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Morning Glories Issue 28 Tinychat from June 26, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: it begins
0002 caleb_bollenbacher: MAH FANDOM FRANS
0003 macey: hello, friends
0004 caleb_bollenbacher: (hi everyone)
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0007 brella: hello friends
0008 brella: mostly strangers
0009 jukite: (Hi people ^_^)
0010 kelso: Oh I'm just happy I didn't miss this like last time.
0011 lara: allo
0012 caseyballvins: Everyone else super stressed? (Hi)
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0014 macey: so that was, very much so, an issue
0015 brella: im puttin the dis in distressed
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0018 brella: WITH THIS
0019 lara: issue
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0023 macey: well at the very least we got tuna and melons
0024 caleb_bollenbacher: I got 99 problems and they are all feels about morning glories
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0026 brella: that was the one ray of sunlight today
0027 macey: which, i swear to god, is probably the best thing that's happened in this comic
0028 brella: the melon-begun friendship between fortunato and hunter
0029 kelso: the melon thing?
0030 brella: crossing time and space to give melons and be friends
0031 brella: pass out in front of each other
0032 kelso: i want to know what kind of melon it was.
0033 caseyballvins: brotp
0034 brella: it looked like a watermelon
0035 kelso: looked like a small watermelon
0036 upguntha: MELON BOYYYYYY
0037 brella: let us examine this
0038 izzy: it was one of my melons
0039 macey: of course it's a WATERmelon he's a FISH
0040 caleb_bollenbacher: friendship melon
0041 kelso: this will be the main topic of discussion
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0043 brella: wow izzy calm down about ur melons
0044 upguntha: Tuna and melons
0045 kelso: oh my goodness
0046 lara: what can watermelons symbolize
0047 brella: an action-packed issue and all we can discuss are melons
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0049 macey: the melon wasn't very stressful
0050 lara: rebirth? death? destruction?
0051 kelso: all i think of is the rugrats episode where chuckie swallows the seed and angelica says it
0052 kelso: will grow in his stomach
0053 levoyageur: More puking!
0054 brella: im pretty sure the melon was just there because of descartes's dream
0055 macey: i mean, irina's about to kill ike, akiko is still missing, casey and/or hunter might be
0056 macey: about to die
0057 upguntha: I have to update my puke slide
0058 brella: stop
0059 macey: but tuna was smiling and he had a melon
0060 izzy: also casey died before
0061 caleb_bollenbacher: maybe it's all just a big leadup to a party
0062 izzy: so that was a thing
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0064 lara: so much puke
0065 kelso: gosh why does everyone have to /die/ like all the time
0066 brella: right
0067 kelso: every issue
0068 brella: so unnecessary
0069 macey: gotta change my color too much red and blue and purple
0070 jmcculla: i wanna know where pamela came from and her role in the whole story
0072 jmcculla: haven't seen her for many, many issues
0073 caseyballvins: I definitely felt like Irina told me to stop breathing as well in this issue
0074 brella: omg at least we can take comfort in the fact that ike's face appears undamaged
0075 upguntha: She's the headmaster
0076 jmcculla: ha haaa...macey and i are on the same page
0077 brella: PAMELA MAN
0078 caleb_bollenbacher: lol
0079 jmcculla: lol @ headmaster
0080 lara: can't scratch the moneymaker
0082 caseyballvins: Brella has her priorities
0083 macey: what if pamela is the one who stops ike being executed
0084 brella: she's probably running underground escape tunnels for the goats
0085 kelso: That was a relief.
0086 brella: oh my god pamela is the hero
0087 brella: it was always pamela
0088 macey: she stops it by celebrating her woodrun win
0089 kelso: ...
0090 brella: ahahaha
0091 caseyballvins: Pamela is is just super commited to her role
0092 macey: she is getting a prize, and the prize is ike
0093 upguntha: Yassss Pam 4 all
0094 caleb_bollenbacher: hahaha pamela
0095 jmcculla: Pamela might be the mother of them all!
0096 brella: she will claim her trophy aka ike
0097 brella: YES MACEY
0099 brella: what if all of the characters
0100 caleb_bollenbacher: pamela is the human embodiment of the goat
0101 brella: are pamela in discuise
0102 brella: disguise*
0103 brella: i'm just saying
0104 macey: they don't know they're pamela yet
0105 macey: but they are
0106 brella: pamela is in all of us
0107 macey: when they unlock the true potential of their gifts they will all transform into pamela
0108 caleb_bollenbacher: Roy is really just some ancient god, and he becomes pamela because....Nick? little help?
0109 kelso: have you guys seen that tumblr post where everyone in the world is just a different
0110 kelso: reincarnation of you?
0111 macey: i've seen that thing on every website ever tbh
0112 brella: yes that is mg everyone is pamela
0113 kelso: that's what i couldn't stop thinking about
0114 upguntha: whereeeee
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0116 jmcculla: who's gonna be the next Glory to die? Jun/Hisao? haven't seen a future-version of him yet.
0117 macey: tbh i have a feeling jade is the only glory who's gonna survive the whole story
0118 lara: we've only seen a future version of Jade, though, right?
0119 kelso: nooo hisao can't die. jun just did.
0120 macey: but NEXT......tbh.....would be hisao wouldn't it
0121 jukite:'ll be Ike
0122 caleb_bollenbacher: Pamela is Mystique
0123 brella: exactly why it's viable for him to die bc how can he go on without jun yknow
0124 macey: casey and hunter are our main characters and so much hitches on ike
0125 macey: and jade has to live
0126 kelso: i judt don't want guillaume to die
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0128 kelso: wibbly wobbly timey wimey
0129 brella: man that last bit with the cylinder was like an
0131 caseyballvins: I don't think being a main character is going to save anyone at this point
0132 brella: epic throwdown between the sacrificial lambs
0133 upguntha: Casey died mayve not maybe
0134 macey: did clarkson like...die to become casey again?? or something
0135 kelso: is zoe still dead?
0136 macey: ZOE'S ALWAYS DEAD
0137 brella: i assume she did macey? like that errant part of her was eradicated from the timeline
0138 brella: or w/e
0139 jmcculla: Zoe's dead. Nick said it himself.
0140 upguntha: she didn't die she had to live early
0141 lara: rest in small bloody pieces, Zoe
0142 jukite: LOL the last scene makes me think of "Momentum Defereed" from Fringe. I think Hodge hinted
0143 brella: zoe got a nice burial from the woodland creatures she's fine
0144 macey: nick and joe get frusturated when people ask them to bring zoe back at this point tbh
0145 jukite: future past Casey needed to eat it so young Casey wouldn't cause a paradox
0146 izzy: is it like einsteins dreams where there are a bunch of different timelines they just got
0147 upguntha: Resting next to Akikp
0148 izzy: shoved together
0149 macey: speaking of which, another issue without akiko
0150 lara: ah
0151 brella: omg maybe izzy
0152 macey: where is our precious angel child
0153 brella: comatose
0154 caseyballvins: Just because Zoe's dead doesn't mean her story is over.
0155 macey: (if anyone is a precious angel it's akiko)
0156 brella: and looking damn good while doing it
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0158 macey: brella are you ian now
0159 jmcculla: I wonder what kinda power Irina has. I see she has the same "power" as Casey
0160 brella: no i'm not ian i'm na
0161 kelso: I personally don't want Zoe back. She was my least favorite of the bunch. Always off killi
0162 jmcculla: Casey can tell people to do something and they do it
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0164 brella: you know i find it interesting
0165 jmcculla: Irina has an army of guards now...she's done the same thing
0166 macey: JOE hello you made it
0167 joe_eisma: yo
0168 lara: Hodge said Irina was playing og
0169 brella: that casey's power is to look people in the eye and be able to tell them what to do
0170 lara: *god
0171 caleb_bollenbacher: Joe's in the house!
0172 brella: and her first line to hunter was "don't look at me"
0173 jmcculla: Hi Joe!
0174 brella: HELLO
0175 caseyballvins: You missed the melon talk Joe
0176 upguntha: EISMAAAA
0177 jukite: (Hi Joe ^_^. Great issue again)
0178 caleb_bollenbacher: FAB issue
0179 joe_eisma: haha the melon
0180 lara: hello
0181 macey: haha, i'm gonna ask nick about that melon
0182 brella: the melon pontification
0183 izzy: so she was gonna subconsciously tell him to fall in love with her
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0185 izzy: mhm yup
0186 macey: the melon's really important
0187 joe_eisma: thanks, caleb
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0189 caleb_bollenbacher: I think the melon is the key to everything
0190 caseyballvins: Stressful issue more like it
0191 macey: and YES joe your art looked great but that's per the usual
0192 brella: the melon is the headmaster
0193 caleb_bollenbacher: hahahahaha
0194 upguntha: is ot cause he's sorta black
0195 macey: paul did awesome too
0196 brella: YEAH MAN the art was exceptionally gorgeous in this issue
0197 joe_eisma: that scene was originally written with akiko instead of fortunato
0198 joe_eisma: thanks, brella!
0199 upguntha: why the change
0200 jukite: (LOL and they just mentioned no Akiko this issue)
0201 brella: well it was nice to see fortunato smile even if it was just a dream sort of
0202 macey: REALLY? aww actually that would be cute too
0203 joe_eisma: no idea. probably because fortunato hadn't had much screentime
0204 jmcculla: one of my favorite lines of this issue
0205 izzy: cutie pie lil tuna
0206 brella: no one was breathing by that point anyway
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0208 macey: well akiko didn't appear at ALL excuse me
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0210 caleb_bollenbacher: I loved that we finally got the "big book of answers". made me chuckle
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0212 jmcculla: ikr @brella
0213 joe_eisma: akiko is indisposed
0214 joe_eisma: haha yeah
0215 lara: dun dun dun
0216 macey: i couldn't believe you weren't kidding when you said it had all the answers
0217 macey: he had them! for a second!
0218 joe_eisma: yup
0219 brella: i was surprised that the book didn't just say "you're on your own loser"
0220 caleb_bollenbacher: I was on the verge of strangling hunter. "READ THE ANSWER BOOK FIRST, MAN"
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0222 jukite: Also, you guys do a great job delivering them trhough different chars
0223 brella: so close to omniscience and he THREW IT ALL AWAY
0224 jukite: and scenes
0225 caleb_bollenbacher: but seriously...don't let hunter die, ever
0226 jukite: kudos
0227 caseyballvins: I agree about your favourite line, Joe. It was definitely an amazing line
0228 lara: "Gary was here, Hunter is a loser!"
0229 brella: oh my god
0230 caleb_bollenbacher: Joe, if Nick tries to kill Hunter you gotta fillibuster that. All day if you have to
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0233 brella: high pitched keening noises re
0234 joe_eisma: hahaha
0235 upguntha: 12hr fillabuster
0236 joe_eisma: thanks, casey!
0237 macey: god hisao's missing too!! where are all these kiddos
0238 caleb_bollenbacher: I will bring you a back brace!
0239 brella: i would filibuster for hunter until kingdom come if necessary
0240 joe_eisma: i still think there will be a revolt if we ever kill hunter
0241 brella: i mean talking about him forever wouldn't be hard np
0242 jmcculla: What's with Hunter's little sparks of light after the "thunder"?
0243 caseyballvins: You are correct Joe
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0245 jmcculla: Is that the same stuff Jade saw in Issue #10?
0246 brella: oh my god speaking of those sparks of light the descartes homage was GREAT
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0248 macey: man i felt pretty bad for hunter this week. he's sick and hallucinating and then he sees
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0250 macey: the girl he likes about to...die or something
0251 joe_eisma: very astute observation, jmcculla
0252 caleb_bollenbacher: I couldn't help but think of the 'tiny ball of light' harry potter song from the Oscars
0253 macey: yo, bad day for hunter
0254 guest-535104 changed nickname to darrrrkvengeance
0255 upguntha: Hunter was gone with the wind fabulous
0256 jmcculla: Thanks Mr. Eisma!
0257 caleb_bollenbacher: lol
0258 caseyballvins: Does hunter ever have good days?
0259 brella: not if he dies first, macey
0260 caleb_bollenbacher: if hunter had a good day he would probably die
0261 caseyballvins: Hey brella what was that lovely statement you made about Hunter's punctuality?
0262 caleb_bollenbacher: that would be how it all ends
0263 brella: oh my god haha it was
0264 brella: hunter will always be too late
0265 lara: NO
0266 brella: /thumbs up
0267 macey: but it's never too late, friends
0268 macey: we have time travel
0269 brella: you never know man i just advise hunter to stay away from like
0270 caseyballvins: CAuse that's been successful so far?
0271 brella: enchantment under the sea dances
0272 alison: Man, I've always had a thought about Zoe killing people serving some purpose, and now we
0273 macey: at mga that would literally be under the sea
0274 brella: and crazy doctors who hit their heads on toilets
0275 macey: mass drowning fatalities
0276 upguntha: Nick loves his car crasjes
0277 alison: have Casey possibly killing her errant self.
0278 alison: So what if killing > getting rid of errant, strayed timelines?
0279 caleb_bollenbacher: it all goes back to the prom thing...that's GOTTA be upcoming
0280 izzy: p sure that back in time casey is actually jade's mom
0281 darrrrkvengeance: so what did i miss? did everyone figure the book out aready? ;)
0282 lara: @alison- whoa
0283 izzy: plot twist
0284 brella: izzy wahghh
0285 macey: haha, figuring out morning glories, haha
0286 macey: that's hilarious.
0287 brella: funny joke
0288 brella: you tell funny joke
0289 caleb_bollenbacher: it's funny's morning glories
0290 kelso: jade is everyone's mom. that's why she knew what hunter's mom said to him.
0291 brella: more like mourning glories at this point
0292 kelso: timey wimey
0293 caseyballvins: brella please
0294 darrrrkvengeance: i wonder whether Hunter's presence at the Cylinder is related to why Hodge wanted him
0295 darrrrkvengeance: in the cave in 13
0296 jukite: His robot bad-ness
0297 macey: future jade was being a great fake mom until she /lead hunter to his death/
0298 brella: was he even actually THERE-there or was he just seeing it
0299 jukite: and maybe keep him from Irina
0300 kelso: so that he wouldn't be there to stop casey...
0301 macey: it seemed like he was still dreaming until he saw casey??
0302 jmcculla: When Casey touched the rotator it reminded me of Akiko being touched by David
0303 brella: i love that he actually called her "future jade" too
0304 jmcculla: Has anybody figure out who David IS yet?
0305 macey: it's her official canon name now
0306 jmcculla: Maybe that's why Zoe died...because she knew who he was
0307 izzy: wasn't he in the future though? like when the school had been destroyed and all crumbled.
0308 kelso: some people think david is ike
0309 macey: david is a wonderful young man with lots of ideas and talents
0310 caleb_bollenbacher: ooooh...that's interesting
0311 brella: both zoe and akiko know who david is hmm
0312 macey: however he can only use them to kill people
0313 izzy: and then all of the sudden he was in the same timeline as casey
0314 joe_eisma: there's a very interesting plot point for david next issue
0315 caleb_bollenbacher: I CANT WAIT
0316 macey: OOOH
0317 brella: aaaah hooray for david
0318 macey: yay, davey
0319 kelso: YES finally some more david!
0320 brella: at last.
0321 jmcculla: More David??? YES!!!
0322 brella: /wipes proud tear
0323 caseyballvins: David is everyone's favourite character
0324 kelso: i feel like I should read up on David's role in the bible.
0325 macey: does he finally make a friend
0326 caleb_bollenbacher: David is like the Legion of MGA
0327 brella: david is like the shark in jaws. he wants to make friends but instead there's always blood
0328 kelso: he brought down goliath and became king but that's all i remember atm
0329 caleb_bollenbacher: omg...legion's name is david too
0330 macey: david was a great king after he slayed goliath
0331 macey: he had some trouble with a rebellious son, his other more famous son became king after and
0332 brella: in the bible david also wrote a lot of the book of psalms i think
0333 caseyballvins: Woo more bible references
0334 macey: wrote a ton of poems
0335 brella: from which "the sorrows of death encompassed me" comes
0336 kelso: he wrote a toooon of psalms.
0337 macey: yep, biblical david wrote psalms
0338 brella: idk it's been a while since my bible interpretation class
0339 darrrrkvengeance: yay for more David! more Pamela too, i hope.
0340 jukite: The problem is David isn't necc. related to Abraham the same way Ike is (biblically)
0341 joe_eisma: pamela gets to be a cover girl next issue!
0342 lara: work it
0343 jmcculla: David could be the Headmaster lol
0344 joe_eisma: god we got so many requests for that
0345 upguntha: is the sorrow of death this book's rain of casthemere
0346 caleb_bollenbacher: man, these variant covers have been SWEET
0347 alison: Medieval people used David a lot as a symbol of being a good leader, which I feel might be
0348 alison: relevant because of the monastery.
0349 jukite: Although, Abraham is hiw ancestor, so maybe Gribbs reference was more metaphoracle
0350 jmcculla: I have a love/hate/confusing relationship with Pamerla
0351 jmcculla: **Pamela
0352 izzy: is abraham even actually ike's dad or did he just like
0353 izzy: adopt him
0354 lara: who knows
0355 caleb_bollenbacher: he spawned him
0356 izzy: bc that guy gets around a lot
0357 kelso: they look alike to me
0358 brella: they look way too alike to not be related
0359 alison: they look alike, yeah
0360 macey: ike looks so much like abe they can't not be related
0361 caleb_bollenbacher: i think the family resemblance is too strong for them to not be blood relatives
0362 brella: both assholes, both handsome
0363 kelso: plus they have the same tendencies
0364 jukite: I think with the Biblical reference, yeah they're related. plus the way he trears him
0365 caseyballvins: Abraham has a lot of time on his hands
0366 izzy: but ike and ian and hunter all look alike to me
0367 joe_eisma: i think we've established abraham is a horn dog
0368 caleb_bollenbacher: tho I say the same thing IRL and am wrong all the time...
0369 lara: my mom works with a guy who has 22 kids with 14 women so
0370 caseyballvins: wow
0371 lara: Abraham may be in the same boat
0372 kelso: not too much time. ike was pretty much abandoned growing up.
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0374 caleb_bollenbacher: lol Joe, can that be a blurb for the next trade?
0375 joe_eisma: hunter and ike aren't related. hunter's a big nosed ginger. haha
0376 jmcculla: Yeah, Abraham wanted to sleep with a "six year-old" Casey lol
0377 brella: man at girl scout camp there was a song we had to sing called "abraham"
0378 brella: nobody hated any song
0379 brella: more than that song
0380 joe_eisma: and ian's a buck toothed brit
0381 macey: yeah i'm expecting at least one other kid to be abraham's tbh
0382 brella: abraham just can't win
0383 izzy: he's a brit?!?!
0384 macey: a centric issue on ian's teeth
0386 macey: let's have it
0387 caleb_bollenbacher: Abraham needs to take a chill pill
0388 joe_eisma: haha
0389 izzy: wow i need to pay more attention
0390 brella: ian's teeth for headmaster
0391 caseyballvins: Hodge's nose looks a lot like hunter's
0392 macey: ian's teeth have a crush on akiko's teeth, obviously
0393 kelso: they've been running the show all along!
0394 izzy: i think that hunter
0395 brella: yes it does maria
0396 izzy: is casey's son
0397 izzy: with tom
0398 macey: HODGE AND HUNTER HAVE THE SAME NOSE AND EYES. i need to point that out.
0399 brella: omfg
0400 caseyballvins: Izzy noooo
0401 macey: how about
0402 macey: time travel
0404 joe_eisma: haha i can explain hodge's nose
0405 caleb_bollenbacher: I just want EVERYONE to read this so the headmaster identity jokes catch on more
0406 jmcculla: Question
0407 joe_eisma: she's based on jennifer grey from dirty dancing before she had her nose job
0408 izzy: what if hodge is hunter but post surgery
0409 brella: mysteries of mg
0410 izzy: omg
0411 caleb_bollenbacher: it totally looks like her!
0412 caseyballvins: IZZY
0413 brella: get out izzy oh my god
0414 jmcculla: issue 28, is this happening before or after?
0415 caleb_bollenbacher: i always thought she looked jennifer grey-y
0416 macey: i can't believe noses have explanations in this comic
0417 brella: everything happens for a reason
0418 caseyballvins: So their noses are just conviently similar?
0419 brella: even noses
0420 joe_eisma: hodge has lots of floral dresses
0421 joe_eisma: haha
0422 macey: jmcculla
0423 caseyballvins: So much floral
0424 brella: flowers are everywhere in hodge's life i guess
0425 jmcculla: aha...floral dresses would make sense, being that it's entitled "Morning Glories" l
0426 joe_eisma: yes just convienence
0427 jmcculla: **lol
0428 brella: thank god
0429 caseyballvins: Okay, I just had the biggest sigh
0430 jmcculla: i know right @macey
0431 brella: i feel as though a tremendous weight has just been lifted off my shoulders
0432 caseyballvins: Right brella?
0433 brella: but im still hyperventilating in general so i guess it doesn't make much difference
0434 izzy: tom is coming back though!!! his impact is not over!!!!! screams!!!
0435 caseyballvins: agreed
0436 macey: i am seriously expecting somebody to secretly be somebody else's parent, though.
0437 brella: oh my god i was reading 28 in the post office this morning waiting for my passport
0438 macey: at some point. it's gonna happen.
0439 brella: i think i freaked out the old ladies behind me in line
0440 caleb_bollenbacher: i just hope hunter and casey aren't related
0441 caleb_bollenbacher: then I would feel very awkward
0442 jukite: Yeah,,makes the attraction weird
0443 caleb_bollenbacher: because THAT SHIP IS SAILING
0444 brella: past the ship point of no return
0445 upguntha: bazinga
0446 joe_eisma: man if we put hunter and casey together, it's ross and rachel all over again
0447 caleb_bollenbacher: yup. it's like the titanic of ships, minus he iceberg thing
0448 brella: casey/hunter more like me crying on the floor
0449 jukite: LOL
0450 caleb_bollenbacher: and that's a problem...why?
0451 caseyballvins: me too brella
0452 jmcculla: If Abraham's behavior is any indication, I'm sure he's got kids all over campus!
0453 brella: oh my god @ ross/rachel
0454 macey: every ship in this series that may be canon, me crying on the floor
0455 caleb_bollenbacher: ROSS AND RACHEL ARE THE HEADMASTER
0456 brella: THEY WERE ON A BREAK because the world was being destroyed and stuff
0457 joe_eisma: friends got worse after ross and rachel!
0458 kelso: "we had a date, hunter"
0459 caleb_bollenbacher: hahah
0460 kelso: "THEY WERE ON A BREAK"
0461 macey: like to be honest there is not a single happy couple
0462 caleb_bollenbacher: ok yeah, that's a valid point
0463 izzy: omg
0464 macey: the blevinses were happy but they're DEAD
0465 izzy: i think the titanic just hit
0466 caleb_bollenbacher: but they were end game. i would be ok with casey and hunter together just at the end
0467 brella: don't you say a word to me, izzy
0468 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, Hunter/Casey is a boring couple. Hiseo/Pamela on the other hand...
0469 joe_eisma: you just kill the tension. the 'will they or won't they' is more fun
0470 brella: true ^
0471 caleb_bollenbacher: truth
0472 jukite: sometimes
0473 caseyballvins: "fun"
0474 macey: joe didn't you say you wanted to draw a romance comic one day
0475 caleb_bollenbacher: i feel like that's the basic fabric of....all things ever
0476 brella: jeff/britta flashbacks
0477 izzy: hisao/guillaume that's what i want
0478 macey: are we gettin any more romance any time soon
0479 jmcculla: Who's the suit of Issue One, Page One??? Never forget...
0480 joe_eisma: i did and i am!
0481 caseyballvins: Oh exciting!
0482 macey: IM HAPPY FOR YOU
0483 caleb_bollenbacher: yay!
0484 kelso: Ike and Jade tho...still my otp.
0485 izzy: actually more guillaume in general tbh
0486 izzy: oh that's awesome!!!
0487 macey: art monster, right?
0488 caleb_bollenbacher: more Eisma arts ftw!
0489 jmcculla: Might be Hunter...
0490 joe_eisma: jmcculla--i'm glad you remembered that. might come up again
0491 kelso: And Hisao/Guillaume in close 2nd!
0492 leanne entered the room
0493 joe_eisma: yup, art monster
0494 darrrrkvengeance: Hiseo, Guillame, AND Pamela. time travel back to San Francisco in the 70s.
0495 caleb_bollenbacher: i'm excited for that one
0496 caleb_bollenbacher: when's the release again? looks sweet
0497 upguntha: He's library guy
0498 ewaldr left the room
0499 ewaldr entered the room
0500 guest-535287 changed nickname to leanne
0501 guest-535296 changed nickname to ewaldr
0502 macey: what's up with library guy
0503 izzy: ike's real dad
0504 brella: as an aside can i just say the philip k. dick reference was aces all around
0505 macey: obviously he's related to hunter somehow
0506 brella: do hunters dream of electric sheep
0507 macey: (ben...jamin??)
0508 brella: no they dream of melons
0509 joe_eisma: art monster is out on halloween
0510 jukite: LOL
0511 leanne: heyy
0512 caleb_bollenbacher: i'll see it there...
0513 macey: they dream of tuna and melons
0514 macey: i bet nick switched it to tuna just to make fun of our tuna jokes
0515 leanne: hunters dream of caseys
0516 brella: shhhhhshdhfhh
0517 caseyballvins: Breathe brella
0518 leanne: hey okay i was talking to macey earlier about
0519 brella: i can't
0520 leanne: this
0521 tori entered the room
0522 brella: anymorwe
0523 leanne: but like
0524 leanne: with the descartes reference
0525 jmcculla: Is it just me or was the coloring and shadows SUPER polished with #28?
0526 caseyballvins: I've got you, babe, just breathe
0527 leanne: descartes was famous for like disregarding all former notions and ideas
0528 jmcculla: art has always been stellar, but 28 was something special
0529 leanne: and instead building on nothing in essense
0530 caleb_bollenbacher: yeah i thought the same thing re
0531 macey: yeah paul's getting used to joe's lines now. looks stellar
0532 leanne: (we got a new colorist)
0533 darrrrkvengeance: so is Casey -- or at least one Casey -- in the cave the entire time from 13 to 27?
0534 caseyballvins: Already stated, but damn the art this issue was amazing
0535 joe_eisma: thanks! paul really rocked the colors on this one. he had more time than he did on 27
0536 leanne: and i think maybe that's what hunter
0537 leanne: is supposed to do too
0538 leanne: like he's supposed to destroy everything old
0539 jmcculla: coloring was great
0540 leanne: and rebuild the new
0541 leanne: so that it's not tainted with the past
0542 leanne: or maybe that's something he already did
0543 leanne: idk just food for thought, haha
0544 joe_eisma: current plan is for alex to be back for 30
0545 jmcculla: the whole series is like a timeline of art progression
0546 lara: hmm
0547 macey: that doesn't help anyone against the hunter-is-headmaster theory huh
0548 joe_eisma: and we'll see if he wants to do the double shipping issues
0549 leanne: my eighth grade philosophy iS USEFUL!!
0550 joe_eisma: aww
0551 nick entered the room
0552 macey: OH MY GOD YEAH joe how the hell are you gonna do four issues in two months??
0553 caleb_bollenbacher: alex for prez
0554 alison: I'm super excited about the double shipped issues!
0555 jmcculla: i can't wait to see what #100 the finale is gonna look like!
0556 caleb_bollenbacher: isn't it going past #100 now?
0557 joe_eisma: well the deal nick and i made for those issues was they had to be shorter. haha
0558 jmcculla: ...wait, the plan is still 100 issues, right?
0559 guest-535329 changed nickname to nick
0560 macey: nick! you made it, hooray
0561 caleb_bollenbacher: i thought nick said it would go a little longer
0562 nick: hey all
0563 jukite: hey, I'll take shorter character issues for twice a month
0564 caleb_bollenbacher: NICK! I HAVE QUESTIONS! AND YOU ROCK
0565 izzy: same
0566 leanne: HI NICK
0567 guest-535350 entered the room
0568 izzy: hello!!
0569 jmcculla: How's it going Nick... *salute*
0570 jukite: (Hi nick ^_^)
0571 caleb_bollenbacher: @Nick, I just finished Carnivale after reading you watched it. ARE CASEY AND HUNTER AVATAR
0572 khrystyanna left the room
0573 caleb_bollenbacher: I kept getting a similar vibe in this issue, them being guided by forces to cross paths
0574 leanne: oh hey side note is anyone besides macey reading east of west
0575 brella: i can't get. casey/hunter rachel/ross parallels out of my head thanks joe eisma
0576 guest-535371 entered the room
0577 joe_eisma: haha
0578 newuser9427 left the room
0579 leanne: i read the first issue a while ago it's really good hickman is so gr9
0580 caseyballvins: I feel like I should watch friends now
0581 guest-535350 left the room
0582 guest-535311 changed nickname to tori
0583 brella: if you haven't seen friends you haven't lived u feel me
0584 nick: carnivale definitely was an influence on the book
0585 caseyballvins: I really want to
0586 caleb_bollenbacher: I'm seeing that now. And I love it
0587 guest-535380 entered the room
0588 caseyballvins: but like, when do I have the time?
0589 caleb_bollenbacher: Can you elaborate? Or is that too spoiler-y
0590 betoo entered the room
0591 macey: nick i need to thank you for fortunato with the melon. it's my new favorite thing.
0592 kelso: if i could only watch one tv show for the rest of my life, it'd be friends.
0593 caseyballvins: The melon!
0594 caleb_bollenbacher: I am dedicated enough to watch 24 hours of telivision for morning glories hints lol
0595 guest-535371 left the room
0596 kelso: oh the melon. the melon of friendship.
0597 guest-535383 changed nickname to betoo
0598 caleb_bollenbacher: I ship the melon. And everyone.
0599 macey: that was the first thing we talked about today. the melon. we talked about it for awhile
0600 upguntha: Melonato
0601 brella: so no one told you school was gonna be this way
0602 betoo left the room
0603 brella: he's not fortunato
0604 brella: he is melon lord
0605 kelso: the melon is now the fandom bicycle
0606 nick: i knew the melon would be a hit
0607 kelso: like the dick grayson of morning glories
0608 joe_eisma: haha
0609 caseyballvins: It was the biggest hit
0610 jmcculla: Gotta commend you Nick Spencer for creating dialogue that intelligent ppl can appreciate!
0611 upguntha: lmao
0612 brella: the melon is my favorite character
0613 macey: seriously all everyone has said to me today was "FORTUNATO AND MELONS"
0614 jmcculla: I'm sure some will read and say "I know some of those words"...
0615 brella: YEAH LIKE I FINISHED IT and stood there in shock and just whispered "melons"
0616 jmcculla: Kudos to you sir!
0617 leanne: i really like the dialogue too bc like it's good for smart people but not too smart that l
0618 leanne: dumb people like me cant understand hahaha
0619 brella: oh man yeah the descartes stuff was great great great
0620 ggori entered the room
0621 caseyballvins: That was done amazingly
0622 lara: i don't catch a lot of the pop culture references
0623 guest-535380 left the room
0624 guest-535410 changed nickname to ggori
0625 lara: haha
0626 izzy: i'm dumb though i didn't understand any of it
0627 jmcculla: Fortunato & Melons...sounds like a t-shirt idea haha
0628 brella: je pense, donc je lis morning glories
0629 caseyballvins: I know a little about descartes but I was never lost, kudos
0630 caseyballvins: BRELLA
0631 leanne: descartes is recognized as like
0632 darrrrkvengeance: with Hawkeye 11 being all from the pov of Pizza Dog, we should have a MG issue that's all
0633 leanne: father of mod philosophy
0634 darrrrkvengeance: from the point of view of the melon
0635 brella: descartes basically invented modern philosophy
0636 alison: I think therefore I am etc.
0637 leanne: "i think, therefore i am"
0638 joe_eisma: nick's panel description for jade's descartes speech
0639 leanne: but then he went a little iffy
0640 leanne: and said basically like
0641 macey: yes. melon issue. we don't get a tuna issue, we get a melon issue
0642 ggori left the room
0643 leanne: he believes in god
0644 brella: we had to read so much of him in my french philosophy class jfc
0645 carmen entered the room
0646 jmcculla: That's another cool thing about this series
0647 macey: of him carrying around the melon, being nice to the melon
0648 leanne: and that belief is basically "divine"
0649 leanne: and therefore it must exist
0650 jmcculla: if u don't understand a reference, Nick makes you wanna research it
0651 guest-535431 changed nickname to carmen
0652 leanne: even though not all thoughts exist
0653 macey: leanne
0654 leanne: hahahaha
0655 guest-534933 left the room
0656 guest-535434 entered the room
0657 leanne: he didnt really clarify what constitutes
0658 caseyballvins: Can we just appreciate half to conversation was philosphy, half was melons
0659 leanne: as "divine" though
0660 ashley entered the room
0661 leanne: so scholars like
0662 leanne: crticize him for his second point
0663 leanne: but praise him for the first one "think therefore i am"
0664 upguntha: why das the akiko switch made
0665 caleb_bollenbacher: Nick can you discuss the faith of any of the characters? Obviously there are signficant
0666 leanne: but yeah the whole like "destroy the old thoughts to create new foundations for thought"
0667 caleb_bollenbacher: ties to religion in this mythology
0668 leanne: really could apply to hunter imo
0669 guest-535437 changed nickname to ashley
0670 arashan entered the room
0671 jmcculla: Just for the record, the first line of the issue is "Twelve Years."
0672 jmcculla: That really is a long time!
0673 guest-535455 changed nickname to arashan
0674 leanne: poor casey though
0675 leanne: it's like narnia hahah she has to live to adulthood twice
0676 jmcculla: I know right @leanne
0677 lara: over a decade pretending to be someone else
0678 guest-535467 entered the room
0679 macey: it's gonna be so awkward when she goes back to classes
0680 kelso: makes me think about how old everyone at that school REALLY is....
0681 caseyballvins: Casey's life just destresses me so much
0682 macey: and when hunter crushes on her it must make her feel real skeevy
0683 arashan left the room
0684 caseyballvins: *stresses
0685 leanne: i feel like hunter's crush on her in general
0686 leanne: is kinda skeevy hahahah
0687 kelso: especially when she was in a serious relationship with someone else
0689 izzy: but she went back to 16 year old casey didn't she?!
0690 caseyballvins: Yes
0691 jmcculla: well, after the abraham/casey dinner, she said "i'm as old as your son"...six years old
0692 macey: not in her HEAD
0693 caseyballvins: Just physically
0694 leanne: oh hey i have like
0695 jmcculla: in issue # 26
0696 leanne: a couple of timeline theories i'll publish in a few mins
0697 darrrrkvengeance: well, the Casey that emerges from the cave seems to have additional knowledge,
0698 macey: like she's a ~29 year old in a 16 year old body
0699 macey: from what i can tell?
0700 darrrrkvengeance: but is she actually 12 years older. i didn't think so
0701 alison: Mentally.
0702 leanne: that sucks so badly
0703 darrrrkvengeance: like when she's in the Cave from 13 to 27 she's not in time and space
0704 brella: descartes may have believed in god but i think he believed that
0705 brella: all of god's creations were their own agents, bascially
0706 brella: their own gods in a way
0707 brella: because they were self-aware
0708 brella: but i might be remembering this wrong
0709 caleb_bollenbacher: they were AVATARA
0710 lara: they were meta
0711 leanne: yeah tbh i'm not 100% sure on my stuff either hahahaha
0712 izzy: or that whole time travel thing was an out of body experience and she was in the cave the
0713 brella: sorry i know we finished talking about that like an hour ago
0714 izzy: whole time
0715 macey: it turns out mg is one big philosophical commentary
0716 izzy: so she'd have the memories but not the development
0717 brella: but descartes believed that even though god created man, man had absolute freedom
0718 jmcculla: Speaking of the cave...i still wanna know what the shadows were doing behind ike & jade
0719 leanne: oh random but
0720 brella: making out
0721 leanne: i feel like casey vs irina
0722 lara: heh
0723 leanne: kind of feels like
0724 leanne: us vs ussr
0725 leanne: hahaha because like both of them use underhanded methods
0726 leanne: but casey puts up a lot more like
0727 leanne: "morally superior" front
0728 leanne: idk maybe it's just me meh
0729 jmcculla: lol @ making out
0730 guest-535434 left the room
0732 izzy: i didn't get that at all but
0733 darrrrkvengeance: Irina time traveled into the body of the Ukranian dude who beat Federer @ Wimbleton today
0734 jmcculla: Any guesses on what 8
0735 macey: god, i'm sure those shadows made out at least once
0736 macey: when they weren't looking
0737 leanne: it was part of the code
0738 leanne: that hunter rattled off
0739 brella: i still can't fathom what that code that hunter said wa
0740 brella: i thought maybe with bringing descartes in
0741 darrrrkvengeance: "Stop breathing. Hit that unforced error wide."
0742 jmcculla: along with binary code
0743 brella: they would be coordinates or something
0744 brella: but no there is an odd number
0745 macey: morning glories's alternate title should be "everything happens so much"
0746 macey: can that be the title of an arc
0747 leanne: hahhaha
0748 jukite: I looked at decoding it but I couldn't find a pattern that made sense
0749 caseyballvins: Or another title "so that just happened"
0750 leanne: i think nick or joe actually mentioned that most of it CANT be decoded??
0751 upguntha: You would think that Julie would recongnize Jade if they were in the same schoo;
0752 leanne: oh also @jmcculla 813 is the sign on the door
0753 leanne: that casey was in
0754 jukite: And no major gemattria/numerolgy references
0755 macey: yeah i think nick said that you can't decode it
0756 leanne: when she did her DARAMOUNT CHANGE OF DOOM
0757 macey: upguntha
0758 joe_eisma: i dunno--jade wears a ton of makeup at 16. she's more normal looking in the future. haha
0759 macey: perhaps...the next generation of special kids was suppoused to be at mga?
0760 macey: ie. people like julie? and that's why irina says they don't belong here
0761 jmcculla: which door?
0762 leanne: omg the next generation
0763 brella: casey's hotel room
0764 leanne: omg star trek
0765 leanne: okay sorry
0766 leanne: yeah where casey put black dye in her hair
0767 brella: those are the first three numbers in his
0768 leanne: does her husband just think her hair is dyed or ??
0769 jmcculla: oh yea...i remember that. i thought that was clever....
0770 brella: number string too
0771 brella: in the tower of babel
0772 jmcculla: the number 101 showing up throughout the Matrix Trilogy
0773 macey: she does seem to keep a lot from tom, he might not even know
0774 macey: he sure doesn't know her real name is casey
0775 guest-535566 entered the room
0776 leanne: yeah we mentioned that we just cant decode that
0777 brella: stupid 813 giving me freaking heart attacks whenever it shows up
0778 macey: and that she's a time traveler and stuff
0779 brella: ofc he doesn't
0780 ewaldr left the room
0781 brella: poor tom
0782 jmcculla: How long before "813" becomes more famous than "420"
0783 jmcculla: ...won't take long, I'm sure!
0784 caseyballvins: 813 is the new 16, brella
0785 macey: you know, i think that hip 50's guy changing tunes
0786 darrrrkvengeance: probably wrong, but i was thinking the 813... is just a set value that collapses the wave
0787 brella: i feel kinda bad for him like his girlfriend just got into a car accident maybe
0789 macey: is tied with melon tuna as my favorite.
0790 darrrrkvengeance: function. so if any other people or things are quantumly entangled with hunter
0791 caseyballvins: hahahahah
0792 macey: such a hip dude
0793 darrrrkvengeance: the duality/multiplicity also resolves
0794 joe_eisma: i love 50s greaser dude!
0795 joe_eisma: i told nick not to kill him immediately
0796 nick: heh
0797 macey: do you know if he's keeping that promise, joe-
0798 leanne: who was hip 50's guy??
0799 macey: SHIT
0800 leanne: i dont remember him
0801 upguntha: exactly if it's not them where did these kids come from
0802 macey: leanne, in the time travel sequence paralleling 13
0803 leanne: macey your dedication to background characters omfg
0804 caseyballvins: When we got the flashes of different scenes
0805 leanne: OHHgo
0806 leanne: omg he was cute
0807 leanne: wait no im thinking of
0808 leanne: copy machine dude
0809 brella: @lara
0810 brella: what could it mean
0811 caleb_bollenbacher: 50s greaser dude is....
0812 caleb_bollenbacher: THE HEADMASTER?
0813 macey: a lot of old characters were back! library dude, too
0814 jess entered the room
0815 macey: what's up with that guy
0816 caseyballvins: the greaser was with the juke box
0817 upguntha: Could Julie=Hunter
0818 jmcculla: I'm sure Hunter will be glad when he can change his shirt...
0819 brella: yeah!! i gues 50s greaser dude was keepin 50s waitress company or something
0820 guest-535566 left the room
0821 brella: hey now bloody shirts are very popular in toronto
0822 brella: is that... where he's from... i cannot remember
0823 caseyballvins: As a torontonian, it's all the rage here
0824 upguntha: Most likley to succed = made for great things
0825 caleb_bollenbacher: yeah hunter is canadian
0826 macey: at this point the whole cast needs food and a shower and a nap
0827 brella: canada. mooses. that is the extent of my knowledge
0828 macey: somebody draw hunter riding a moose
0829 caseyballvins: Eating poutine
0830 leanne: and watching hocky
0831 guest-535599 changed nickname to jess
0832 leanne: chokey
0833 macey: that's his gift, he tames the canadian animals
0834 joe_eisma: alex would totally draw this
0835 leanne: HOKEY
0836 jess: helo friends
0837 leanne: i cant spell omfg
0838 philmaira entered the room
0839 leanne: hockey
0840 macey: yes let's get alex to draw all these things
0841 leanne: alexs drawings are so gr9
0842 leanne: hi jessica
0843 caseyballvins: Wearing a beaver hats
0844 caseyballvins: *hat
0845 lacracha_mance entered the room
0846 guest-535617 changed nickname to philmaira
0847 macey: melon king tuna, moose hunter, the cloaks
0848 nick: zoembie was amazing
0849 page entered the room
0850 caleb_bollenbacher: haha yes it was
0851 macey: alex is an untapped talent. get him to draw comic
0852 joe_eisma: zoembie was awesome
0853 guest-535629 changed nickname to page
0854 upguntha: Zoebie was awesome
0855 jmcculla: Zoembie WAS pretty cool!
0856 brella: yeah hunter has deep connections with the creatures of the canadian forest
0857 macey: maybe...alex can draw the inevitable pamela issue??
0858 brella: mooses. ducks i guess
0859 brella: more mooses
0860 joe_eisma: yeah he should just draw a few pages and let me kick back and drink gin & tonics
0861 jess: meese
0862 upguntha: don't get me started on Pam and Roy
0863 caseyballvins: Beavers
0864 caseyballvins: geese
0865 brella: yeah those too
0866 brella: bacon
0867 brella: bacon's not an animal but
0868 leanne: I MISS PAM AND ROY
0869 jmcculla: I can't WAIT to see Pamela again...and I have no idea why!
0870 brella: canada
0871 caleb_bollenbacher: omg...Pam and Roy from the office...Pam and Roy in MGA???
0872 caseyballvins: MAPLE SYRUP
0873 macey: alex is the only guest artist i would ever accept on mg
0874 brella: hunter is really gonna need to drown his sorrows in maple syrup after this tbh
0875 jmcculla: What if Pamela and David had a baby...WHOOOAAA
0876 philmaira: Isn't Pamela the headmaster?
0877 caseyballvins: Right though
0878 caleb_bollenbacher: David is the headmaster...and he's just trolling everyone
0879 guest-535623 changed nickname to lacracha_mance
0880 page: Nah, it's actually Roy.
0881 macey: someday i'll compilate all the headmaster suggestions from the chat
0882 guest-535656 entered the room
0883 page: The whole goat thing is a front.
0884 macey: and you'll all just stare
0885 brella: you know i miss gribbs closeups
0886 guest-535656 left the room
0887 brella: just putting that out there
0888 brella: r.i.p. ridiculous gribbs faces
0890 joe_eisma: heh
0891 brella: VERY TRUE
0892 macey: all bummed out because he's dead as shit
0893 brella: but it was not a closeup alas
0894 brella: yeah thanks for that ike
0895 brella: now hes reduced to wearing a robe
0896 brella: guarding melons
0897 macey: gribbs wasn't that cool himself, but his faces were.
0898 tori left the room
0899 brella: indeed
0900 upguntha: he wasn't making his creeper face
0901 caseyballvins: I have a toronto question, Nick and Joe, either of you ever live here?
0902 lara left the room
0903 guest-535677 entered the room
0904 caleb_bollenbacher: I think the headmaster compilation would have to include...everyone
0905 caseyballvins: Cause the toronto jokes are spot on
0906 guest-535677 left the room
0907 macey: so does future jade hang out with the cloaks sometimes? know them or anything?
0908 joe_eisma: nope
0909 nick: nope, so I will definitely get stuff wrong
0910 macey: sometimes maybe does she go out and eat melons with tuna
0911 macey: makes fun of gribbs
0912 jukite: Play red-rover
0913 nick: I've read scott pilgrim too many time to mess up too badly
0914 jmcculla: Joe, how long does it take you to draw out an average-sized issue?
0915 caseyballvins: Well the jokes are amazing and completely capture the torontonian mood
0916 caseyballvins: A+ jokes
0917 brella: or maybe she just knows they're harmless in hunter's weird version of a subconscious
0918 macey: a canadian friend told me once that scott pilgrim is, often, terribly accurate
0919 joe_eisma: hmm, depends. 3-5 weeks
0920 upguntha: did Hunter read Scott Pilgrim
0921 brella: scott pilgrim is the holy grail aight it's incontestable
0922 macey: and she lives right near tortonto
0923 guest-535695 entered the room
0924 guest-535695 left the room
0925 levoyageur: Leafs suck!
0926 caseyballvins: Scott Pilgrim is scarily accurate
0927 brella: uh oh hunter has to fight mga's 7 evil truants
0928 brella: sorry, 6
0929 macey: (her first reaction to hunter was "you are from toronto and i love you")
0930 jmcculla: The art is just too cool and it's gotten better with each issue...just wondering
0931 joe_eisma: thanks!
0932 caseyballvins: (i had the sme reactions)
0933 caseyballvins: *same
0934 jmcculla: Are we still looking at 100 issues?
0935 macey: wait, brendan can be the extra truant
0936 macey: there's 7
0937 brella: excellent
0938 joe_eisma: more, most likely
0939 caseyballvins: Perfect!
0940 brella: CHOKES LOUDLY at more than 100
0941 jmcculla: NIIICE!!!
0942 jess: wowowowow
0943 brella: i'm going to be ancient when this comic finishes sos
0944 jess: color
0945 caseyballvins: Preach, brella
0947 leanne: jfc
0948 brella: am i even gonna remember what's been happening or is it gonna be like
0949 macey: ah yes so i can expect to be running this chat when i'm a decade older
0950 brella: "grandkids when i was your age i was reading morning glories and being upset"
0951 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0952 jmcculla: Morning Glories will go down in Image Comics' 100+ Hall of Fame!!!
0953 upguntha: that is why we have a wiki ;)
0954 caleb_bollenbacher: how many series have done that at Image?
0955 caseyballvins: Twelve years later we have issue 100
0956 brella: "back in my day zoe was still alive"
0957 caleb_bollenbacher: I know of at least two
0958 jmcculla: lol @ brella
0959 kelso: i'm probably gonna have kids of my own when it finally ends. if it ends.
0960 kelso: that's weird.
0961 caseyballvins: I'll probably have graduated university
0962 jmcculla: I can only think of two right now
0963 brella: im gonna be a washed-up 20 something /stares into the abyss
0964 darrrrkvengeance: Spawn
0965 kelso: and we still won't know who the headmaster is.
0966 leanne: chew i think
0967 caseyballvins: I feel you brella
0968 macey: caleb
0969 caseyballvins: KESLO
0970 macey: leanne chew is at 34
0971 leanne: has chew done it yet?? i cant remember
0972 caseyballvins: *KELSO
0973 leanne: HAHAH JUST KIDD
0974 caseyballvins: DON'T SAY THAT
0975 leanne: iNG
0976 caleb_bollenbacher: invincibe and walking dead were all I could think of
0977 macey: oh my god, joe and nick, you'll still be going when chew is OVER
0978 philmaira: spawn
0979 brella: the headmaster was dumbledore all along everybody go home
0980 leanne: random but from darrrrkvengeance to macey there's like a rainbow of colors
0981 leanne: omg
0982 jmcculla: Dumbledore? Woooow lol
0983 caseyballvins: That's Dumbldore's next great adventure
0984 brella: shut up maria omg
0985 caseyballvins: Ilu
0986 jmcculla: I think the Headmaster is Hunter, honestly.
0987 brella: gurgling noises @jmcculla
0988 jess: oh macey did you see the link i tweeted you
0989 kelso: wait don't say what
0990 brella: very distressed gurgling noises
0991 macey: i had this theory that it was ike but then time was changed and now it's hunter
0992 upguntha: Library guy
0993 macey: just so i could include both theories
0994 brella: ike seems too obvious i don't know who to trust
0995 jukite: Well according to Nick in MG Days interview
0996 jukite: Or is this a red herring? One thing we've established about the Headmaster – who's barely
0997 caseyballvins: That we won't know who the headmaster is @kelso
0998 jmcculla: Now watch Nick do something like make Ian the Headmaster as the series progresses lol
0999 jukite: been seen at all – is that he's very good at deception
1000 brella: no no no. it's fortunato
1001 brella: no one will see it coming
1002 macey: jess
1003 jmcculla: @ brella...agreed!
1004 jukite: So...the Headmaster's barely been seen
1005 macey: tuna's something. maybe just a fish....but maybe....
1006 kelso: oooohhhh well i feel it's like not knowing the doctor's name.
1007 brella: tuna's academy for gifted youngsters
1008 kelso: for the time being, it's GOOD that we don't know
1009 philmaira: Wasn't the pic on Hodges desk the pic of Abraham and Ike at Coney Island?
1010 macey: more like for gifted melons
1011 caseyballvins: I still like the melon as the headmaster
1012 kelso: makes everything a bit more exciting~
1013 guest-535788 entered the room
1014 jmcculla: Yeah, what's with the Nurse's name being "Nine"...hmmmmmmm
1015 darrrrkvengeance: i love the Fortunato idea, but it would be weird if the headmaster were a Truant
1016 brella: ohoho
1017 brella: would it
1018 joe_eisma: phil--we've never shown what the pic on hodge's desk is
1019 kelso: maybe she was made like a clone or synthetically or something and she was the ninth one?
1020 kelso: and the first 8 died?
1021 macey: i mean, this was the only time fortunato's looked happy, and it was about melons.
1022 darrrrkvengeance: definitely the melon for headmaster. that's why it (he) is in the greenhouse
1023 macey: melons are so important to him.
1024 philmaira: just speculation, then
1025 kelso: or weren't as ruthless/helpful so they were diposed.
1026 upguntha: it;s a pic of pam and roy
1027 macey: well- nine is only a couple years older than lara and georgina, right?
1028 kelso: Irina is headmaster, and she's killing Ike cuz he'd just get in her way.
1029 kelso: oh my god
1030 macey: she must have grown up with them, but we only saw her once in 20
1032 macey: kind of curious
1033 kelso: IS THAT POSSIBLE?
1034 nick: nine is younger than georgina, older than lara
1035 macey: REALLY? oh my god then she was like
1036 brella: oh my god
1037 macey: two when she killed lara's mom
1038 macey: dagney had her hands full
1039 darrrrkvengeance left the room
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1085 caleb_bollenbacher entered the room
1086 nick: like the number
1087 jukite: Shiny
1088 darrrrkvengeance: i wonder if the failed test was like the Garden of Eden. taking us back to those apples
1089 macey1: OKAY I AM BACK can you imagine
1090 macey1: raising nine, though
1091 jmcculla: With the presence of time travel, is *younger* and *older* really relevant???
1092 kelso: i'm going through my bible checking out all the 8
1093 brella: whoa two maceys
1094 joe_eisma: dagney is a saint
1095 jukite: LOL Descarets uses apples to analogise thinking of philosophies
1096 leanne: @kelso i have a post for that actually
1097 brella: ayup
1098 leanne: do you wanna see it?
1099 upguntha: genesis 22 8-13
1100 kelso: yesi'd love to!
1101 caleb_bollenbacher: @kelso that sounds brilliant
1102 brella: descartes dug his apples
1103 caleb_bollenbacher: i wanna see the post
1104 leanne: aight hold on!
1105 macey1: how did nine turn out like that under dagney's care, jesus
1106 caleb_bollenbacher: anything illuminating?
1107 jmcculla: @ kelso might be onto something lol
1108 caseyballvins: Dagney probably isn't as sweet as she seems
1109 nick: other than the birth of lara, we don't see nine with the other girls or Dagney as a child.
1110 jess: yeah leanne's 8
1111 jmcculla: I think ANY faculty at the school is sweet and sour!
1112 caleb_bollenbacher: hmmmm
1113 jmcculla: can't trust any of them
1114 kelso: well obvioously leanne was onto it first
1115 kelso: so she should get credit!
1116 caseyballvins: I don't trust any adult at this point (excluding future Jade)
1117 jmcculla: I mean, Hodge is cool, but she KILLED VANESSA when she was a kid...
1118 jmcculla: ...don't forget that
1119 brella: i don't even know if i trust future jade, honestly
1120 brella: i only trust
1121 jess: hodge is super shady jeez
1122 jmcculla: with a BRICK
1123 brella: the melon
1124 kelso: the two o's in obviously were a typo it makes it look like i was sarcastic oops
1125 jess: hahaha
1126 caseyballvins: MELON
1127 jmcculla: ...and a straight face
1128 darrrrkvengeance: i don't know if i trust the melon
1129 brella: and hunter; hunter can stay
1130 caseyballvins: True about future jade though
1131 alison: I wasn't aware that we were supposed to think Hodge could be sympathetic until that
1132 alison: recent interview haha
1133 kelso: yeah future jade seems to care about ike
1134 kelso: and suspisions are ike is headmaster
1135 caseyballvins: But is id I had to trust an adult
1136 macey1: future jade was cool until she just LEAD HUNTER TO HIS DEATH
1137 caseyballvins: it would be her
1138 macey1: she's still cool, but in a more ambiguous sense
1139 darrrrkvengeance: "from some island" my butt
1140 upguntha: Did we ever get a definitive answer on wetjer Vanessa died
1141 caseyballvins: WE DON'T KNOW YET MACEY
1142 brella: well hey hodge had a sacrifice so future jade had to keep up, macey
1143 leanne: ah here! there's some other stuff in the post too
1144 leanne: http
1145 jess: psst guys i found this
1146 jess: descartes had an architecture/building metaphor
1148 macey1: descartes had a theory of building, hunter is supposed to build that thing
1149 jess: seems to jive with hunter being the architect?
1150 leanne: omg jessica
1151 jess: yea
1152 leanne: i was talking about
1153 macey1: ffffffuck
1154 leanne: descartes earlier!!
1155 jess: yayayyaya
1156 leanne: i was thinking of brian's minecraft presentation
1157 kelso: thank you leanne!!
1159 leanne: yeah no prob (
1160 macey1: i was gonna say
1161 macey1: architect, and hunter as one as well
1162 jess: omg leanne
1163 macey1: that library guy could be benjamin. who knows
1164 darrrrkvengeance: well, Hodge kills *a* Vanessa after Vanessa goes back in time, but does that kill any
1165 jess: ah
1166 macey1: i just want to know who benjamin is
1167 darrrrkvengeance: or every Vanessa?
1168 brella: ehehe descartes said something once that reminds me of mg
1169 caleb_bollenbacher: that 8
1170 jess: leanne did you ever get around to the cyclic planes of reality theory?
1171 jmcculla: How many Vanessas are there? hmmmmmmm
1172 brella: he will always have his own thoughts on things/theories
1173 darrrrkvengeance: if Casey/Clarkson dies at the end of 28, that may not mean she's dead in the Now timeline
1174 brella: but other people will always have theirs too
1175 macey1: infinite vanessas
1176 jess: multitudes. multitudes of vanessas <3
1177 caleb_bollenbacher: i agree that the sacrifice bit is most likely, tho the Revelation one would be something
1178 brella: and that's what makes discussion interesting
1179 macey1: crisis of infinite vanessas
1180 brella: that no one knows the real answer
1181 macey1: a vanessa for everyone
1182 caseyballvins: Dang, Descartse, you said some deep stuff
1183 brella: oh my god
1184 brella: macey
1185 brella: you might say it's the vanessa of timelines, where everything is the worst
1186 jmcculla: a Vanessa for everyone? Abraham would like the sound of that!
1187 macey1: GOD
1188 kelso: goodness there are so many possibilities
1189 brella: hello waiter i'll take an order of morning glories darkest timeline
1190 brella: where everyone has goatees
1191 caseyballvins: YES
1192 leanne: @jessica
1193 jess: *goats
1194 jess: ah
1195 brella: vanessa put one washaway blue streak in her hair
1196 brella: ike lost an arm in the fire
1198 macey1: i wonder if abraham worries about his kids growing up and stuff
1199 kelso: i feel like i'm not smart enough to be reading morning glories lmao
1200 philmaira: It seems like they are moving about on 3 dimensional version of Descarte's Cartesian Plane
1201 brella: hunter tried to swallow a flaming troll doll by eating it
1202 macey1: not necesarily that they have guns just
1203 leanne: it's okay kelso me too
1204 jess: @kelso same hahaha
1205 macey1: are they keeping tabs on their health?? are they using protection??
1206 brella: @philmaira - yes!!
1207 jess: philmaira what do you mean by that?
1208 jmcculla: lol @kelso...ikr!
1209 caleb_bollenbacher: they're using melons
1210 macey1: he hopes they aren't participating in underage drinking.
1211 kelso: wait what about hunter and a troll doll?
1212 macey1: but they can have all the guns they want
1213 brella: descartes's cartesian plane is basically
1214 kelso: when was this established? lol
1215 brella: okay do you remember doing graphing in like, high school algebra
1216 brella: you get coordinates, put points on the graph, connect them all together
1217 kelso: mhmm
1218 brella: on this big (technically infinite) plane divided into four quadrants
1219 brella: that's the cartesian coordinate system
1220 philmaira: ellaborrate and I'll jump in
1221 brella: oh no no philmaira you go ahead
1222 brella: i mean you brought it up so i don't wanna like ramble over you
1223 leanne: what if this is happening on the imaginary plane
1224 brella: gogo
1225 leanne: like real numbers vs imaginary
1226 leanne: wait okay too abstract sorry
1227 philmaira: so that is looking at the third dimension with infintie stretched in all four quadrants
1228 jess: like a chessboard
1229 brella: nods
1230 brella: yeah exactly like future jade said
1231 caleb_bollenbacher: well friends, I gotta go write some stuff. have a good night!
1232 jmcculla: yea @ leanne that almost made my head hurt, but that would be cool lol
1233 philmaira: pull back into our dimension the third, well its more like the fourth, but that's another
1234 brella: everyone's at their little coordinates on the board, on the plane
1235 caleb_bollenbacher: nick and joe, cheers on another fantastic issue!
1236 jess: by caleb!
1237 brella: bye!!
1238 joe_eisma: thanks, caleb. later!
1239 jukite: Bye Caleb
1240 caseyballvins: Bye
1241 jmcculla: ditto @ caleb
1242 leanne: byee
1243 macey1: BYE CALEB we'll miss you
1244 darrrrkvengeance: bye
1245 upguntha: Bye
1246 jmcculla: i gotta get going too. this is my first chat but hopefully not my last.
1247 leanne: oh my god @brella coordinates on the plane
1248 leanne: like on a chessboard
1249 macey1: aaa and bye jmcculla!!
1250 upguntha: Nick is Hodge the Milner of MG
1251 leanne: ooOOOooo maybe too many references?? maybe too many references.
1252 brella: bye jmcculla!!
1253 jukite: Bye Jm
1254 leanne: BYE
1255 joe_eisma: bye!
1256 darrrrkvengeance: bye jmc
1257 jess: bye!
1258 philmaira: So think of all the 'points' on this 3 dimenional graph as the MGA students.
1259 jmcculla: Morning Glories will always keep me coming back
1260 jmcculla: can't wait til the next issue!
1261 caseyballvins: Bye jmcculla
1262 joe_eisma: glad to hear it
1263 leanne: ack i have to go for food time i will be back soon
1264 jess: but hunter resets on the 4th dimension
1265 jess: ~ time powers ~
1266 leanne: hopefully with timelinesexplained and posted
1267 brella: ~ omnipotency ~
1268 brella: okay not really
1269 darrrrkvengeance: i'm curious about all the suffering Irina is on about.
1270 jmcculla: MG made me start reading's an honor to read the story
1271 brella: yeah me too
1272 philmaira: There's something about HV and quantum physics that is hinted at from the beginning
1273 jmcculla: later guys
1274 macey1: i'm really curious what she means by them being as gods
1275 brella: i feel like it ties into
1276 nick: aw thanks
1277 darrrrkvengeance: is it just her own death/mortality. is it sort of ALL human suffering
1278 macey1: because damn, that's intense
1279 kelso: oh my goodness all this math and physics
1280 brella: the idea that kids like her and the truants have been being sent to mga for like
1281 brella: ever basically
1282 brella: and constantly fail
1283 brella: @macey i think it might tie in to cartesian philosophy which is basically that
1284 kelso: i go to art school
1285 kelso: i haven't dealth with this since high school
1286 brella: yes, god (aka abraham) created us (the truants) but we are independent and self-aware and
1287 brella: are therefore divine
1288 jukite: LOL its funny cause I see it from a khabbalist's spiritual perspective, and you bring it
1289 brella: in our own way
1290 darrrrkvengeance: (luckily my best friend is a physics teacher, so i have him to answer my Bell's Theorm/
1291 jukite: with the scientific one
1292 brella: i might be reaching though
1293 caseyballvins: Really wishing I took philosophy this past hear now
1294 darrrrkvengeance: quantum theory questions. ;)
1295 caseyballvins: *year
1296 brella: philosophy is the best
1297 brella: except french existentialism
1298 brella: freaking french existentialists
1299 philmaira: Hilber Space is involved somewhere, but I don't know how yet
1300 jess: hahahahaha
1301 philmaira: *Hilbert
1302 jess: postmodernists though oh no
1303 brella: hell is other people
1304 jess: yup
1305 macey1: what are you all talking about, i love postmodernism
1306 brella: thank you sartre for your cheerful insight
1307 jess: postmodernism is great!
1308 brella: postmodernism is awesome
1309 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, if somehow the students at MGA sort of possess both death and life inside them --
1310 darrrrkvengeance: not just their own, but death and life generally --
1311 joe_eisma: got to run. thanks, everyone for reading! looking forward to chatting again for 29
1312 macey1: thank you joe! you rocked this bud
1313 jess: awh thanks joe, bye!
1314 brella: aaaaah goodbye THIS ISSUE WAS REALLY REALLY AMAZING
1315 upguntha: Are any connections between Rue Pittara library and fuutre library
1316 jukite: bye Joe! Looking forward to reasing 29!
1317 joe_eisma: the theories were particularly fun to read tonight
1318 darrrrkvengeance: maybe Zoe's schtick is that she sort of kills the potential for death
1319 caseyballvins: Bye Joe! Thank you for coming!
1320 joe_eisma: don't drive yourselves too crazy. ;)
1321 darrrrkvengeance: bye Joe, and thanks for another great issue!
1322 brella: impossible
1323 brella: we will always drive ourselves crazy
1324 nick: bye joe
1325 joe_eisma: haha. see ya!
1326 brella: yu will pay for our sanitarium bills okay
1327 macey1: haha, upguntha, rue pittara was just a street named after nickypoo
1328 brella: okay
1329 upguntha: bye Joe
1330 caseyballvins: With the help of mg
1331 macey1: because of course joe would put him in
1332 macey1: bye joe! thank you so much for coming
1333 brella: okay i need to go like. eat something before i die
1334 brella: i will probably be back later
1335 nick: I should up soon as well, any last q's for me?
1336 jukite: yes
1337 brella: ah yes actually why does your comic hurt so much
1338 darrrrkvengeance: lol
1339 macey1: nick, can fortunato be happy about melons forever? seeing him happy is nice.
1340 jukite: In the beginning of the issues Hodge tells Casey
1341 brella: big question i know
1342 alison: Nick, what did you mean by Casey always doing the right thing? I've always saw her as Good
1343 jukite: "You and I had an agreement/we keep our word where I;m from"
1344 alison: but definitely rebellious
1345 jess: nick, would you say morning glories is a cynical comic?
1346 alison: or is it just HER definition of "right thing"
1347 jukite: Is there subtext there, like..she's more devine or mephistopheles-like
1348 nick: some people are more trusting of casey than others.
1349 jukite: r is it..on the level?
1350 nick: zoe, for instance, wasn't quite as taken.
1351 nick: so it remains to be seen.
1352 nick: re
1353 brella: oh great
1354 nick: right now, i'd say the jury is out
1355 caseyballvins: Perfect
1356 jess: mm
1357 nick: looking forward to you all reading 29- has one of my favorite endings we've done yet
1358 brella: double oh great
1359 jukite: yay
1360 brella: ._.
1361 nick: and will wrap the whole mega-arc up.
1362 caseyballvins: Should we be excited or freaked out?
1363 alison: oh yay! I'm lookng forward to it. this issue was my favorite so far.
1364 nick: BOTH
1365 macey1: oh my god how can we wrap all this up, i'm scared
1366 brella: freaked out maria definitely
1367 nick: bye all
1368 caseyballvins: Great
1369 kelso: can't wait to read it! at least it has an ending!!
1370 macey1: bye nick! thank you
1371 alison: Thanks, Nick! Have a great night.
1372 caseyballvins: Bye nick! Thank you
1373 brella: THANK YOU NICK
1374 upguntha: gnight
1375 kelso: well, a more solid one
1376 darrrrkvengeance: by Nick, and thanks
1377 kelso: thank you nick!!!
1378 jukite: Thanks Nick!
1379 darrrrkvengeance: *bye
1380 brella: for bein a friendly genius and stuff
1381 nick left the room
1382 jess: bye nick, thanks so much for coming!
1383 macey1: he should put that on his card. nick spencer, friendly genius
1384 guest-536172 entered the room
1385 brella: he should
1386 caseyballvins: Yes to that
1387 brella: ok for realsies though. sustenance
1388 guest-536172 left the room
1389 caseyballvins: *friendliest evil genius
1390 macey1: now that nick and joe are gone y'all can discuss your ships without shame
1391 brella: sorry for like spewing nonsense about descartes
1392 caseyballvins: Go eat brella!
1393 brella: NO DON'T EAT ME OMG
1394 caseyballvins: The descartes was good
1395 caseyballvins: nom nom
1396 brella: ow
1397 darrrrkvengeance: oh, i had a question -- too late for Nick, but perhaps one of y'all has a theory
1398 brella: ok i don't even care that joe said casey/hunter is basically
1399 brella: ross/rachel
1400 brella: that just makes me like it more tbh
1401 caseyballvins: ilu brella (seriously go eat)
1403 darrrrkvengeance: at the beginning of 26, when the chef puts the morning glory on the plate of scallops,
1404 macey1: brella i am literally going to pick you up and carry you to the food
1405 kelso: lmao it makes me wanna make mgxfriends crossover art
1406 caseyballvins: I love rachel and ross and I don't watch friends and just ugh
1407 kelso: or graphics with friends quotes
1408 darrrrkvengeance: does he KNOW that Casey is involved with MGA; it doesn't seem to be a coincidence
1409 brella: do it kelso i will marry you
1410 brella: @dv i feel like it might've just been a coincidence but then again
1411 brella: morning glories are not exactly
1412 brella: a common scallop garnish
1413 darrrrkvengeance: since he draws her attention to it specifically
1414 brella: gasp. flower language
1415 jess: nick mentioned morning glory flowers are significant
1416 jess: hodge's dress
1417 alison: okay I didn't want to look stupid but did the dude in the library look like Ian or was tha
1418 alison: t just me?
1419 brella: i thought so too alison
1420 jess: jade's glowing morning glories
1421 alison: okay. I SHOULD'VE ASKED oh well
1422 brella: god i'm hungry
1423 caseyballvins: EAT SOMETHING
1424 jukite: Hodge coulda walked by and put it on the plate
1425 jess: (GO EAT)
1426 jess: hahaha
1427 brella: no. ships. philosophical questions. yelling.
1428 brella: i will never eat.
1429 philmaira: Did anyone else notice how the panels were kinda weird in the library scene/
1430 guest-536208 entered the room
1431 guest-536208 left the room
1432 brella: how so?
1433 macey1: dv
1434 alison: Weird how?
1435 macey1: so it just looks that way
1436 darrrrkvengeance: well, whoever puts it on the plate, the server definitely draws Caseys attention to it
1437 macey1: phil, elaborate
1438 darrrrkvengeance: "--with a little flower, from the kitchen."
1439 macey1: well i think casey got super detailed with her order, haha
1440 philmaira: like not staight, sorta rough and non uniformed
1441 macey1: i think that's because it's a dream
1442 brella: yeah
1443 caseyballvins: Hodge probably told her to order it with a flower
1444 macey1: dreams don't make sense; they are, so to speak, "rough"
1445 brella: this is so fun
1446 brella: mg people. friends
1447 darrrrkvengeance: ah, that's a good thought macey. or maybe it's a message from her to Abraham
1448 macey1: omg what if hodge plans casey's dinner orders
1449 brella: oh my god
1450 caseyballvins: And all her outfits
1451 brella: she specified everything on that list
1452 brella: even the orders
1453 macey1: the way she has to walk
1454 philmaira: the panels get wibble wobbly once Hunter finds the source oh his answers
1455 darrrrkvengeance: lol macey. that's the really reason Casey's pissed at her
1456 jess: oh phil that's interesting
1457 darrrrkvengeance: *real
1458 caseyballvins: When she can go to the bathroom, take a bath
1459 jess: psst macey your name rhymes with casey
1460 caseyballvins: What dogs and cats she can pet
1461 brella: gasp @jess
1462 brella: macey blevins
1463 brella: i almost said ballins
1464 kelso: macey is ballin
1465 brella: the biggest baller
1466 brella: ballin blevins
1467 caseyballvins: I always almost write ballins instead of blevins now
1468 brella: i mean at the end she was
1469 brella: bawlin blevins
1470 brella: but whatever
1471 brella: ok yeah bad puns a definite sign to eat goodbye friends
1472 jukite: wow bad form
1473 kelso: hey who know what the issue # is where casey and hunter are in the library?
1474 kelso: real quick ^
1475 caseyballvins: See you later
1476 brella: #8!
1477 brella: i remember because
1478 brella: they had a date
1479 brella:
1480 kelso: thank you!
1481 caseyballvins: NOOOOOO
1482 kelso:
1483 caseyballvins: That issue broke me
1484 brella: all right sorry i'll go BYE
1485 jukite: LOL
1486 caseyballvins: Bye
1487 jukite: bye~
1488 kelso: later!
1489 brella left the room
1490 darrrrkvengeance: bye
1491 jess: bye!
1492 caseyballvins: Do you think Roy likes to eat melons? (The important questions in life)
1493 macey1: roy is fortunato's only friend
1494 macey1: they eat melons together
1495 jukite: Roy is the scrifical ram, ne?
1496 macey1: yep, he's the goat/ram
1497 macey1: we sort of flip flop on what he is haha
1498 jukite: yeah he's totes eats melons
1499 jukite: biblically, it's a ram
1500 jess: don't goats eat everything haha
1501 darrrrkvengeance: but does he eat morning glories?
1502 macey1: he's SUPPOSED to be a ram but everyone calls him a goat
1503 macey1: omg you know i bet pamela is his caretake
1504 macey1: *caretaker
1505 jukite: it's what Abraham scarificed instead after passing God's test to bind Isaac
1506 caseyballvins: Totally!
1507 caseyballvins: Cause he can't keep secrets from her
1508 jukite: and then..they ate it
1509 caseyballvins: ~her only friend~
1510 macey1: you understand her, roy
1511 darrrrkvengeance: definitely looks like a goat in issue 1
1512 carol entered the room
1513 macey1: you won't betray her
1514 guest-536268 changed nickname to carol
1515 jess: aaaaawwwwh
1516 jukite: Roy's gonna David around the the school, mindzapping people. that's
1517 jukite: the end game
1518 jukite: yes, I used David as a verb
1519 macey1: didn't we decide roy and david were in love too
1520 jess: roy and david merge into one #ghoat
1521 macey1: GHOAT
1522 jukite: LOL
1524 jess: yES
1525 macey1: it's all coming back to me now
1526 carol: should i even ask
1527 caseyballvins: That's amazing
1528 macey1: i'm sorry you had to walk into this carol
1529 caseyballvins: My real MG otp
1530 kelso: oh my god
1531 jess: omg carol hello
1532 kelso: i leave the chat for one minute and i come back to "ghoat" lmfao
1533 carol: hey
1534 macey1: so seriously
1535 macey1: how is this all gonna get tied up next month
1536 macey1: how can you just tie this up
1537 mutt entered the room
1538 jess: i'd like for julie and casey to meet
1539 caseyballvins: I'm trying not to think about it too much because I have enough stress in my life as it is
1540 macey1: jess
1541 darrrrkvengeance: well, at least we'll probably get some closure on who if anyone kicks it
1542 jukite: the MGDays interview, the immediate threat is Irina
1543 guest-536286 changed nickname to mutt
1544 jukite: so..bye bye Irina
1545 macey1: NOOO NOT IRINA
1546 jess:
1547 carol: nooo
1548 caseyballvins: I really don't want that
1549 mutt left the room
1550 caseyballvins: Irina is too amazing and just...
1551 macey1: although, joe did say they solved the "akiko looks like irina" problem people were having
1552 jess: what was that?
1553 caseyballvins: Can the ladies who kill please not all die?
1554 darrrrkvengeance: eh, she's sort of overpowered/knows too much. i wouldn't mind seeing Irina go
1555 macey1: people were getting them mixed up
1556 carol: one of them goes bald?
1557 macey1: maybe irina will just lose an eye or something
1558 jukite: cool as a person/person conflict she is to Casey, her exit
1559 macey1: wait i like that. give my girl an eyepatch
1560 caseyballvins: Or loses her powers
1561 jukite: allows better poeple to be atagonists...
1562 jukite: like more Ike,...and Headmaster
1563 jukite: ...Ike
1564 macey1: well, 30 is an irina centric issue
1565 macey1: so i doubt she goes now
1566 darrrrkvengeance: plus, it lets Guillaume step up
1567 jukite: aww
1568 caseyballvins: Oh, issue 30, that'll be awesome
1569 guest-536124 left the room
1570 darrrrkvengeance: maybe ramps up the tension between him and Hisao
1572 caseyballvins: SERIOUSLY
1574 jukite: LOL twin no less...rough
1575 macey1: this is how mg does relationship issues
1576 caseyballvins: Oh man, I just want to cry about Hisao and Jun all the time (I'm a twin, that hit me verya
1577 philmaira left the room
1578 macey1: killing your brother, pointing a gun to your head
1579 darrrrkvengeance: well, that's a good point. but does it mean Hisao is going to actually take an antagonist
1580 macey1: getting separated through time
1581 caseyballvins: *very hard)
1582 darrrrkvengeance: stance in the larger power struggle against G and the Truants?
1583 caseyballvins: It's would strain any relationship
1584 macey1: nick did say once that hisao's story was gonna be one for vengeance now
1585 macey1: so, uh, there goes the truants being his family
1586 jukite: hmmm..makes Hisao cool cause he'll have to choose sides
1587 darrrrkvengeance: ah, i didn't catch that comment
1588 caseyballvins: Oh, Hisao, baby. (As long as you still wear sleevless shirts)
1589 macey1: poor goddamn hisao
1590 macey1: i hope hunter gets back to the present because if he stays in the future hisao might
1591 macey1: think he's dead or something
1592 caseyballvins: Well, he might be in the present now. Though, so hopefully
1593 caseyballvins: A hunter and hisao reunion would please me greatly
1594 macey1: they need one omg
1595 darrrrkvengeance: when did Descartes live, incidentally
1596 darrrrkvengeance: if anyone knows. (i could just wiki it i realize)
1597 macey1: he was french but lived in the dutch republic
1598 jukite: 1596-1600sd
1599 jess: later um
1600 macey1: OH I READ THAT AS WHERE
1601 darrrrkvengeance: ah, okay. so well before the Academy was designed in 1760.
1602 macey1: mmm, yes
1603 jukite: yeah..but the monastary/temple it's built on/around obviously is older
1604 macey1: damn, now that i think about it
1605 macey1: i bet mga is built atop that original monastery, and that explains the shrines and dungeon
1606 macey1: s
1607 jess: ahh yes
1608 caseyballvins: That would make sense
1609 darrrrkvengeance: i was thinking about the Hunter/Descartes connection, and Jade's "You built it" comment
1610 jukite:'s obviously some kinda leyline/spiritual power faultzone...and /coud/
1611 jukite: also have been where Babel was being errected
1612 jukite: since there's references to that
1613 jess: yeah wasn't issue 22 set in iran? or something, my memory
1614 jukite: yeah..somewhere mid-east
1615 macey1: iraq, if it's the real tower of babel
1616 jukite: ^^
1617 darrrrkvengeance: spatially, the Academy may not really be in "the real world"
1618 macey1: yeah i've thought the academy might be on some...other plane or whatever
1619 caseyballvins: Or at least parts of the acadamy
1620 jukite: well could be the "next plane of existence over" and still contain some
1621 jukite: elements of the aformentioned
1622 upguntha: good night guys
1623 caseyballvins: Night
1624 jukite: night ^_^
1625 darrrrkvengeance: gnight upguntha
1626 macey1: night upguntha
1627 carol: night
1628 upguntha left the room
1629 carol: i might have to go too actually
1630 macey1: you're all going to bed so early tonight guys
1631 macey1: maaan
1632 macey1: aww bye carol!!
1633 jukite: yeah, what gives?
1634 carol: it's like 11 and i have a test tomorrow
1635 jukite: ah
1636 carol: byee
1637 jess: carol xoxo
1638 darrrrkvengeance: bye carol
1639 jukite: time-zones are lame
1640 jukite: night Carol
1641 carol left the room
1642 jess: @ jukite leanne has a really thorough theory on planes of existence and timelines
1643 jess: so hopefully she'll post it soon
1644 macey1: leanne is crazy about them planes, let me tell you
1645 macey1: she's talked to me for like an hour before, about planes.
1646 jukite: the scientific aspect of it will be cool to see
1647 jess: ah i also thought about car crashes
1648 jess: jade's, and casey's
1649 caseyballvins: So back to Future Jade, my sister has a theory she is actually Hunter's mom cause a)ginger
1650 caseyballvins: b) knew what she said in the hospital
1651 caseyballvins: wouldn't answer how she knew
1652 darrrrkvengeance: i keep coming back to ittle Hodge's comment about "they came from under the ground"
1653 jess: there was double vision in jade's car crash, but not in casey's (literally crystal clear)
1654 caseyballvins: c) time traveling could have given her cancer
1655 darrrrkvengeance: anyone have thoughts on that. (the spatial location of MGA made me think of that)
1656 jukite: Does Huner say what happened to his mom? I don't have to issues available at the moment
1657 guest-535467 left the room
1658 macey1: future jade's a real shit mom then
1659 macey1: sending her son to die
1660 caseyballvins: RIGHT NOW
1661 jess: wouldn't hunter recognize her though?
1662 caseyballvins: *Though
1663 macey1: jukite p sure she had cancer
1664 jess: ah brb friends dinner
1665 caseyballvins: That's true, jess
1667 jukite: but wouldn't Hunter recognse her then?
1668 kelso: hm he might not
1669 kelso: she'd be a lot older
1670 jukite: Aww..beat me to it
1671 caseyballvins: It depends
1672 jess: I WILL RETURN MACEY (kisses you on both cheeks)
1673 darrrrkvengeance: other than the "sacrifice" text box, do we have other reasons for thinking Jade sent Hunte
1674 darrrrkvengeance: r to die?
1675 macey1: she also says before she opens the door that
1676 kelso: plus depending on how long she had the cancer, her hair could've been gone for a long time
1677 kelso: maybe?
1678 macey1: she wishes there was another way she could do this
1679 macey1: hunter's mom didn't have freckles
1680 kelso: hm true
1681 macey1: and had different eyes than jade
1682 kelso: welp there goes that theory
1683 kelso: maybe they were friends? or she knew her?
1684 caseyballvins: That's what I said when my sister told me the theory, no freckles
1685 macey1: know, if there are future versions of characters
1686 macey1: like julie is like a future casey
1687 jukite: unless Hunter is a robot and Jade just vierws his video/memory files
1688 darrrrkvengeance: but she also says "what it will demand OF HER -- it goes beyond words"
1689 macey1: perhaps jade raised a future hunter?
1690 darrrrkvengeance: not what it will demand of Hunter
1691 macey1: dv
1692 macey1: the demand
1693 ashley left the room
1694 caseyballvins: I'm really stressed about Hunter
1695 darrrrkvengeance: but also if he's going to "do amazing things" that's a weird thing to say moments before
1696 darrrrkvengeance: you kill someone
1697 caseyballvins: Right though?
1698 jukite: well..sacrfices and all that
1699 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, at most you'd say you're going to do this one amazing thing
1700 jukite: and he did just time-reset everyone before that
1701 caseyballvins: But the amazing thing could be saving casey and allowing her to continue the fight,
1702 jukite: and build the stage therefor
1703 jukite: yeah..maybe originally Casey ate it and Hunter goes bezerk
1704 jukite: and now, Hunter eats it and Casey...does Casey stuff
1705 darrrrkvengeance: maybe he finds away to save Casey much later, like Casey tries to save her parents
1706 macey1: if we're talking about the future versions thing, maybe she means a future hunter
1707 macey1: will do great things?
1708 caseyballvins: Maybe
1709 macey1: oooh wait maybe hunter goes back like she did to save her
1710 macey1: and then their ages can match up
1711 macey1: shipping problem solved
1712 caseyballvins: I DIG THAT IDEA
1713 caseyballvins: A LOT
1714 jukite: well..their mental-ages
1715 darrrrkvengeance: Hodge tells Casey her parents aren't really going to die
1716 caseyballvins: Yeah, but who trusts Hodge?
1717 jukite: yeah, but we can't trust Hodge..she pretty much just wants to stop Irina
1718 macey1: no matter how much i adore irina i know it doesn't make plot sense
1719 caseyballvins: Hodge could easily be lying.
1720 macey1: for her to win
1721 macey1: there's still so much ike has to do
1722 caseyballvins: Agreed
1723 darrrrkvengeance: well, it's wise not to trust Hodge, but the way she says it is as if she expects Casey to
1724 darrrrkvengeance: agree
1725 macey1: i found it curious casey knows about irina's stanse and such
1726 caseyballvins: Same
1727 macey1: and she doesn't dislike irina- she feels like irina's actions are justified
1728 caseyballvins: She must have learned about the kids from Abraham? Maybe she met them during the 12years
1729 jukite: or Hodge fills her in
1730 darrrrkvengeance: maybe ties in with the suffering/sacrifice aspect of using the Cylinder
1731 darrrrkvengeance: well, she also recruited Irina in the first place
1732 darrrrkvengeance: or at least told Abraham about her
1733 tessa entered the room
1734 caseyballvins: Because Hodge told her to.... HMMMM what are you plans, Hodge
1735 darrrrkvengeance: did she do that following Hodge's instructions too?
1736 guest-536910 changed nickname to tessa
1737 macey1: TESSA
1738 macey1: TESSA!!!
1739 caseyballvins: I assume so
1740 macey1: oh man what if casey met some of the baby truants
1741 macey1: can you IMAGINE
1742 caseyballvins: HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE
1743 darrrrkvengeance: LOL!
1744 caseyballvins: AND SAD cause she would have met Hisao
1745 macey1: which one is her favorite
1746 tessa1 entered the room
1747 guest-536952 changed nickname to tessa1
1748 macey1: i'm thinking vanessa? or akiko
1749 caseyballvins: Venassa probably
1750 jukite: Ian seems to most docile
1751 caseyballvins: Not Guillaume or Ian
1752 caseyballvins: Ian's a little shit (love him though) she'd have no time for him
1753 darrrrkvengeance: i hope Casey recruited Pamela for the school. that's REALLY why she's pissed at Hodge. ;)
1754 leanne: hello i return
1755 macey1: HAHA oh man a tiny pamela
1756 leanne: i just posted
1757 leanne: the timeline theories
1758 leanne: in the tag
1759 leanne: it's kind of lengthy hahah sorry
1760 leanne: but lemme know what you guys think!!
1761 caseyballvins: Oh, exciting!
1762 darrrrkvengeance: where are they posted?
1763 macey1: yes leanne i'll read em later
1764 macey1: dv
1765 leanne: dv?
1766 darrrrkvengeance: ah, i'm not sure what that is, but i guess i'll figure it out
1767 darrrrkvengeance: dv = me, i assume
1768 leanne: ohhh
1769 macey1: http
1770 macey1: there you are
1771 leanne: http
1772 leanne: and that's the tag (
1773 leanne: i think.
1774 darrrrkvengeance: thanks much. i haven't tumbled
1775 leanne: ah gotcha
1776 leanne: did everyone leave D
1777 macey1: haha yea we slowed down! a bunch of people had dinner
1778 macey1: time zones, man.
1779 leanne: i leave for jeopardy
1780 leanne: in fifteen minutes
1781 leanne: ...hehehehee
1782 jukite: OMG that pic of ike on tmblr is awesome looking
1783 macey1: we need a new topic let's taaaaalk
1784 macey1: where akiko is.
1785 macey1: i want her back.
1786 leanne: AND HISAO
1788 macey1: YEAH both of them????
1789 leanne: okay so do you remember at the end
1790 leanne: of hisao's last scene
1791 darrrrkvengeance: awesome. i bookarked it to read later
1792 leanne: (where his bro died cries a lot)
1793 darrrrkvengeance: *bookmarked
1794 leanne: there was like
1795 caseyballvins: Hisao is probably still with Jun
1796 leanne: a blue fash thingy
1797 macey1: yeah! it was with hunter's time travel scene
1798 leanne: in the back
1799 leanne: right??
1800 leanne: when hunter saw
1801 leanne: those blue sparks
1802 macey1: in hunter's panels it was
1803 leanne: i legit thought
1804 leanne: that it was hisao like reappearing in time
1805 leanne: or out of time
1806 leanne: or something
1807 leanne: so maybe like
1808 macey1: well there must be something to it being intertwined with hunter there, i think.
1809 leanne: i want
1810 leanne: hisao and hunter
1811 leanne: to be friends again
1812 caseyballvins: My brotp
1813 macey1: we know hunter was worried about hisao at the time. perhaps he...put him somewhere else?
1814 leanne: and hunter to awkwardly comfort him (even though i hate hunter)
1815 leanne: and then be like
1816 leanne: "be free, my friend. free to wreck havoc."
1817 caseyballvins: yes
1818 leanne: and hisao's like OKAY and hunter's like wait not literally
1819 leanne: but oops too late hisao is beating up truants
1820 jukite: LOL
1821 macey1: once again it's all hunter's fault
1822 caseyballvins: Oh Hunter
1823 macey1: really just ian. the rest know how to fight back. ian is too wimpy
1824 macey1: every day is a bad day for ian
1825 caseyballvins: Ian would just run and hide probably.
1826 caseyballvins: "Nope I don't participate in this stuff nope"
1827 macey1: ian's strategy is to try to talk the opponent out of fighting
1828 tessa1: OKAY DONE
1829 macey1: and also, failing
1830 macey1: TESSA
1831 tessa1: except for explanationy pages
1832 tessa1: bajesus
1833 macey1: tessa, melons
1834 jess left the room
1835 tessa1: that's a lot to digest
1836 darrrrkvengeance: i'll be back in a few.
1837 tessa1: MELONS
1838 macey1: all day i was getting messages on skype about fortunato and melons!
1839 tessa1: hahah
1840 macey1: ALL DAY.
1841 caseyballvins: MELONS
1842 leanne: meloooons
1843 tessa1: lord
1844 tessa1: i don't know what to say about this
1845 tessa1: sorry i missed so much of the chat
1846 macey1: it is ok
1847 macey1: we've been all over the place all we can agree on is that melons = great
1848 macey1: and, also, timelines are confusing
1849 leanne: oh
1850 leanne: http
1851 macey1: and descartes
1852 leanne: WRONG LINK
1853 tessa1: 1. if casey dies i will do something like probably cry a lot and live in a hole
1854 leanne: http
1855 tessa1: 2. i need to research things
1856 leanne: i did a thing if u r interested
1857 leanne: it is timey stuff
1858 tessa1: i AM thanks!
1859 macey1: so, can we all at least agree
1860 macey1: irina is a goddamn babe this month
1861 caseyballvins: YES
1862 tessa1: I KNOW
1863 tessa1: holy god
1864 tessa1: ordering men around
1865 caseyballvins: DAMN GIRL, she was so fierce this issue
1866 tessa1: order me around next darling
1867 caseyballvins: Her speech though, shivers all over
1868 tessa1: same
1869 tessa1: okay so though
1870 tessa1: is jade like
1871 tessa1: priming hunter as a sacrifice
1872 caseyballvins: WE THINK SO
1873 tessa1: okay, good
1874 tessa1: i mean
1875 tessa1: bad
1876 tessa1: but good we're on the same page
1877 macey1: man future jade was being a good mom up until that point
1878 macey1: showing him good books
1879 macey1: taking him to see new friends with melons
1880 leanne: omfg macey
1881 macey1: and then leADING HIM TO DIE
1882 caseyballvins: A+ parenting
1883 tessa1: this comic thrives on parental issues though
1884 caseyballvins: Like Abraham
1885 leanne: offtopic sorry but
1886 leanne: are we as fans
1887 leanne: called glories
1888 leanne: or ?????
1889 leanne: bc i wanna be a truant ;A;
1890 tessa1: i call us glories
1891 tessa1: hahah
1892 leanne: but yeah glories makes more sense
1893 tessa1: me too actually
1894 tessa1: but glories makes sense
1895 caseyballvins: We're called nutcases for putting ourselve through this
1896 tessa1: so whatever
1897 leanne: i used to have "morning glory" in my sidebar
1898 leanne: but it got eaten first by chinese for chinese-american
1899 leanne: then trekkie
1900 leanne: hahahahahahah oops
1901 jukite: I think Gloeries or Truants are gonna apply eitherway, and I'd
1902 jukite: recognise either if I saw it for a MG fan
1903 caseyballvins: ^ agreed
1904 tessa1: has the coloring drastically changed in the past 2 issues or is that just me
1905 macey1: oh MAN i'm so pumped though for
1906 tessa left the room
1907 macey1: the next arc
1908 caseyballvins: SO PUMPED
1909 caseyballvins: Also terrified
1910 tessa1: (the big question are too overwhelming so i'm focusing on minute details)
1911 macey1: TESSA did you not notice paul little took over for this arc!!
1912 macey1: alex has a break
1913 tessa1: oh my god
1914 tessa1: are you for real
1915 tessa1: no one told me
1916 leanne: hahahaha
1917 tessa1: i am a dolt
1918 tessa1: sorry
1919 macey1: that is why alex is drawing things he has FREE TIME
1921 macey1: OH NO
1922 tessa1: because we asked each other about it
1924 tessa1: we were both very ????? last issue
1925 tessa1: WHATEVER
1926 leanne: K I GOTTA BAIL
1927 tessa1: i don't read the credits page
1928 caseyballvins: Haha
1929 tessa1: BYE LEANNE
1931 leanne: BYE
1932 tessa1: i get blinded with excitement
1933 caseyballvins: Bye Leanne!
1934 leanne left the room
1935 tessa1: and skip to the action sequences
1936 caseyballvins: I love jeopardy!
1937 jukite: bye Leanne
1938 caseyballvins: Hmmmm I'm trying to think of questions right now...
1939 tessa1: macey were you super excited about smiling fortunato
1940 macey1: bye leanne!!
1941 macey1: i'm not counting it, tessa, it was a dream
1942 macey1: unless it turns out tuna's been crushing on hunter from afar
1943 tessa1: aww
1944 caseyballvins: Oh my god, imagine
1945 macey1: that's the tuna fish equivalent of a love letter. a melon
1946 caseyballvins: "Akiko, I am sorry, but I have eyes for Hunter"
1947 tessa1: lots of fire imagery
1948 darrrrkvengeance: AND, i'm back
1949 tessa1: again
1950 macey1: all that dang fire
1951 caseyballvins: So much fire.
1952 darrrrkvengeance: what's the tuna reference?
1953 tessa1: oh man
1954 tessa1: tuna is fortunato's nickname
1955 darrrrkvengeance: (sorry. it's my first chat.)
1956 darrrrkvengeance: ah, okay
1957 tessa1: no, it's a really kinda old and weird joke
1958 tessa1: haha
1959 tessa1: ask macey
1960 macey1: one day tessa called him "fortunasandwich"
1961 macey1: i spread it to the chat
1962 macey1: it exploded.
1963 macey1: it's a problem.
1964 caseyballvins: I always wondered where that came from
1965 darrrrkvengeance: lol
1966 tessa1: emily photoshopped a tuna on his face
1967 tessa1: the creators went ??????
1968 jukite: yeah..last month I spent all night trying to figure it til I realised they
1969 jukite: were talking bout 'Nato
1970 tessa1: hahaha
1971 tessa1: did you guys speculate about where hunter saw the pretty lights before
1972 jukite: Well..on study hall someone made the interesting post about past lives...
1973 caseyballvins: Nope, not yet (I don't think)
1974 jukite: I thought maybe Hunter is in part, Descartes
1975 macey1: no i think it's a little obvious hunter is like
1976 macey1: a future descartes which is mega intense.
1977 caseyballvins: It's really intense.
1978 tessa1: mmmmm
1979 jukite: otherwise the parallel in stories seems so...easy, given Hunter didn't know that much abou
1980 jukite: t him when F Jade asked
1981 tessa1: can we talk about irina bringing ike in to be lynched
1982 macey1: who knew descartes would become a nerdy canadian teen
1983 macey1: yo when's ike gonna wake up
1984 jukite: LOL seems so 90210
1985 macey1: what if ike is asleep for like 20 more issues
1986 caseyballvins: Hunter's representing us torontonians!
1987 macey1: issue 50 "what the fuck's going on"
1988 caseyballvins: IKE WOULD THOUGH
1989 tessa1: like fucking AKIKO
1990 jukite: LOL be a weird way to catch up new readers
1991 jukite: for season 3 or 4
1992 caseyballvins: "So here's what you missed..."
1993 macey1: AKIKO AUGH
1994 macey1: where is she
1995 macey1: come back, angel
1997 tessa1: i might make her a shrine
1998 tessa1: cry on it everyday
1999 caseyballvins: I miss her so much.
2000 darrrrkvengeance: does Irina's mind control only work on adults?
2001 macey1: at least i hope she has a comfy bed
2002 jukite: LOL Be etheral in Peace, wherever you are Akiko
2003 tessa1: what's up with the mind control right now
2004 tessa1: who has the god powers
2005 macey1: dv
2006 tessa1: what's the connection
2007 macey1: yo can we talk about how irina found choking someone fun
2008 caseyballvins: They probably wanted to hide her in the woods and Ian demanded to find somewhere nicer
2009 macey1: when vanessa tells her to stop she says "yes you would ruin my fun"
2010 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, it seems she could have just made Jade drop the gun by suggesting it if it worked
2011 jukite: is Irina...of course she would
2012 darrrrkvengeance: on glories
2013 kelso: i gotta cut in and say i may dislike irina the most out of all the characters.
2014 caseyballvins: Irina basically choked the readers too
2015 kelso: i wanna slap her
2016 macey1: no matter how much i love irina, i can always understand why she could be disliked
2017 caseyballvins: Agreed.
2018 kelso: but then she'd probably tell me to kill myself
2019 tessa1: me too
2020 kelso: and well
2021 macey1: she does some serious shit
2022 jukite: she is the villainess
2023 caseyballvins: I love Irina, but she terrifies me
2024 tessa1: mmmhm
2025 jukite: but I think it's a really good balance between her and Casey
2026 jukite: She's methodical, and Casey is so short-tempered and implusive
2027 caseyballvins: They're parallels are amazing
2028 jukite: but it's gonna be one hell of a cat-fight
2029 tessa1: i like this dynamic they're setting up
2030 macey1: i found it interesting when hodge told casey they were nothing alike
2031 tessa1: i hope they have interactions soon
2032 tessa1: yeah
2033 macey1: and that casey thought irina's actions were JUSTIFIED
2034 tessa1: I LOVED THAT
2035 caseyballvins: Right though, Macey?
2036 tessa1: favorite line
2037 caseyballvins: It's just wow
2038 macey1: i mean i'm sure she'll change her mind when she finds out what happened to jade and hunter
2039 macey1: but still, she can understand and that stuns me
2040 caseyballvins: Ballin' Blevins
2041 darrrrkvengeance: do you think Casey knows about Irina killing Zoe?
2042 tessa1: they're both kinda manipulative characters! but in really different ways.
2043 darrrrkvengeance: i doubt she would think that's justified
2044 darrrrkvengeance: maybe just the rebellion against MGA is what's justified
2045 jukite: well, she seems to be coming from "the wool over my eyes is lifted"
2046 jukite: the schools been lying to us, so her reaction is right
2047 jukite: and Hodge is like, not at Ike's expense
2048 caseyballvins: I don't think that Casey will agree with the killing, but she'll understand.
2049 macey1: yes she'll also be mad about zoe
2050 macey1: disappointed maybe. like she seems to think irina ain't that bad
2051 macey1: so then she'll find out irina is just terrible to her friends
2052 macey1: i wonder what casey would think of the other truants
2053 tessa1: which sucks because it's very polarizing
2054 macey1: i think she'd like vanessa and akiko at least.
2055 tessa1: and casey likes to pool resources
2056 darrrrkvengeance: on the subject of parents, etc., do you think the Academy may sort of itself have made the
2057 darrrrkvengeance: glories
2058 darrrrkvengeance: "the old gods abandoned us, so we had to make our own" and all
2059 tessa1: in what capacity?
2060 macey1: i was thinking like
2061 macey1: maybe those who formed the sort of "religion" behind the academy
2062 macey1: gave these people their powers and started this big game
2063 macey1: that abraham and the headmaster are now fighting?
2064 tessa1: yeah, i'm behind that
2065 caseyballvins: And like, the glories are the headmaster's players, and truants are Abraham's?
2066 jukite: makes sense to the chess analogy
2067 caseyballvins: Yeah, it defnitely does
2068 jukite: Casey to E-4. Irina to A-1. You can't fo that!
2069 alison left the room
2070 jukite: only...y'know..with timne/space
2071 darrrrkvengeance: well, i mean, we know the glories were all born on the same day
2072 macey1: every kid at the academy was born on may 4th, it seems
2073 darrrrkvengeance: maybe the MGA was responsible somehow for their existen
2074 darrrrkvengeance: ce
2075 macey1: if we go with the reincarnation theory i always though
2076 macey1: t
2077 macey1: you guys remember in 20- that guy ted? from underground?
2078 tessa1: my internet is wonking out, i might have to bounce
2079 macey1: when hodge talks to vanessa she sort of implies those people are gone
2080 darrrrkvengeance: some part of them was "grown" in the Greenhouse by the Headmaster?
2081 macey1: i thought maybe the academy rounded up special people all killed them all together
2082 macey1: so they'd have a batch of kids they could root out around the world and bring to
2083 macey1: the academy
2084 caseyballvins: hmmm that's definitely a likely thing
2085 caseyballvins: And totally gross and creepy, like MGA
2086 jukite: pod-people
2087 tessa1: i love that theory with all my soul, yeah
2088 tessa1 left the room
2089 macey1: TESSA NO
2090 macey1: we are down to five
2091 caseyballvins: Come back!
2092 caseyballvins: We're troopers
2093 jukite: mwahahaha
2094 darrrrkvengeance: also maybe links back to little Hodge talking about hearing the people under the ground
2095 darrrrkvengeance: how they don't want to die
2096 caseyballvins: Yes
2097 jukite: could also be why everyone seems to love water and have nightmares/
2098 jukite: bad imagery with fire
2099 caseyballvins: Side note, anyone else really disappointed Casey didn't punch Hodge again?
2100 jukite: and why...making the kids run around nature in the woods is some
2101 jukite: kinda fun
2102 caseyballvins: (I live for those punches)
2103 macey1: casey punching hodge should be an annual thing
2104 macey1: once every 10 issues or so
2105 macey1: a punch
2106 caseyballvins: They're the greatest thing (I just wanted to see older Casey punch her)
2107 jess entered the room
2108 guest-537657 changed nickname to jess
2109 darrrrkvengeance: also, going back to the "test" that was failed -- which i sort of think as like the Garden
2110 darrrrkvengeance: of Eden, original sin, etc.
2111 caseyballvins: That's true.
2112 jess: hi guys what's going on?
2113 darrrrkvengeance: Jade tells Julie that they grown the apples right there at MGA
2114 darrrrkvengeance: but that she knows Julie won't eat it
2115 caseyballvins: There's sooo much garden of eden references
2116 macey1: the goddamn apples! we have romance going on there too like
2117 macey1: casey and hunter were supposed to have their date under the apple trees
2118 jess: ohhh
2119 macey1: and vanessa and brendan are under one on the 31 cover...?
2120 darrrrkvengeance: maybe that's a reference to the way the glories and Julie sort of pass the test that was
2121 darrrrkvengeance: failed before
2122 darrrrkvengeance: or to find out which of them CAN pass it
2123 macey1: that's a good theory
2124 macey1: how are we gonna keep track of all this symbolism jesus
2125 darrrrkvengeance: the whole "eyes were opened" line is of course Genesis chapter 3
2126 caseyballvins: It's like every other page
2127 darrrrkvengeance: Genesis 3
2128 jess: bless omg
2129 caseyballvins: And eyes opening is a reoccuring thing
2130 jukite: as Nine says
2131 macey1: god wait how did we not find that before
2132 macey1: there we go. important
2133 caseyballvins: Opening eyes = bad things happen (become naked, vunerable)
2134 kelso: i just need to read the whole bible
2135 kelso: summer goal
2136 caseyballvins: Basically
2137 jess: @ kelso same hahaha
2138 jukite: well, if we talk about Adam/eve and eating from the Tree of Know.
2139 jukite: iof good and evil, then , when they eat the fruit they learn the secrets of being (like)
2140 jukite: God
2141 jukite: So it's possible being this attuened is how the kids get their..powers
2142 darrrrkvengeance: And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die
2143 darrrrkvengeance: for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof,
2144 caseyballvins: Oh, good theory jukite
2145 darrrrkvengeance: then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods
2146 jukite: I'm I approach all the stuff form spiritual junk
2147 jukite: but it's why I like the time/planes link, cause there's khabbalistic spiritual
2148 macey1: ah. you know i wish i'd caught that now i'm jealous
2149 macey1: why did we not see that before? dang
2150 jukite: theories on that too which is cool to see how they coincde
2151 kelso: i'm sitll thinking about all the reincarnations
2152 kelso: that's what seems to be going on
2153 kelso: "what do you remember?"
2154 kelso: and all the weird flashbacks
2155 jess: oh my gosh wow
2156 jukite: it does make sense, because re-incarnation is basically righting wrongs/sins
2157 jukite: and becoming "better/ like God"
2158 caseyballvins: It makes a lot of sense
2159 macey1: i figured the reincarnation stuff was for the game
2160 jukite: and they're just trying to right some wrings
2161 macey1: like if this has been going on for awhile
2162 macey1: it's like the pieces respawn
2163 jukite: wrongs*
2164 kelso: they're all reincarnations of adam and eve. yurp. why not.
2165 macey1: so they can be used again and again
2166 jess: what do you guys think of pawns to queens, as a chessboard metaphor?
2167 jukite: like..they're upgrading from pawns to Queens?
2168 caseyballvins: yes @ macey
2169 macey1: it may not be that specific, jess? like i feel that'd stretch
2170 jess: mm yeah
2171 kelso: the headmaster is the king? he doesn't seem to do much, and everyone's dying to make sure
2172 darrrrkvengeance: it also goes to the faith/sacrifice thing. when Abraham agrees to sacrifice Ike he
2173 kelso: he's protected
2174 jukite: for the chess reference, I'd say that's bacially how Jade is trying to see it
2175 jess: i was thinking on the lines of
2176 jess: you beat the game, or reach a certain threshold
2177 darrrrkvengeance: follows God's commandment, unlike Adam and Eve, and thus becomes the father of the Chosen
2178 jess: and are reincarnated on a higher plane of reality
2179 kelso: hmmm
2180 jess: or as a more powerful player
2181 darrrrkvengeance: People (as Adam would have been)
2182 jukite: well..they just be elevating their own astral/spritual selves, IE everyone is on
2183 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, when Abraham sacrifices ISAAC (the biblical characters, not the MG characters)
2184 jukite: floor 1, but epople like Jade/hunter/Casey learn to go to floor 3..
2185 kelso: i got into this series cuz brella made a bunch of pretty graphics
2186 kelso: i wasn't expecting it to get so deep o__o
2187 macey1: haha, that's the thing with mg
2188 kelso: all of this is making my mind work haha
2189 macey1: sometimes you get really deep and theorize
2190 caseyballvins: Oh Kelso, I feel you (though I got into because she was freaking out over it and I thought
2191 macey1: other times, you just want to hold all the characters and hug them
2192 caseyballvins: oh fun!"
2193 jukite: LOl I got from reading Spencer's "Forgetless"...not the all
2194 kelso: oh yes i came for the fun, too
2195 kelso: WHAT FUN </3
2196 jess: yeah leanne bugged me about this all last summer, and forgot to mention how dark it was
2197 darrrrkvengeance: Pamela just wants to hug YOU, macey pacey!
2198 jukite: LOL just think..the longer it foes the harder it'll be to convince people to read it
2199 macey1: nick's other comics are all so different!
2200 macey1: he's writing the goddamn secret avengers right now too
2201 jukite: what's it like? "Oh, sticking your brain in a blender"
2202 caseyballvins: After I read it I made my sister and best friend read it too. They haven't forgiven me yet
2204 macey1: i've gotten like three friends to read it they have no clue what's happening
2205 caseyballvins: I'm trying to get a punch more friends into it. I won't suffer alone
2206 darrrrkvengeance: almost picked up the first v. of Bedlam today, but then thought i'd wait for a non-MG week
2207 macey1: bedlam's so much different
2208 macey1: it's like elementary meets hannibal.
2209 macey1: it's so fucked up.
2210 macey1: (but
2211 darrrrkvengeance: i read the first issue on Comixology and it looked great
2212 darrrrkvengeance: i loved Madder Red's design, or whatever his name is
2213 jess: i have a signed first issue! but i'm planning to pick up the trade soon
2214 caseyballvins: I want to read his other stuff, but I have like no time. sigh
2215 darrrrkvengeance: i read the first 3 or so issues of Infinite Vacation until the crazy wait,
2216 darrrrkvengeance: but never got back to it to see how it turned out
2217 caseyballvins: I'll be back in a mo
2218 macey1: the infinite vacation hc comes out in the next few weeks i think
2219 darrrrkvengeance: i sort of felt parts of that were a bit too tasteless even for me
2220 macey1: YAWN okay friends, do we want to close up the chat and go to bed?
2221 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, looks like it's winding down
2222 jukite: Close up shop?
2223 caseyballvins: No, I just got back, haha
2224 darrrrkvengeance: fun first chat for me. hopefully i can make next month's as well.
2225 jukite: So..are we doing this twice a week when they do the double issues?
2226 jukite: *twice a month
2227 jess: we already have chats twice a month actually
2228 macey1: AAAAH oh no caseyb i'm sorry
2229 jukite: wha
2230 jukite: when?
2231 macey1: we already have extra chats, but we'll do two issue chats in september and october, yeah
2232 darrrrkvengeance: really? when's the next chat?
2233 macey1: usually in between issues. so if there's no delays then the next one would be....
2234 caseyballvins: But no, that's a good idea. I'm glad I came to this, it was my first chat lots of fun
2235 macey1: july 10th!
2236 jukite: sweet
2237 caseyballvins: I'll mark that in my calendar
2238 macey1: i'm happy we have calendars now
2239 jukite: ?
2240 caseyballvins: Woo calendars
2241 darrrrkvengeance: yay, Mayans!
2242 jukite: you say that as if they're recent
2243 jess: oh sigh it's summer i don't even know what day it is
2244 jukite: it's a wed cause it's new comic book day
2245 caseyballvins: haha, so the summer time
2246 jukite: otherwise I wouldn't know
2247 jess: haha yeah
2248 macey1: ah yes, summer. a wondeful time
2249 macey1: OKAY well are we ready to head out
2250 jukite: yep
2251 jukite: Thanks for the chat
2252 jukite: t'was awesomeriffic
2253 caseyballvins: Awesome chat!
2254 macey1: awesomeriffic is a great word
2255 macey1: thank YOU friends
2256 darrrrkvengeance: well, i'll try to post some dark, dark vengeance -- i mean, comments -- in Study Hall.
2257 caseyballvins: Thank you Macey!
2258 macey1: yeah this was our best in awhile. with all the philosophhy
2259 caseyballvins: So much philosophy
2260 macey1: *PHILOSOPHY i'm not tired or anything
2261 macey1: but thank YOU
2262 jukite: also the wiki has forums I think that are gathering dust
2263 macey1: yes, the wiki's forums are painfully bare
2264 jess: i adore descartes in this issue
2265 macey1: i should get an account and help but, also, i am lazy
2266 jess: do we have things on the wiki?
2267 jukite: LOL I love te pic for the Headmaster...a shot of the greenhouse
2268 jukite: made me laugh
2269 jukite: okay, it;s go time
2270 caseyballvins: All right, I'm heading out! Good night all!
2271 delima entered the room
2272 jukite: peace and love and all that
2273 caseyballvins left the room
2274 jukite: ^_^/
2275 jukite left the room
2276 guest-538095 changed nickname to delima
2277 macey1: night guys! now i must copypaste everything