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Morning Glories Issue 27 Tinychat from May 29, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 upguntha: moi
0002 susan: and has reliable internet connection who wants to take it upon themselves?
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0006 susan: who can copy & paste the discussion from tonight so people who weren't here can read it?
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0008 francy: i'm on chrome sadly
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0010 julia: i dont mind
0011 jess: i'm on chrome but i can copy this
0012 julia: ah ok
0013 jess: idk how macey does it though.
0014 upguntha: like i said before moi
0015 upguntha: lol
0016 susan: okay how about all of you it couldn't hurt to have backup hahah
0017 bennettca: Sounds good
0018 susan: you can just submit everything to macey probably i don't think she'd mind
0019 susan: ~passes the buck
0020 jukite: (Is there a way to change font size?)
0021 susan: anyways what did people think of the issue??
0022 upguntha: so what's up guys
0023 upguntha: s20s'
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0025 jess: I WAS VERY EXCITED.
0026 susan: \o/
0027 upguntha: IT was crazy
0028 calfaile: we know who left the cave!
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0030 upguntha: so many feels
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0032 upguntha: where is Akiko
0033 julia entered the room
0034 susan: indeed where is akiko is she alright
0035 jukite: Deep-sixed
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0038 bennettca: Junisao was also notably absent
0039 francy: sadly
0040 calfaile: he was in the school
0041 bennettca: Yeah, we know he's fine, doesn't mean he's not missed
0042 julia: i liked the part where georgina was like YOU FAILED and then guillaume smirking A+
0043 francy: he's probably still. you know. crying a lot
0044 upguntha: irina needs to die
0045 julia: i mean i liked all of it but that
0046 jess: i liked casey....j ust., CASEY
0047 jukite: Yes, bye Irina. Bring back Zoe
0048 francy: i liked the part when ike was not dead
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0053 jess: ah i was hoping for a lot of irina this issue actually
0054 bennettca: The standout bits to me were Jade's. SO good
0055 calfaile: Ike can't be dead. too many Ike mysteries
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0058 jess: JADE. she was fantastic this issue
0059 jess: HI JOE
0060 francy: hiiii
0061 upguntha: tolf y'all she was awesome
0062 susan: hello joe!!
0063 julia: hiya
0064 calfaile: yeah, Jade was cool
0065 caleb_bollenbacher: hi joe!
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0067 joe_eisma: how's it going folks?
0068 francy: good!
0069 susan: it's swell
0070 bennettca: Excellent
0071 jukite: ^_^/
0072 jess: the art in this issue was fantastic
0073 caleb_bollenbacher: rad
0074 francy: yeah it was really pretty
0075 joe_eisma: thanks, Jess!
0076 rafael_santannameyer: hi
0077 francy: ty for being great again, joe
0078 upguntha: glorifull
0079 joe_eisma: aww
0080 calfaile: all "I'm a redneck, don't underestimate my willingness to shoot"
0081 caleb_bollenbacher: it WAS really good. loved it
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0083 caleb_bollenbacher: it seemed a little different stylistically at points. was that a meaningful change?
0084 joe_eisma: haha
0085 joe_eisma: caleb--nope--i drew it all the same. the different colorists affected things
0086 caleb_bollenbacher: ah, that makes sense. i should've looked for that
0087 jukite: Kinda nitpicky, but was there was reason Mr Reed looks a lot like Abraham
0088 jukite: ?
0089 jukite: I had to do a double-take
0090 joe_eisma: no reason--sorry for the confusion!
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0092 joe_eisma: there's an actor he's based on. i'll see if i can find the link
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0094 upguntha: Reed has got some moves
0095 jukite: LOL sweet
0096 rafael_santannameyer: I am still in shock about the season change
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0098 joe_eisma: haha
0099 caleb_bollenbacher: same. it really does seem just like a tv show
0100 rafael_santannameyer: yes
0101 jukite: But that's what makes it great
0102 rafael_santannameyer: but how come Casey could change that much?
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0104 rafael_santannameyer: but so far the book didn't answer me a question
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0106 rafael_santannameyer: Who or what is David
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0109 joe_eisma: rafael--more david stuff coming up
0110 jess: yeee
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0112 rafael_santannameyer: AWESOME!
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0114 bennettca: Yusss
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0117 jukite: Yeah, IIR in an interview Nick said later this season, or something
0118 joe_eisma: reed is based on Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights, btw
0119 francy: oohh
0120 jukite: Oh! ok
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0124 rafael_santannameyer: and what is the school purpose and why they base all that things on Bible
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0127 joe_eisma: rafael--that's a question for Nick (hope he shows up soon!)
0128 joe_eisma: Nick is definitely a fan of religious allegories
0129 upguntha: Is this the same future Jade as the one that interacts with Julie Hayes
0130 jukite: LOl. Does he fill you in on major arcs? or do you have tofigure it out too, as you pen it?
0131 joe_eisma: yes, upguntha
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0135 joe_eisma: jukite--he gives me some minor details, but keeps the major details close to the vest!
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0137 jukite: Shiny
0138 jess: ah when will we be seeing julie again?
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0140 upguntha: then what happened to "her school" it looked in better shape in issue 6
0141 joe_eisma: sooner than you think, jess!
0142 joe_eisma: upguntha--that was the nice part you saw in issue 6. haha
0143 guest-2317470 changed nickname to troy3825
0144 upguntha: whatever map you have for future school will be destroyed by Nick
0145 upguntha: lol
0146 rafael_santannameyer: I am sad about Fortunato death... it take an eternity to bring a brazilian to the book
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0148 joe_eisma: haha
0149 rafael_santannameyer: and when it comes it is to be sacrified
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0151 joe_eisma: fortunato's fine. he's in the next issue.
0152 francy: yay
0153 susan: god bless tuna
0154 upguntha: what dd they do with Akiko
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0156 jess: BABY
0157 upguntha: Hallowed id the Tuna
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0159 joe_eisma: yes, akiko.. where did she go? ;)
0160 caleb_bollenbacher: yeah i was confused, i thought I saw fortunata
0161 jess: yeah he got back to mga!
0162 rafael_santannameyer: It is interesting about how Nick uses the different nationalities. His japanese aren't the
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0164 caleb_bollenbacher: i'm so interested to see how things go at MGA now after woodrun...
0165 joe_eisma: yeah, i think it'll be interesting to see how they attempt to go back to class
0166 jess: yeah! things are gonna be even weirder than before apparently
0167 rafael_santannameyer: geek stereotype, he digdeep to bring a brazilian zealot
0168 pagerunner_j: Can't imagine being asked to crack a textbook after THAT sort of field day. ;)
0169 caleb_bollenbacher: maybe the classes change...or they make the students take forget-me-now's
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0171 joe_eisma: haha
0172 vedderone entered the room
0173 upguntha: Am i the only one confused on how Casey got to the school after the cave did she bypass al
0174 upguntha: l the kids
0175 alison: I thought the implication was that this kind of thing ... happens there.
0176 caleb_bollenbacher: ok, so that book casey was telling herself about...did anyone else think for a second it
0177 caleb_bollenbacher: was real?
0178 joe_eisma: she disappeared into the crowd as per nick's script
0179 bennettca: She coulda just gone through, couldn't she? She didn't know anyone there very well
0180 upguntha: ah ok
0181 jukite: Yeah, I think the book is the one the kid finds at the beginning with the "cylliner"
0182 upguntha: define dissapear
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0184 caleb_bollenbacher: lol yeah, It just took me a second. I was like "i gotta find that book! spoilers!"
0185 vedderone: just picked up the new issue and love it!
0186 joe_eisma: like, lara and georgina lost sight of her as she walked into the crowd
0187 calfaile: brendan?
0188 rafael_santannameyer: my questions are related to Casey's "trip", if she become Georgina, so why she is so mean
0189 joe_eisma: thanks, vedderone!
0190 rafael_santannameyer: without a reason or with access to the all truth
0191 joe_eisma: rafael--she didn't become daramount. clarkson and daramount are separate people
0192 calfaile: Casey has always been a bit callous
0193 joe_eisma: she's in disguise
0194 caleb_bollenbacher: what variants did everyone get? they were sorely tempting my poor wallet lol
0195 rafael_santannameyer: ok, but that was kinda hard to get due the physical similarities
0196 upguntha: that was a fast edit on Tom Calf
0197 joe_eisma: right
0198 rafael_santannameyer: and how she shaped herself forming a loop
0199 joe_eisma: well, casey has blue eyes, and daramount's eyes are green, if that helps.
0200 upguntha: Primer
0201 rafael_santannameyer: sooner or later it is going to create a mess
0202 bennettca: Now that things have a chance to get back to normal, are we gonna get to see some other
0203 joe_eisma: also, casey's features are softer & rounder, daramount's sharper and more evil
0204 francy: yeah in most of the major daramount appearances you have a good view of her eyes too
0205 bennettca: Glories' reactions to Zoe's death? I'm kinda hoping Pamela is the most broken up
0206 calfaile: I had it open. . . and I wasn't going to re-read this tinychat to remember
0207 caleb_bollenbacher: yeah, but in the LOTR movies frodo's eyes are both green AND blue lol
0208 upguntha: That's why she should unhand me lol
0209 julia: why did she dress up all daramount like ish for the high school anyway
0210 upguntha: thnks Joe
0211 caleb_bollenbacher: but yeah, I can see that the two are different people
0212 joe_eisma: haha
0213 julia: this should be obvious maybe but i'm slow
0214 joe_eisma: upguntha felt the touch of daramount!
0215 sam entered the room
0216 upguntha: it was not pretty
0217 rafael_santannameyer: well, coloring isn't a very trustful art...
0218 calfaile: Why didn't she get weirded out when she saw daramount for the first time?
0219 upguntha: that's also confusing
0220 rafael_santannameyer: exactly
0221 joe_eisma: good question, calfaile!
0222 guest-2317773 changed nickname to sam
0223 joe_eisma: nick's got a plan
0224 joe_eisma: hey troy!
0225 rafael_santannameyer: that sounds like the lack of Hunter at the cave messed with something
0226 joe_eisma: rafael--yep!
0227 upguntha: hopefully it's better then the Cylon's
0228 troy3825: wassup
0229 vicky entered the room
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0231 francy: hi vickyyyy
0232 vicky: hey!!!
0233 rafael_santannameyer: But if Casey was sent to the past to "shape herself", so it means someone tried to create
0234 nick entered the room
0235 rafael_santannameyer: a paradox or a potential trigger for something else
0236 troy3825: still at office, working hard to Keep Austin Beautiful
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0238 upguntha: Jade says Noooo
0239 jess: vicky!!!!
0240 joe_eisma: nice. Troy has never forgiven us for Zoe.
0241 rafael_santannameyer: but it isn't clear yet because we don't know the plans from the principal
0242 jukite: Zoe T_T
0243 rafael_santannameyer: or why the birthday kids are essential
0244 upguntha: but Zoe had to leave early
0245 upguntha: I died when I read the back up
0246 francy: i laughed really hard at that line then cried
0247 jukite: Mayve something happened on that aprticular date?
0248 jess: time is so central to this series
0249 troy3825: Hope springs eternal for my girl Z
0250 rafael_santannameyer: foward and back
0251 rafael_santannameyer: and what is at the basements
0252 pagerunner_j: I just about died at the squirting-Zoe-with-ketchup panel in the MGA babies bit.
0253 nick: hey all
0254 jukite: LOL that re-cap was awesome. I love the wording
0255 rafael_santannameyer: Nick!
0256 susan: hi nick!
0257 pagerunner_j: hey!
0258 bennettca: Hey Nick
0259 calfaile: hello!
0260 francy: hi!!
0261 jess: ah hi nick!
0262 caleb_bollenbacher: hidey ho, neighbor!
0263 upguntha: Nickkkkkkkkk
0264 lacracha: hi!
0265 caleb_bollenbacher: and by that I mean, "hi nick!"
0266 nick: caleb, you won the contest, I believe
0267 caleb_bollenbacher: wait really?????
0268 caleb_bollenbacher: THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE
0269 nick: one more day to go, but looking good
0270 upguntha: there was a contest?
0271 joe_eisma: yay
0272 caleb_bollenbacher: good thing I bought more...better gie them all away to my new roommates
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0274 calfaile: most photos with new readers
0275 susan: ooh how many did you have?
0276 upguntha: oh yeah
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0278 rafael_santannameyer: cool
0279 calfaile: so ubguntha knows how many to buy. . .
0280 bennettca: lol
0281 caleb_bollenbacher: ummmm....just one
0282 caleb_bollenbacher: wink wink
0283 susan: ohh sorry =x
0284 upguntha: lmao
0285 calfaile: nooo the proper answer is "60"
0286 upguntha: The variant covers will cover up my narcasism
0287 calfaile: then somebody will buy 70, you buy up to 80, and Nick does his happy dance and the sale nu
0288 calfaile: numbers
0289 upguntha: I'm glad that the numbers are going up for the book
0290 caleb_bollenbacher: yeah I like that. i bought SEVENTY
0291 rafael_santannameyer: And Image will blame Nick because he is busy with Disney
0292 gabejer entered the room
0293 jukite: well deserved, it's popularity rising
0294 guest-2317926 changed nickname to gabejer
0295 nick: yeah, the numbers have been great, we're really happy, so thanks
0296 nick: I promised I'd tell you who was doing covers for 29 here, didn't I?
0297 rafael_santannameyer: well, I am getting my books thru some bootleggers, but I am buying the brazilian trades
0298 upguntha: Maybe ;)
0299 caleb_bollenbacher: yes! I can't wat to know!
0300 caleb_bollenbacher: i'm loving the covers for 28. especially the tradd more one
0301 pagerunner_j: We're not likely to tell you NOT to tell us things, y'know.
0302 caleb_bollenbacher: wait, what is Nick doing with disney?
0303 caleb_bollenbacher: unless you mean marvel by that
0304 nick: For 29 we have
0305 clevername entered the room
0306 nick: Jo
0307 nick: e
0308 caleb_bollenbacher: good choices
0309 nick: Ryan Kelly
0310 upguntha: Eismaaaaaaa wot woot
0311 nick: Marley Zarcone
0312 nick: Edwin Huang
0313 caleb_bollenbacher: oooh I like ryan kelly's stuff (just looked it up)
0314 nick: Matthew Waite
0315 alison: Ryan Kelly is great!
0316 rafael_santannameyer: Marvel belong to Disney, so why keep calling it Marvel if it is Disney in about every
0317 rafael_santannameyer: aspect
0318 nick: and just confirmed- Jeff Lemire!
0319 guest-2317980 changed nickname to clevername
0320 susan: \o/
0321 caleb_bollenbacher: how do you choose the cover artists?
0322 jukite: wow...lotta varients
0323 joe_eisma: there's one more too
0324 francy: oohh
0325 lacracha: Lemire?! Good choice!
0326 nick: yeah, did you get that one confirmed?
0327 joe_eisma: yup! you wanna say it?
0328 nick: no, go ahead
0329 joe_eisma: kevin mellon!
0330 jess1 entered the room
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0332 jukite: sweet
0333 rafael_santannameyer: great alternate cover artists
0334 vicky: ahh im so excited for all of them
0335 joe_eisma: mine's a little different than what i normally do.
0336 upguntha: That is awesome
0337 pagerunner_j: that'll be quite a collection!
0338 caleb_bollenbacher: i'm frantically looking these up lol
0339 nick: so yeah, one last batch of 8, then we're done, we promise
0340 caleb_bollenbacher: i wouldn't complain about more haha
0341 jukite: T_T
0342 lacracha: I better start working overtime now so I'll be able to afford all of them
0343 rafael_santannameyer: So Nick do you think everything wil get clearer on season 3?
0344 joe_eisma: well, we don't want to overload you guys
0345 lacracha left the room
0346 nick: by end of s3, i think a lot will clearer, sure
0347 jukite: is the run still planed at ~100 issues?
0348 caleb_bollenbacher: maybe then I can change my motto from "I don't know what's going on but I like it"
0349 nick: no, we'll definitely go over 100, I think, but cant say for sure yet
0350 rafael_santannameyer: grat, because the plot really getting more and more complex and by the actual comic book p
0351 jukite: sweet
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0353 rafael_santannameyer: publishing pace it seems it will take about 20 issues or more to see the whole side effect
0354 rafael_santannameyer: ts
0355 zethia entered the room
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0357 upguntha: Is it bad that I calculated how old I will be when this reaches 100
0358 lacracha entered the room
0359 susan: hahahah so did macey
0360 rafael_santannameyer: of what happened during the cave/run
0361 bennettca: Not at all
0362 jukite: no..means great reading til then!
0363 guest-2318091 changed nickname to lacracha
0364 joe_eisma: where is macey anyway?
0365 zethia: at a choir concert, i think
0366 joe_eisma: oh right
0367 jukite: Is there amap of the school grounds you use for reference? I would love to see lone
0368 jukite: *one
0369 joe_eisma: i have one, but nick won't let me share it. haha
0370 upguntha: only cause he plans on destroying it
0371 jukite: T_T I would love to ourchase one poster-size 8D
0372 jukite: *purchase
0373 rafael_santannameyer: same here
0374 nick: yeah, no map yet-- still a bunch of things I haven't shown you
0375 nick: towards the end of the book maybe
0376 jukite: fair enough
0377 upguntha: like the man behind the greenhouse
0378 rafael_santannameyer: I really would like buy some MG Posters
0379 nick: you mean Ike?
0380 sam: hello friends i am late because i literally just read the issue dang
0381 lor entered the room
0382 jukite: Headmaster=Swampthing or Poison Ivy
0383 rafael_santannameyer: like the early covers in poster sized images
0384 guest-2318130 changed nickname to lor
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0386 guest-2318151 changed nickname to ibraa007
0387 upguntha: fyi we saw the headmaster this issue, he was being carresed by Daramount ;)
0388 jukite: LOL
0389 calfaile: hmmm so Nick keeps it all in his head, but Joe has a physical copy *somewhere*. . .
0390 ibraa007 left the room
0391 leanne entered the room
0392 upguntha: Operation invade Eisma's house begin
0393 calfaile: Where does Joe live again? for. . . fanmail
0394 caleb_bollenbacher: sounds like the beginnings of an oceans 11 thing
0395 caleb_bollenbacher: and there it is haha
0396 joe_eisma: haha obviously my map is very fluid
0397 guest-2318163 changed nickname to leanne
0398 leanne: HI
0399 francy: yooo
0400 leanne: am i really late
0401 susan: hello leanne
0402 leanne: it's susan!
0403 zethia: LEANNE i MISSED YOU
0404 susan: \o/
0405 leanne: JESSICAAA
0406 jukite: wow...with all the aqua-literary references in the book, I can't help but think that pun
0407 susan: you're like an hour late but that's a-ok
0408 jukite: was intentional
0409 vicky: hihihiii
0410 leanne: wait okay first of all i just need to ask does anyone else
0411 leanne: ship jade and irina
0412 upguntha: Will we see Tom again?
0413 zethia: tessa was talking about it hahah
0414 susan: lolol i think tessa did
0415 caleb_bollenbacher: oooo a WATER MAP
0416 leanne: YESS
0417 lacracha: 27 issues and not one student has ever asked (at least I don't think anyone has) why
0418 nick: tom is in 28
0419 lacracha: weird things are happening at the school. They're all so calm about it
0420 leanne: i like tom tom is a babe
0421 leanne: lacracha are you talking about students in the general?? because hunter's asked
0422 leanne: a few times
0423 leanne: more than a few times hahahaha
0424 rafael_santannameyer: but you need to consider the story is happening at the first weeks
0425 guest-2318238 entered the room
0426 lacracha: Students in general
0427 guest-2318238 left the room
0428 leanne: yeah thats true
0429 zethia: oh my gosh let's talk about bell's theorem
0430 leanne: "oh hey look a dead body
0431 leanne: it's being dragged away
0432 leanne: into the distance
0433 leanne: by our teachers
0434 alison: Poor Hunter asks questions all the time to no avail.
0435 leanne: lol nbd hey what was the math hw"
0436 rafael_santannameyer: By my calculation the story so far (for the Birthday kids) happened more or less 8 weeks,
0437 leanne: BELL'S THEOREM!! they operate on a DIFFERENT PLANE OF EXISTENCE
0438 nick: this month i finally watched tower prep
0439 joe_eisma: haha holy shit. i've still never seen it
0440 lacracha: That's true Alison.
0441 nick: actually i have the last one still to go tonight
0442 nick: and those kids are even more laid back about it than ours!
0443 caleb_bollenbacher: what's tower prep?
0444 alison: Francy and I are wondering if he's kept in the dark for a reason, haha.
0445 guest-2318259 entered the room
0446 guest-2318259 left the room
0447 francy: that was on cartoon network right?? tower prep
0448 joe_eisma: a show we were accused of ripping off, even though it debuted after us
0449 francy: or... nick. one of those two
0450 leanne: omg hahaha
0451 upguntha: Was the school in this shape in issue 6
0452 calfaile: Hmmm we had it plotted to about two weeks
0453 leanne: (also nick idk if you remember but i wrote a porny thing a while ago and you liked it
0454 nick: did they accuse us of ripping them off?
0455 leanne: so uh THANK YOu)
0456 bennettca: Didn't we get it up to three or four?
0457 joe_eisma: haha yeah, i saw some posts. we've also been accused of ripping off
0458 joe_eisma: house of anubis and bad kids go to hell
0459 leanne: i watched an episode of house of anubis once
0460 joe_eisma: because obviously, a private school means we ripped it off
0461 leanne: it was really bad
0462 francy: yeah basically it's just kids go to a weird boarding school but other than that there
0463 francy: isn't that many similarities
0464 francy: sooo
0465 sam: morning glories is basically a harry potter rip off so
0466 leanne: a lot of works involve kids going to weird schools.
0467 leanne: monster high.
0468 francy: pretty much yeah
0469 nick: tower prep IS freakishly similar in parts
0470 leanne: harry potter.
0471 joe_eisma: there's one kid on tower prep who looks basically like hunter. that scared me
0472 francy: HAHA
0473 jukite: but the kids can't compare to the Glories
0474 lacracha: When I read the first issue of MGA, the first thing I thougt of was House of Anubis.
0475 alison: haha
0476 francy: omg i remember that kid
0477 sam: yes moring glories is actually monster high there will be a set of fashion dolls
0478 nick: but just a whole different vibe. they had to keep it kid-friendly
0480 upguntha: I see the word Tower and call copy cats
0481 francy: i'll buy the dolls
0482 leanne: OF THE TRUANTS
0483 lacracha: But hey, I love both!
0484 pagerunner_j: hah. I'd pay good money for the dolls, not gonna lie.
0485 vicky: i went to the wiki page of tower prep the kid's name is ian? ??
0486 jukite: dolls ftw
0487 jess left the room
0488 francy: of course you'd notice thayt
0489 lacracha: I agree Jukite
0490 leanne: can we get a doll of irina holding grenades
0491 vicky: oops
0492 jukite: LOL like the action-fire varient cover of Irina?
0493 francy: YES
0494 jukite: *figure
0495 upguntha: YASSSSSSSSSSSS
0496 jukite: I luaghed when I saw that
0497 francy: man on the subject of merch i'd totally buy tshirts too
0498 leanne: yeah omg
0499 rafael_santannameyer: Jadey and her suicide kit and FOrtunato and his bible
0500 pagerunner_j: One of Casey with the alternate Ms. Clarkson outfit/wig.... ;)
0501 bennettca: An Irina action figure would be the greatest thing ever. Can we Kickstart that?
0502 upguntha: even though i don't like her
0503 jukite: yes!
0504 leanne: i also want
0505 leanne: a guillaume doll
0506 leanne: with clasps on his hands
0507 leanne: that fit onto hisao's butt
0508 leanne: i mean what
0509 joe_eisma: i would love to have a morning glories action figure
0510 jukite: LOL
0512 joe_eisma: hahaha
0513 leanne: the eyebrows must be reattacheable.
0514 upguntha: yess eyebrows
0515 vicky: omg
0516 francy: good
0517 calfaile: anybody have access to a 3d printer?
0518 rafael_santannameyer: by the way, Casey doll must be made by Mattel
0519 pagerunner_j: hah
0520 leanne: the eyebrows are the headmaster
0521 leanne: oh man when guillaume smirked in this issue
0522 leanne: I DIED
0523 upguntha: sploosh
0524 sam: oh my gosh me too his little smirk
0525 julia: oh my god i revisted the guillaume is evil campaign tag recently A+
0526 leanne: that was not a little smirk
0527 leanne: that was a smirk of ENORMOUS PROPORTIONS
0528 rafael_santannameyer: lol
0530 sam: he's the kid that blew the april fools prant by smirking
0532 rafael_santannameyer: something tells me a lot of crap are about to hit the fan
0533 pagerunner_j: Epic smirk.
0534 upguntha: Did that smirk involve Akiko and not Irina
0535 rafael_santannameyer: because nobody smirks or smile at the campus
0536 leanne: i miss
0537 leanne: irina
0538 leanne: i mean
0539 leanne: akiko haha
0540 rafael_santannameyer: without a good reason and a dose of sadism
0541 leanne: cries a little...
0542 calfaile: Pamela smiles enough for the whole student body
0543 pagerunner_j: I loved Jade in this issue, incidentally. Flipping through it again now....
0544 francy: akiko might be the best kept secret of the comic at this point
0545 lacracha: I'm just ready for Casey and Irina to beat (or shoot) the crap out of each other.
0546 jukite: Hey Nick, if not too-spoiler-ish
0547 leanne: yeah jade was great
0548 jukite: IS that in her head, or a time-thing?
0549 leanne: i really want jade and irina to interact more
0550 pagerunner_j: ("I KNOW HOW TO NOT MISS.")
0551 bennettca: Jade's "But that don't mean"... floored me
0552 nick: can't say yet
0553 jukite: Awww
0555 joe_eisma: jade really stole this issue
0556 pagerunner_j: that was hilarious
0557 francy: omg yeah jade was so badass
0559 leanne: adfjlkalasd
0560 pagerunner_j: loved that.
0561 lacracha: I didn't think Jade had it in her. I never liked her til now.
0562 upguntha: that should be Ike's new MGA poster
0563 leanne: i miss hisao.
0564 leanne: i hope hes okay.
0565 leanne: except hes probably not.
0566 jukite: I'ts really a testament to the great cast how often you can love/hate different
0567 leanne: because his brother is dead
0568 jukite: characters throughout the books
0569 leanne: OH NO IM SAD NOW
0570 francy: yeah he's probably crying a river
0571 francy: or three
0572 alexnsketch entered the room
0573 leanne: enough to fill up the water guns he and his brother played with as kids
0574 leanne: OOPS IM SAD MORE
0575 francy: fkjhfd
0576 guest-2318415 changed nickname to alexnsketch
0577 calfaile: awww Guillaume will cheer him up ;)
0578 pagerunner_j: Speaking of crying- Casey with her parents? Man.
0580 sam: casey and her mom hit me right in the feels
0581 bennettca: That scene with her mom was beautiful
0582 francy: gosh the moment her mom started ranting i was like "casey is going to cry i can feel it"
0583 upguntha: Am i the only one that enjoyed that Casey punch
0584 leanne: also yeah casey's family augh
0585 leanne: no
0586 leanne: i love
0587 leanne: casey punching things
0588 pooryorick entered the room
0589 leanne: i love ladies punching things in general
0590 leanne: things or people
0591 leanne: or both
0592 susan: the panel pre-punch is gold
0593 alexnsketch: I was abit confused about zoe though
0594 lacracha: Upguntha, I loved that Casey punch
0595 susan: with her trucking over there
0596 alexnsketch: she seemed like so much more than just some killer
0597 joe_eisma: i haven't told nick, but i want casey to get 'l a r a' tattooed on her fingers
0598 pagerunner_j: The ladies in this series do NOT HOLD BACK. ;)
0599 guest-2318430 changed nickname to pooryorick
0600 jukite: T_T
0601 pagerunner_j: lol
0602 nick: haha
0603 francy: well i assume zoe was more than that
0604 leanne: akiko is still my babest babe
0605 francy: we just don't know... what exactly
0606 francy: she was doing yet
0607 alexnsketch: yet...
0608 leanne: yeah
0609 leanne: also the "split personality" thing in the baby comics
0610 notw1tterdan entered the room
0612 jukite: Zoe should come back like David-2
0613 leanne: reminded me of david
0614 francy: and hopefully we will at some point because she's my favorite and i'm still in mourning
0615 alison: "multiple personalities" (sort of)
0616 leanne: so maybe like zoe and david have something
0617 leanne: in common?
0618 guest-2318454 changed nickname to notw1tterdan
0619 pagerunner_j: MGA Babies merch. Plushies. Needs to happen.
0620 francy: yes
0621 alexnsketch: well definitely, just no clue when they're going to telll us
0622 leanne: idk if i want action figures or plushies
0623 rafael_santannameyer: I wonder when we are going to know about Zoe's past and why a so miraculous child was take
0624 joe_eisma: this should be obvious, but we should probably mention MG babies is not canon. haha
0625 leanne: NOOOO
0626 rafael_santannameyer: taken so easy
0627 leanne: oh my god it's like happy glories au
0628 sam: i hope you guys are writing this down
0629 platt3r entered the room
0630 leanne: i want an action figure of irina, a fashion doll of ike, and a plushie of akiko and hisao
0631 guest-2318505 changed nickname to platt3r
0632 francy: mg babies could be the happy timeline
0633 notw1tterdan left the room
0634 leanne: whispers this is my life dream
0635 jukite: Ike with that scarf?
0636 leanne: yes
0637 leanne: removable scarf
0638 rafael_santannameyer: We could crowdfund them
0639 nick: unfortunately i have to bail early this month
0640 leanne: removable sunglasses
0641 leanne: unremovable sass
0642 francy: awww okay!
0643 nick: anyone have any questions before I go?
0644 upguntha: lol
0645 rafael_santannameyer: hmmm... yes
0646 calfaile: isn#t it like 4 am?
0647 bennettca: Is Vanessa's Mom coming back? Or was she taken out in Daramount's raid?
0648 upguntha: where is AKIKO WHO IS THE HEADMASTER
0649 alison: Is Casey more in the know about what's going on now, or is she in the dark?
0650 caleb_bollenbacher: is season 2 gonna be about the same length? (I know that's been asked)
0651 rafael_santannameyer: are you planning to take this story for how many years?
0652 leanne: YES with the whole chess game is the implication that time goes in a loop or is nonlinear?
0653 caleb_bollenbacher: and will we get to see much more of the glories outside of MGA anytime soon?
0654 nick: you'll see vanessa's mom again next arc
0655 coolness entered the room
0656 nick: s2 will be 25 issues
0657 guest-2318571 changed nickname to coolness
0658 lol entered the room
0659 shadyhavok entered the room
0660 pooryorick: Nick, how long until i understand whats going on?
0661 leanne: (@pooryorick
0662 calfaile: yay! Ms. Richmond! unless it's a pre-death flashback
0663 nick: casey is definitely more in the know right now
0664 alexnsketch: Yeah what is going on, btw?
0665 jukite: lol
0666 upguntha: does the chool's destruction have anything to do with China
0667 guest-2318586 changed nickname to lol
0668 guest-2318592 changed nickname to shadyhavok
0669 alison: thanks!
0670 rafael_santannameyer: he said Season 3 everything would be clearer
0671 pooryorick: Morning Glories has is my favorite series i will never understand but will always buy
0672 calfaile: we'll be 50 issues in, it had better be clearer!
0673 alexnsketch: Love Bedlam as well!
0674 freak entered the room
0675 bennettca: The issue hinted how to get answers...freeze yourself Futurama-style!
0676 lol left the room
0677 nick: well, i did wanna say thank you all very much, this has been pretty much the best
0678 leanne: oh man i'm so behind on bedlam but i love it so much
0679 guest-2318610 changed nickname to freak
0680 rafael_santannameyer: because you know the High School is naturally evil
0681 leanne: (thank you for the futurama reference it was fantastic)
0682 susan: thank you nick!!
0683 nick: few months the book has had since it started in my opinion
0684 francy: thank you for another wonderful issue, nick!
0685 freak left the room
0686 bennettca: Thanks Nick!
0687 sam: thank YOU nick!
0688 calfaile: Thanks Nick!
0689 lacracha: Thanks Nick. Great issue as always!
0690 alexnsketch left the room
0691 pagerunner_j: thank you!
0692 macey entered the room
0693 alexander_hemsley entered the room
0694 nick: night all
0695 leanne: THANKS NICK
0696 leanne: NIGHT
0697 jukite: thank you for writing/drawing it. It's awesome
0698 upguntha: night
0699 guest-2318634 changed nickname to alexander_hemsley
0700 lacracha: Night
0701 nick left the room
0702 vicky: thanks!!! and night
0703 guest-2318631 changed nickname to macey
0704 upguntha: you the bestest
0705 alexander_hemsley left the room
0706 caleb_bollenbacher: thanks nick!
0707 rafael_santannameyer left the room
0708 macey: I AM HERE NOW oh bye nick
0709 susan: macey you just missed nick
0710 pooryorick: Good day nick, i will always read what you write
0711 susan: how was your concert
0712 shadyhavok left the room
0713 sam: macey~~ c
0714 leanne: hisses he didnt answer my timeline question
0715 vicky: macey!!! hiii
0716 leanne: ALSO HEY MACEY
0717 joe_eisma: d'aww macy missed nick
0718 upguntha: Maceyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
0719 macey left the room
0720 jukite: Hi Macey ^_^/
0721 platt3r: Is joe still answering questions?
0722 susan: bye macey
0723 joe_eisma: as best i can!
0724 zethia: ah hi macey
0725 macey1 entered the room
0726 jukite: Quick-get that map, whille Nick's not here!@ 8D
0727 caleb_bollenbacher: ACCIO WATER MAP!!!
0728 guest-2318682 changed nickname to macey1
0729 macey1: okay i am back again!!
0730 upguntha: will Alex be back next issue
0731 joe_eisma: hahaha no map. sorry
0732 macey1: susan i can relieve you from your duties
0733 susan: hello again
0734 jukite: ^_^/
0735 susan: should i log out
0736 leanne: when is hisao coming back
0737 gabejer: Hey Joe, who would you most like to see do a varient cover?
0738 macey1: yes just get the transcript and log out
0739 leanne: when is akiko coming back
0740 joe_eisma: sorry, alex is sitting out the rest of the arc.
0741 caleb_bollenbacher: will we be getting many more new characters soon?
0742 macey1: tell alex we still love him
0743 calfaile: How far ahead do you finish the issues?
0744 joe_eisma: but, paul little is stepping in, and he's doing some awesome work on 28
0745 susan: other people were going to copy/paste for me
0746 calfaile: is it just in time or months in advance?
0747 leanne: do we see casey's nemesis again soon?
0749 joe_eisma: paul and i go way back and was actually one of the first guys we offered the book to
0750 susan left the room
0751 susan entered the room
0752 jukite: oh, I don't know if you canswer this one
0753 jukite: the number?
0754 caleb_bollenbacher: wait where's alex going?
0755 guest-2318724 changed nickname to susan
0756 joe_eisma: i usually am about an issue ahead, but my lead time shrinks the longer the issue is
0757 macey1: ok i am popping in
0758 macey1 left the room
0759 caleb_bollenbacher: doesn't he love us anymore??
0760 leanne: (brb food)
0761 platt3r: How long will you be keeping this amount of variants up?
0762 joe_eisma: alex had some health issues, but he's on the mend, so he's taking some time off
0763 caleb_bollenbacher: @playy3r, two more issues of variants
0764 susan: ohh no!
0765 macey entered the room
0766 caleb_bollenbacher: *platt3r
0767 joe_eisma: variants end with issue 29
0768 guest-2318739 changed nickname to macey
0769 joe_eisma: for the time being
0770 jukite: Collect 'em while you can
0771 upguntha: OMGZ I just read some of the posters when Casey walked into the school
0772 caleb_bollenbacher: well prayers for alex then
0773 joe_eisma: yeah, we're hoping alex will be back after this arc, but we don't want to push him
0774 macey: alright! what did i miss
0775 joe_eisma: his health comes first
0776 upguntha: we love Alex
0777 calfaile: did you see the add for Ian's film club?
0778 jukite: Hope he get's better
0779 calfaile: and Pamela's note?
0780 joe_eisma: haha i'm glad someone saw that
0781 macey: alex is the bomb, tell im we love im
0782 susan: ohh god
0783 upguntha: I wanna call Pamela
0784 macey: the name roy is canon now....that's....that's amazing
0785 joe_eisma: haha
0786 coolness left the room
0787 macey: can we assume the student version of upguntha is dating pamela, honestly
0788 upguntha: yes plz
0789 pooryorick: Which varient did everyone buy?
0790 joe_eisma: i don't think anyone at that school is crazy enough to try dating pamela
0791 caleb_bollenbacher: i got jenny's and joe's. so rad
0792 upguntha: but but
0793 joe_eisma: haha
0794 calfaile: who's roy (apart from cage boy?)
0795 jukite: I got the Esima cover. No income yet for the others. But next month....
0796 macey: i ordered from tfaw way before we could pick variants, so i'm getting joe
0797 joe_eisma: roy is the school mascot
0798 joe_eisma: the goat/ram
0799 troy3825: Joe have you started reading Cerebus yet?
0800 pooryorick: Joes & Robs cover were sold out but i am thankfulf for cristian ward
0801 joe_eisma: i'm putting roy on my cover for 29, btw
0802 macey: PERFECT
0803 joe_eisma: i have not, troy. is it hard to track down collections!
0804 joe_eisma: ?
0805 caleb_bollenbacher: my shop had run out of joe's, but they dug through someone's pull to find one for me lol
0806 susan: very good choice
0807 pagerunner_j: hah.
0808 caleb_bollenbacher: Cerebus has been on my list for a while. What other comics does every1 recommend?
0809 bennettca: Echoes!
0810 macey: god i don't think i read anything that's up to cerebus recognition
0811 macey: uh, chew? saga?
0812 jukite: Saga!
0813 platt3r: I'm out! Thanks so much Joe for doing this!
0814 pooryorick: I love me some chew and saga
0815 joe_eisma: sure! see ya platt3r!
0816 platt3r left the room
0817 julia: chants saga
0818 caleb_bollenbacher: I was on Saga for a while but then I cut it out haha
0819 troy3825: He's a big fan of yours and Rodin's. When I tell you you're gonna flip.
0820 joe_eisma: *dies
0821 joe_eisma: i always recommend stuff of legend, by my pal charles paul wilson iii. beautiful art
0822 upguntha: did anyone else read Elephantmen today
0823 caleb_bollenbacher: i love his variant for issue 28
0824 macey: all these variants are amazing
0825 joe_eisma: yeah that was great
0826 jukite1 entered the room
0827 guest-2318874 changed nickname to jukite1
0828 jukite1 left the room
0829 macey: haha ok what did i miss when i was gone? anything important?
0830 upguntha: that ending had me screaming
0831 jukite1 entered the room
0832 guest-2318883 changed nickname to jukite1
0833 caleb_bollenbacher: how do you pick who does all these variants?
0834 pooryorick: Joe, what do you read? Or what is in this weeks pull?
0835 troy3825: If you like LONG complex stories like MG, Cerebus is fastastic, the first indie comic
0836 susan: release of the names of the 29 variant artists!
0837 joe_eisma: the variant artists were all chosen by nick and i. some were friends--
0838 macey: OOOOH how exciting.
0839 joe_eisma: some we were fans of and asked as fans
0840 guest-2317557 changed nickname to alex_sollazzo
0841 gabejer: Hey Joe, who would you most like to see do a varient cover?
0842 joe_eisma: i picked up uncanny x-force, x-men #1 and the wake today
0843 joe_eisma: that's easy gabe--adrian alphona
0844 joe_eisma: my biggest influence on the book!
0845 macey: alphona doing mg would be fun to see, damn
0846 gabejer: He should that would be awesome/
0847 pooryorick: Oh hell yea
0848 joe_eisma: he's already drawn a casey for me
0849 troy3825: I bet Dave Sim may do a variant. Also maybe Sienkiewicz.
0850 caleb_bollenbacher: wait, was today x-men #1???? pissssss
0851 alex_sollazzo: howdy.
0852 jukite1: would be sweet
0853 joe_eisma: just couldn't pin him down for a variant
0854 joe_eisma: hey it's alex!
0855 alison: yes, today's x-men #1!
0856 bennettca: Hey Alex
0857 upguntha: yay ALex
0858 macey: ALEX how are you
0859 lacracha: What did you think of X-men #1 Joe
0860 pooryorick: If you get skottie young to do a cover make sure we see a baby Ike and Irna
0861 alex_sollazzo: hey guys, im alright
0862 lacracha: I'm reading it now
0863 macey: are you proud of jade
0864 joe_eisma: i'm not read it yet, lacracha! flipped thru it--it's beautiful
0865 caleb_bollenbacher: i thought I added that to my pull. apparently didn't. poo
0866 gabejer: O if you could get Gabriel Rodriguez to do one too, that would be cool.
0867 lacracha: Okay. I'll keep my mouth shut. I don't give spoilers anymore.
0868 joe_eisma: yeah, definitely--i did ask gabe actually! but he was too busy
0869 lacracha: Hi Alex. So glad you're ok.
0870 pooryorick: And theif of theives fans in here?
0871 caleb_bollenbacher: hi alex!
0872 caleb_bollenbacher: yeah I like thief of thieves! haven't read the new issue yet tho
0873 guest-2318979 entered the room
0874 guest-2318979 left the room
0875 sam: i havent picked it up yet! I want to though
0876 pooryorick: Spencer did a such acool arc and asmus did alright. Was gonna drop it but i trust diggle
0877 macey: thief of thieves is on my to read list
0878 pooryorick: I got the last one at my store so, woot!
0879 macey: fun fact, the local comic store is so small they have first printings of really old mg iss
0880 pooryorick: Speaking of which, i loved the dudes varient cove
0881 macey: *issues. like, issue 3
0882 caleb_bollenbacher: aw man, I would kill for one of those
0883 pooryorick: . . . Macey i'm gonna need an address
0884 macey: haha, maybe i should go back sometime and get them
0885 macey: and then in 10 years i can get rich off of them
0886 pooryorick: Whats the earliest one?
0887 macey: earliest was 3 i think.
0888 pooryorick: . . .mother of god
0889 macey: really weird seeing that, especially when they had all the new issues too
0890 pooryorick: I been buying since 7 and i would kill for anything earlier
0891 macey: and it wasn't like they didn't sell anything (they'd sold out the hawkeye trade i was SAD)
0892 vedderone left the room
0893 pooryorick: I bet they have a first print of walking dead #1 just laying there
0894 pooryorick: collecting dust
0895 macey: haha it's not the shop i usually go to when i do go to shops
0896 macey: they're so far away that i usually order, i was there for fcbd
0897 joe_eisma: okay folks, i'm about to head out, but some tidbits before i go
0898 joe_eisma: issue 28 is trippy like the beginning of issue 10
0899 joe_eisma: hence me watching tim burton films the other day
0900 pagerunner_j: ooh.
0901 caleb_bollenbacher: haha nice
0902 joe_eisma: some great irina stuff
0903 leanne left the room
0904 joe_eisma: someone pukes
0905 joe_eisma: haha
0906 macey: well, irina's always great
0907 macey: so it's just her being herself
0908 sam: calling it now its one of the boys
0909 pooryorick: Oh hell yeah, time burton, vomit and irna. Sounds like my kind of comic
0910 bennettca: I'm totally considering "Vomit" as a recurring theme
0911 leanne entered the room
0912 guest-2319078 changed nickname to leanne
0913 joe_eisma: 'shame' is a theme for the issue
0914 lacracha: YES! My next commission sketch will be Irina blowing somebody's brains out.
0915 joe_eisma: and there's one of the most obscure cameos from a previous issue in this one
0916 macey: i'm pretty sure mg is the only fictional work ive read where vomit is important
0917 macey: oooh boy!
0918 joe_eisma: haha sounds great lacracha
0919 bennettca: Hey Joe, what's the turnaround on commissions?
0920 francy: oohh
0921 pooryorick: Hahah, macey
0922 joe_eisma: bennettca--couple of weeks normally. if it's during a busy con travel time, bit longer
0923 leanne: (obnoxious boasting i have first print of every issue and first three are signed ooOOOOH)
0924 joe_eisma: okay, thanks everyone! see ya next time!
0925 macey: leanne you son of a gun
0926 bennettca: Excellent. If you're still drawing Zoe, she's still alive!
0927 pooryorick: Well, now i'm jealous
0928 leanne: (also hi im back sorry)
0929 macey: bye joe!! thanks for coming
0930 pagerunner_j: thanks for the chat!
0931 sam: bye joe!
0932 leanne: BYE JOE
0933 francy: bye joe!!
0934 pooryorick: Goodnight joe
0935 caleb_bollenbacher: bye joe!
0936 bobbysofamous entered the room
0937 jukite1: thank you, Joe ^^
0938 bennettca: Bye!
0939 lacracha: Good night Joe!
0940 vicky: bye!!!
0941 joe_eisma left the room
0942 calfaile: Don't we have a "puking" page?
0943 guest-2319108 changed nickname to bobbysofamous
0944 macey: okay joe are nick are both gone, you can talk about your ships now without shame
0945 bennettca: I wanted to add it as a recurring theme
0946 caleb_bollenbacher: SHIP PARTY!!!!
0947 bennettca: But thought I'd be mocked
0948 calfaile: bye!
0949 leanne: HISAO
0950 jukite1: What, all Hunter? I think he does it the most
0951 leanne: AND GUILLAUME
0952 bobbysofamous: damn, i get in here when Joe leaves?
0953 macey: somebody freaked out about jade/ike this issue, right??
0954 caleb_bollenbacher: I ship the titanic
0955 caleb_bollenbacher: with ike
0956 leanne: i ship jade/irina
0957 leanne: can this be a thing
0958 pagerunner_j: H&G, definitely. ;)
0959 jukite1: No, Ike's cool
0960 leanne: please please please i need lesbian hatesex
0961 pooryorick: Its all about Ike, best character ever
0962 troy3825 left the room
0963 macey: i was gonna say somebody's gonna hatesex ship jade/irina after this.
0964 leanne: i hatesex ship
0965 leanne: casey/zoe
0966 jukite1: Zoe&casey 8D
0967 leanne: casey/irina
0968 caleb_bollenbacher: lol
0969 leanne: jade/irina
0970 caleb_bollenbacher: hatesex ship
0971 leanne: irina/vanessa
0972 caleb_bollenbacher: hashtag it
0973 macey: let's just have lesbians already
0975 leanne: wait no i have casey/jade
0976 jukite1: LOL Irina/Irina...she's too eqomaniacal to be with anyone else
0977 caleb_bollenbacher: I'M IN LESBIANS WITH YOU
0978 calfaile: I think somebody suggested it, it's a good idea since puking has serious significant with
0979 bobbysofamous: I guess I missed all the intriguing discussions about the greater mysteries of MGA
0980 sam: i started a casey jade rumor again today but i dont think macey fell for it
0981 jukite left the room
0982 calfaile: the test
0983 macey: no it was akiko/jade sam remember
0984 leanne: AKIKO/JADE OH MY GOD
0985 pooryorick: Nobody is with Irna and ike? Angry hate ship?
0986 sam: oh THATS RIGHT
0988 caleb_bollenbacher: irina and ike wouldnt surprise me
0989 leanne: !!!!!!!
0990 sam: i cant even remember my rumors
0991 bobbysofamous left the room
0992 susan: [[hello friends i am leaving!! thanks for coming to the chat
0993 susan: bye!
0994 leanne: irina would not sink to his level.
0995 sam: akiko/jade my otp
0996 macey: while i was still in school sam tweeted "how about that jade/akiko kiss" at me
0997 pooryorick: goodnight susan
0998 leanne: BYE SUSAN
0999 bennettca: Bye Susan
1001 alex_sollazzo: why no daramount and casey ?
1002 vicky: bye susan!!!
1003 macey: everyone thank susan she is amazing to me
1004 jukite1: bye Susan ^_^
1005 susan: o/
1006 sam: bye susan!!! thank you
1007 leanne: we have like
1008 macey: you are wonderful susan. we love you
1009 jukite1: thanks for moderating
1010 leanne: no incest in this fandom
1011 susan: ~curtsies~
1012 jukite1: or...being here
1013 lor left the room
1014 pagerunner_j left the room
1015 leanne: hisao/jun. hodge/daramount. where u guys @
1016 susan: happy mg day
1017 macey: leanne technically all the truants are cult siblings
1018 julia: oop farewell susan
1019 susan left the room
1020 leanne: frick
1021 leanne: jk this fandom is 90% incest
1022 jukite1: LOL hodge/
1023 sam: oh hot dang hodge/daramount i ship it
1024 lacracha: Alex
1025 caleb_bollenbacher: lol
1026 caleb_bollenbacher: more like WINcest
1027 leanne: JUN/HISAO
1028 jukite1: LMAO
1029 bennettca: lol
1030 leanne: NO...
1031 pooryorick: Hisao and jun is weird because they are twins, just give one of them a mirror
1032 caleb_bollenbacher: lolololol
1033 leanne: OH MY GOD
1034 leanne: HISAO
1035 leanne: CAN NEVER LOOK IN
1036 macey: mg's pretty screwed up i'm surprised we haven't stepped into incest territory yet??
1038 caleb_bollenbacher: for all we know we have...
1039 leanne: HE SEES JUN
1040 sam: omg hisao dramatically crying in the mirror
1041 francy: yeah usually when it comes to twins people jump to incest pretty quick
1043 caleb_bollenbacher: why do they all have the same birthday??? TWINSIES
1044 francy: it took us a while
1045 vicky: NO
1048 leanne: NOOOO
1049 bennettca: If Ike's the headmaster, we got pretty close
1050 macey: HAHA we did, we did
1051 upguntha: lol
1052 macey: although i feel it's too OBVIOUS for the headmaster to be ike now
1053 leanne: my mission on this fandom is to make everyone sad
1054 macey: with irina's ranting
1055 leanne: via fukayama feels
1056 jukite1: Could just be, like an anti-christ or "satan" type character...antagonising the headmaster
1057 leanne: omfg
1058 leanne: sudden image of ike
1059 caleb_bollenbacher: anyone in here make comics?
1060 upguntha: I think I is the one responsible for the school's destruction\
1061 leanne: dressing up
1062 leanne: as ~sexydevil~
1063 leanne: for halloween
1064 jukite1: LOL would be sweet
1065 pooryorick: I bet the Head-HEADmaster is Hunters little brother in #1
1066 sam: what if zoe destroyed the school
1067 leanne: (@caleb i cant draw but im thinking of making a comic??)
1068 leanne: .what if hisao did
1069 jukite1: yea! Bring back Zoe as David-2
1070 leanne: what if hisao's brother was like
1071 leanne: berserk button
1072 macey: OH MAN i was gonna say
1073 jukite1: (I can darw, but my writing is a mess
1074 leanne: wHAT IF HISAO HULKS OUT
1075 jukite1: (*Draw)
1076 caleb_bollenbacher: @leanne that's cool! I can't draw for crap either. but I write
1077 macey: hunter's brother is named andy, that scientist in 6 was named andrew
1078 macey: i always figured jade hired him because he was hunter's little bro
1079 caleb_bollenbacher: @jukite1 we are a match made in heaven!!!!
1080 macey: but it could be nick reusing names
1081 leanne: what if everyones name is andrew.
1082 leanne: i mean what
1083 jukite1: seems so obscure it could work, tho
1084 caleb_bollenbacher: I've done a couple comic projects. hopefully one is online this summer
1085 leanne: oh im starting one called collateral! /shameless self plug
1086 pooryorick: What if Hunters dad is behind everything and he actually loves his son
1087 pooryorick: thats why he is a jerk
1088 leanne: it's about a group of teenagers who act as cleanup crew for superheroes
1089 leanne: like fixing the cities after the supers break them and stuff
1090 caleb_bollenbacher: ooh I like it
1091 leanne: OKAY done sorry
1092 sam: hahahaha yeah what a JOKE
1093 francy: oh that's cute
1094 jukite1: that's intersting...we don't know about Huinter's dad...
1095 sam: anyone loving hunter
1096 alison: that is cute
1097 caleb_bollenbacher: how are you dealing with the art tho?
1098 leanne: attempting to draw
1099 leanne: with limited success
1100 leanne: hahahah
1101 macey: hunter's dad man
1102 macey: literally the worst dad
1103 jukite1: leanne that idea sounds Runaways sweet
1104 macey: is there a worse dad in this comic? i mean abraham at least loves his son
1105 upguntha: Did you forget about AB
1106 sam: the headmaster???
1107 macey: hunter's dad doesn't even LOVE his kid though
1108 alison: I wouldn't call Abahram a GOOD father though
1109 francy: didn't jade's dad call her the wrong name or something or am i remembering wrong
1110 pooryorick: jeff lemire can make a book that has me in tears with creepy (bad?) art then its all good
1111 macey: abraham actually CARES even if he's not the best dad
1112 alison: yeah, Jade's dad called her Jean, I think. Or Jane.
1113 macey: jane!
1114 leanne: http
1115 leanne: here bad art but yeah thats what i have so far
1116 bennettca: In defense of Hunter's dad, I think that was when Toronto was on their garbage strike.
1117 caleb_bollenbacher: @jukite1 do you have a portfoio somewhere?
1118 bennettca: That was a trying time for everyone.
1119 macey: i remembered because my mom's name is jane and she looks like future jade....
1120 pooryorick: Headmaster bears his kid, i'd say he is the worst
1121 lacracha: I think it was Jane that he called her
1122 leanne: yeah i think headmaster is worst
1123 pooryorick: beats*
1124 leanne: i still need to know who the fukayama dad is
1125 macey: WAIT YEAH the headmaster kind of assaults georgina all the time
1126 caleb_bollenbacher: not bad on that art, leanne! better than I could do for sure haha
1127 macey: oh yeah what about that fukayama dad mystery
1128 pooryorick: Hunters dad (name?) is just a jerk
1129 leanne: ah thank haha (
1130 leanne: omg
1131 caleb_bollenbacher: I want Hunter's step-bro to come back
1132 leanne: can we had
1133 leanne: all the dads
1134 alex_ashby entered the room
1135 leanne: meet up
1136 guest-2319306 changed nickname to alex_ashby
1137 caleb_bollenbacher: he's probs the headmaster lol
1138 upguntha: Or maybe he's also getting a call about BEnjamin
1140 macey: dad war. see who is the best dad
1141 macey: (it's casey's dad)
1142 leanne: (yeah def)
1143 francy: yeah no contest
1144 alison: yeah
1145 francy: casey wins the parent award
1146 jukite1: (No protolio the rpocess of getting managa studio...I have some art that I can
1147 jukite1: prob send if you want)
1148 macey: blevins for best parents though! the stuff with kathy this issue i was just
1149 pooryorick: Just make sure caseys dad isnt in the middle of a war, didnt he waterboard casey?
1150 macey: aaaaugh.
1151 alex_ashby left the room
1152 macey: yorick that was one of his co-workers not him
1153 jukite1: LOL MGA paremnt-teacher night
1154 bennettca: Nope, he just watched
1155 jukite1: for a fun one-off issue
1156 jukite1: *parent-teacher
1157 francy: and in his defense he had no idea that was his daughter then
1158 macey: so many of the kids are orphaned it'd be so cruel
1159 caleb_bollenbacher: @jukite1 yeah, do you have facebook? you can just message me there and I can give an email
1160 caleb_bollenbacher: lol parent-teacher issue sounds hilarious
1161 pooryorick: Okay, next month demand a parent-teacher issue from Nick & Joe
1162 jukite1: (just mail me at I don't use that foten, but I can see/r
1163 jukite1: respond with my reg e-mail)
1164 pooryorick: Who cares if its canon or not its a necessity
1165 caleb_bollenbacher: great, I'll shoot you a message
1166 julia: are there going to be more cute summary comics at the end that was adorable
1167 jukite1: (coolbeams)
1168 macey: god we need more mg babies
1169 jukite1: I'd like to see stuff like a halloween issues too, like the halloween Buff TVS eps)
1170 macey: did you see that akiko. look at her.
1171 jukite1: LOL the writing on that is fantastic, btw
1172 pooryorick: Mga babies by skottie younge
1173 alex_sollazzo: pretty sure there is going to be more, maybe not by the same artist though.
1174 macey: hooray!
1175 jukite1: they're so adorable
1176 macey: let's have an mg babies short about david
1177 julia: wow that's wonderful I'm so glad
1179 jukite1: LOL yes!
1180 sam: david omg
1181 pooryorick: Thank christ alex
1182 sam: everyones favorite characters
1183 macey: does anyone dislike david
1184 macey: i mean he killed vanessa's boyfriend but we still love dave
1185 pooryorick: David is always in timeout as a baby
1186 upguntha: Waht does David eat when he's not eating brains
1187 caleb_bollenbacher: I ship David and everyone's head
1188 jukite1: Macey, has Nick ever said anything about Hunter's binary digi-chat by the way? Like,
1189 caleb_bollenbacher: hatesex ship
1190 lacracha: Yep and I still love David
1191 macey: jukite
1192 pooryorick: Hahaha
1193 macey: and that we can't decode it or anything (yet)
1194 jukite1: do the nubers mean something, or is it random. My gemattria/numerology and cryptology
1195 jukite1: research yileded nothing
1196 leanne: hey can i share a theory it's kind of a dumb one/mesh of other people's but yeah
1197 macey: yeah, he said they have significance but we can't figure it out yet
1198 jukite1: ok...I tired a LOT of numerolgy / cryptology resources
1199 leanne: joe and nick said it's not a code
1200 jukite1: but good to know there's a plan for it
1201 leanne: like the things that hunter said are important but they dont directly translate into anyth
1202 alex_sollazzo: so, could you guys tell which pages i colored and which the other guys did ?
1203 bennettca: Yes
1204 leanne: yeah
1205 jukite1: a little bit
1206 leanne: i noticed the coloring was different on some of the panels haha
1207 caleb_bollenbacher: yes I could tell
1208 francy: yeah
1209 upguntha: yup
1210 lacracha: I could tell
1211 caleb_bollenbacher: the other guy was good, but ALEX'S COLORS ARE THE BEST
1212 pooryorick: I knew something was off
1213 alison: yeah
1214 caleb_bollenbacher: it was so different I checked to see if someone shared art duty with joe on this one lol
1215 pooryorick: Who was the other colorist?
1216 alex_sollazzo: i think i did the first 15, upto the page after jade shoots at irina
1217 macey: alex i had actually seen every page you colored on the stream
1218 bennettca: My roommate is getting into digital coloring, so we've been watching the heck out of your
1219 bennettca: Youtube channel
1220 leanne: yeah the skin colors are kind of different
1221 macey: so when i got to paul's coloring i was really confused
1222 leanne: ore not different just blended dif
1223 macey: paul did a bunch of different eye colors too, he gave irina brown eyes
1224 alex_sollazzo: there was actually a few pages i had finished that arnt in the book lol
1225 caleb_bollenbacher: I need to check out your channel, alex.
1226 macey: ah really? i'm sure they look swell
1227 caleb_bollenbacher: coloring is the most difficult aspect I've encountered in comic-making
1228 leanne: alex we miss you and your tiaras
1229 caleb_bollenbacher: why aren't they in the book?
1230 sam: it threw off my eye color theories
1231 leanne: I WANT IRINA IN A TIARA
1232 leanne: !!!!
1233 alex_sollazzo: i wasnt around to send them, so the other guys did them
1235 jukite1: Queen Irina?
1236 pooryorick: Leanne that has to happen
1237 macey: irina is always wearing a tiara in her head.
1238 leanne: i need irina in just
1239 leanne: a REALLY GIRLY TIARA
1240 alex_sollazzo: ill show a page, one sec.
1243 jukite1: LOL yes, she can wear a glitter-gown too
1244 pooryorick: Hell yea alex
1245 caleb_bollenbacher: that would be cool to see a comparison
1246 macey: because yooo that makes her ordering around the other truants super creepy
1247 francy: yeah it does
1248 alex_sollazzo: alright
1249 leanne: oh yeah i was thinking
1250 alex_sollazzo: pretty sure that one isnt in it
1251 leanne: maybe casey and irina
1252 leanne: have the same power
1253 leanne: of mind contorl stuff?
1254 jukite1: And Casey has something like ti too
1255 caleb_bollenbacher: huh. that looks totally different haha
1256 julia left the room
1257 leanne: yeah especially the skin tones
1258 julia entered the room
1259 guest-2319489 changed nickname to julia
1260 macey: oh yeah it does look so much different
1262 macey: your coloring is a lot less smooth- not in a bad way
1263 macey: in a more dynamic way
1264 leanne: if the powers of truants/glories are parallel
1265 leanne: and zoe has "multiple personalities"
1266 leanne: then maybe akiko somehow has like
1267 leanne: the power to separate her mind from her body
1268 leanne: or split into another consciousness too??
1269 macey: hmm
1270 bennettca: Ooooo
1271 macey: would explain her current state...wherever she is
1272 leanne: and thats what we'll see her doing in the next issue/whenever?
1273 pooryorick: "mind blown"
1274 macey: poor doll
1276 jukite1: so, she mind-joined Fortunato?
1277 leanne: mind joined david
1278 leanne: i wanna see her go through something like
1279 leanne: the guys from wild children
1280 macey: i was gonna say, it'd be super awkward to share headspace with the guy you have_
1281 credar entered the room
1282 macey: _a crush on
1283 alison: they said that the baby glories is not canon, so I took it that we're not meant to read
1284 alison: Zoe's thing literally
1285 leanne: yeah ik
1286 jukite1: T_T
1287 leanne: but still it kind of makes sense i guess
1288 guest-2319519 changed nickname to credar
1289 leanne: with the whole david thing??
1290 leanne: IDK IM DUMB IGNORE
1291 alison: it does but hmm it was after we said the multiple personalities thing, so might be timing
1292 caleb_bollenbacher: I didn't read that bit literally
1293 lacracha: You're right Alex. I don't see that page.
1294 credar: Hey, just stopping by. I haven't bought 27 yet. Still picking which cover to get.
1295 credar: which one did you guys get? I'm at an impass.
1296 macey: credar
1297 francy: if anything it might be an oversimplification of whatever zoe's thing is
1298 jukite1: Catch 'em all!
1299 alison: yeah. but we've seen zoe "shift" personalities and remain conscious of it early on.
1300 pooryorick: Christian ward man, i wouldve bought the gulliory one and Joes too but sold out
1301 jukite1: I always thought Zoe was just being devious and sinister, acting
1302 bennettca: Is it just not in the print? It's in the digital copy, but with the other colorist
1303 caleb_bollenbacher: @credar I got joe's and jenny's
1304 macey: nick's talked about how he wanted us to know with 19 that the person commiting the
1305 lacracha: I got the cover by Eisma. The one with the entire cast.
1306 macey: murders was ZOE- not another person using her body, our zoe
1307 guest-2319555 entered the room
1308 julia: I got joe's but they were all beautiful i sat on the floor in front of them for a while
1309 macey: it's just that she's compelled to murder for some reason
1310 leanne: random but
1311 jukite1: Uh, awesomeness
1312 leanne: http
1313 leanne: LOOK AT TUNA'S FACE
1314 alison: well, there's also that thing about murder being important, ie for jade to get places
1315 leanne: .__.
1316 francy: yeah i was about to say tha
1317 francy: like how jade is compelled to. yes
1318 leanne: OH MY GOD
1319 leanne: POOR BABY
1320 macey: leanne wrong link!
1321 leanne: ah
1322 leanne: put a .jpg at the end
1323 macey: there definetely seems to be an emphasis on people having to do things they don't want
1324 macey: to in this comic
1325 macey: but having to
1326 leanne: th more you look at the it the funnier it gets
1327 macey: that's not tuna leanne
1328 macey: that's upguntha's cameo
1329 leanne: what
1330 leanne: IS THAT NOT TUNA
1331 leanne: FRICK
1332 caleb_bollenbacher: who's upguntha?
1333 leanne: BUT HE'S SO
1334 caleb_bollenbacher: (sorry)
1335 leanne: 100% DONE
1337 leanne: THAT DONE
1338 macey: upguntha is a cool dude that is around
1339 pooryorick: (caleb i am gonna have to re read everything to fully understand. . .well everything)
1340 bennettca: There he is!
1341 upguntha: it's moi
1342 macey: how did getting your cheek pinched by daramount feel
1343 sam: ok guys im out of here! o/ i'll be cosplaying casey at denver comic con this weekend and
1344 sam: will have pictures on the tumblr tag if anyone wants to see
1345 macey: BYE SAM
1346 jukite1: omg sweet
1347 upguntha: skeevy
1348 francy: have fun!!!
1349 bennettca: Wooh!
1350 leanne: AHH COOL
1351 leanne: if joe is there
1352 sam: thanks for having me guys this was funnnnn
1353 leanne: ask for a
1354 leanne: i went as akiko and i got one of guillaume doing hisao kind of
1355 pooryorick: Cant wait to see sam
1356 leanne: *ask for a commish
1357 upguntha: have fun
1358 sam: oh dang that would be cool u___u i dont think he'll be there though
1359 leanne: oh awww
1360 sam: see you guys next month hopefully
1361 sam left the room
1362 macey: see you sam!
1363 credar: Oh my I just saw there is a McKelvie cover. With Jade. screw it, I love Jade too much!
1364 bennettca: We should probably plug the wiki soon, eh guys?
1365 leanne: BYE
1366 macey: the wiki is cool! you can edit it and make it nice!
1367 leanne: oh yeah hahahaha
1368 leanne: and the tvtropes page
1369 leanne: theyre really out of date
1370 caleb_bollenbacher: i'm loving the new wiki
1371 leanne: and the ao3
1372 bennettca: I just saw the tvtropes one the other day, but loved it
1373 macey: yes the wiki's quite shiny
1374 calfaile: We're really current!
1375 leanne: i should do something on the ao3...
1376 leanne: AH jk
1377 calfaile: constaltly updating
1378 leanne: it's been a while since i checked sorry!!
1379 macey: but psst, you guys do know tuna's brazilian, right? nick and joe have mentioned
1380 macey: it a bunch of times
1381 calfaile: but we need help with all the vomiting instances
1382 bennettca: So everyone should sign up and edit and discuss
1383 jukite1: a slideshow ometage with music
1384 upguntha: I have it on my tumblr lol
1385 caleb_bollenbacher: alright guys, I'm about to head out. the hockey game is getting too intense lol
1386 credar left the room
1387 lacracha left the room
1388 francy: byeee
1389 macey: god yknow i should just find a source and edit that in
1390 macey: what am i doing. i can do that. i have the power
1391 guest-2319663 entered the room
1392 caleb_bollenbacher: adios!
1393 macey: bye caleb!
1394 jukite1: coolbeams, caleb. I'll get back to you sioon, btw
1395 bennettca: Bye Caleb
1396 julia: byeee
1397 caleb_bollenbacher: great, thanks jukite!
1398 caleb_bollenbacher: bye all!
1399 caleb_bollenbacher left the room
1400 jukite1: ^_^/
1401 leanne: should i post some of my things to ao3 AND BYE CALEB
1402 macey: cracks knucles
1403 pooryorick: I need to get going too, have a goodnight everyone and thanks for the pretty pages alex
1404 pooryorick left the room
1405 macey: *knuckles. i can type. bye yorick!
1406 jukite1: bye yorick!
1407 macey: so what do you all think happened to akiko and junisao
1408 julia: bye!
1409 upguntha: http
1410 leanne: junisao is crying
1411 leanne: forever
1412 leanne: and bitterness if festering in his heart
1413 leanne: at the truants
1414 leanne: meanwhile akiko is on a mind trip
1415 jukite1: he's kinda a wild card, so I think he's gonna go bad-ass on irina
1416 leanne: where she's discovering secrets of the universe
1417 bennettca: But it'll make all the makeup-seks more gratifying
1418 leanne: NO
1419 leanne: HISAO'S GONNA BE
1420 macey: nick did say in morning glory days how junisao's story is more of a
1422 macey: vengeance one now
1423 leanne: ...buillaume GUILLAUME
1424 leanne: oh no
1425 leanne: OH NOOOOOOO
1427 macey: buillaume
1428 jukite1: Jun & Casey - Crazy Bitch hunters?
1430 macey: his GOOD twin??
1431 leanne: yeah there
1432 jukite1: I don't think Guillame's evil
1433 leanne: they look the exact same
1434 leanne: except eyebrows
1435 macey: buillaume's eyebrows are shaved off
1436 leanne: hes an asshole
1437 leanne: but hes not evil
1439 guest-2319663 left the room
1440 jukite1: I think the Truant's badness is a reflection of hanging out with Irina
1442 jukite1: who is, messed up
1445 leanne: (MULTIPLE SHOVES)
1449 leanne: I
1450 leanne: NO
1451 leanne: *THAN GUILLAUME
1452 macey: yeah a relationship isn't gonna work out when he helps kill your brother
1453 macey: not a good way to start out
1454 francy: it would definitely make things awkward
1455 macey: jukite
1456 alison: also, do the mind control powers not work on specific individuals?
1457 alison: since irina couldn't make jade do anything.
1458 macey: fortunato and guillaume are somewhat ambiguous on that front
1459 macey: SHIT maybe the mind control only works on people who aren't special!
1460 bennettca: I hope they talk more about the mind control soon...Lara warned Casey not to do it often,
1461 jukite1: maybe the Glories operate on different brain wavelengths
1462 upguntha: Casey couldn't coerce the faculty
1463 bennettca: And Irina said there was a price to their gifts
1464 jukite1: like, rom being born on the same day (solar-flare mutant-powers or something)
1465 francy left the room
1466 francy entered the room
1467 guest-2319768 changed nickname to francy
1468 alison: I'm also wondering if Vanessa et al have a whole different plan from Irina because of the
1469 alison: scene transitions happened before Ian went back to her.
1470 alison: and if Irina is more on her own than she realizes.
1471 francy left the room
1472 francy entered the room
1473 guest-2319777 changed nickname to francy
1474 upguntha: Irina changed her plans after the whole greenhouse fiasco
1475 francy: tinychat stop
1476 macey: it appears there's sort of a halfway split between the truants in terms of goals
1477 macey: irina has fortunato and guillaume under her thumb, but akiko, ian and vanessa were
1478 macey: all unaware and on top of that all have much better morals
1479 alison: well, there's also Vanessa getting caught up in Hodge's crap that I assume we'll see the
1480 alison: turn around on soon
1481 macey: and mainly seem to follow irina because she's fucking scary and her plans often work
1482 macey: or at least get close to working
1483 jukite1: and has the gun
1484 macey: haha, yes, the gun is important
1485 macey: irina probably sleeps with that thing
1486 jukite1: plus, maybe they got outside, relaised they didn't know wtf to do, and
1487 jukite1: well, shrug, guess Irina';s plan is better than none
1488 macey: irina's also manipulative as shit. she guilted ian and vanessa about akiko and brendan
1489 macey: it's hard not to feel weak compared to her
1490 guest-2319819 entered the room
1491 alison: hmm. I still have my doubts about the level of her control.
1492 guest-2319819 left the room
1493 upguntha: Casey>>>>>Irins
1494 alison: But I guess we'll (HOPEFULLY??) know next issue.
1495 macey: a lot of it depends on whether or not she can mind control her siblings
1496 alison: I don't think she can, unless she hasn't seen the need to.
1497 macey: and whether or not she would do that
1498 macey: because if she could and shit got rough, i could frankly see her doing it
1499 francy: yeah i think so too
1500 jukite1: LOL her and Casey as puppet masters duking it out with their class
1501 upguntha: Or maybe she wont
1502 macey: i don't think she would want to unless things were very, very dire
1503 macey: but who knows with her
1504 gabejer left the room
1505 upguntha: Alex was the smoke effect from the gun from you or from /Joe?
1506 jukite1: guess it also depends on the pricing
1507 macey: alex does a lot of that stuff, i know
1508 macey: joe does outlines and alex makes it look great
1509 alex_sollazzo: its in his lineart
1510 upguntha: ah ok
1511 julia: I'm going to head out, bye guys!
1512 leanne: OH MY GOD
1513 leanne: CASEY IS US
1514 leanne: IRINA IS USSR
1515 leanne: COLD WAR AU
1516 upguntha: i love the effect of it
1517 leanne: am i even making sense
1518 julia left the room
1519 leanne: because like theyre both fighting for control over other peopel right
1520 macey1 entered the room
1521 guest-2319882 changed nickname to macey1
1522 leanne: neither of them exactly have good intentions although casey is selling it as she does
1523 leanne: irina is ukranian casey is american
1524 macey1 left the room
1525 macey1 entered the room
1526 guest-2319888 changed nickname to macey1
1527 macey1: tinychat stop this
1528 macey1: in terms of casey, i think she's definetely better than irina moral-wise
1529 macey1: she's just following hodge's orders for the most part, and she genuinely regretted
1530 macey1: mind controlling her mom
1531 leanne: cold war au...
1532 leanne: all the cold war aus
1533 macey1: wait where did this come from what did i miss. what is happening
1534 jukite1: Irina vs Casey = Cold War
1535 jukite1: Makes sense
1536 jukite1: (as much as anything else)
1537 macey1: haha, basically
1538 macey1: man they will HATE each other. especially now that irina's got jade kidnapped
1539 jukite1: (Could be those two fronts, Casey/Irina represent a more political aspect {like C
1540 vicky left the room
1541 jukite1: Cold war}
1542 macey1: you fuck with jade you incite casey's wrath of which the likes the world has never seen
1543 clevername: hey folks, i'm going to disappear but I wanted to say --
1544 jukite1: and headmaster/abraham a moral one (Light/Wvil control/will(
1545 clevername: thanks for the kind words about MGB when you didn't know i was looking
1546 macey1: not a problem! it was great
1547 jukite1: ^_^/ totally awesome
1548 bennettca: Your focus group says to do more
1549 jukite1: LOL
1550 francy: yes please do
1551 clevername: absolutely
1552 jukite1: radio-plays
1553 clevername: i think... 8 or so have been written
1554 francy: omg
1555 macey1: oh woooow
1556 calfaile: yay!
1557 macey1: can we get any hints on what they're about
1558 clevername: random things. mostly jokes on character personalities
1559 clevername: if we can't get one about the issue's content done in time, we'll use one of these
1560 macey1: that sounds great aaa
1561 clevername: someone wanted a david one, right? there's one about him for sure
1562 jukite1: I wanna see them reviw movies or something
1563 jukite1: *review
1564 upguntha: Ian's film vlub
1565 bennettca: hahah
1566 jukite1: LOL yeah!
1567 macey1: fuck YES david. and oh my god, we need ian reviewing movies right away
1568 francy: can it be ian hating all of hunter's opinions on movies
1569 macey1: he probably says he hates every movie, but secretly adores like. romantic comedies
1570 clevername: hahaha
1571 jukite1: LOL MGB review Lost
1572 calfaile: what are the visual gags from MGB?
1573 delima entered the room
1574 clevername: there are a lot!
1575 guest-2319996 changed nickname to delima
1576 clevername: you tell me
1577 jukite1: or, for kicks, House of anubis or the "rup offs"
1578 delima left the room
1579 francy: ha ha
1580 upguntha: MGB as Happy endings characters
1581 calfaile: I've already listed the ones I have
1582 calfaile: all I got was dr. claw
1583 calfaile: . . . I don't watch happy endings
1584 leanne: wait im out of it
1585 leanne: whats mgb
1586 macey1: morning glory babies, leanne
1587 upguntha: shame on you
1588 clevername: off the top of my head, there's ET and rugrats in there
1589 francy: aka the comic at the end where everyone is tiny and
1590 francy: adorable
1591 jukite1: yeah, where David touches Akiko
1592 macey1: see, all david wants is friends
1593 clevername: nope, different ET reference
1594 jukite1: ooh, wow
1595 jukite1: mean
1596 calfaile: yeah, that wasn't an ET reference
1597 jukite1: oh T_T been so long since I've seen ET..totes thought it was
1598 macey1: "god is a booger face" is the best thing you've ever written, matt, btw
1599 clevername: the ET reference is tough. i'll give it to you
1600 clevername: the "real guns" are replaced with walkie-talkies
1601 clevername: haha, thank you. he is a booger face
1602 upguntha: Zoe had to leave early still cracks me up
1603 alison: yes haha, i loved that
1604 jukite1: I just love that back-forth cause it's so Jade/Ike
1605 macey1: wasn't that what joe told his son when he saw the page? that she spilled the ketchup
1606 jukite1: amazing how like, one panel can sum up half an issue
1607 clevername: there you go
1608 macey1: (the page where zoe died)
1609 upguntha: yup
1610 calfaile: oh, hah! I had forgotten that!
1611 macey1: sighs
1612 macey1: what else do we need to discuss? did we miss anything notable?
1613 macey1: did you guys talk about that odd line about tuna, or no
1614 guest-2320101 entered the room
1615 macey1: because i can totally say "haha haha fortunato's skeevy i told you" now
1616 upguntha: Tuna you too?
1617 guest-2320101 left the room
1618 macey left the room
1619 macey1: don't worry i'm still here
1620 macey1: but yeah, haha, what's up with that kid, man?
1621 upguntha: Why didn't Akiko's brain spwell out
1622 bennettca: Might be 'cause of his whole injection-thing. Like they know he's not just another birthda
1623 bennettca: *y kid
1624 macey1: to be fair, they seem to know that about a lot of kids, though
1625 macey1: he must've curried their favor somehow
1626 jukite1: selling them out?
1627 macey1: i have a feeling being special has something to do with why akiko didn't lose her brain,
1628 macey1: though
1629 guest-2319555 left the room
1630 bennettca: Yeah, but a lot of the kids don't seem to be as tortured as others
1631 macey1: jukite
1632 clevername left the room
1633 macey1: get insider info
1634 jukite1: true...for the "regular-go-to-class" school kids, the whole thing must be so weird
1635 jukite1: yeah, makes sense
1636 bennettca: I wanna see more past-life/injection stuff
1637 macey1: YES SO DO I 10 is one of my favorite issues
1638 bennettca: And that "I'm not too old, but one of us is" bit
1639 guest-2320191 entered the room
1640 upguntha: I loved 10 so glad that the begining of next issue will be like it
1641 tessa entered the room
1642 guest-2320191 left the room
1643 guest-2320197 changed nickname to tessa
1645 tessa left the room
1646 macey1: TESSA
1647 tessa entered the room
1648 guest-2320209 changed nickname to tessa
1649 macey1: wait she left
1650 macey1: OH SHE'S BACK
1651 tessa: hey dudes!
1652 bennettca: Hey hey
1653 macey1: tessa did you love it
1654 tessa: I LOVED IT
1655 tessa: i loved jade
1656 tessa: wow
1657 bennettca: Jade is a rockstar
1658 macey1: jade is amazing, who doesn't love jade? nobody. that's who
1659 tessa: and i loved mother blevins
1660 tessa: and i loved screaming out loud when lara popped up
1661 tessa: and i loved the baby glories summarization
1662 zethia left the room
1663 tessa: sorry i almost missed the chat, dang
1664 jukite1: T_T
1665 macey1: who's your favorite baby mg everyone
1666 macey1: i think mine is jade or akiko
1667 bennettca: Akiko. It was all just brilliant
1668 leanne: hisaoand akiko
1669 leanne: they forgo
1670 calfaile: jade
1671 leanne: forgot
1672 francy: baby jade was so cute omg
1673 tessa: i loved jun and hisao
1674 tessa: and irina
1675 leanne: "also, hisao and guillaume did kissy things."
1676 tessa: and jade
1677 tessa: and everyone
1679 bennettca: Alright, my dog is demanding to be walked, so I'm gonna head out. But everyone should sign
1680 francy: they were all adorable i want to take them all
1681 bennettca: up on the wiki!
1682 jukite1: baby Zoe
1683 bennettca left the room
1684 macey1: bennett i will soon, i've been putting it off
1685 macey1: bye!
1686 macey1: baby zoe was a goddess, wow
1687 calfaile: no time like the present
1688 calfaile: all the puking is not going to document itself
1689 francy: i'll sign up
1690 jukite1: at least we got some more Zoe
1691 tessa: what's signing up mean?
1692 macey1: to the wiki, tessa
1693 tessa: yeah, but what happens if we do?
1694 delima entered the room
1695 calfaile: Honestly, just read through it and if you see anthing to add, add it
1696 calfaile: we're missing some issue summaries
1697 tessa: i'd be into that!
1698 guest-2320290 changed nickname to delima
1699 leanne: im bad at fixing/helping with things hahahaha
1700 calfaile: and we have "continuity" and "answered/unsanswered" questions that we implemented later
1701 leanne: should i post fics to ao3 though
1702 leanne: because i have like
1703 jukite1: LOL issue summaries? [Some confusing shit happens
1704 leanne: seven
1705 leanne: and there are what
1706 francy: yes
1707 leanne: 3 fics
1708 leanne: on ao3
1709 23 entered the room
1710 calfaile: so not all the issues have them filled out
1711 calfaile: fics?
1712 delima left the room
1713 macey1: fics are important, calfaile. very important
1714 4 entered the room
1715 leanne: WE DONT EVEN
1716 leanne: HAVE
1717 guest-2320311 changed nickname to 23
1718 leanne: OUR OWN TAG ON AO3
1719 calfaile: fan fiction?
1721 francy: yeah
1722 leanne: http
1724 upguntha: wat'sao3
1725 francy: it's a site to upload fics
1726 guest-2320323 changed nickname to 4
1727 francy: like how there's and stuff
1728 leanne: jk
1729 leanne: we have three
1730 leanne: http
1731 4 left the room
1732 leanne: jk four
1733 tessa: i don't think i am physically capable of ficcing mg
1734 leanne: i cant speak spanish though so three
1735 tessa: although i did promise macey one once like 7 years ago
1736 macey1: yeah tessa way to break my heart (i kid)
1737 francy: my contribution is just bad graphics
1738 macey1: fandom is generally important
1739 jukite1: okay, I signed up. Where's my MG t-shirt 8D???
1740 macey1: and mg has the best fandom, so there
1741 tessa: i kept TRYING but i just feel like anything i contribute will make the whole fandom worse
1742 tessa: my contribution is also bad graphics
1743 leanne: the thing im pr
1744 leanne: in this fandom
1745 jukite1: I'll do art as homage..wouldn't do fanfic
1746 leanne: was thegif graphic i made
1747 leanne: *proudest of
1748 leanne: way back when
1749 leanne: so proud.
1750 leanne: it took me like 92834729834 hours
1751 leanne: hahahahaha
1752 calfaile: you got an apple! that's not prize enough?
1753 macey1: whenever you eat an apple, think of casey blevins
1754 tessa: every time i make one of the issue by issue things i have to hoard it for months
1755 macey1: that's your reward
1756 jukite1: the implications are so torrid, and I cannot wear an apple ~_~
1757 tessa: before convincing myself it's publishable
1758 tessa: hahaha when i was at school my friend and i stole cafeteria apples
1759 tessa: dressed up like schoolgirls
1760 macey1: how do you steal cafeteria apples they come with lunch
1761 jukite1: And I'll think of something else with Casey and eating 8P
1762 macey1: i mean they do at my school
1763 tessa: and took literally hundreds of pictures on campus
1764 tessa: we're not supposed to take food out of the cafeteria
1765 macey1: ah really? hm odd
1766 jukite1: like the garden gnome-thing?
1767 tessa: OH MAN i have 2 mg mixes i never published too
1768 tessa: i'm really bad about that
1769 macey1: i made an irina mix but i never posted it on tumblr.....
1770 tessa: my #1 fan contribution is emotional text posts about how much i like the comic in general
1771 tessa: POST IT
1772 23 left the room
1773 leanne: http
1774 macey1: http
1775 leanne: MY GREATEST ACCOMPLISHMENT...and the thing only works 20% of them time
1776 leanne: OOH
1777 macey1: oh my gosh leanne you made that forever ago
1778 leanne: IT'S STI
1779 macey1: remember then. it might have been in the earliest truant days
1780 leanne: MY PROUDEST THING
1781 macey1: that feels like a millenium ago
1782 leanne: that and the hold my flower meme
1783 leanne: yeah ik
1784 leanne: before the fandom got bigger ;u;
1785 jukite1: that's cool..and I just realised Jade's talking about the poeple going back to their rigt
1786 tessa: AAAA i am following you on 8tracks
1787 leanne: SPIDER.
1788 jukite1: time-place
1789 tessa: but on my old account so please ignore
1790 macey1: shut up i needed man man on there man man's a good fucking band
1791 tessa: leanne i remember when you made that!
1792 leanne: ;u;
1793 macey1: haha ok the chat is almost over so
1794 leanne: omfg
1795 jukite1: T_T
1796 tessa: oh whoops
1797 leanne: we're gonna be
1798 jukite1: boo
1799 leanne: those cranky old
1800 macey1: susan said somebody was doing the transcript? who was that?
1801 leanne: fandomers
1802 leanne: in like five years
1803 tessa: i'm already halfway there
1804 tessa: BACK IN THE DAY
1808 calfaile: where are the transcripts posted?
1809 tessa: when i was still limber enough to stand on my head while i wept over comics
1810 leanne: "
1811 leanne: hahahaha
1812 tessa: okay i'm gonna split
1813 macey1: i just put em on pastebin
1814 jukite1: bye bye ^_^/
1815 tessa: you're beautiful souls
1816 tessa: goodnight!
1817 macey1: but seriously who was that? i need everything before i pop in if not everything, haha
1818 macey1: good night tessa!!
1819 tessa left the room
1820 calfaile: are they linked from your tumblr?
1821 alison: I have the whole chat, but I'm on Chrome
1822 macey1: yes they are cal
1823 macey1: aaaugh, susan said somebody volunteered, though
1824 macey1: and she had all the stuff with nick and joe
1825 leanne: NIGGGHHHHT
1826 calfaile: uguntha said he would do it
1827 jukite1: Susan asked, [jess
1828 leanne: i g2g now actually HOPE YOU FIND IT MACEY BYE
1829 jukite1: that was said right when I came in
1830 macey1: BYE LEANNE! YOU PAL
1831 leanne left the room
1832 francy left the room
1833 jukite1: otherwise I can copy/paste it too....
1834 jukite1: I just don't know what to do with it @_@
1835 macey1: jukite where do you have it from?
1836 jukite1: top of the chat window for me
1837 macey1: the time i mean!
1838 jukite1: oh, one se
1839 calfaile: I have it from 8
1840 jukite1:
1841 jukite1: 7
1842 alison: oh, hey, if you control + c in chrome, you can get it.
1843 jukite1: CST
1844 jukite1: I'm on IE ~_~
1845 macey1: it never works on chrome for me, alison
1846 macey1: is that 8
1847 macey1: OH yes it is! jukite would you be willing to volunteer
1848 calfaile: well, 2
1849 macey1: all you gotta do is get it all and then put it into pastebin- it autoformats it
1850 jukite1: pastebion?
1851 macey1: http
1852 macey1: (you guys get to stay a couple extra minutes while we get this sorted out. luckies)
1853 jukite1: ok. what do I do then? never done this before?
1854 macey1: just highlight the whole chat, ctrl+c, paste it into pastebin
1855 macey1: works better if you go an hour at a time
1856 jukite1: ok
1857 jukite1: this'll take some time
1858 alison left the room