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Morning Glories Issue 29 Tinychat from July 31, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 ssefjg entered the room
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0007 mourntheglories: it is good to be back.
0008 macey: that is good
0009 guest-1067493 changed nickname to ssefjg
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0011 mourntheglories: How are you?
0012 macey: good!
0013 macey: how are you all coping with that last page because
0014 darrrrkvengeance: hey all!
0015 macey: i think that wins for biggest last page yet
0016 bennettca: Hey dark
0017 caseyballvins: Definitely
0018 mourntheglories: hahahaha casey as a mom calling her baby dude... best.
0019 richard_vasseur: its now mornglorschat instead of mgchat but I found it any way
0020 caseyballvins: I sort of just sat there with my mouth hanging
0021 macey: i really love how nick writes adult casey yeah
0022 macey: she's not completely different, she's still CASEY
0023 macey: and i really love that
0024 caseyballvins: It's really great
0025 mourntheglories: yeah still acts like a teen with a sass additude
0026 macey: in other news
0027 richard_vasseur: unfortunatelt MG # 29 only comes out tomorrow here
0028 macey: ohh no richard you're going to be super spoiled
0029 mourntheglories: yes, I'm sure it has all the practice with his own new babe
0030 bennettca: Comixology, quick!
0031 macey: or the image store!!
0032 richard_vasseur: does not ship to Canada
0033 richard_vasseur: on digital
0034 bennettca: Eh? I bought mine from there this morning
0035 caseyballvins: Download now, buy later?
0036 richard_vasseur: \i tried
0037 macey: perhaps richard's in a different area
0038 richard_vasseur: they do not accept Canadain orders
0039 richard_vasseur: maybe
0040 mourntheglories: oh richard ; ;
0041 macey: comixology? really? how about the image store?
0042 richard_vasseur: same
0043 macey: that's weird
0044 mourntheglories: here go read this http
0045 richard_vasseur: but it will be at my store tomorrow
0046 mourntheglories: so you aren't lost
0047 richard_vasseur: I read that earlier
0048 mourntheglories: okay good
0049 darrrrkvengeance: if he's anything like me, he'll STILL be lost.
0050 macey: susan how are you faring
0051 susan: hello
0052 mourntheglories: we are all lost
0053 susan: i am fine
0054 mourntheglories: heya susan
0055 macey: even with the fukayama suffering???
0056 macey: i don't think you're the real susan
0057 mourntheglories: more like
0058 susan: aha
0059 darrrrkvengeance: poor hisao!
0060 mourntheglories: SADDEST GLORIES REUNION EVER
0061 susan: i've perfected denial
0062 richard_vasseur: So Casey causes everyone to lose their powers
0063 susan: and it's been spread out over months to lessen pain
0064 macey: i don't think they completely lost them. that would be kinda a cop out
0065 macey: i think she negated the effects of them
0066 cassidy: more like a reset maybe?
0067 macey: maybe negated them for a period of time long enough that the guards could take irina
0068 mourntheglories: I don't know how I feel about that, I think I want to wait on that theory lol.
0069 caseyballvins: And she doesn't remember anything that happened now?
0070 vicky: yo
0071 richard_vasseur: like at the end of Lost
0072 susan: hi vicky
0073 macey: vicky how are you pal
0074 mourntheglories: the question is does she remember as Adult casey and not as teenage casey
0075 vicky: hi hiii i am ready to get my mg oonn
0076 caseyballvins: THE REAL QUESTION
0077 macey: AND are casey and clarkson separate now??
0078 macey: i kind of hope so because david needs a mommy but
0079 darrrrkvengeance: if the powers go with the knowledge -- one's eyes being opened -- maybe losing the power
0080 macey: hmmm
0081 bennettca: I'm sure Hunter's right on track for a nervous breakdown
0082 darrrrkvengeance: means losing the knowledge
0083 mourntheglories: or two different timelines paths
0084 mourntheglories: yuuup poor baby Hunter
0085 macey: hunter's pretty good with the denial thing
0086 macey: i think he's fine for now. he'll cry it out but i can't see him breaking
0087 caseyballvins: Hunter will be pull through, but I feel terrible for him all the time
0088 darrrrkvengeance: maybe Hunter feels he has a mission now
0089 bennettca: Saw a couple of people get killed, and had a boatload of information dropped on his head
0090 mourntheglories: I think with future Jade and all that is the most crazy so he can deal with everything els
0091 darrrrkvengeance: the Cartesian search for Truth
0092 macey: hunter going all x-files
0093 macey: the truth is out there
0094 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0095 darrrrkvengeance: yes!
0096 caseyballvins: Yes, Macey!
0097 macey: MATT
0098 macey: matt you're not foolin anyone
0099 macey: you gotta be more discreet than that, man
0100 therealjoeyeisma: no i am not matt i am joey eisma i make art for youu
0101 mourntheglories: yeah no duh
0102 mourntheglories: lol
0103 macey: joe would never go by JOEY
0104 mourntheglories: oh god joey is the best part of that
0105 macey: okay maybe he would i don't know him that well. but he has never done it on the chat!
0106 mourntheglories: so is he in transit to boston or why couldn't he make the chat today?
0107 mourntheglories: Softball is finally over on Wed nights and he is not here! wtf mate
0108 richard_vasseur: Joe told me he would be here
0109 therealjoeyeisma: i am on date night, thats why i have my surrogate here to keep the peace
0110 mourntheglories: prove this fact
0111 macey: joe has a dinner night with his wife,
0112 macey: yes
0113 macey: joe tweeted about it!
0114 mourntheglories: no that you are his surrogate lmao
0115 mourntheglories: I believe that.
0116 macey: ah you know what we gotta talk about??
0117 macey: guys akiko is ALIVE
0118 caseyballvins: I'm so happy
0119 caseyballvins: Can we talk about David?
0120 mourntheglories: with the omnious words for now
0121 bennettca: Or the triumphant return of Pamela?
0122 mourntheglories: PAMELAAAAA
0123 darrrrkvengeance: PAMELA WINS!
0125 abetterfuture: How long has it been since we saw her?
0126 darrrrkvengeance: that was so awesome
0127 macey: god i think she last showed up in
0128 mourntheglories: sorry I had to put that up on tumblr first right away made me not so sad about everything
0129 macey: 14? so like 15 issues
0130 macey: it's about time
0131 bennettca: She had a background appearance at the start of woodrun, soooo too long
0132 mourntheglories: yeah no dialouge tho
0133 macey: i hope we see the guy whose ear she cut off in the background sometimes
0134 caseyballvins: It's nice to have the world's greatest RA back
0135 macey: just a guy walking around with one ear
0136 darrrrkvengeance: now i wish Zoe and Pamela had been on the same team
0137 abetterfuture: Disadvantake of having 30 fan-beloved characters.
0138 mourntheglories: so did anyone else feel that this was a fast read and we have been spoiled with long doubl
0139 abetterfuture: Not enough time for any,
0140 darrrrkvengeance: lol, macey
0141 mourntheglories: sized issue too much lately
0142 mourntheglories: issues*
0143 caseyballvins: It was a really fast read
0144 macey: haha, yeah
0145 macey: but we'll have to get used to it again
0146 mourntheglories: yup.
0147 caseyballvins: I felt kind of winded like, did that all just happen?
0148 macey: especially with the two-a-month issues in september and october
0149 mourntheglories: its okay we dealt with 29 issues, whats another 70 plus months lmao
0150 darrrrkvengeance: yay, 2-a-months!
0151 bennettca: Yeah, really excited for the fall
0152 mourntheglories: thast excite!
0153 mourntheglories: was that confirme
0154 abetterfuture: Looking forward to Guillaume's issue.
0155 macey: going back to character issues is going to be both refreshing and bizarre
0156 mourntheglories: cause image has been re-doing their website and all @@;
0157 macey: because it's been sooo long
0158 macey: yes it is confirmed! press releases
0159 mourntheglories: like I got exxcited for double issues of bedlam today... but no dice just 8 lol
0160 macey: haha, never trust the image site. it's nice and new, but terrible at updating.
0161 darrrrkvengeance: picked up the Bedlam TPB today. excited to read it
0162 macey: bedlam is a lot different from mg- it appeals to a different sort of reader
0163 darrrrkvengeance: i read the issue they had for free on Comixology
0164 bennettca: Did you see the upcoming covers? The Vanessa/Brendan one, and the return of Goth-Jade?
0165 abetterfuture: Never heard of Bedlam before. Anyone wanny give me a pitch?
0166 macey: yeah! those looked AMAZING
0167 macey: rodin is kicking it out of the park
0168 richard_vasseur: well no Joe yet again. He cancels out a lot. In 4 months I have yet to see him on here.
0169 cassidy: I did a happy dance when I saw both MG and Bedlam on the shelf today
0170 caseyballvins: He was here last month
0171 darrrrkvengeance: i think (from one issue) Bedlam is about a maybe-reformed Joker-like character
0172 bennettca: And the one before..
0173 abetterfuture: Cool.
0174 macey: betterfuture
0175 darrrrkvengeance: the art is amazing
0176 macey: joker, yeah
0177 darrrrkvengeance: scary!
0178 macey: and now he's been rehabilitated and he's trying to solve crimes with his info
0179 macey: it's not as intense as mg in terms of mystery, but damn, is it gory
0180 therealjoeyeisma: the artist of that book, Ryan Browne, is awesome with the arts
0181 abetterfuture: Wow. I'm definitely going to check it out.
0182 macey: do you watch hannibal? like, hannibal levels of gore at times
0183 therealjoeyeisma: if you guys haven't checked out God Hates Astronauts yet you really should
0184 susan: hi i'm back
0185 cassidy: intense and all over the place with the storyline; really keeps your interest in little
0186 cassidy: bits of information
0187 macey: i really need to read GHA. i've only heard good things.
0188 macey: and ryan's stuff is great- love him in bedlam and his guest stuff in manhattan projects
0189 abetterfuture: What's Nick's best non-Morning Glories series?
0190 macey: god, i haven't read any of his stuff besides bedlam
0191 darrrrkvengeance: i really liked that first arc of THUNDER Agents
0192 therealjoeyeisma: infinite vacation is fantastic
0193 macey: WAIT oh! i am reading superior foes of spider man!
0194 mourntheglories: his arc in theif of thieves was good
0195 susan: i read a little bit of forgetless and i was so confused
0196 mourntheglories: infinite vacation
0197 abetterfuture: Any others that are so mythology-focused?
0198 darrrrkvengeance: i loved the art in infinite vacation, but there was one point where it got too much for me
0199 macey1: aw hell, chat just reloaded for me
0200 bennettca: Not a Nick series, but Locke & Key had more mythology than I was expecting
0201 macey1: anybody have the first few minutes of the chat?
0202 mourntheglories: ooo I just picked up issue one of that
0203 susan: i came it at 8
0204 darrrrkvengeance: i'm waiting on Omega; i'm current on L&K through Clockworks
0205 susan: i dunno how much there was before that
0206 mourntheglories: i came in at 813
0207 susan: okay you got it
0208 macey1: krystle just save what you have and put it on pastebin, if you can
0209 macey1: thanks so much augh. susan thanks to you too
0210 darrrrkvengeance: oh, what covers did you all pick up?
0211 darrrrkvengeance: i got the Jeff Lemire
0212 macey1: i ordered this issue from tfaw before we knew we were getting variants so
0213 susan: i haven't got a hard copy yet
0214 macey1: i have NO IDEA what i am getting
0215 macey1: i would get the zarcone cover though. y'all know i love tuna
0216 darrrrkvengeance: i loved Rodin's normal one too; but i already had the Emma Rios David from issue 27
0217 bennettca: Only got the digital, but I want the 16-bit one
0218 susan: i usually just get what my lcs puts aside for me heh heh
0219 macey1: and rodin's cover is my second choice!
0220 mourntheglories: I comixology today worked later than I wanted too
0221 upguntha: hola
0222 bennettca: Hey hey
0223 abetterfuture: I'm digital-only, but I loved Joe's as usual. Jun/Guillaume cuteness!
0224 susan: ohh yea joe's was so great this issue
0225 mourntheglories: how do I copy paste the chat again macey?
0226 macey1: joe's covers are always wonderful
0227 bennettca: Comixology has Joe's X-Men cover listed for #32
0228 abetterfuture: It's wierd how the only Jun/Guillaume stuff we've gotten for 6 issues has been on the cove
0229 abetterfuture: r.
0230 macey1: just highlight everything and copy!
0231 macey1: bennett i think that's just a mistale
0232 bennettca: Was thinking it might be
0233 macey1: does make me curious who's the centric character of 32
0234 upguntha: i doubt those 2 will be in each other's arms anytime soon
0235 macey1: we know we're getting irina, vanessa and jade issues next arc so
0236 macey1: who are the other two?
0237 bennettca: But I figured the Walking Dead one was eventually used as a variant
0238 mourntheglories: alright got up to 813
0239 macey1: krystle you are wonderful
0240 darrrrkvengeance: probably a Hisao, i'd guess
0241 macey1: we do need a hisao, yeah
0242 abetterfuture: I thought next arc was one-issue-per-Truant?
0243 macey1: betterfuture
0244 darrrrkvengeance: oh, is it only truants
0245 upguntha: that;'s what i thought but we only have 4 issues
0246 mourntheglories: Hmmm.
0247 macey1: plus nick said this arc ends with 34 to me on twitter and that would be five issues
0248 ashley: at sdcc, Nick said we're getting a Hunter issue after Irina's
0249 macey1: (#30-#34)
0250 darrrrkvengeance: i'm greatly looking forward to tuna's issue
0251 mourntheglories: Where are those silly peoples who work on the comics when you need them
0252 macey1: aaahhh! okay, that solves one
0253 ashley: It's alternating Truants and and Glories
0254 upguntha: unless we keep Akiko in bed and Tuna in mysteris
0255 macey1: ashley you saint, thank you
0256 mourntheglories: Thank you ashley
0257 macey1: so irina-hunter-vanessa-jade-??
0258 abetterfuture: Thanks, Ashley!
0259 macey1: that sounds good
0260 mourntheglories: excite!
0261 macey1: so who's the bet on the last truant?
0262 bennettca: I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared to go back to one character an issue
0263 darrrrkvengeance: Ian
0264 macey1: i'm thinking either guillaume or ian
0265 abetterfuture: Guillaume?
0266 vicky: pls
0267 macey1: akiko is out of commision and fortunato is...fortunato
0268 darrrrkvengeance: ian needs something about him to make me care
0269 macey1: i love ian but he's sort of useless, i admit, haha
0270 upguntha: he seels mellon by the sea shore
0271 darrrrkvengeance: bbiam
0272 nick: hey everyone
0273 mourntheglories: He does need more character depth besides OH I LOVE YOU AKIKO STEAL MY COMICS ANYTIME
0274 macey1: NICK
0275 bennettca: Hey Nick
0276 vicky: hi nick!
0277 abetterfuture: Hey Nick!
0278 mourntheglories: Heya Nick
0279 upguntha: heyooooo
0280 mourntheglories: So are you guys alternating truant/glory from here on out rinse and repeat?
0281 macey1: best last page yet, man
0282 abetterfuture: Nick, what's the current series plan? 110 Issues? 125 Issues?
0283 upguntha: still trying to pick my jaw from the floor
0284 mourntheglories: I dunno the casey Return page was good too
0285 macey1: i think we all sort of expected casey coming back, though
0286 macey1: not THIS
0287 mourntheglories: yeah biggest suprise
0288 philmaira: Anyone else catch Cassey's hospital room is 813?
0289 nick: current series plan- right now, I don't have a plan that's less than 100, or more than 150
0290 macey1: phil
0291 bennettca: Yuuuup
0292 macey1: and when david wakes up it's 8
0293 bennettca: And Hunter's book club?
0294 macey1: *8
0295 akbogert: well it is, just not a time
0296 macey1: okay yeah
0297 upguntha: lol
0298 akbogert:
0299 abetterfuture: Sounds great.
0300 macey1: nick i remember reading an old interview from when you got started where you said 75 issue
0301 macey1: s
0302 macey1: i thought it was hilarious
0303 nick: heh, yeah, very early on, I thought 75 was ambitious
0304 upguntha: Hunter's book club is at 8
0305 mourntheglories: and maggies av club ; ;
0306 nick: by 2nd arc I knew we needed more than that, but at this point we're pretty set on a path
0307 bennettca: And "If you're reading this, you're trying too hard"?
0308 mourntheglories: hahaha yup
0309 philmaira: that was good
0310 akbogert: ^^^ yes
0311 abetterfuture: Ha! DIdn't get that one!
0312 mourntheglories: im glad there were some hilarity portions
0313 bennettca: I know I am, but I can't help it! You make me this way!
0314 darrrrkvengeance: back. hey nick!
0315 macey1: joe is trying to catch up to rob guillory in terms of background jokes
0316 macey1: rob was in this issue, wasn't he? as the janior?
0317 macey1: *janitor
0318 abetterfuture: How many "big" characters are there left to introduce? Or is Tom the last one?
0319 upguntha: i feel like there will be more
0320 bennettca: Still need Benjamin..
0321 macey1: if we haven't seen benjamin already, we do need him
0322 upguntha: and Walid
0323 mourntheglories: See and here I am worrying about 50 issues in the future when we find out who the headmast
0324 mourntheglories: er is
0325 macey1: WALID thank you for reminding me n
0326 macey1: ben and walid, then
0327 macey1: but at least we've had the seeds planted for them
0328 nick: lots more characters coming. 30 and 31 both got new faces
0329 mourntheglories: and biggs and wedge
0330 leanne: hello friends i survived my drive
0331 darrrrkvengeance: now that Pamela has won Woodrun all the suspense is gone.
0332 mourntheglories: yeah don't forget the mysterious girl with the creepy dudes...
0333 macey1: you did it leanne i'm proud
0334 leanne: thank u friend ;u; also hi nick!!
0335 macey1: krystle, do you mean from 25? that's alicia! we know her!
0336 upguntha: i knew my girl could do it
0337 mourntheglories: now its WHAT WILL PAMELA DO NEXT
0338 leanne: what is the current topic of conversation
0339 leanne: oh pamela
0341 mourntheglories: oh when did we meet alicia >.>
0342 macey1: i'm so proud of pamela, nick
0343 nick: everyone here called pamela winning
0344 macey1: waaay back in 6, krystle
0345 mourntheglories: see this is what happens when I have a life for the summer and don't make it to chats
0346 upguntha: make a necklease out of it
0347 macey1: she's future jade's secretary
0348 bennettca: I'm kind of hoping it'll turn up as a trophy in her room
0349 mourntheglories: oh i will have to re-read
0350 leanne: oh my god
0351 philmaira: what's the dealwith Ted?
0352 leanne: what if she has a collection. of ears.
0353 mourntheglories: you know it will lol
0354 leanne: from people who didnt listen.
0355 leanne: omg.
0356 macey1: pamela has a drawer of body parts
0357 leanne: terrifying
0358 mourntheglories: lmao leanne
0359 leanne: or should i say
0360 macey1: cut off of her victims
0361 bennettca: Best candidate for a spin-off series
0362 leanne: t-EAR-iffying
0363 leanne: okay im sorry
0364 macey1: WOW
0365 leanne: IM SO SORRY
0366 mourntheglories: I wonder what she was trying to cut off of Jade way back when hahah
0367 leanne: oh my god freckles maybe??
0368 leanne: okay this conversation took a turn for the bizarre im so sorry omg
0369 mourntheglories: LEAANNNEE!!!!@*(&%*()%
0370 macey1: with pamela everything is bizarre
0371 mourntheglories: i swear tho guys
0372 upguntha: where did she get thay knife wasn't the knife only a trap for Zoe
0373 mourntheglories: i keep re-reading her page
0374 leanne: SORRY LOL
0375 mourntheglories: with voices for each character
0376 mourntheglories: i need to stop
0377 bennettca: I disagree. Continue
0378 leanne: yeah actually...where did the knife come from holy shit
0379 nick: ah, btw- seen some confusion here-- the last scene is about 10 months (roughly)
0380 philmaira: Zoe's
0381 macey1: well hodge left a knife for zoe
0382 darrrrkvengeance: maybe she took the knife off Zoe
0383 macey1: maybe they are left for everyone
0384 darrrrkvengeance: and her flag as well!
0385 mourntheglories: I should and record it and you guys could listen to my randomness
0386 leanne: maybe she pried it off of her dead body
0387 nick: from the first scene. it's two months earlier than the scene just before it (present day)
0388 leanne: maybe pamela just has a knife with her at all times
0389 macey1: right, so baby david is a few months old then
0390 nick: right
0391 philmaira: Sometimes you need to pillage the dead if you wanna win Woodrun
0392 macey1: nick you gotta tell joe he's getting good at drawing babies
0393 nick: haha will do
0394 leanne: babY DAVID......;A;
0395 leanne: oh btw any new/further theories on how david and zoe know each other?
0396 macey1: now i feel even more bad for david! now that we've seen him being normal and such
0397 therealjoeyeisma: thank you for the compliment about my baby drawing skillz
0398 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, i was wondering that too leanne
0399 bennettca: I was ready to dismiss Zoe as just reading minds like with Abe, but then there's Akiko too
0400 macey1: matt you can only WRITE babies
0401 mourntheglories: (Thanks Nick on the ten months... I need time to re-read stuff and didn't have it)
0402 therealjoeyeisma: #nomorenaptime
0404 leanne: AKIKO
0405 leanne: HISAO
0406 upguntha: he also has new way of drawing faces which are awesomw
0407 macey1: poor hisao, jeez
0408 leanne: HISAO......
0410 macey1: i figured he'd get all huggy with hunter and stuff but no, got the opposite
0412 leanne: ;A;
0413 caseyballvins: I'm worried about what Hisao is going to do now... Something reckless, no doubt
0414 leanne: no dude hes like
0415 leanne: hes gonna pull a batman
0416 leanne: okay
0417 macey1: are they just gonna let him hang out in the forest though
0418 darrrrkvengeance: like sleep with a one-eared dude!
0419 leanne: hes gonna become bitter and withdrawn and vigilante
0420 mourntheglories: anext is is to send irina into the past... so she can go on talk shows and shit
0421 akbogert: hey, my fave's dead so...
0422 kat: hi
0423 upguntha: scars are sexy
0424 leanne: except he wont have a no kill policy imo
0425 leanne: so he's just gonna start
0426 leanne: killing people
0427 leanne: or at least plotting their deaths
0428 leanne: but sadly.
0429 leanne: and angstily.
0430 leanne: bc his brother is dead.
0431 leanne: weeps.
0432 leanne: and all his friends betrayed him.
0433 kat: no don't say that
0434 leanne: cries.
0435 kat: nooo
0436 leanne: including his boyfriend.
0437 leanne: sobs.
0438 macey1: hunter didn't betray him! i felt bad for hunter man
0439 leanne: oh sorry all his DUMB FORMER FRIENDS betrayed him
0440 abetterfuture: NIck described Pamela as "the seventh Glory." Will she eventually get her own issue?
0441 macey1: although the "wait shit we did this for IKE" bit was so great
0442 kat: Noooo not pam
0443 leanne: LOL OH MY GOD
0444 kat: she creeps me out
0446 leanne: IS MY FAVORITE
0447 leanne: THING
0448 macey1: nick said we'd get a pamela issue one day
0449 macey1: and a megan issue too
0450 upguntha: so are there 2 Caseys out there or is Clarkson her own person now
0451 abetterfuture: Nice.
0452 leanne: omg pamela issue!!
0453 kat: nooo
0454 nick: yep
0455 darrrrkvengeance: poor ike
0456 leanne: maybe we'll see pamela's body part collection
0457 kat: oooh Megan issue
0458 macey1: megan's my favorite of the more minor cast, i can't wait to see more of her
0459 macey1: her and NINE.
0460 bennettca: Ditto
0461 bennettca: #3 might be my favourite issue
0462 macey1: can you imagine a nine issue
0463 mourntheglories: love the relentless hate for Ike, and he is just like whatever
0464 philmaira: is the MG team going to NY comic con? The site hasn't updated the Artist Alley.
0465 mourntheglories: best was "I feel like the other side of one my dates afterwards" comment or whatever
0466 nick: i'll be there
0467 abetterfuture: Johnny Lowe did a great job on Jade's "WHAT HAPPENED?" rage.
0468 upguntha: Was that supposed to be Zoe's body with the hair?
0469 mourntheglories: Nine ft Pamela issue please.
0470 bennettca: I thought it was
0471 macey1: we don't give enough props to johnny lowe, tbh
0472 mourntheglories: Or better yet Pamela ft. Nine issue
0473 nick: johnny's awesome
0474 philmaira: sweet. You were nice enough to sign my Infinite Vacations at C2E2. Now it's Bedlam.
0475 bennettca: Zoe, Maggie, Jun?
0476 leanne: ike is like. the steve carlsburg of morning glories.
0477 leanne: my favorite minor character was jun
0478 leanne: too bad he's dead
0479 mourntheglories: Johnny, wherever you may be, thank you letter god
0480 richv11: is nick, nick spencer
0481 macey1: yes it is
0482 macey1: the one and only
0483 mourntheglories: yeah hes cool i guess
0484 richv11: yes nick?
0485 upguntha: yes
0486 kat: please stop reminding me Jun's dead I'm having twin feels and my twin doesn't want a hug
0487 macey1: gotta say irina really had a mouth on her this month
0488 macey1: even i was like "whoa calm down there"
0489 upguntha: she got what she deservr
0490 upguntha: Zoe we never forget
0491 abetterfuture: When is Alex coming back on colors? I'm reading issue 19 and remembering how awesome he is
0492 nick: 030 is all Irina
0493 mourntheglories: it was the exact reaction I figured she had
0494 akbogert: lol upguntha
0495 leanne: IRINA!!!
0496 mourntheglories: blows a couple heads off, fights and screams
0497 leanne: my beautiful serial killer.
0498 macey1: good, nick. good.
0499 darrrrkvengeance: Pamela and Irina need to be roomies
0500 leanne: dude that was hella intense though like the part where she was just BLOWING DUDES' HEADS O
0501 macey1: pamela and irina would slaughter each other
0502 leanne: *OFF
0503 kat: Does Irina have an exact killcount?
0504 mourntheglories: The best there ever was, Irina issue, with more fight, bite, and @#&$% than anyone can han
0506 richv11: I like the issues that focused on one character
0507 mourntheglories: handle*
0508 macey1: i'll make an irina killcount
0509 leanne: omg macey do it.
0510 leanne: do it.
0511 macey1: although i'm sure there's more we haven't seen
0512 caseyballvins: please do it
0513 leanne: does minimum killcount then
0514 nick: next arc will be all one-character spotlights, shipping twice a month
0515 leanne: YES
0516 leanne: NICK WE LOV EYOU
0517 bennettca: Eeeeeeee
0518 macey1: leanne calm!!
0519 mourntheglories: yes please kill count for all.
0520 richv11: I read about atht so more MG issues
0521 macey1: but yes, nick, thank you
0522 leanne: okay. breathing exercises omg. calm. caaaaalm.
0523 caseyballvins: You're too good to us nick
0524 darrrrkvengeance: does her count include Jun, or only people she kills directly
0525 leanne: omg. omg tho omg.
0526 macey1: gonna be weird going to character issues after all this, but refreshing
0527 leanne: JUN.........;A;
0528 nick: and the arc after that, might be too, haven't quite decided
0529 macey1: dv i'll go with directly
0530 nick: we got a big cast now, obviously
0531 mourntheglories: ooo we can have two sep tallies
0532 leanne: dude no but what if irina and pamela
0533 leanne: TEAMED UP
0534 macey1: all the truants need backstories, although in some cases i can see why you'd put their iss
0535 macey1: ues off
0536 kat: DOOM
0537 mourntheglories: if you couldn't tell just from this chat or any other chat everyone in the MG fandom love
0538 leanne: armeggedon (again??)
0539 macey1: (akiko since she's out of commision, tuna since he's, well, tuna)
0540 mourntheglories: the character driven issues
0541 mourntheglories: freaking tuna
0542 upguntha: Has Marvel rub off on you Nick
0543 leanne: what i really like about mg is that like
0544 abetterfuture: I think I'd love two character-based arcs.
0545 leanne: it's not just the plot/myesteries and stuff that are super intense
0546 leanne: and like compelling and interesting and stuff
0547 upguntha: double shipping my heart can not survive the MG stress
0548 leanne: but each individual character, even outside of their "roles" within the main plot
0549 richv11: Are Casey and Irina going to go head to head?
0550 leanne: has like a really interesting personality and backstory
0551 darrrrkvengeance: looking forward to those 1-character arcs
0552 leanne: and i want to cuddle almost everyone
0553 darrrrkvengeance: i mentioned this before Nick arrived, but
0554 leanne: except for ike. and hunter. and nine.
0555 macey1: even the worst people are lovable in this comic
0556 leanne: but everyone else.
0557 macey1: i mean my favorite character is IRINA
0558 darrrrkvengeance: that first arc of his on THUNDER Agents, with the spotlight on each character, was one of
0559 leanne: oh and except pamela but...knife
0560 darrrrkvengeance: my faves
0561 kat: no hunter love Leanne?
0562 mourntheglories: she doesnt like the way he talked to zoe
0563 leanne: i dont like him ahhaahha
0564 susan: some people really hate hunter yea but idk maybe we shouldn't talk about that per se
0565 leanne: yeah
0566 leanne: ~nice guy complex~
0567 leanne: but meh i understand his
0568 leanne: attractiveness i guess
0569 leanne: also, every scene with hunter and hisao is golden
0570 leanne: sO
0571 nick: 031 is all hunter
0572 mourntheglories: haha its a love hate for ya than
0573 mourntheglories: yeeeeees my baby (sorry leanne I love me some Hunter)
0574 macey1: yeah it's rotating glories-truants right?
0575 leanne: i kinda like him as a character but not as a person if that makes sense LOL
0576 leanne: same with ike
0577 nick: mostly rotating between yeah
0578 susan: anyways
0579 kat: ...I think I just freaked my twin out with MG feels
0580 macey1: yeah leanne, that's how i feel about ike
0581 macey1: he's such an awful dude but man if he isn't one of the best characters in this
0582 mourntheglories: Yeah completely gotcha, you are entitled to your opinions and likes/dislikes haha
0583 leanne: yeahhh
0584 upguntha: will you be at NYCC this year
0585 leanne: like hes an interesting person but like
0586 leanne: if i saw him in real life
0588 nick: i will be at nycc, yes
0589 abetterfuture: Will there be a Jun or Guillaume issue in the next arc?
0590 macey1: when jade was yelling at ike i was just internally smiling and nodding, haha
0591 leanne: this is really early but do you know if youre coming to eccc next year?
0592 richv11: In # 25 was it meant that you were suppost to know Casey was going to show up right from t
0593 vicky: oooh yay!
0594 upguntha: yayyyy
0595 richv11: the start
0596 mourntheglories: I would probably act like Casey does towards him yes. lol
0597 nick: there will be a jun AND guillaume issue this arc
0598 mourntheglories: OH SNAP
0599 lacracha_mance: Will we learn more about baby David? I was almost teary eyed on the last page.
0600 macey1: OH GOOD
0601 susan: [shinji screaming
0602 darrrrkvengeance: will you or Joe be at Baltimore CC this year?
0603 mourntheglories: its gonna be full of angst
0604 kat: juuuuuuuuuuuun
0605 abetterfuture: YES. Issue 18 was my first MG issue and I love them.
0606 leanne: OOOHHHHHHH
0607 leanne: wait jun as in
0608 leanne: eviltwin jun
0609 nick: baby david is a huge part of s2
0610 susan: he's dead
0611 macey1: i caught up with mg at 18 so that's nice
0612 leanne: or preciousbaby jun actually hisao
0613 kat: ihopeso
0614 macey1: morning glory babies was just prepping us for baby dave
0615 lacracha_mance: Thanks
0616 upguntha: is that the same David from issue 1
0617 leanne: HEY ALSO okay this is a bit of a wild theory but like
0618 leanne: remember that one photo
0619 therealjoeyeisma: we were going to debut baby david in MGB but nick was all "naw i got this"
0620 leanne: of the baby truants at camp
0621 leanne: with a little blonde kid
0622 leanne: in the front
0623 leanne: and we all speculated that it was david
0624 leanne: right??
0625 macey1: right
0626 mourntheglories: oh god
0627 leanne: okay so i think the ages match up
0628 leanne: first of all
0629 mourntheglories: the theory making has begun with baby david
0630 leanne: i.e. in terms of when david was born and stuff (although the timmeline is still foggy)
0631 leanne: and then also okay idk if tom counts as blonde.
0632 leanne: but let's assume he's blonde.
0633 macey1: well time travel would be required
0634 leanne: and blondeness is a recessive gene
0635 leanne: and casey is blonde
0636 leanne: so like
0637 macey1: but david does seem to be the same age as our kids now
0639 upguntha: i'm surprised we haven't had baby Dagney
0640 leanne: but yeah maybe that actually is david
0641 macey1: man casey your kid got RIPPED
0642 leanne: (in which case it would be super awk for casey to explain to her husband
0643 macey1: also, he needs a hair cut, and a time out
0644 mourntheglories: cause dagney would be like teenage babysitter
0645 nick: baby david was born a few months before casey went to mga
0646 leanne: why their kid has blonde hair LOL)
0647 leanne: oh just kidding
0648 macey1: so not a may birthday, nick?
0650 leanne: omg blonde kid is a mystery then
0651 macey1: leanne we always have time travel
0652 mourntheglories: YOU NEVER KNOW IN THE WORLD OF MGA
0653 leanne: oh t
0654 leanne: true
0655 nick: the timeline will seem a little clearer once we get there, but, for now-
0656 nick: hospital scene is about a year before present day, clarkson already pregnant
0657 upguntha: where is this there you speak off?
0658 upguntha: lol
0659 mourntheglories: thank you for giving us hope in understanding in the future, senpai
0660 nick: last scene is two months before present day
0661 leanne: when is present day
0662 leanne: i forgot
0663 leanne: i'm sorry i'm trash
0664 mourntheglories: yeah thats where i got all messed up @@; glad thats cleared up now
0665 macey1: present day is...late may, right?
0666 susan: the original timeline
0667 susan: ohh jk
0668 leanne: (whispers which one is that)
0669 leanne: (IM LOST)
0670 abetterfuture: How for is "present day" from the first issue?
0671 leanne: (IS IT GLORIES AT SCHOOL)
0672 nick: somewhere around late may, yeah
0673 susan: perhaps early june
0674 macey1: in 23 tuna says akiko's been locked up for nearly a month
0675 mourntheglories: (SCHOOL YES)
0676 bennettca: Fortunato said he picked up Akiko after about a month
0677 macey1: and the comic started on may 4th
0678 macey1: so we can assume it's just about to be june at this point
0679 leanne: omfg all of this happened in a month
0680 leanne: at least in the original timeline
0681 leanne: oh my god
0682 susan: half this comic happened in a night
0683 macey1: i can't believe woodrun is OVER
0684 upguntha: will we ever have a meaning for the melon thing
0685 leanne: all i've done in this past month is watch star trek
0686 richv11: Nick do you see any similiarities with MG's and the TV show Lost?
0687 macey1: i'm not used to woodrun being over
0688 nick: I don't work down to the day, which can be tricky
0689 bennettca: Scarier is the last like fifteen issues have all been in like two days, I think?
0690 leanne: wasnt hte melon thing just a democritus dream?
0691 mourntheglories: TIMEY WHIMEY TRAVEL!
0692 darrrrkvengeance: so, is baby David an Aries or a Pisces?
0693 mourntheglories: lmao
0694 nick: yeah, since 13 it's only been a couple days
0695 macey1: everybody needs some sleep
0696 macey1: and a shower
0697 susan: and some food
0698 bennettca: Hunter must smell awful
0699 mourntheglories: and regroup in the am at school?
0700 mourntheglories: we all going to mga
0701 nick: but we'll be jumping ahead a bit as demerits goes, like we did with arc 2
0702 macey1: that's good these kids need time off
0703 mourntheglories: more like time to break down and recoup
0704 bennettca: I'm scared to find out what Irina's time-out is going to be
0705 susan: hopefully the teachers take it easy on them fior the first couple days
0706 susan: *~for
0707 macey1: irina is going to have the worst treatment, dang
0708 mourntheglories: well it sounds like hodge has their back or will attempt too
0709 upguntha: will David be
0710 upguntha: julie['s father
0711 macey1: omg you know what luisa told me earlier
0712 macey1: you guys remember that scene in #1 where david was following casey around right when she
0713 macey1: arrived at mga
0714 macey1: has a whole new meaning now, huh
0715 caseyballvins: YES
0716 bennettca: Woooooah
0717 caseyballvins: Oh geez
0718 mourntheglories: Ugh I forgot to bring that up
0719 mourntheglories: I feel like its about that time boys and girls to reread from start to end again @@;
0720 nick: haha, was waiting to see if someone caught that
0721 upguntha: i want my momy'
0722 leanne: omfg
0723 macey1: i'm probably gonna do a reread after this issue yeah
0724 leanne: "have you seen my mommy"
0725 leanne: i dont watch doctor who
0727 macey1: he just wants a hug
0728 mourntheglories: lmao
0729 macey1: even his mom won't hug him
0730 macey1: david's life is truly suffering
0731 caseyballvins: I wonder if Georgina knows
0732 mourntheglories: well I need a 5 min break, sitting staring at screen for hour straight hurting my eyeballs
0733 macey1: god i hope somebody on the staff likes david
0734 mourntheglories: BRB MG Fans
0735 macey1: dagney, maybe. somebody needs to give him cookies or whatever
0736 bennettca: David just wants a high five
0737 caseyballvins: She really didn't seem pleased David started following them
0738 darrrrkvengeance: a high 15
0739 leanne: oh also
0740 leanne: ruling out
0741 leanne: the david and zoe are siblings theory
0742 darrrrkvengeance: half-siblings?
0743 leanne: man my theories are dropping all over the place omg
0744 macey1: nothing is ruled out until this comic is over
0745 leanne: ....i.e. tom is her dad??
0746 macey1: i still think tuna is a fish in disguise
0747 leanne: zoe is supposed to be half indian right yeah thatd
0748 leanne: make sense
0749 leanne: omfg macey.
0750 nick: zoe is 100 percent indian
0751 darrrrkvengeance: Zoe hadn't heard Engish until abrhama
0752 macey1: ah hm okay
0753 leanne: oh really? okay fully ruled out
0754 nick: heh, sorry leanne
0755 bennettca: Can we talk about how awesome that spread was?
0756 leanne: it's fine hahaha
0757 leanne: goodbye
0758 darrrrkvengeance: (and i apparently can't type it)
0759 macey1: YEAH joe got to do one of those
0760 leanne: precious theories
0761 richv11: So what happens in the panel where Casey touches the cylinder?
0762 leanne: I WANT THAT AS A POSTER
0763 macey1: x-men style character spreads
0764 macey1: that would make a sweet poster
0765 richv11: Does it just show a light
0766 leanne: i have the poster of everyone together
0767 bennettca: I really hope that gets made available as a print. I'd buy the crap out of that.
0768 leanne: the cover one
0769 leanne: but maaaaan i'd love that as a poster omg
0770 susan: you can buy the page for $1000
0771 leanne: oh yeah casey cylinder scene okay like
0772 leanne: this is gonna sound dumb. but.
0773 leanne: when she says
0774 leanne: "i forget"
0775 leanne: or whatever
0776 leanne: do you think she knows what shes forgetting
0777 leanne: or like. how do i say this omg
0779 macey1: i think she knows she's forgetting where she was
0780 macey1: like she knows hodge brought her to another time
0781 richv11: is she forgetting as in making others forget
0782 leanne: so she knows she forgot something.
0783 macey1: and that she's been gone....
0784 leanne: but she doesnt know
0785 leanne: what it is
0786 leanne: ?
0787 darrrrkvengeance: but does she know she's going to forget before she touches the cylinder?
0788 caseyballvins: So like, when you know you went somewhere but you have no memory of it.
0789 upguntha: how much did she forget that's the question
0790 leanne: oh god amnesia plot
0791 leanne: omg excite
0792 richv11: was it her choice to make the others forget?
0793 nick: good question to ask
0794 leanne: yay omg i did a thing
0795 leanne: ALSO OFFTOPIC BUT who has been posting zoe/irina stuff in the tag??? BECAUSE BLESS YOU
0796 caseyballvins: Go leanne!
0797 nick: she's not the first character to have trouble remembering something, is she?
0798 richv11: who else has ?
0799 darrrrkvengeance: Ike, certainly, with the convo w Abraham
0800 caseyballvins: Jade doesn't remember the dream things she's having
0801 darrrrkvengeance: that hasn't happened yet
0802 caseyballvins: Hunter was having memory issues last issue
0803 upguntha: cause they haven't happened yet
0804 caseyballvins: I'm sure there's more, too tired to remember at the momemt
0805 leanne: jade omg
0806 leanne: thats the one thats sticking out to me
0807 caseyballvins: Jade is the biggest one though
0808 leanne: omg. what if amnesia is contagious.
0809 leanne: so jade had it originally. and then she made out with casey (shhhh it happened)
0810 leanne: and now casey has it
0811 upguntha: at least she didn't have a melt down like Ike
0812 leanne: and also kissed ike so he has it too
0813 upguntha: oh wait she stil ahtes someoene
0814 leanne: ooOOooOOOOooo okay im sorry
0815 darrrrkvengeance: well, also, Jade's family doesn't remember JAde
0816 abetterfuture: NIck, why was NOW the right time to reveal what the first page of the series showed?
0817 macey: whoa okay, so the chat broke for me for a few minutes
0818 caseyballvins: Again?
0819 macey2: one of you may have to get the first hour of the transcript for me yeah
0820 macey3: not my computer, my connection. as you can see it is bad
0821 caseyballvins: Bummer
0822 darrrrkvengeance: what i'm wondering is, with the "we just needed to be sure" btwn the nurse and Tom,
0823 nick: this was (26-29) the s2 premiere, so it felt like a good time to circle back on this
0824 mornglorschat: okay i am resorting to mobile
0825 caseyballvins: Probably the pregnancy
0826 richv11: Nick lots of comics end up after a while getting new writers and artists any chance of
0827 richv11: that with MG?
0828 leanne: NO.
0829 darrrrkvengeance: does that relate to the "FABF" note, or are they just, like, checking his ID or something
0830 leanne: I REFUSE.
0831 nick: nope
0832 leanne: good
0833 macey2: okay maybe my computer is working now
0834 caseyballvins: Thank goodness
0835 macey2: oh thank god
0836 richv11: so do you have control over it?
0837 leanne: also, slightly irrelevant but
0838 richv11: you and Joe
0839 leanne: "that character who’s calm cool and collected but you really want to see them slit someone
0840 upguntha: Did Clarkson also loose her Casey memories
0841 leanne: did u mean hisao.
0842 bennettca: Speaking of that, is Alex back in the next arc?
0843 nick: joe and I control the book, yeah
0844 richv11: good
0845 macey2: if anybody has the chat from 8
0846 macey2: ul
0847 caseyballvins: Ugh, I only have from 8
0848 leanne: ah hey i gotta go for a while for foods, be back later maybee
0849 macey2: we'll just go with the earliest time anyone has i think
0850 nick: I actually have to call it a night as well-- any last questions?
0851 caseyballvins: Not a question
0852 therealjoeyeisma: nick, i have a question -- how are you doing today?
0853 richv11: Nice to see you on here Nick
0854 richv11: have a great rest of the day
0855 macey2: nick, first of all, thank you for coming you are a shining star
0856 nick: TIRED
0857 caseyballvins: but I bought the 12 issue hardcover and I just want to say it is amazing, totally worth it
0858 macey2: the hardcovers are amazing everyone go buy em
0859 nick: thanks, tim is working hard on the v2 hc now
0860 abetterfuture: NIck, thank you so much for a wonderful series.
0861 bennettca: I bought soooo many hardcovers as xmas gifts when the first one came out
0862 caseyballvins: SO AMAZING, so ready for the next one
0863 nick: coming together beautifully
0864 macey2: nick, which truant backstory are you most excited for?
0865 upguntha: can not wait for it
0866 darrrrkvengeance: thanks for another great issue Nick. picked up the Bedlam TPB today. can't wait to read it
0867 nick: really proud of the irina issue, but Akiko is the one I'm most looking forward to
0868 macey2: ooooooh that's a cool answer
0869 lacracha_mance: When will we learn more abot Akiko?
0870 abetterfuture: YES. My fellow X-Man lover and Jun/Guillaume shipper survives.
0871 richv11: I hope Casey gets featured again in the character issues
0872 mourntheglories: back now to read >.>
0873 abetterfuture: So no character issue for Forunatao, Ike, and Vanessa?
0874 darrrrkvengeance: Question
0875 macey2: vanessa is getting one next arc betterfuture
0876 nick: they'll all get issues
0877 macey2: if the cover released is any indication
0878 upguntha: just cause she gets an issue doesn't mean she's gonna be'up' for it hehe
0879 abetterfuture: How long will next arc be then?
0880 macey2: tuna issue will be the most important mg event yet
0881 richv11: Casey is up for anything
0882 nick: vanessa is 032, excited for it, plotting now
0883 caseyballvins: I'm so excited for more Vanessa
0884 macey2: vanessa is a star, so excited for her
0885 akbogert: wait, when does the double-shipping start?
0886 bennettca: Did her mom survive Daramount's raid?
0887 akbogert: in two weeks, or in a month?
0888 caseyballvins: September
0889 nick: in a month
0890 macey2: ak it starts in september
0891 macey2: irina issue starts it
0892 akbogert: thanks all
0893 macey2: (which is august, but the end of the month)
0894 akbogert: close enough
0895 macey2: i would honestly be up for a giant 12-issue arc of character issues no lie
0896 abetterfuture: Same.
0897 akbogert: likewise
0898 abetterfuture: Zoe-focused issue? YES.
0899 nick: very likely, but not final, might be a mini-arc between
0900 caseyballvins: That would be amazing
0901 abetterfuture: AWESOME.
0902 nick: we'll see
0903 nick: night all
0904 richv11: well I need to try to get an hours rest before work so bye all nice seeing you Nick
0905 upguntha: gnite
0906 bennettca: Night Nick
0907 caseyballvins: Goodnight, thank you so much for coming
0908 susan: bye nick
0909 nick: thanks for all the nice words, see you next month
0910 lacracha_mance: Good night Nick
0911 akbogert: g'night!
0912 macey2: good night nick!!
0913 abetterfuture: Night nick!
0914 macey2: now that he's gone you can all talk about your ships
0915 macey2: without shame
0916 akbogert: i ship Zoe with being alive
0917 bennettca: Yeah, Zoe x Life
0918 akbogert: ^5
0919 caseyballvins: otp Zoe/Life (everyone's otp)
0920 upguntha: lol
0921 mourntheglories: night nick thanks for everything! another great issue
0922 mourntheglories: and I will recopy everything for ya Macey
0923 mourntheglories: ooops a little late on my goodbye yikes
0924 abetterfuture: Joe, what was your favorite of the upcoming issue to draw?
0925 upguntha: Am i the only one who loved that Metric Mg video
0926 mourntheglories: link please
0927 guest-1068504 changed nickname to macey
0928 caseyballvins: @upguntha
0929 macey: if you couldn't tell, tinychat is awful tonight
0930 mourntheglories: macey
0931 mourntheglories: I will copy everything again
0932 macey: when this ends we may just have to band together and get as much of this as possible
0933 upguntha: http
0934 caseyballvins: Team work!
0936 guest-1068510 entered the room
0937 mourntheglories: thank you love
0938 mourntheglories: <3333 anything for you macey
0939 susan: ohh damn i just finished doin gthat
0940 macey: OH NO SUSAN
0941 macey: perhaps we ca put it all together from what we have in the end
0942 susan: it okay
0943 macey: thank you hameru
0944 susan: huehuehuehuehueh
0945 bennettca: I've got from 8
0946 macey: gosh, okay, anybody have any new theories from this
0947 darrrrkvengeance: this should have from 8
0948 macey: oh my gosh how many of you are doing this jesus
0949 mourntheglories: oh I did see that video wonderful wonderful
0950 mourntheglories: oh well than... nevermind lol
0951 susan: i can be on top of it for the rest of the night if you want now
0952 upguntha: Am i the only one that thinks Clarkson doesn't remember being casey
0953 susan: b/c your computer is a poop
0954 macey: hmmm n what makes you say that
0955 macey: because i don't have any hint of that
0956 mourntheglories: yeah me either
0957 mourntheglories: HOWEVER
0958 upguntha: the whole note thing she doesn' t remember it
0959 mourntheglories: I feel like ghost david is like a spin off of what happened with casey and the cylinder >.
0960 mourntheglories: >.>
0961 mourntheglories: was there a part where she did leave a note in an issue before?
0962 guest-1068510 left the room
0963 mourntheglories: because it could have been anyone
0964 bennettca: I just figured the note thing meant it was from someone else
0965 bennettca: Hodge or Abe?
0966 upguntha: nope just a theory
0967 lacracha_mance left the room
0968 abetterfuture: I think Casey had to sacrafice her memories of Tom and her son to stop Irina.
0969 mourntheglories: yeah us MG kids are our theories but it is possible yes.
0970 mourntheglories: ALL THINGS POSSIBLE IN MG WORLD
0971 upguntha: i know that realjoeesima loves my theories
0972 darrrrkvengeance: i can't recall, did Casey ever see David at MGA, or only Zoe in issue 5
0973 mourntheglories: minus Zoe not being dead dead
0974 caseyballvins: Casey hasn't seen him
0975 bennettca: Only Zoe, he ghosted away before Casey showed up
0976 upguntha: only zoe
0977 mourntheglories: im trying to remember her and zoe at the cylinder
0978 mourntheglories: ooo eerie
0979 macey: casey never saw him, but he saw her
0980 macey: david has run into...
0981 macey: zoe, fortunato, akiko, daramount, gribbs, abraham, and jun
0982 caseyballvins: Brendan too
0983 macey: the guards also seem to be aware of him, plus jun's gang
0985 abetterfuture: Poor Brendan.
0986 caseyballvins: So sad about Brendan
0987 abetterfuture: I bet our redshirt from the first scene is going to turn out to be very important.
0988 mourntheglories: yeah... I have yet to see this V and Brendan cover... I'm so sorry guys, I have failed you
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0991 caseyballvins: It's a lovely cover
0992 bennettca: I wonder what issue that'll be
0993 abetterfuture: So the upcoming schedule is
0994 macey: it's on my tag for mg krystle
0995 macey: it's 32 for vanesa
0996 macey: *vanessa
0997 macey: a jade cover was in the press release with 33+34
0998 macey: so i'm thinking
0999 bennettca: Ahhh, k. Silly comixology
1000 macey: irina-hunter-vanessa-jade-guillaume-hisao
1001 caseyballvins: That would be a great line up
1002 macey: leaving casey, ike, ian, akiko and tuna
1003 darrrrkvengeance: i though Nick said there was an Akiko issue
1004 mourntheglories: We need a post about this
1005 darrrrkvengeance: that was his fave
1006 mourntheglories: im already confused
1007 mourntheglories: lol
1008 upguntha: http
1009 mourntheglories: i meant the order thing lol
1010 mourntheglories: Im looking at said covers already
1011 mourntheglories: and pretty >.<
1012 caseyballvins: so pretty
1013 mourntheglories: omg btw what was with the title
1014 agorc entered the room
1015 mourntheglories: A new assignment for who exactly
1016 guest-1068651 changed nickname to agorc
1017 mourntheglories: or is it just me @@; and I think it could mean a number of people/things
1018 caseyballvins: Wait, what are you talking about? I got lost
1019 mourntheglories: oh the title for 29 is "A new assignment"
1020 abetterfuture: I love how the solicitations for each issue don't make sense until like 20 issues later.
1021 darrrrkvengeance: lost as well. i thought Nick said something about "demerits" being the next arc
1022 upguntha: it is
1023 caseyballvins: Ooooh I didn't notice the title
1024 caseyballvins: hmmmmmm
1025 macey: next arc is called demerits yeah
1026 mourntheglories: so the whole "test" was probably the casey cylinder past to present to past/present
1027 mourntheglories: and if it worked?
1028 macey: the title for 25 was "8
1029 mourntheglories: who the fuck knows haha
1030 darrrrkvengeance: where are people finding these titled?
1031 darrrrkvengeance: titles?
1032 macey: the press releases
1033 thebatlab entered the room
1034 guest-1068687 changed nickname to thebatlab
1035 macey: though to be fair said releases are often scrambled
1036 mourntheglories: VAGUE TITLES ARE VAGUE
1037 macey: like 21/22/23/24 all had theirs messed up
1038 mourntheglories: ooo like a word puzzle
1039 bennettca: I think some of the PE ones were, too
1040 mourntheglories: lets try combos
1041 macey: 21 had 22's, 22 had 23's, 23 had 24's and 24 had 21's
1042 macey: it was bizarre
1043 macey: also 18 had a different one because it was originally switched with 19
1044 mourntheglories: well thats unfortunate
1045 mourntheglories: ah good point out
1046 macey: you could say it was
1047 macey: unfortunato
1048 mourntheglories: bwhaha
1049 darrrrkvengeance: ah, i try to be spoiler free, so i never read solicits.
1050 macey: i'll never hesitate from that pun
1051 darrrrkvengeance: though i guess they're too vague to spoil much
1052 macey: mg solicits are usually one or two words, dv, it's not much
1053 mourntheglories: (btw I lied I did see the V and Brendan cover, it was just forever ago and I forgot damn
1054 mourntheglories: summer madness)
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1056 caseyballvins: perfect pun macey
1057 macey: i like to refer to everything fortunato does as fortunato or unfortunato
1058 bennettca: As you should
1059 macey: it's fortunato that tuna is attractive
1060 thebatlab left the room
1061 macey: it's unfortunato that tuna had to carry a comatose akiko around for so long
1062 macey: it's fortunato that tuna is still alive
1063 macey: it's unfortunato that he is now in solitary and will probably be tortured
1064 macey: etc, etc
1065 akbogert: lol
1066 caseyballvins: MACEY STOP
1067 upguntha: omg
1068 mourntheglories: and 32's cover is a very old cover joe did that is from an xmen cover i beleive
1069 bennettca: I approve of this, so much
1070 macey: i won't be able to handle it when he actually gets a serious backstory
1071 macey: that kid is just a joke to us now
1072 akbogert: wait the one with the graves?
1073 akbogert: or did that one already come out
1074 macey: yeah, ak
1075 akbogert: <-- is a digital reader
1076 mourntheglories: yeah its 32
1077 macey: i think it was just a placement image because rodin may not have finished a cover yet
1078 mourntheglories: not out yet
1079 akbogert: yeah, that one has been done for a variety of comics, actually
1080 mourntheglories: ah lame
1081 bennettca: I think even X-Men recycled it a few times