
0115 guest-163491 changed nickname to batgrrrls
0116 macey: BETH that you
0117 guest-163524 changed nickname to darrrrkvengeance
0118 batgrrrls: YES HI MACEY
0119 darrrrkvengeance: hallooo beautiful people!
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0121 abetterfuture entered the room
0122 guest-163536 changed nickname to abetterfuture
0123 tristan: hey, you
0124 darrrrkvengeance: purple
0125 themightylayman left the room
0126 macey: GOOD how'd all you people coming in like that ending
0127 batgrrrls: im so ecstatic im still crying
0128 batgrrrls: i just was so not expecting that i'm so happy
0129 joe_eisma: and you all had written poor vanessa off
0130 abetterfuture: When I read the preview, I was hoping it'd be Adult Vanessa. So happy to be right.
0131 upguntha: NOtT MEEE
0132 upguntha: hehe
0133 darrrrkvengeance: joe! what a great issue!
0134 joe_eisma: thank you!
0135 macey: upguntha and i called it being adult vanessa too from the preview
0136 macey: we get to rub it in all of your faces
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0138 darrrrkvengeance: good call, macey and upguntha!
0139 joe_eisma: haha
0140 abetterfuture: Question
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0142 upguntha: I've been calling her alive since issue 20
0143 upguntha: so rubba dub dub vannesa in a tub
0144 darrrrkvengeance: i was like on the verge of quoting that very butterfly quote last issue
0145 joe_eisma: yeah, unfortunately alex is off the book.
0146 upguntha:
0147 upguntha: (
0148 joe_eisma: his recent health issues precluded him from keeping the schedule
0149 abetterfuture:
0150 joe_eisma: if i do more variant covers, he'll more than likely color those
0151 abetterfuture: He did some incredible work in Issue 19.
0152 macey: well, health is most important. it's best that he's alright!
0153 upguntha: yayyy we love Joe varients
0154 upguntha: Supavarients
0155 joe_eisma: thanks, upguntha!
0156 tori: varients are always lovely
0157 upguntha: and I can't spell
0158 macey: joe's always got good variants yeah
0159 darrrrkvengeance: well, this is my song for Vanessa this week, one of my faves
0160 darrrrkvengeance: damn! that didn't work
0161 joe_eisma: there may be something alex and i did that i will have exclusive to nycc
0162 batgrrrls: oooooooh
0163 macey: ooooh claps
0164 upguntha: running to Javits center now
0165 darrrrkvengeance: http
0166 joe_eisma: haha
0167 macey: still sad i didn't get nycc tickets, i'm near enough to go
0168 nick entered the room
0169 guest-163563 changed nickname to nick
0170 joe_eisma: i haven't been since 2010. heard the show is even crazier
0171 darrrrkvengeance: "i've got a plan/ i'm gonna find you/ i'm gonna find you/ at the end of the world!"
0172 upguntha: Mace you should just show up for the Multiversity party
0173 upguntha: it's crazy that's why I'm only doing Friday
0174 macey: BUT I WOULD NEED A RIDE i cant plan a ride this quickly. dang
0175 nick: hi all
0176 macey: nycc seems to be growing over the last few years, yeah
0177 macey: nick! hey!
0178 caseyballvins: amazing issue nick
0179 darrrrkvengeance: hey nick! awesome issue!!
0180 upguntha: Heyoooo
0181 guest-163572 entered the room
0182 tori: very awesome issue, nick
0183 abetterfuture: Hey Nick!
0184 batgrrrls: hi nick!! also concurring with the above this was an amazing issue im still in awe
0185 macey: i feel like i can't say "great issue" to you guys anymore because it's a given at this poi
0186 macey: nt
0187 tristan: Nick, congrats!
0188 nick: aw thanks
0189 macey: nick, superior foes was really good too, by the way
0190 caseyballvins: lots of tears though, i gotta say
0191 abetterfuture: Been thinking about picking up Superior Foes.
0192 tori: same casey, especially with that jacket bit
0193 abetterfuture: Anyone got some great quotes to tip me over the edge?
0194 batgrrrls: i dont make it through an issue without crying these days
0195 tori: same beth
0196 joe_eisma: oh wow
0197 nick: this is definitely our sadface arc
0198 upguntha: The level of this book just keeps going up
0199 joe_eisma: haha essentially
0200 macey: the solicit for the sixth trade says "heartbreak-filled" so uh
0201 batgrrrls: oh no
0202 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, i can't imagine guillaume and hisao gets much happier
0203 guest-163587 entered the room
0204 macey: sad levels rising to their optimum point
0205 batgrrrls: im afraid to know what that point will be
0206 upguntha: Someone has not been paying attention
0207 guest-163587 left the room
0208 macey: i am pleased that vanessa and the boys get to go back to class at least
0209 caseyballvins: same
0210 macey: does this mean...more glories/truants interactions??
0211 batgrrrls: yes pls
0212 tori: please
0213 abetterfuture: I really hope so.
0214 nick: also, props to upguntha, who called a lot of this issue months ago
0215 guest-163596 entered the room
0216 abetterfuture: NIce man. Was it in a Study Hall?
0217 joe_eisma: i have a feeling upguntha will be dominating the panel a lot next week
0218 macey: ike and casey still haven't met a single truant, think about that for a second
0219 upguntha: a bit here a bit there
0220 macey: well casey with her current memories hasn't
0221 guest-163596 left the room
0222 haley: i can't wait for that to happen
0223 batgrrrls: ike met irina if only briefly
0224 darrrrkvengeance: oh, is the panel going to be streamed
0225 macey: ike "met" irina, you could say
0226 upguntha: oh my i'll be quiet as bird
0227 joe_eisma: we are working on recording the panel
0228 guest-163572 left the room
0229 batgrrrls: we could get casey and vanessa as best friends oh goodness
0230 batgrrrls: or at least talking together
0231 darrrrkvengeance: excelente!
0232 joe_eisma: haha tell the truth, upguntha. ;)
0233 batgrrrls: ahhh a streamed panel would be fantastic!!
0234 nakedmarko12 entered the room
0235 tristan: The girls will be in the same dorm, right?
0236 upguntha: Who am I kidding Pamela mode
0237 guest-163608 changed nickname to nakedmarko12
0238 francy entered the room
0239 nakedmarko12: im naked on cam http
0240 nakedmarko12 left the room
0241 guest-163611 changed nickname to francy
0242 upguntha: wait what
0243 francy: yoooo
0244 joe_eisma: haha
0246 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0247 nick: hawww
0248 macey: oh it left without me needing to ban it
0249 macey: thats....weird
0250 caseyballvins: well then
0251 francy: that wasn't the greeting i was expecting
0252 caseyballvins: gwen?
0253 upguntha: So can we talk about Hodge's face before she opened the door
0254 macey: oh YEAH
0255 darrrrkvengeance: it was Pamela, checking in to fuck with your mind
0256 macey: that was interesting. hodge is filled with those little moments where you don't know if
0257 macey: she's got a heart or not
0258 tori: yes, she seems to be playing them, pretending to be on their side
0259 upguntha: why must she (aka nick) play with our feels
0260 tori: but there are moments where you really wonder about her
0261 macey: nick is the writer! it is his job!
0262 tristan: Just like she said she would do.
0263 darrrrkvengeance: she's certainly empathetic
0264 upguntha: well she did realize that hwe original method was flawed but yet she continues
0265 nick: my favorite character to write at this point is hodge
0266 nick: in any book
0267 darrrrkvengeance: wonder what about V's experiences in this issue makes her want to go back to help Hodge
0268 darrrrkvengeance: meet her mom
0269 macey: because you know we'll all be internally screaming at her, nick?
0270 caseyballvins: hodge is maybe one of the most interesting characters i've ever read
0271 upguntha: OMG Hodge in Bedlam
0272 caseyballvins: still don't like her
0273 macey: i like hodge as a character but whenever she does stuff like she did this issue i want to
0274 tori: she's one of those people I feel is just gonna get everyone I genuinally do like, killed
0275 macey: shake her and yell "WHAT IS YOUR DEAL"
0276 joe_eisma: hodge is my favorite to draw these days. always fun finding new clothes for her to wear
0277 upguntha: How did old Vanessa dig that hole it seems like there was nothing else in that room beside
0278 upguntha: the chair
0279 caseyballvins: her clothes are wonderful, joe
0280 tori: hodge's wardrobe of flowers dresses is pretty nice
0281 macey: she could've chipped some wood off the chair!
0282 joe_eisma: haha
0283 francy: she definitely had the time to dig it at least
0284 darrrrkvengeance: i wonder whether any of the faculty ever experience what we might call a crisis of faith
0285 darrrrkvengeance: they're all pretty certain about stuff
0286 macey: oh, i wanna know where the faculty gets their people
0287 upguntha: Can she move from the chair
0288 macey: i mean we have the important ones, but there's teachers and guards too
0289 batgrrrls: yes me too where did everyone come from
0290 macey: a seemingly endless amount of guards. do they just have guard farms
0291 darrrrkvengeance: they grow the guards inteh greenhouse
0292 darrrrkvengeance: *in the
0293 upguntha: I'm liking Matt's idea about the greenhouse
0294 tristan: I was wondering why the old Vanessa didn't tell who she was and who Lara IS to young-V.
0295 darrrrkvengeance: maybe she doesn't remember enough
0296 macey: i just assumed older vanessa was sort of overwhelmed. i mean it seems like it's been years
0297 macey: since she's heard anyone besides hodge
0298 haley: she probably didn't think it would do any good too
0299 macey: and she probably has some killer deja vu there
0300 darrrrkvengeance: weird they'd be put in adjoining cells though
0301 tristan: She seemed to know Hodge pretty well at the end of the issue.
0302 upguntha: I think she does remember it seems like she's enjoying her back and forth with Hodge
0303 upguntha: or am i reading that wrong
0304 abetterfuture: Is there an in-universe reason the gaurds keep suicidally running into deathtrap after
0305 guest-163521 left the room
0306 abetterfuture: deathtrap?
0307 guest-163653 entered the room
0308 francy: no i think she seemed to too
0309 darrrrkvengeance: well, does that mean Hodge isn't the teacher to be afraid of
0310 abetterfuture: Like they're really passionate about the school?
0311 guest-163653 left the room
0312 caseyballvins: hodge could be trying to mess with older vanessa, so that could be the adjoining cells
0313 darrrrkvengeance: or does V just not want to tell mini V
0314 abetterfuture: Or are they just redshirts?
0315 macey: i don't know if she enjoyed her convo as much as was used to it
0316 batgrrrls: yeah it seems pretty habitual
0317 francy: it was kinda like uhh falling into a familiar banter?
0318 macey: man, i hope none of the guards have families
0319 francy: yes that
0320 nick: i've thought about doing an issue around the guards, but really, the invisibles already
0321 tristan: Or, maybe, that already happened... She knew it wouldn't work or something.
0322 nick: did the perfect take there.
0323 philmaira entered the room
0324 guest-163659 changed nickname to philmaira
0325 macey: oh my god a guard issue would be magical
0326 upguntha: The Guards are David's food
0327 macey: an issue about anybody who isn't in the main cast would be.
0328 upguntha: will we ever know why Laura wears that Safari outfit
0329 tori: On that, is it just me or does david tend to kill mainly guys?
0330 macey: issue about the cheerleader squad, issue about the gossip girls
0331 joe_eisma: haha
0332 darrrrkvengeance: for all the religious imagery, i wonder whether any of the characters (besides Tuna, obvs)
0333 tristan: We want an issue about the Chauffer. [?
0334 darrrrkvengeance: are religious
0335 jayjay entered the room
0336 philmaira: I agree with tri
0337 macey: jade is religious. christian i think. abraham is too, he's jewish
0338 philmaira: *tori
0339 darrrrkvengeance: oh, jad,e
0340 upguntha: Guys get kill by David and Girls get older versions of themselves
0341 abetterfuture: LOL.
0342 tori: Poor guys
0343 guest-163668 changed nickname to jayjay
0344 macey: the truants all seem to sort of have their own camp-based religion anyway
0345 caseyballvins: Just ordered the second deluxe hardcover, so excited
0346 macey: the second hardcover is GORGEOUS, it came in for me last week
0347 caseyballvins: I'm so excited.
0348 macey: very shiny
0349 joe_eisma: thanks!
0350 abetterfuture: How many of the Adult 12 are accounted for now?
0351 joe_eisma: i love that hardcover
0352 abetterfuture: Headmaster Jade.
0353 joe_eisma: it's so well put together
0354 abetterfuture: Caseymount.
0355 macey: future jade, clarkson (casey), now vanessa
0356 macey: future jade is the only one who seems to be in the actual future
0357 tristan: The Shining.
0358 macey: clarkson doesn't really seem to exist anymore but that's ambiguous
0359 macey: older vanessa is about to become present vanessa when the teen one goes back in time
0360 batgrrrls: time travel is such fun
0361 abetterfuture: Well, we've never actually seen Clarkson stop existing.
0362 macey: yeah, we've just made that assumption about clarkson
0363 upguntha: She'll be back
0364 tristan: She's taking care of David.
0365 macey: for all we know she's still raising david with tom
0366 abetterfuture: We saw her grow up for 13 years, and then we saw young Casey again.
0367 philmaira: What's the plan for Friday @ the NYCC?
0368 abetterfuture: For all we know, they're different.
0369 darrrrkvengeance: maybe David gets a new dimension every time his momma gets Cylindered. lol
0370 tristan: That'd be funny, haha.
0371 batgrrrls: she seemed to be aware of clarkson when she met up again with hodge before the cylinder
0372 batgrrrls: scene tho? unless i'm remembering wrong
0373 macey: yeah, she didn't stop remembering until she touched the cylinder
0374 macey: beforehand she still had all the memories, but was just in her teen body
0375 upguntha: You know what would be creepy if all those rooms were filled withh different version of V
0376 upguntha: all fucked over by Hodge
0377 macey: crisis of infinite vanessas? oh yeah i could see it
0378 darrrrkvengeance: and they all decided to do the Chicken Dance simultanously
0379 guest-163695 entered the room
0380 darrrrkvengeance: that would drive me crazy
0381 guest-163695 left the room
0382 nick: nycc friday- all the details here
0383 nick: http
0384 upguntha: Pamela would lead the dance
0385 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0386 macey: very excited for whenever pamela pops up next
0387 joe_eisma: some special stuff planned for the panel & we'd love to see cosplay!
0388 macey: hoping to see her in jade's issue
0389 philmaira: sweet. Except I'm going Sat and Sun.
0390 joe_eisma: no pressure, upguntha
0391 upguntha: lmao
0392 nick: quick bit with pamela coming soon
0393 macey: good. pamela is always good.
0394 joe_eisma: d'aww. well, phil we have a signing saturday at 4
0395 batgrrrls: awww yes more pamela is always beautiful
0396 abetterfuture: Issue 31-related question
0397 macey: who are we most excited to see more of in the recurring cast? i want more nine too
0398 abetterfuture: Do Ike and Hunter actually know Jun is gay?
0399 batgrrrls: i second more nine
0400 abetterfuture: Or is Ike just a dick?
0401 upguntha: I know Danny's gonna be back as Hisao he wanted others to join for a Glories Cosplay
0402 darrrrkvengeance: you really can't have too much Pamela
0403 tristan: Pamela and the driver.
0404 macey: abetterfuture
0405 macey: confused
0406 macey: and he's got this funny as hell look on his face it always made me smile
0407 caseyballvins: and i think ike is just a dick
0408 philmaira: sweet. Nick, you going to be around? If so I'll bring my Bedlam as well.
0409 nick: hunter knows, ike doesn't. there's a bit about it next issue.
0410 macey: ahh, alright
0411 abetterfuture: Nice
0412 nick: i'll be signing at 4 on saturday yeah, bring any books you'd like
0413 macey: next time is hisao and guillaume and i'm both excited and nervous for that
0414 upguntha: Nick was the butterfly thing a nod to the butterfly effect?
0415 abetterfuture: I thought next time was Jade?
0416 caseyballvins: it's going to be such a walk in the park, issue 33
0417 macey: jade is 34!
0418 nick: upguntha, that'd be crazy, right?
0419 upguntha: very cray
0420 abetterfuture: And 35 is the mini-arc before the next character-based arc?
0421 darrrrkvengeance: i do love how all the images and references to lead out to various associations and connec
0422 darrrrkvengeance: tions
0423 lynn entered the room
0424 darrrrkvengeance: even if they weren't necessarily what Nick and Joe had in mind
0425 upguntha: I think Lorde is the perfect soundtrack for this issue
0426 nick: http
0427 batgrrrls: i was listening to lorde while reading it too
0428 nick: that's what we call long term planning
0429 guest-163725 changed nickname to lynn
0430 upguntha: Shhh they're just making it up as they go along
0431 darrrrkvengeance: i was inspired by Pale Fire, by the Vanessa/butterfly thing
0432 lynn left the room
0433 joe_eisma: haha
0434 darrrrkvengeance: but it's all our own connections and assoications
0435 macey: haha, i always figured vanessa's name was a reference to butterflies!
0436 macey: i'm happy to be validated for so much this week
0437 abetterfuture: I was noticing the connection between Irina blowing up shrines a while back and the Time
0438 abetterfuture: Travel places being called shrines.
0439 abetterfuture: I love how you guys offer a ton of little answers like that every issue for the fans who
0440 macey: yeah i also noticed that! why would she be blowing them up is the question
0441 nick: vanessa's story is the one people will be able to look at and see the plan that was in
0442 abetterfuture: dig deep enough.
0443 nick: place from day one.
0444 macey: ooooh boy
0445 abetterfuture: It really makes rereads satisfying.
0446 upguntha: why are you trying to make me like the trollup
0447 caseyballvins: well, i'm off. 9am class tomorrow and i've t make up for the so little sleep last night
0448 macey: sleep well casey!
0449 upguntha: night
0450 caseyballvins: have a good rest of the chat all
0451 caseyballvins left the room
0452 darrrrkvengeance: night, casey!
0453 guest-163743 entered the room
0454 macey: man now that i think about it, this arc has had a lot of reveals for a low-key character
0455 macey: arc
0456 macey: first the irina-georgina thing, then the av club stuff, now this
0457 guest-163743 left the room
0458 abetterfuture: Way, WAY back, Nick said that at the very end of the series, people would be able to look
0459 darrrrkvengeance: maybe we'll look back at arc 2 the same way
0460 abetterfuture: back at the first page of the series and see he had everything planned all along.
0461 macey: arc 2 did have them too. zoe being a killer, abraham being ike's dad
0462 guest-163752 entered the room
0463 abetterfuture: Is there more to discover about that scene still?
0464 macey: well we need to know who placed that note
0465 darrrrkvengeance: maybe it's just wishful thinking, but i think there's a lot to Zoe left to discover
0466 batgrrrls: i definitely agree
0467 tori: That's a very cool and nice part about MG is that it seems to have a plan going
0468 batgrrrls: like out of all the glories she definitely has the most left open
0469 tori: it's nice to see how that plays out
0470 upguntha: we still need to know what exactly did she accept about herself
0471 batgrrrls: and her david connection
0472 guest-163752 left the room
0473 batgrrrls: whether she actually killed sarah
0474 batgrrrls: her parents
0475 darrrrkvengeance: and even death
0476 tristan: I don't trust in the AV Club yet. And that's because Zoe killed Maggie.
0477 batgrrrls: why she killed people at the academy
0478 philmaira: I had a thought. What if each panel on the first page of issue 1 is from different times?
0479 upguntha: join the club
0480 philmaira: Like how they did in this issue.
0481 darrrrkvengeance: maybe she can release people from the Samsara thing
0482 batgrrrls: ooooh that would be interesting
0483 darrrrkvengeance: so they can't be used by MGS
0484 darrrrkvengeance: MGA
0485 tristan: D
0486 darrrrkvengeance: Kali
0487 macey: ah yes, i smell theorizing in here. i like it
0488 batgrrrls: like ive recently been wondering whether she knew more about mga then she let on
0489 batgrrrls: like the jun reveal
0490 macey: zoe definetely seemed to know about the bigger picture, but idk if she knew a lot about
0491 macey: mga itself
0492 haley: i mean there was that thing with david
0493 akbogert entered the room
0494 upguntha: she was killing specific people and Hunter was on her list
0495 darrrrkvengeance: and Abraham
0496 guest-163773 changed nickname to akbogert
0497 haley: that was the big one for me
0498 guest-163776 entered the room
0499 batgrrrls: yeah like she has more info than most of the glories did
0500 macey: i remember nick said once that zoe had to go first because she knew the most haha
0501 batgrrrls: which could be a david connection
0502 guest-163776 left the room
0503 batgrrrls: which would explain why the staff was threatened by her
0504 darrrrkvengeance: (though, honestly -- and i get it's a MacGuffin and all), but Woodrun has got to be the
0505 tristan: Not sure, but I guess the child Abraham me in Mumbai somehow had the memories of old Zoe.
0506 darrrrkvengeance: goofiest way ever of dealing with Zoe
0507 macey: kind of interesting to realize that woodrun was set up to kill zoe and even if it
0508 macey: succeeded, so much else happened
0509 richard_vasseur entered the room
0510 guest-163791 changed nickname to richard_vasseur
0511 batgrrrls: and they say they've done it before which is curious
0512 tristan: met*
0513 macey: and that irina's fake plan to free abraham ended up working out despite not really
0514 batgrrrls: how often do situations like this come up
0515 macey: being what she was going for
0516 tori: that is a good point beth
0517 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, honestly, Woodrun is the one part of this all that i still don't get
0518 tori: how often does this school have a problem with students like that
0519 darrrrkvengeance: notwithstanding Matt's repeated assurances that it's all been explained
0520 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, there's a lot i don't get
0521 batgrrrls: like of all the methods to use that doesnt seem that effective?
0522 tori: and if they do shouldn't they just step up the screening process maybe?
0523 macey: it's ironic that even when the staff lost control of woodrun, zoe died anyway
0524 darrrrkvengeance: but Woodrun is the only part that seems goofy to me
0525 upguntha: How did they plan to deal with zoe cause that plan failed
0526 darrrrkvengeance: maybe only certain people can kill the May 4 kids
0527 upguntha: she escaped the lab
0528 batgrrrls: it all seems very predestined
0529 richard_vasseur: What happened to the guards ear?
0530 philmaira: May the 4th be with you
0531 nick: daramount lays out the plan pretty clearly-- it's a bait trap.
0532 abetterfuture: Weren't we told a while back we'd get the official Woodrun rules as a Trade bonus once
0533 abetterfuture: Woodrun was done?
0534 upguntha: but she escaped the trap
0535 batgrrrls: did they count on irina showing up then?
0536 macey: yeah i've always wondered
0537 nick: but the measures they had in place to catch her vanish once the change in time occurs
0538 macey: why hold woodrun when they KNOW irina is in the woods
0539 batgrrrls: or just some other run of the mill murder happy student like pamela
0540 joe_eisma: macey--hubris?
0541 tristan: Nick, when she was a child in Mumbai, Zoe knew she had to go to MGA?
0542 darrrrkvengeance: they do know it's her prior to Woodrun, right?
0543 upguntha: so the sleeping back explosion wasn't the trap?
0544 macey: i can accept that tbh
0545 batgrrrls: i've always wondered that too about zoe
0546 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, Amanda is killed right down the hall
0547 darrrrkvengeance: and surveillance and all
0548 batgrrrls: the ominous knowing what she has to do
0549 nick: it's safe to say they had suspicions-- gossip girls were already on the case
0550 darrrrkvengeance: two dudes killed in the greenhouse itself
0551 darrrrkvengeance: or at least a greenhouse
0552 macey: now that i think about it gossip girls would be so handy for the staff
0553 richard_vasseur left the room
0554 macey: makes it easy to find out about stuff that's going on under the surface through rumors
0555 nick: @macey you see in 7 that the faculty use that stuff for intelligence, bartering out perks
0556 darrrrkvengeance: weird that Irina sees Mr. N, and they play capture the flag to neutralize Zoe
0557 upguntha: they gave Ike a room
0558 darrrrkvengeance: not a criticism
0559 macey: only in this comic would gossiping girls be even slightly important
0560 joe_eisma: hee hee the gossip girls
0561 jefri_mesa entered the room
0562 guest-163842 changed nickname to jefri_mesa
0563 abetterfuture: Why was Zoe's rebellion crushed, while Irina's is being rewarded?
0564 macey: dv
0565 tristan: I think it's something about the roles they play.
0566 macey: she's done a lot more than zoe ever could, i think. much less of a good idea to
0567 macey: screw around with her
0568 nick: we've shown pretty clearly surveillance is a lot more limited on the lower levels
0569 macey: getting her working with them would be even more handy
0570 batgrrrls: and maybe irina can still be used by them whereas zoe couldnt be
0571 darrrrkvengeance: well, except that Irina has killed guards (and tried at HM), but Zoe has killed kids
0572 upguntha: Maybe they couldn't control Zoe
0573 darrrrkvengeance: doesn't that make her at least as dangerous
0574 nick: but yeah, one gimme is you have to accept security isn't IMPOSSIBLY tight at MGA
0575 macey: irina's been living in the woods and killing people for literal years
0576 darrrrkvengeance: well, i
0577 abetterfuture: Yeah, MGA doesn't even bother to pretend they care about their gaurds.
0578 macey: i think she's at the top of the danger level
0579 batgrrrls: but just guards i mean
0580 macey: guards and ZOE
0581 batgrrrls: YOU HAD TO GO THERE
0582 darrrrkvengeance: well, i'm all about suspending disbelief about some things
0583 nick: i struggled with that a lot when we first started the book- wouldn't they have cameras in
0584 macey: and to be honest how to we know irina hasn't killed a kid or two
0585 darrrrkvengeance: i'm not trying to be an ass about it
0586 abetterfuture: A dozen get stapped in front of the kids,
0587 darrrrkvengeance:
0588 batgrrrls: which served mga though so
0589 abetterfuture: not even a funeral.
0590 macey: irina DID set up jun's death so there
0591 nick: the dorm rooms, etc. but at some point you have to let a story happen, too
0592 guest-163872 entered the room
0593 upguntha: so much for a prison state
0594 batgrrrls: true she doesn't seem to care about killing to meet her goals thats for sure
0595 guest-163872 left the room
0596 darrrrkvengeance: indeedy. no criticism intended, it's just with so many mysteries, sometimes one wonders
0597 darrrrkvengeance: whether the storyish parts are also parts of the mystery
0598 macey: i expect we'll be grasping and little nonimportant things long after this comic is over
0599 darrrrkvengeance: or just the, let-it-ride parets
0600 darrrrkvengeance: parts
0601 grace entered the room
0602 guest-163884 changed nickname to grace
0603 abetterfuture left the room
0604 tristan: When their eyes are opened, the kids have the same potential or some of them are different
0605 upguntha: will Jade ever use Blankey to time travel
0606 tristan: ?
0607 macey: tristan
0608 macey: he tells irina she's the most talented kid she's met for example
0609 jayjay left the room
0610 macey: plus there's a big deal that's been made about casey and hunter having a lot of untapped
0611 macey: potential
0612 darrrrkvengeance: speaking of Hunter
0613 macey: so i definetely think some kids can do bigger things than others
0614 darrrrkvengeance: Lara is really good in this issue at sending V right back where she needs to be
0615 tristan: Yeah, that's my point.
0616 darrrrkvengeance: whereas, Casey's travel gets werided out when Ike is there rather than Hunter
0617 darrrrkvengeance: obvs, V had a really strong emotional connection at that point
0618 tristan: I think they play different roles.
0619 macey: perhaps it depends on the shrine?
0620 macey: the one hodge takes vanessa to is more accurate but only lasts a few minutes
0621 darrrrkvengeance: but maybe it also goes to the way Lara thinks Hunter would focus Casey's mind
0622 macey: and the cave can last for as long as you want but isn't too accurate? maybe?
0623 akbogert: Hodge actually went with Vanessa... did she initially travel with Casey too?
0624 haley: hunter has the time thing
0625 haley: i always thought it had something to do with that more than anything personal
0626 darrrrkvengeance: well, doesn't V use the cave to meet mini Hodge? or does she just introduce her to it?
0627 katie left the room
0628 macey: akbogert
0629 upguntha: I think Hodge is the one controlling how long they last in their time travel
0630 batgrrrls: was there actually physically a time constraint or was it just to reduce influencing the
0631 akbogert: okay, i couldn't remember
0632 batgrrrls: past tho
0633 macey: there are so many factors here jesus christ
0634 upguntha: it just seems very convinient that ppl return to the present when Hodge wants them
0635 tristan: It's funny that this time they didn't need the shadows... D
0636 ggori entered the room
0637 nick: that's dealt with on the page, i believe
0638 guest-163920 changed nickname to ggori
0639 darrrrkvengeance: it's butterfly travel, rather than Plato travel
0640 nick: the getting BACK doesn't seem to be the concern, though, does it?
0641 upguntha: And why no Vomit
0642 darrrrkvengeance: lol. funny but true
0643 joe_eisma: vanessa's just got an iron stomach
0644 akbogert: hahaha
0645 macey: she was locked up, i doubt she's eaten much
0646 joe_eisma: she's hardcore, yo. c'mon, that face bandage should be proof enough
0647 upguntha: I was hoping to add to my collection
0648 tristan: And what about the changes?
0649 upguntha: lmao
0650 macey: speaking of vanessa's look, dang does older vanessa look hardcore or what
0651 tristan: A sacrifice is always demanded. [?
0652 batgrrrls: so so so hardcore
0653 joe_eisma: hAHA
0654 nick: she's woozy/got stomach pains
0655 upguntha: Hardcore Vanessa got something up her sleeves
0656 darrrrkvengeance: a shiv
0657 upguntha: it would be rude if she puke and kissed Branden later
0658 macey: i stg older vanessa looks like an action movie protagonist. she's even got the cool scar
0659 akbogert: and the haircut
0660 nick: for those wondering about hodge and getting the arrival time right, 12-1 tells you a lot.
0661 batgrrrls: her expression is unreal
0662 darrrrkvengeance: if Zoe is a Kali, Vanessa is a shiv-a. (rimshot.)
0663 philmaira: 12-1?
0664 nick: page 12, panel 1
0665 philmaira: gotcha
0666 batgrrrls: oooooh
0667 batgrrrls: that's interesting
0668 nick: that's it for free hints tho
0669 macey: ....ah. thanks, nick
0670 haley: oh nice
0671 upguntha: 2 stupid ones
0672 macey: nick, i don't think you guys have ever said
0673 upguntha: what nationality is Vanessa
0674 tristan: Talking about Zoe and hindu deities... Will we ever know Zoe's real name?
0675 batgrrrls: i second that question!!!!!!!!!!!!
0676 upguntha: and besides typy why did Brandan spelling change
0677 batgrrrls: or last names
0678 upguntha: branden
0679 philmaira: You guys are really slow playing the big reveal that Pamela is the head master
0680 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0681 nick: vanessa is english
0682 guest-163953 entered the room
0683 batgrrrls: ooooh that's neat
0684 nick: but... it's complicated
0685 upguntha: like Ian
0686 macey: oh gosh thats cute
0687 tristan: Or the identity of her adoptive parents.
0688 macey: huh, ok
0689 guest-163953 left the room
0690 ggori left the room
0691 macey: ian and vanessa are british buds
0692 batgrrrls: will we be getting a zoe backstory issue at some point?
0693 nick: zoe's real name
0694 batgrrrls: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
0695 haley: PLEASE
0696 batgrrrls: and will we know the significance to the name change
0697 upguntha: so her real name is Maybe sweeet
0698 darrrrkvengeance: Call Me Maybe
0699 tristan: I was expecting something entirely different, I must say.
0700 tristan: But okay... Maybe.
0701 nick: haha
0702 batgrrrls: her parents were big arrested development fans
0703 batgrrrls: but nobody kept birth records
0704 philmaira: Was it ever revealed how Abraham got all these kids?
0705 macey: i was gonna say, maeby
0706 batgrrrls: so it got misspelled
0707 upguntha: a white van
0708 nick: did we mess up brendan's spelling?
0709 philmaira: Rescued them from Nike sweatshop or something?
0710 macey: phil
0711 macey: apparently.
0712 joe_eisma: yeah, it's brendan
0713 upguntha: in issue 1 it was Brandon lol
0714 nick: weird.
0715 joe_eisma: a typo is not canon. ;)
0716 macey: it was brendon in #1, wasn't it? there are so many ways we could go there
0717 upguntha: i was playing alternate universe theory when I realized it
0718 nick: was always brendan to me. but yeah, no mystery there
0719 tristan: Hahaha! Talk about apophenia.
0720 nick: okay all, i gotta run. see you at nycc, next issue a couple days after that.
0721 nick: it's a big one.
0722 upguntha: on a scale of one to scandalous
0723 darrrrkvengeance: this whole arc is big
0724 macey: joe's been saying it's big, yeah
0725 batgrrrls: what arc hasn't been tho
0726 darrrrkvengeance: congrats on another great one, Nick
0727 macey: you're making us all nervous
0728 darrrrkvengeance: sorry i won't be at NYCC
0729 macey: but see you, nick! thanks for coming!
0730 darrrrkvengeance: but i'm dreaming about streaming
0731 tristan: G'night, Nick! Once again, congrats!
0732 nick: bye all
0733 upguntha: good night
0734 batgrrrls: thanks nick!! have a great night!
0735 nick left the room
0736 akbogert: bye/thanks!
0737 upguntha: so Joe on a scale of to Uproar how cray is the next issue
0738 joe_eisma: um, let me say i'm glad it's not coming out before our panel
0739 batgrrrls: oh god
0740 upguntha: that was my next questio ,ol
0741 darrrrkvengeance: so you're saying it's shutdown-the-government cray
0742 joe_eisma: haha
0743 joe_eisma: yeah, about that
0744 joe_eisma: pretty on par, i'd say
0745 francy left the room
0746 upguntha: they def moved the released date to avoid the crowd
0747 philmaira: Are these coming out every 2 weeks or so,or is just me?
0748 darrrrkvengeance: now i'm worried about Pamela
0749 darrrrkvengeance: ;)
0750 batgrrrls: yep they are phil
0751 upguntha: the Hisao/Guillaume issues are always near NYCC
0752 joe_eisma: it is not you, it is the absolutely insane biweekly schedule we are doing
0753 joe_eisma: haha
0754 darrrrkvengeance: Joe, you have been epic with the 2Weeklies
0755 haley: insane schedule like champions
0756 joe_eisma: thank you
0757 batgrrrls: how long will the bimonthly issues continue?
0758 macey: joe you're a saint and also maybe not human
0759 joe_eisma: but i will never, never never never do that again. haha
0760 upguntha: how do you do it with the baby and all
0761 joe_eisma: it runs 31-34
0762 macey: biweekly shipping ends at the end of the month i think
0763 batgrrrls: ok that's what i was thinking
0764 joe_eisma: upguntha--waking up early and lots of coffee
0765 batgrrrls: because this must be insane to keep up with otherwise
0766 batgrrrls: but i am oh so grateful
0767 philmaira: You killed that silent page with Hodge, by the way. Still leaves us questioing her motive
0768 macey: so is the big parts character stuff or plot stuff? or both? or can we not know that yet
0769 tori: yes, biweekly issues have been an insane blessing
0770 darrrrkvengeance: plus -- and no disrespect to the early issues, which are great -- but you've raised your
0771 joe_eisma: hmm..
0772 darrrrkvengeance: game
0773 joe_eisma: both, macey?
0774 macey: ah, i figured. this arc has mainly been both
0775 joe_eisma: thank you. i hope i've gotten better since the first arc!
0776 macey: still EXCITING
0777 upguntha: way better
0778 macey: god joe the art looks like it's drawn by someone else now
0779 macey: i mean that in a good way
0780 joe_eisma: haha
0781 batgrrrls: the art in this issue was stunning i think my jaw dropped at some points
0782 joe_eisma: well, i will say that part of it had to do with trying to please our former
0783 tori: yes, joe's art is insanely awesome at this point
0784 joe_eisma: editors at shadowline
0785 upguntha: loving the new face method on your scketches
0786 joe_eisma: thank you thank you
0787 macey: i don't know how you managed to keep everything looking so good while doing this double
0788 macey: shipping but you did
0789 joe_eisma: me neither, macey. i just knew i didn't want anyting to look rushed or half-assed
0790 akbogert: mission accomplished ^^
0791 macey: it paid off!
0792 tristan: Guys, I take my leave now. Good night to you all!
0793 joe_eisma:
0794 philmaira: agreed
0795 macey: night, tristan
0796 tristan left the room
0797 joe_eisma: bye, tristan!
0798 tori: bye tristan
0799 upguntha: usually you can tell when its rushed but this looks like you took your time
0800 darrrrkvengeance: it's the furthest thing from half-assed. two rotund buttocks!!
0801 akbogert: ciao tristan
0802 upguntha: bye
0803 philmaira: night
0804 darrrrkvengeance: bye tristan
0805 philmaira: I don't have my back issues on me. What did Vanessa & Brendan first talk about?
0806 tori: They were talking about being nervous for the plan the next day
0807 macey: in issue #1? or in the first scene here?
0808 philmaira: She mentionsthis before zapping back out of her lucid dream/time travel state
0809 macey: oh, in #1
0810 tori: Oh sorry I completely missed that question
0811 darrrrkvengeance: they kiss
0812 darrrrkvengeance: V
0813 macey: when they parted ways before brendan died they kissed and he told her he'd find her
0814 darrrrkvengeance: B
0815 macey: he said he's find her first
0816 darrrrkvengeance: V
0817 macey: *he'd. and of course it's ironic and sad now
0818 darrrrkvengeance: B goes and kicks redshirt ass
0819 macey: way to make us feel things about a ship we knew was doomed from day 1
0820 batgrrrls: isn't that how their first meeting went too?
0821 joe_eisma: haha nice. i love the guards as redshirts
0822 macey: yeah, it did. vanessa said she'd find him and he said he'd find her first
0823 macey: back in #21
0824 batgrrrls: these kids are killing me
0825 darrrrkvengeance: other way, macey
0826 macey: nah it's the other way in #1
0827 darrrrkvengeance: B is "find you"; V
0828 macey: OH WAIT IT WAS
0829 philmaira: What's up with the boy Gribbs choked to death? Is he going to get an arc?
0830 macey: you're right i thought they switched
0831 macey: haha, poor jason!
0832 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0833 upguntha: Am i the only one waiting for Nine to say "futile gestures"
0834 darrrrkvengeance: jason should be in Glory Babies
0835 joe_eisma: haha
0836 joe_eisma: i'll pass that on to matt
0837 upguntha: yasss
0838 joe_eisma: okay guys, gonna run. let me see what i can tease you with for the next few issues...
0839 joe_eisma: don't really want to say more about 33 than what we have
0840 joe_eisma: 34 is jade, and we get to see a side of her we haven't seen yet
0841 macey: any mention of 33 is making me nervous at this point you're doing a good job
0842 joe_eisma: haha
0843 upguntha: can't wait for that cover
0844 batgrrrls: oooh that's cool
0845 upguntha: sexy Jade?
0846 haley: even older jade
0847 joe_eisma: haha
0848 joe_eisma: well, see whoever i'll see at nycc next week, then back for the chat! (which should be fun
0849 joe_eisma: bye!
0850 macey: oooh, nice
0851 upguntha: night Joe
0852 macey: see you joe! thanks for coming
0853 joe_eisma left the room
0854 darrrrkvengeance: bye joe
0855 tori: bye joe, awesome job with the issue
0856 batgrrrls: bye joe! thanks
0857 philmaira: night
0858 philmaira: anyone else going to NYCC?
0859 upguntha: me
0860 batgrrrls: i wish
0861 darrrrkvengeance: every side of jade is sexy jade, upg!
0862 akbogert: sexy older jade
0863 macey: older jade is rather pretty.
0864 batgrrrls: older jade is already sexy lbr
0865 akbogert: ah man, my chat keeps lagging. bye joe
0866 upguntha: i'm a little mad at this issue's cover
0867 upguntha: it's trying to trump issue 10 as my fav
0868 upguntha: Jade not happy
0869 darrrrkvengeance: this issue's cover is amazing
0870 batgrrrls: its so beautiful
0871 macey: oh man this is one of the best covers
0872 tori: it was
0873 batgrrrls: it definitely is
0874 darrrrkvengeance: though the Emma Rios David cover is the best
0875 macey: #19 might still be my favorite, though
0876 upguntha: RIP
0877 darrrrkvengeance: http
0878 batgrrrls:
0879 darrrrkvengeance: hmmm, my linkies aren't working like they're supposed to
0880 philmaira: #26's cover is beautiful
0881 darrrrkvengeance: http
0882 darrrrkvengeance: d'oh
0883 upguntha: nope
0884 darrrrkvengeance: i hate technology
0885 akbogert: lol
0886 darrrrkvengeance: ;)
0887 upguntha: so who picked up the 2nd HC
0888 akbogert: i plan to
0889 philmaira: any extras?
0890 macey: i got it! it's lovely
0891 macey: tons of extras
0892 upguntha: yeah that's my question
0893 haley: what kind?
0894 macey: they're all art for the most partr
0895 upguntha: i was dissapointed by the 1st one extras
0896 macey: and a foreword by matt
0897 upguntha: how much Pamela
0898 darrrrkvengeance: on a scale of 1 Pamela to 5 Pamelas . . .
0899 philmaira: Nick mentioned Issue 12 panel 1. Here it is
0900 philmaira: http
0901 dylansutcliff entered the room
0902 guest-164106 changed nickname to dylansutcliff
0903 darrrrkvengeance: i think he meant page 12, panel 1 of this issue
0904 haley: no he said page 12 panel 1
0905 macey: i think he meant page 12 panel 1
0906 batgrrrls: yeah
0907 dylansutcliff: yay people are here!
0908 darrrrkvengeance: where V can go back to the right point in time
0909 darrrrkvengeance: bc the only thing on her mind is B
0910 dylansutcliff: sorry, west coast time zone sucks real bad
0911 macey: your effort is appreciated, however
0912 upguntha: I think Hodge controlled that whole thing
0913 darrrrkvengeance: i shan't be sending Hodge a christmas card this year, methinks
0914 upguntha: I wonder if she really messed up Casey's trip
0915 macey: hodge sending tom and casey christmas cards is a funny mental image
0916 upguntha: Does anyone know where the warrior is from
0917 batgrrrls: that would be devious
0918 darrrrkvengeance: "what child is this?"
0919 macey: the guy who vanessa flashed to? no clue
0920 upguntha: i;m trying to figure out what country or war
0921 susan entered the room
0922 guest-164148 changed nickname to susan
0923 macey: SUSAN
0924 susan: is this still happening
0925 susan: heyoooooo
0926 macey: YES.
0927 susan: i'm here
0928 macey: susan are you happy for your girl vanessa
0929 susan: so so happy
0930 philmaira: There's a broken pike. The panel looks like someone's last image befooredying.
0931 susan: what a lady omg
0932 susan: and brendan uvu
0933 tori: oh yes that boy
0934 macey: poor brendan got sucked up into all this
0935 susan: he did not deserve it wow
0936 batgrrrls: ooh i wonder what his story is
0937 susan: what a kid
0938 susan: what a PAIR
0939 darrrrkvengeance: still wonder what he saw in the book, right before he dies
0940 upguntha: me too
0941 batgrrrls: yes
0942 upguntha: he prob saw old Vanessa
0943 susan: yeeee
0944 susan: that was rly surprising for me like i should have guessed but i wasn't sure
0945 susan: i'm sure you already discussed that
0946 batgrrrls: i didnt want to get my hopes crushed
0947 macey: why would an older vanessa be in a book next to the cylinder, though?
0948 batgrrrls: thats my question too
0949 macey: he did see something that concerned vanessa, but why is it next to the cylinder
0950 macey: ???? COMIC
0951 susan: maybe it was something that like jogged his memory of the vanessa that visited him in this
0952 susan: issue?
0953 darrrrkvengeance: the "book" was actually MoGlo # 32
0954 batgrrrls: hhaha
0955 batgrrrls: or if he just found something out in general but was worried about vanessa's safety then?
0956 batgrrrls: like he wanted to tell her or help her
0957 macey: yeah, when i initially read the issue thought he mistook david's footsteps for vanessa's
0958 macey: but then nick said david doesn't make any noise so
0959 batgrrrls: hmmmm
0960 batgrrrls: oh david
0961 philmaira: sounds like the ending to Automatic Kafka
0962 susan: so what have you guys talked about so far? sorry for bein late
0963 macey: basically everything in this issue and other things
0964 macey: we've been all over the place
0965 akbogert: when i came in it was more salt in the "oh btw Zoe's dead" wound
0966 macey: and getting nervous about 33 it seems it's a big one
0967 tori: i'm just gonna say I'm really nervous for that one after all they've said
0968 upguntha: Vanessa is english and it's complicated
0969 upguntha: my body isn't ready for
0970 macey: OH YEAH, nick said that about vanessa.
0971 batgrrrls: that wound will never heal ever ive just grown used to it
0972 upguntha: 33
0973 macey: ian and vanessa are english buds now
0974 batgrrrls: im terrified for 33
0975 akbogert: hahah... *cries*
0976 akbogert: okay so i missed all this 33 stuff
0977 akbogert: what specifically has everyone so scared?
0978 batgrrrls: there haven't been many specifics
0979 haley: they keep saying its a big one
0980 darrrrkvengeance: we've bascially been told to expect outrage
0981 tori: they said that they're glad that they don't have to talk about it at the panel
0982 upguntha: they just said we should be
0983 batgrrrls: and they're glad it's after the panel
0984 haley: and its about junisao and guillame
0985 batgrrrls: yea
0986 philmaira: joe mentioned that he's glad 33 comes out the week after comic con.
0987 batgrrrls: and there are big character things and plot things
0988 macey: joe said the last page is a punch in the gut and the end will make the chat "interesting"
0989 darrrrkvengeance: but Zoe is already gone, so how outraged can i be?
0990 batgrrrls: ooooooooooh
0991 upguntha: Guillaume faked being gay to get to Hisao
0992 batgrrrls: ^^^ same
0994 batgrrrls: NO
0995 grace: I've come out of lurking to say that is horrible
0996 susan: i'm shakin i'm not ready
0997 batgrrrls: N O N O NO
0998 tori: no
0999 macey: or somebody dies who knows
1000 batgrrrls: id take a death over that
1001 tori: hiaso has to live, i need that
1002 susan: fake hisao dies hah ohh wait
1003 macey: we're due for a death sometime soon right
1004 dylansutcliff: I don't think Guillaume would fake being gay
1005 batgrrrls: haaaaaa
1006 dylansutcliff: for that long
1007 haley left the room
1008 haley entered the room
1009 guest-164217 changed nickname to haley
1010 philmaira: Abraham dies. Just guessing
1011 upguntha: the academy may have used him
1012 dylansutcliff: he may find he doesn't love Jun
1013 macey: zoe died in 19 so if we assume somebody dies every 19 issues
1014 darrrrkvengeance: not to be too anatomically specific; but it's sort of hard to fake an erection
1015 macey: we're due for one in 38 mark the calendars
1016 batgrrrls: no
1017 dylansutcliff: haha
1018 upguntha: who said he was the one with the erection
1019 upguntha: lol
1020 batgrrrls: just bc he's turned on doesnt mean he necessarily wants to date hisao
1021 batgrrrls: it's really hard for me to picture that working out but i really want it to
1022 upguntha: hisao revenge kill guillaume
1023 dylansutcliff: yeah that's what I'm thinking. But I'm pretty confident in Guillaume
1024 philmaira: shirtless makeout sessions are hardly gay
1025 dylansutcliff: I don't know why
1026 batgrrrls: #no homo
1027 deathbyvanessa entered the room
1028 susan: wtf macey are you saying there haven't been deaths since 19
1029 haley: well hisao is pretty pissed so he probably doesnt much want to date him either right now
1030 darrrrkvengeance: i can't believe it's been a long con from the time they were teasing each other at
1031 macey: i'm talking major kids dying
1032 darrrrkvengeance: Camp Abraham
1033 upguntha: hisao kills guillaume
1034 macey: gribbs doesnt count does anyone care about him. no
1035 batgrrrls: especially now that we know vanessa isnt dead
1036 upguntha: no more sexy eyebrows
1037 batgrrrls: it seems likely
1038 batgrrrls: nooooooooooo
1039 macey: tbh i'm 99% certain hisao is gonna punch guillaume at LEAST once
1040 tori: probably
1041 darrrrkvengeance: maybe H offs G
1042 batgrrrls: he should tho
1043 macey: there's no way it's NOT gonna happen
1044 dylansutcliff: yeah he should
1045 darrrrkvengeance: ah, upg beat me to it
1046 batgrrrls: and guillaume would be ok with that
1047 susan: i won't settle for less
1048 upguntha: prayer circle guys
1049 macey: hisao probably WANTS him dead, tbh. he's not that stable right now
1050 philmaira: It seems these are character focused issues. We had Irina, Hunter, Vanessa, and they
1051 philmaira: confirmed 34 was Jade
1052 batgrrrls: i dont think he would actually kill tho
1053 philmaira: so who's 33
1054 tori: that poor boy, he just lost his brother due to his old friend's plans
1055 batgrrrls: guilluame/hisao
1056 tori: that has got to hurt
1057 batgrrrls: he only has hunter now really
1058 omega00 entered the room
1059 tori: and they had a bit of a spat too in 31
1060 batgrrrls: which isnt that much
1061 batgrrrls: true
1062 batgrrrls: HISAO
1063 batgrrrls: he needs a hug
1064 tori: he does
1065 darrrrkvengeance: well, his whole reason for coming to MGA was to save Jun
1066 batgrrrls: and some comfort food
1067 guest-164259 changed nickname to omega00
1068 dylansutcliff: yeah wow.
1069 dylansutcliff: I didn't think of that
1070 darrrrkvengeance: and then his bf basically sets it up so Jun will be killed
1071 macey: saving jun was hisao's whole life for roughly half of his life, so
1072 batgrrrls: hmm existential crisis perhaps
1073 macey: having that ripped so violently from him from people he had formerly loved and trusted is
1074 tori: you could say that
1075 macey: a bit rough i'd say
1076 philmaira: Does anyone read Bedlam. According to Image's site that came out this week also.
1077 dylansutcliff: oh reallyt?
1078 dylansutcliff: shoot
1079 dylansutcliff: I didn't see it
1080 macey: it sucks because if he hadn't blown off hunter he'd still have him
1081 macey: bedlam's apparently out today but i havent read it yet, no
1082 tori: yes, though i think hunter would forgive him
1083 batgrrrls: yeah hunter would probably understand
1084 guest-164235 changed nickname to deathbyvanessa
1085 deathbyvanessa: i was very happy to see vanessa survived the events of issue 20
1086 deathbyvanessa: i've always felt she was an important character in her proximity to casey, without having
1087 deathbyvanessa: the temper
1088 batgrrrls: it's not like he hasn't been known to blow up at people on the occasion
1089 tori: their friendship is gold, though
1090 omega00: can anyone explain me why the hell zoey try to kill hunter
1091 batgrrrls: ???????????
1092 darrrrkvengeance: nah, Hisao needs to get violent, and Hunter can't help him with that
1093 batgrrrls: she says she tried not to but she had to so it's all mysterious really
1094 darrrrkvengeance: imo, bc Zoe thought/believed she was saving him
1095 tori: i mean it's not like they're gonna talk about their feelings so you know better out than
1096 tori: in i guess, as long as no one actually got hurt
1097 macey: we don't know why zoe was killing people but it seems she thought she "had" to
1098 macey: she claims to have put off hunter for as long as she could (aw....)
1099 tori: she seems to have some inclination to believe that it needed to happen
1100 darrrrkvengeance: there certainly didn't seem to be malice in it
1101 upguntha: alright guys gotta go pack for my trip