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Morning Glories Issue 26 Tinychat from April 24, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: hola, amigos
0002 gregorsly: Sup sup
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0004 guest-1574550 changed nickname to mourtheglories
0005 vicky: yi
0006 vicky: yo*
0007 mourtheglories: heya
0008 gregorsly: Everybody read the issue?
0009 mourtheglories: ugh need to change my name lol
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0012 krystle entered the room
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0019 krystle: heya macey
0020 macey: it would be kind of awful if you didn't read the issue you'd get SO SPOILED....
0021 krystle: yes yes you would
0022 supercarmen changed nickname to carmen
0023 gregorsly: yeah dawg
0024 haley entered the room
0025 gregorsly: I really like how it helps you fill in some of the gaps, though
0026 macey: IT BEGINS!!
0027 macey: but yes that was my favorite bit
0028 guest-1574883 changed nickname to haley
0029 macey: even littler things like where vanessa's phone came from
0030 gregorsly: Issue 25's twist was awesome but it just raised more questions ... this is one that answer
0031 gregorsly: answered questions
0032 tessa entered the room
0033 gregorsly: Yeah, what's the story with that phone?
0034 gregorsly: I can't remember why that was important
0035 susan entered the room
0036 macey: in 21 vanessa's mom gets very intense about her packing something
0037 guest-1574907 changed nickname to shinji
0038 macey: and in 25 vanessa's shown holding it
0039 gregorsly: Oh snap
0040 macey: so presumably it is that phone
0041 gregorsly: I wish I had 25 in front of me so I could check that
0042 macey: it's when she's telling the other truants her plan
0043 gregorsly: Awesome, thanks
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0045 tessa: HI
0046 macey: TESSA
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0049 tessa: I'M SURVIVIN'
0050 krystle: heya tessa
0051 macey: oh nick just posted the spotify playlist for this arc
0052 joe_eisma entered the room
0053 gregorsly: There's a spotify playlist for the series?
0054 julia: I'm confused about casey and georgina should i be as confused as i am
0055 macey:
0056 guest-1574916 changed nickname to soddingwankers
0057 macey: nick does one for every arc!!
0058 soddingwankers: hello dears!
0059 macey: EM HELLO
0060 francy entered the room
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0062 soddingwankers: macey!
0063 krystle: yeah joe has been posting those lists for awhile
0064 soddingwankers: you beautiful!
0065 gregorsly: Julia, my reading was that Georgina is still Georgina, but Casey is running around
0066 gregorsly: disguised as her
0067 upguntha entered the room
0068 krystle: also joe has a master list on spotify of all the songs
0069 guest-1574973 changed nickname to upguntha
0070 krystle: I agree with gregorsly
0071 macey: yeah i think hodge specifically wanted casey to be georgina to confuse people
0072 julia: okay this is what I was thinking as well but I wasn't sure
0073 macey: i think we have to take into account that this is all hodge's plan
0074 gregorsly: The big clue was that scene where Jun saw Abraham talking to Georgina
0075 krystle: yup
0076 upguntha: heyoooooo
0077 gregorsly: And now we know that wasn't Georgina
0078 macey: yeah it was CASEY
0079 macey: speaking of abe his kissy face is probably my new favorite panel
0080 haley: yeah that was the one where i was like oooh that
0081 gregorsly: That's why that line in 25 about Georgina taking two years to find Abraham is important
0082 haley: also hi i'm new
0083 tessa: hi haley!
0084 gregorsly: Hi Haley, me too
0085 macey: HELLO NEW FRIEND!!
0086 soddingwankers: hi haley!
0087 macey: NEW FRIENDS
0088 soddingwankers: WELCOME
0089 tessa: hi gregorsly!
0090 soddingwankers: yess i'm blue hurray
0091 tessa: we love you already
0092 vicky: hello everyone
0093 francy: HI HALEY
0094 haley: hi!
0095 gregorsly: But yeah so how is it that Laura's plan appears to help the truants
0096 gregorsly: That's what's so confusing
0097 gregorsly: Is she double crossing Father and the Academy?
0098 krystle: lmao that scene was my favorite too with abe and casey, macey
0099 gregorsly: Because that's sure as hell what it looks like
0100 upguntha: I don't hink she's helping anyone but herself
0101 haley: "what's that saying about apples and trees?" favorite line deifnitely
0102 macey: i think lara is working for both herself and her father
0103 upguntha: turning the kids against Georgin and Abraham
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0105 gregorsly: upguntha, good point
0106 tessa: everyone is the same color, this is confusing
0107 macey: she wants the headmaster to win but she also wants herself to win
0108 gregorsly: Man there are a whole lot of agendas in this
0109 macey: i've seen a few of these songs on kid loki nick a jim fan
0110 krystle: all i think of os the apple tree and casey waiting under it
0111 upguntha: is there a way to chage colors
0112 guest-1574925 changed nickname to joe_eisma
0113 gregorsly: But yeah, dude, as a season premiere, this was the best issue for awhile
0114 gregorsly: A big reveal, some questions answered
0115 krystle: lot of different people holding apples throughout the series tho
0116 tessa: hi joe!
0117 macey: guntha go up to the little screw thing
0118 macey: and then app settings
0119 upguntha: Joeeeee
0120 macey: HI JOE
0121 gregorsly: Whoah hey it's Joe Eisma
0122 joe_eisma: hello
0123 macey: joe this issue was greaaaat
0124 gregorsly: Dude great issue
0125 macey: alex said he wouldn't be able to make it so pass it on that his colors were also great
0126 soddingwankers: hey joe!!
0127 joe_eisma: thanks!
0128 krystle: heya joe
0129 francy: yeah it was wonderful, good work
0130 soddingwankers: you made casey a BABE
0131 tessa: MAJORLY
0132 gregorsly: I loved that cold open, with all the attention to detail on the server
0133 macey: implying casey wasn't already a babe wow
0134 gregorsly: I was hooked from page one of this thing
0135 joe_eisma: haha!
0136 upguntha: Another great issue
0137 tessa: the first page was amazing
0138 joe_eisma: i was actually telling someone about casey the other day
0139 francy: she evolved into the biggest babe
0140 krystle: so first order of business we need the reciepe to that dish on page 1
0141 joe_eisma: since she's an adult in this issue, i definitely ramped up her babe factor
0142 macey: hodge ruined her blonde locks, though
0143 macey: curse hodge and her mysterious plans!!
0144 gregorsly: Oh dude hella clue, yo
0145 joe_eisma: haha krystle--i'll see if i can find it. nick sent that to me
0146 gregorsly: You're saying that she's not 16 when she has this conversation
0147 gregorsly: So this isn't immediatley after she went back in time ...
0148 macey: oooh yes is that confirmation she is aging
0149 francy: when he was flirting with her i was like "Well i guess this means ike was not lying"
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0151 krystle: lmao nice
0152 joe_eisma: oh no, she's 19 in the first part of issue 26
0153 upguntha: nope 3 yrs passed
0154 macey: AH YES we were wondering, tessa and i
0155 soddingwankers: ooooh we get an age, too
0156 soddingwankers: sweet
0157 guest-1575090 left the room
0158 macey: because when she comes back in 25 she looks 16
0159 soddingwankers: I yelled a lot during this one
0160 macey: so we thought she might be hopping around in time
0161 susan: hello friends
0162 soddingwankers: tessa can attest to that
0163 haley: oh wow i was wondeirng about the aging
0164 soddingwankers: HELLO DEARY
0165 upguntha: I was a little confused at first I thought Ab was a pedo for a second
0166 tessa: emily yelled a LOT
0167 susan: crap how do i change my name
0168 francy: I DID TOO
0169 tessa: so did i, haha
0170 krystle: and if anyone had any question casey wasn't a bamf i think there is no room to doubt it
0171 krystle: now
0172 joe_eisma: hahaha upguntha
0173 francy: i am not sure how anyone could ever doubt it
0174 joe_eisma: he definitely had an 'ike' moment with casey
0175 shinji changed nickname to susan
0176 gregorsly: That was some great storytelling, up through the reveal ... just great decompressed stuff
0177 susan: yee
0178 upguntha: PS not alooed to read this book at work, me tgrowing my phone and tantrum at 9 am not cool
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0180 krystle: totally related thats for sure lol
0181 krystle: oh god lol
0182 joe_eisma: here's the recipe for the scallops nick sent as reference
0183 joe_eisma: http
0184 gregorsly: Hahah
0185 macey: you can tell abe is ike's dad when he's not around kids
0186 gregorsly: Nice
0187 francy: ooh
0189 upguntha: lmao
0190 krystle: i love how i made that a joke but there really is a reciepe
0191 julia: I apologize
0192 krystle: lmao
0193 macey: julie i don't know either
0194 joe_eisma: thanks gregorsly!
0195 francy: well wasn't ike like, yeah abe totes had affairs and stuff at his funeral? at first i was
0196 macey: *julia. i must miss julie!!
0197 tessa: emily, can we make those?
0198 krystle: i dont know if they let you bring in food to c2e2
0199 francy: like "is it joking" but now i'm like hmmm
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0201 upguntha: That's a younger Casey
0202 soddingwankers: tessa
0203 gregorsly: Sooo ... when she's pointing that gun at that woman with a ponytaili...
0204 gregorsly: Is the woman with the ponytail hunter's doctor?
0205 soddingwankers: but i will probably not eat them as i dislike scallops
0206 upguntha: oyesss
0207 joe_eisma: yup, hunter's doctor
0208 gregorsly: The one who was looking at brain scans?
0209 gregorsly: Rad
0210 haley: thats awesome i did not recognize her
0211 joe_eisma: see? we DO give answers. sometimes.
0212 soddingwankers: Joe, I hope everything is well for your family
0213 macey: i enjoyed that miss richmond cameo. she's also adorable
0214 joe_eisma: thanks! they're doing much better
0215 upguntha: right before another can of questions
0216 gregorsly: Hmm ... how about the ponytailed, bearded doctor ... he looks like the one we saw with Jad
0217 soddingwankers: Good to hear!
0218 krystle: too bad i dont have time or money to buy a black wig and glasses
0219 joe_eisma: my mom's lost cat has just been found
0220 gregorsly: *Jade
0221 soddingwankers: Awwwww
0222 upguntha: yayyyy for kittie
0223 soddingwankers: guys, i have been tossing around a theory
0224 joe_eisma: we haven't seen that bearded doctor before
0225 gregorsly: Nod
0226 gregorsly: Got it
0227 julia: bring it on emily
0228 macey: awww yay for the cat! i'm happy they were found
0229 soddingwankers: that might be totally cracky, but it'll amuse joe if i'm wrong
0230 krystle: i could come out and take pictures as casey then change into daramount in the bathroom
0231 krystle: then >.>
0232 upguntha: You mean Baltar
0233 nick entered the room
0234 krystle: that would be the best cosplay
0235 guest-1575183 changed nickname to nick
0236 soddingwankers: I think that Casey was in the hospital the same time as Ike, when they were born
0237 tessa: hey nick!
0238 joe_eisma: haha you should totally do that
0239 macey: i was gonna say the doctor looks like andrew haha
0240 macey: but i didn't think it was him
0241 soddingwankers: And that she's either daramount's twin or abraham's kid
0242 macey: i'm just eager for more future people
0243 soddingwankers: or both.
0244 tessa: i like the twin theory
0245 krystle: i cant wait to see what happened to everyone that we already know >.<
0246 soddingwankers: also hello nick!
0247 krystle: heya nick
0248 tessa: expand on that, emily
0249 haley: twin?
0250 tessa: your thoughts are good
0251 susan: yea i'm confused
0252 gregorsly: Let's see ... how about the bar scene and the guy with the recorder?
0253 nick: hey all
0254 macey: NICK i'm listening to this playlist now and i've seen so many of these songs on
0255 gregorsly: Is that Ike's blackmail scene?
0256 upguntha: the man with the "plan"
0257 macey: kid loki playlists. of all things. do you like journey into mystery
0258 gregorsly: Nick! Great art, btw
0259 hansel_moreno entered the room
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0261 upguntha: I wish Alex had a playlist
0262 nick: ha, i did love JiM, but never saw the playlist
0263 guest-1575216 left the room
0264 soddingwankers: sorry!!
0265 joe_eisma: alex's playlist would be nothing but anti-tree songs
0266 guest-1575213 changed nickname to hansel_moreno
0267 soddingwankers: i'm also cooking
0268 macey: not kieron's playlist i mean- fan playlists. it's very ironic
0269 upguntha: lol
0270 macey: alex's playlist would be about burning forests yes
0271 wompercats entered the room
0272 soddingwankers: I think there's no way it's a cincidence that Daramount and Casey look that similar
0273 krystle: hahaha
0274 upguntha: So Nick did I miss the title for vol5?
0275 guest-1575234 changed nickname to wompercats
0276 soddingwankers: And it's been bugging me that Daramount has, for the most part, not been covered in scars
0277 nick: TESTS
0278 soddingwankers: which may be a separate issue
0279 soddingwankers: but
0280 guest-1575042 changed nickname to alexander_hemsley
0281 vicky: at the beginning of 25
0282 macey: TESTS HRM anything to do with jade's theory on this all being a test?
0283 gregorsly: Yeah, soddingwankers, somebody pointed out that she's unharmed by all these explosions
0284 vicky: is abe talking to daramount of casey
0285 gregorsly: Going all the way back to issue
0286 gregorsly: 1
0287 soddingwankers: Yepyep
0288 francy: oh i just noticed that one kid in the background is wearing a mcr shirt
0289 vicky: since it seems like caseys the one who blew it all up???
0290 soddingwankers: but she was also sliced up by the headmaster
0291 vicky: or*
0292 upguntha: ah ok thanks
0293 alexander_hemsley: How old was casey suppose to be in issue 25?
0294 gregorsly: Joe said 19
0295 macey: alexander we've all asked that....
0296 joe_eisma: haha good catch francy
0297 julia: I thought 19 at the beginning of 26
0298 macey: no casey's 19 in the first scene of 26
0299 joe_eisma: i'm a fan of gerard's
0300 macey: however old she is in 25 is a big mystery
0301 francy: were you sad too at the news of the breakup joe
0302 gregorsly: Hm
0303 nick: end of 25 she's 16
0304 julia: she looks younger...
0305 julia: okay
0306 macey: NICK.....
0308 nick: start of 26, she's 19
0309 gregorsly: Oh god my brain
0310 macey: (or does it)
0311 soddingwankers: Anyway i think the hospital scene is significant, and it wouldn't surprise me if casey was
0312 tessa: macey and i were talking about how time travel affects someone's aging
0313 upguntha: 2 diff versions of Casey just like Jade
0314 soddingwankers: switched at birth to her "parents"
0315 krystle: and end of 26 shes 14?
0316 gregorsly: When we finally hear the explanation our head is going to explode, isn't it
0317 nick: that will get a little easier to handle by the end of 27, I think
0318 gregorsly: collective heads, head?
0319 susan: emily how would you explain the age difference between daramount and casey then?
0320 macey: time travel, susan
0321 macey: get with the comic
0322 susan: yea but whennnnn
0323 tessa: i want to know if casey was aware of this when she went to mga
0324 tessa: because
0325 macey: this is morning glories. WHEN does not matter! WHY is what matters!
0326 nick: i'll give you all the same disclaimers I gave Matt
0327 newuser9238 entered the room
0328 tessa: she did not go "MAN daramount looks just like my old teacher!"
0329 guest-1575321 changed nickname to newuser9238
0330 nick: casey is not daramount
0331 tessa: AUGH
0332 tessa: okay
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0334 wigler entered the room
0335 gregorsly: Ike's not Abarham, is he?
0336 nick: those scenes after the makeover but before Casey's first day of school are not chronologic
0337 nick: al
0338 alexander_hemsley: Nick, when is the oversized hardcover coming out?
0339 guest-1575333 changed nickname to wigler
0340 nick: nor should you consider them to all pre-date the classroom scene
0341 susan: right
0342 nick: August
0343 soddingwankers: nick, thanks
0344 gregorsly: i can't think of another series where the creators handle fan questions on a monthly basis
0345 susan: whooo
0346 vicky left the room
0347 upguntha: why must you do this to us
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0349 tessa: so are we assuming when daramount introduces casey to the school
0350 nick: those are my freebies
0351 soddingwankers: i haven't been, so far; i feel like it's a mess of time travel
0352 tessa: it's not just casey talking to herself?
0353 vicky entered the room
0354 guest-1575354 changed nickname to vicky
0355 soddingwankers: tessa, yeah
0356 francy: ty nick!
0357 tessa: that helps
0358 soddingwankers: i think that's Real Daramount
0359 upguntha: I can't believe that they put up with me
0360 nick: it is not, no. two different people, I promise
0361 soddingwankers: and sometimes, probably outside the school, there is Caseymount messing stuff up
0362 tessa: this boggles my brain
0363 nick: I'm being clear on that just because I put an undue burden on Joe haha
0364 soddingwankers: like talking to abraham and stuff
0365 upguntha: Will the real Daramount please stand up
0366 gregorsly: I feel like there are some more answers in that long flashback seqeunce
0367 soddingwankers: awww haha niiiiiick
0368 joe_eisma: haha
0369 joe_eisma: i specifically put daramount's hair down in the next scene i drew of her because of this
0370 macey: YES now that nick and joe are here we should discuss abe and his creepy crush
0371 gregorsly: So ... did Casey poison Ike's blackmailer/
0372 upguntha: is she pretending to be Daramount
0373 gregorsly: ?
0374 krystle: i think if we re-read all the daramount parts we will be able to figure out which is
0375 krystle: which
0376 wigler: Does real Daramount really look like Daramount? Or should we be wondering if Daramount's
0377 wigler: wearing a disguise too?
0378 nick: abe's moves are my favorite scene of this one
0379 krystle: lmao yes
0380 macey: eye color should be the giveaway. casey's are blue, georgina's are bright green
0381 macey: abe's kissy face is my new favorite panel tbh
0382 upguntha: yes greg
0383 tessa: but! lara knows about all this. but it feels like she should be a little worried about h
0384 tessa: er sister
0385 gregorsly: K cool, just double checking
0386 upguntha: she wants Ike to get into the scholl so that the cave scene can happen
0387 soddingwankers: Question that might be too spoilery
0388 gregorsly: No such thing, soddingwankers
0389 vickyy entered the room
0390 guest-1575384 changed nickname to vicky1
0391 susan: hi vicky
0392 soddingwankers: is there a connection between Caseymount's chess scene and Ike's crazy homeless chess man?
0393 vickyy: ugh tiny chat
0394 vickyy: why am i vicky1
0395 gregorsly: What was Ike's crazy homeless chess man?
0396 nick: @upguntha if that's the case, how much blame does Casey get for everything
0397 macey: you mean the old dude, right emily?
0398 soddingwankers: yeah
0400 susan: i can't imagine chess being in here twice would be a coincidence
0401 krystle: remember the new character joe showed us a month or so back as a sneak peak
0402 upguntha: she can't help herself
0403 krystle: thats who she is playing
0404 susan: yea valerie
0405 macey: well we should blame hodge even more than casey! she planned it!
0406 vicky1 changed nickname to vickyy
0407 gregorsly: Krystle, where was that?
0408 krystle: i have to look that up but i think its this tamara chick
0409 susan: who wound up not being named valerie
0410 macey: isabel, yeah
0411 susan: no it was isabel
0412 krystle: on tumblr somewhere
0413 krystle: oh okay
0414 gregorsly: Man, I should have all the issues with me for this conversation
0415 tessa: hodge definitely felt better informed than casey
0416 krystle: i have only just read the issue once through and had to eat dinner and rush over here
0417 krystle: but i just remember that chess picture clip
0418 krystle: ill find it
0419 upguntha: Is the Casey cheating thing a ref to the young Daramount Hodge scenr
0420 macey: it's remarkable casey never got tired of following hodge's plans it seems
0421 tessa: (my roommate just saw me pull out the issue and went "oh my GOD, AGAIN?")
0422 susan: tessa pls
0423 nick: haha were we gonna call her valerie? I can't remember
0424 macey: your roommate needs to be converted to mg
0425 macey: NO susan had a dream where her name was valerie.
0426 macey: funny story that
0427 tessa: she says she'll read it if i start watching sports
0428 joe_eisma: haha
0429 tessa: we'll see
0430 nick: ahhh whew
0431 susan: nick i dream about your comic sometimes
0432 alexander_hemsley: Nick, did Casey E-1 have miss clarkson as a teacher?
0433 susan: don't worry about it
0434 shinerbrownies entered the room
0435 tessa: hahahah susan
0436 nick: According to 016 she did
0437 guest-1575432 changed nickname to shinerbrownies
0438 macey: YEAH apparently casey became her own favorite teacher
0439 gregorsly: Oh snap
0440 macey: i can't imagine how tripped out casey-as-clarkson must feel
0441 joe_eisma: hahaha shinerbrownies
0442 susan: clarkson probably dealt with this isabel chick for her
0443 shinerbrownies: yo
0444 upguntha: She's prob became her own fav teacher, narcasism can not be trustest
0445 gregorsly: Any theories on what she blew up?
0446 gregorsly: we see a lot of Casey in the desert
0447 gregorsly: Casey eyeing land and water
0448 macey: well it looked like the base where she grew up
0449 susan: i assumed it was abe's camp
0450 susan: jk
0451 vickyy left the room
0452 macey: but WHY WOULD SHE BLOW THAT UP
0453 susan: i don't know
0454 vickyy entered the room
0455 guest-1575465 changed nickname to vickyy
0456 krystle: http
0457 krystle: oh its daramount
0458 gregorsly: I can't shake the theory that Abe is Ike, even though there's evidence to the contrary
0459 joe_eisma: nope!
0460 susan: caseymount
0461 macey: my friend is all over an "abe is ike" theory
0462 joe_eisma: haha i had to crop that pic JUST SO
0463 gregorsly: Oh I konow what I've been thinking about
0464 soddingwankers: nick and joe when this comic is over are we gonna know what happened
0465 nick: heh
0466 krystle: yeah sorry thats what i meant a "daramount"
0467 gregorsly: is Jade's future the same one the students were teleported to during Woodrun
0468 upguntha: @maCCEY Shrinessss
0469 gregorsly: ?
0470 krystle: i just thought maybe it was the person she was playing
0471 krystle: but it wasnt
0472 macey: UPGUNTHA
0473 gregorsly: Or did Jade travel there?
0474 krystle: bad memory -__
0475 nick: @gregorsly 027
0476 upguntha: it was an Irina Joke
0477 macey: oh well i always like to talk about irina
0478 macey: no joke
0479 susan: macey she wasn't even in this issue
0480 macey: it's kind of a problem.
0482 krystle: lol macey is gonna marry irina
0483 tessa: yeah well NO ONE was in this issue
0484 upguntha: If the school considered monastary the camps can be shrines
0485 vickyy left the room
0486 vickyy entered the room
0487 guest-1575492 changed nickname to vickyy
0488 susan: poor vicky
0489 upguntha: That trollop needs to be put away still not over what she did to Zoe
0490 vickyy left the room
0491 tessa: there are so many characters i am dying to see
0492 macey: yes i'd marry irina in heartbeart have you seen that babe
0493 vickyy entered the room
0494 guest-1575495 changed nickname to vickyy
0495 tessa: but we got casey
0496 tessa: so
0497 hansel_moreno: These hypothesis are so crazy, you are all giving me a headache.
0498 soddingwankers: So tessa is happy
0499 vickyy: GUURR
0500 tessa: very happy
0501 krystle: scallop reciepes, casey older! as daramount, abe, EXPLOSIONS, death, lots of fun stuff
0502 macey: tessa this was like your ideal issue
0503 francy: pats tessa
0504 tessa: it WAS
0505 tessa: i was in LOVE
0506 tessa: i just want to see akiko and stuff
0507 krystle: <3 casey's return
0508 tessa: but this issue felt like it was made for me SO it's all chill
0509 gregorsly: I liked how stripped down and focused this issue was
0510 upguntha: Akiko death became of her
0511 macey: watch as we don't get an update on akiko for like 10 more issues
0512 nick: awkiko
0513 gregorsly: it was good to slow down and focus on one twist
0514 gregorsly: And get some answers
0515 macey: nick you really like tormenting us with akiko
0516 krystle: and the conclusion of what happened with ike
0517 nick: @macey well...
0518 nick: maybe not 10
0519 tessa: it's excruciating
0520 macey: BUT AWHILE?
0521 vickyy: oh no
0522 tessa: augh
0523 krystle: jade jumped in front of ike and resurrects/heals herself
0524 upguntha: So did Daramount burn down the camp or was it Casey
0525 krystle: whoever it was HIGH FIVE to them
0526 nick: @upguntha daramount
0527 soddingwankers: Oooohh wow nick that's almost like an answer, yay!
0528 krystle: more like a hopefully before this year!
0529 soddingwankers: P.S. if you were to do character-centric issues for everyone i would not mind
0530 krystle: ends*
0531 soddingwankers: ~guillaume~~
0532 gregorsly: I'm starting to think morning glories is in a closed timeline
0533 macey: yes i would be okay with an entire half-season of character issues
0534 nick: @soddingwankers next arc
0535 haley: oh seconded!
0536 macey: i LOVE character issues
0537 krystle: yeah i loved those central to each character issues
0538 macey: REALLY? GREAT
0539 francy: issue dedicated to his eyebrows
0540 vickyy: i know who i want a character issue of
0541 susan: ian
0542 gregorsly: Despite this change in time stuff it feels like everything we see is already on one line
0543 upguntha: PAMELLLAAAAA yayy
0544 krystle: PAMELA
0545 krystle: yaaaaaay
0546 vickyy: shh susan its a secret
0547 francy: watch ian's issue be nothing but him making faces
0548 susan: no one knows vicky's love for ian
0549 soddingwankers: REALLY OH HURRAY THANK YOU NICK
0550 macey: ian's issue will be reaction images
0551 upguntha: lol
0552 joe_eisma: ian's issue is him finally visiting a dentist
0553 alexander_hemsley: will we be seeing any more day to day school stuff? like classes and such? o
0554 tessa: hahahahah
0555 julia: oh sweetie
0556 vickyy: omg joe
0557 francy: ffkjfd
0558 francy: re
0559 tessa: i want a megan issue
0560 upguntha: So can we all say that Richmond helpeed Caseymount to get her daughter back
0561 francy: kinda like the truants can't
0562 tessa: and a pamela issue
0563 nick: yeah, once TESTS is done (029), all character issues for a while
0564 tessa: really?
0565 tessa: SCORE
0566 soddingwankers: ohhh my god that's so awesome
0567 macey: please give me a megan issue, yes
0568 tessa: also man we are really in need of an irina issue, hoenstly
0569 nick: there will be a pamela issue, but I don't know when yet
0570 tessa: *honestly
0571 macey: tuna issue is just him praying the whole time
0572 francy: omg
0573 francy: pamela
0574 julia: wait whoa what
0575 tessa: eeeeee pamela
0576 vickyy: wooo!
0577 macey: pamela issue is her stabbing everyone
0578 shinerbrownies: daramount issue?
0579 francy: pamela should be a double issue
0580 gregorsly left the room
0581 upguntha: it;s gonna be how pamela always wins woodrun
0582 macey: pamela needs a TRIPLE issue
0583 haley: wasnt that zoes issue
0584 gregorsly entered the room
0585 guest-1575567 entered the room
0586 guest-1575564 changed nickname to gregorsly
0587 julia: zoe issues x2 /claws at face
0588 tessa: aaaa
0589 tessa: seconded
0590 tessa: although she already had one
0591 francy: zoe can have more i don't care
0592 francy: cries quietly
0593 macey: i'm honestly convinced pamela is gonna win woodrun
0594 upguntha: cries with you
0595 julia: it's fine no characters have died right
0596 macey: they'll be rounding up the kids and pamela will show up, oblivious, with every flag
0597 julia: single tear
0598 tessa: everyone else will be dead by then anyway
0599 krystle: i think they sort of cancelled woodrun
0600 guest-1575567 left the room
0601 krystle: when they couldnt find the students >.>
0602 tessa: booo
0603 tessa: i insist upon a winner
0604 tessa: even if we decide who won
0605 krystle: but she would totally win! if it wasnt ruined!
0606 upguntha: that's how the book ends with her Oblivious and asking if she won woodrun
0607 julia: OMG
0608 krystle: well zoey would have if she didnt go psycho on everyone
0609 macey: everyone is dead, the academy is on fire
0610 krystle: bates motel was giving me some zoey feels
0611 vicky left the room
0612 macey: pamela walks around asking if she won woodrun
0613 julia: actually the perfect ending
0614 francy: the final battle would have been zoe and pamela and it would have been glorious
0615 haley: actually all of the plot is just pamelas machinations to win woodrun
0616 susan: "all my stuff is burned??!?"
0617 bio entered the room
0618 julia: blessss
0619 julia: howard comes up in the background
0620 krystle: haha nice zoe vs pamela for the trophey
0621 julia: is howard alive
0622 guest-1575591 changed nickname to bio
0623 susan: howard wins woodrun
0624 macey: you know even if we get irina and tuna issues i will not be satisfied until we get
0625 macey: a david issue
0626 susan: just steals the crown right from her
0627 tessa: YES
0628 tessa: david issue
0629 francy: DAVID YES
0630 haley: YESSS
0631 macey: just david's daily life. stalking around. being lonely.
0632 tessa: i am in dire need
0633 macey: killing some dudes. playing with the goats.
0634 upguntha: Who's watching Defiance
0635 julia: I think that would actually be the most heartbreaking issue
0636 macey: just a normal david day
0637 bio left the room
0638 krystle: i watched the first episode
0639 francy: well maybe we'd get to find out what was his deal with zoe if he had an issue
0640 francy: i hope
0641 francy: i wish
0642 vickyy left the room
0643 gregorsly: Yeah, I'd like to know about David
0644 julia: How many issues is MG planned to be total?
0645 gregorsly: Also more about issue 25's twits
0646 tessa: can we have a david and zoe joint issue
0647 gregorsly: *twist
0648 susan: 100-125
0649 krystle: yes we would like to know everything about everyone but patience.... years of patience lol
0650 julia: thanks
0651 macey: like even more than the "who is david" question i want to know
0652 macey: what is david's daily life
0653 krystle: thats all we got
0654 gregorsly: Maybe the question is WHAT is David
0655 macey: does he HAVE a daily life
0656 upguntha: David is Casey after sex change
0657 gregorsly: Was David the product of that cylinder experiment that killed those scientists?
0658 krystle: x.x
0659 upguntha: Casey is everyone
0660 julia: David is the soul of Morning Glories academy
0661 gregorsly: Come to think of it we haven't seen the cylinder for awhile
0662 macey: speaking of the cylinder we haven't seen JULIE in awhile
0663 gregorsly: Yeah macey
0664 macey: i'm getting restless about her, 6 is one of my favorites
0665 krystle: he was a prior sacrifice at the monstary known as morning glories years and years ago
0666 joe_eisma: i put her on my cover!
0667 upguntha: @Joe was Daramount not mad when you drew the you lost the children sequence in 25
0668 tessa: I have to go do financial aid things
0669 tessa: but I will return!
0670 gregorsly: I've been wondering if Jade+Julie's future is the same time the glories were sent to
0671 corymays entered the room
0672 tessa: see you guys in a bit
0673 gregorsly: during woodrun
0674 tessa left the room
0676 macey: AND THEY'RE
0677 macey: REALLY DEAD
0678 macey: bye tessa!!
0679 krystle: lloooool
0680 guest-1575627 changed nickname to corymays
0681 susan: but tessa!
0682 susan: 8bye
0683 susan: **bye
0684 joe_eisma: you mean the shot where gribbs is yelling at her, upguntha?
0685 upguntha: yup
0686 guest-1575633 entered the room
0687 haley left the room
0688 joe_eisma: haha well it's a who's who of people we saw this season, macey
0689 guest-1575633 left the room
0690 susan: also maggie
0691 joe_eisma: she was tired of being yelled at
0692 krystle: so
0693 macey: haha yes that is true. i am still restless, i want her to grace us with her presence again
0694 shinerbrownies: that cover was missing someone awesome
0695 upguntha: oh ok I was confused on wheter or not she was smirking
0696 krystle: i think i need to make a poll on the variant issues next month
0697 joe_eisma: haha beard teacher has to be written into more scenes, matt
0698 vicky entered the room
0699 krystle: i freaking cant choose -_-
0700 guest-1575648 changed nickname to vicky
0701 macey: matt what class would beard teacher teach, for future reference
0702 vicky: tinychat ._.
0703 shinerbrownies: study hall
0704 susan: we're rooting for you vicky
0706 joe_eisma: OHHHHHHH
0707 susan: mic drop
0708 joe_eisma: that was in my mordecai and rigby voice, matt
0709 vicky: thanks susan
0710 alexander_hemsley: How many people are going to C2E2 ?
0711 shinerbrownies: YAYUH
0712 joe_eisma: me!
0713 nick: me
0714 upguntha: not me
0715 alexander_hemsley: ya i know firday night 7
0716 krystle: *raises hand*
0717 nick: spotlight panel on friday, 7-8
0718 nick: probly lot of mgs talk
0719 krystle: yaaaay
0720 macey: EXCITING
0721 upguntha: I should hijack that I bet Nick would love me forever
0722 upguntha: lol
0723 alexander_hemsley: shouldn't you know that o.O its your panel
0724 macey: who else has listened to the study hall podcasts? those things were amazing this time
0725 krystle: im so glad the train and shuttles are running all night so ill be able to make the panel
0726 krystle: i ahvent listened to the new one
0727 shinerbrownies: thank you macey
0728 nick: i know, i was like, everyone's gonna be drunk by then dudes
0729 gregorsly: All right, good talking guys ... I'm gonna read Study Hall
0730 susan: i haven't yet because school
0731 vicky: ah yeah i havent yet either
0732 gregorsly left the room
0733 macey: they have a lot of good info! nick's original plan for ian was my favorite bit
0734 vicky: but 8 HOURS WOW GUYS
0735 soddingwankers left the room
0736 joe_eisma: haha poor matt
0737 soddingwankers entered the room
0738 guest-1575678 changed nickname to soddingwankers
0739 joe_eisma: he thought we could do each issue in a half hour
0740 krystle: hahahahaha thats funny
0741 nick: that was ADORABLE
0742 krystle: kids
0743 joe_eisma: then skype started to hate us
0744 joe_eisma: good times
0745 upguntha: he triess that's why we love him
0746 joe_eisma: haha
0747 macey: good job matt, you done good
0748 shinerbrownies: i think it was an hour and a half into the session, where we were still talking about 20
0749 upguntha: are you rthe only one doing the Study halls now
0750 shinerbrownies: thats when i knew it wouldn't work out
0751 shinerbrownies: yup, just me
0752 upguntha: what happened to Crit
0753 krystle: thats too bad
0754 shinerbrownies: too much else he had to do, we just couldn't sync our schedules up
0755 upguntha: ahhh ok
0756 nick: crit became even more of a twitter phenom during the boston stuff
0757 krystle: well keep up the good work regardless
0758 macey: awww =(
0759 shinerbrownies: crit was nominated for, like, most famous student at his school a year ago, haha
0760 nick: he was better than every network that whole night
0761 krystle: i wont be able to make the chats on weds anymore -_- softball starts next week wed
0762 krystle: and thrus nights
0763 krystle: so ill just have to get my fix from study hall
0764 shinerbrownies: he's the one who woke me up to tell me about what was happening thatn ight
0765 macey: oh NOOO KRYSTLE
0766 upguntha: that is what theyy invented sidelines for
0767 guest-1575729 entered the room
0768 macey: now actually there is something i should bring up in here
0769 krystle: it will only be for like i dunno 3 months? so 3 issues
0770 macey: we all know the saturday after next is may 4th, right?
0771 krystle: OH YES YES
0772 francy: yyyy
0773 susan: free comic book day \o/
0774 krystle: i wanted to talk about that tooooo
0775 krystle: MAY 4th is MGA DAY AND FREE COMIC DAAAY
0776 macey: because i talked with a bunch of other people and we were thinking
0777 macey: how do you guys like the idea of making the 28th-4th like a mg week
0778 hansel_moreno left the room
0779 krystle: i thought that was crazy
0780 nick: i am all for that
0781 julia: awww yeah
0782 macey: where we just make a ton of graphics and write a ton of things
0783 francy: oh i am all for that
0784 vicky: yeeaahhh omg
0785 joe_eisma: do it!
0786 krystle: thats in 4 daaaaaaaays
0787 francy: busts out photoshop
0788 macey: and then we have to do some sort of chat party on the 4th it's a given
0789 krystle: well i will have casey cosplay to share
0790 julia: \o/
0791 krystle: yes agreed
0792 upguntha: if only i could draw
0793 vicky left the room
0794 vicky entered the room
0795 guest-1575768 changed nickname to vicky
0796 francy: pats vicky....
0798 krystle: if only i could do anything lol im more of a physical being, not so much creative or
0799 upguntha: that's ol i'll make more motivation posters
0800 vicky: cries thanks guys
0801 krystle: artistic
0802 cornflakepizza entered the room
0803 francy: i'll make terrible things in photoshop to make up for you krystle ok
0804 guest-1575780 changed nickname to cornflakepizza
0805 macey: LIAM
0806 vicky left the room
0807 vicky entered the room
0808 guest-1575786 changed nickname to vicky
0809 francy: an ian photoset with one direction lyrics all over it
0810 vicky: omfg
0811 vicky: please
0812 francy: it'll be dedicated to you
0813 krystle: thank youuuu the best i had was fairy godmother older! jade >.>
0814 macey: i'd make photosets of ian faces as a job if i could
0815 krystle: and we all know what alex did to that
0816 macey: does anybody hate ian. no of course not he's so lovable
0817 guest-1573263 left the room
0818 alexander_hemsley left the room
0819 susan left the room
0820 wigler left the room
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0830 nick left the room
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0851 susan entered the room
0852 carmen entered the room
0853 krystle entered the room
0854 macey entered the room
0855 julia entered the room
0856 guest-1573263 entered the room
0857 nick: he's not in a field he's in a lab, upguntha
0858 shinerbrownies: it's because he's a cylon
0859 macey1: oh MAN I just missed like two minutes
0860 upguntha: ughhhhhhh'
0861 macey1: what are we talkin about
0862 joe_eisma: haha i NAILED that likeness!
0863 joe_eisma:
0864 upguntha: what kind of lab
0865 krystle: the doctor in the issue
0866 nick: yeah, that is totally reffed for Balthar-ness
0867 macey1: ah yes. i thought he was andrew for a second but remembered he has a full beard
0868 nick: my bsg-rewatch made it mandatory
0869 krystle: noh-varr bwhaha sorry he was funny in young avengers today
0870 macey1: NOHVARR...................
0871 krystle: norman
0872 joe_eisma: okay, i've got to go pack for chicago. thanks for reading today, folks!
0873 upguntha: @joe have you benn watching the new Eva movie
0874 joe_eisma: nick, krystle and whoever else, i'll see ya in chicago
0875 krystle: see ya friday joe
0876 francy: thank you joe for the lovely issue
0877 joe_eisma: upguntha--not yet!
0878 krystle: night!
0879 macey1: see you joe! HAVE FUN MAN
0880 julia: bye Joe!
0881 upguntha: bye Joe
0882 vicky: bye joe!!!
0883 nick: see you soon brother
0884 joe_eisma: bye!
0885 shinerbrownies: l8r d00d
0886 susan: did someone say eva
0887 upguntha: I have to pack to but you don't see me leaving lol
0888 krystle: lol
0889 upguntha: me no want to go to Jersey
0890 nick: upguntha are you gonna be there?
0891 caleb_bollenbacher: crap, I thought this was at 8
0892 macey1: i made susan watch eva and since her life has been a spiraling pit
0893 upguntha: sadly nope
0894 krystle: i have to do a lot of things but ill wait til like thrusday night probably 1 or 2am
0895 macey1: a pit into shinji ikari feelings.
0896 julia: oops I gotta go, bye all!
0897 upguntha: I have training for work
0898 francy: byeee
0899 macey1: bye julia!!
0900 tessa1: am i tessa1
0901 tessa1: yes
0902 susan: bye julia!
0903 tessa1: ew
0904 vicky: bye julia!!
0905 tessa1: bye julia!
0906 cornflakepizza: bye!
0907 krystle: bye julia
0908 krystle: tessa version 1.0
0909 upguntha: I think you've had enough of upguntha from nycc
0910 soddingwankers: oh my gosh i missed so many goodbyes
0911 caleb_bollenbacher: bye julia! hi everyone else! (is this thing still going?)
0912 susan: yep!
0913 macey1: YES caleb we're going for two more hours!
0914 soddingwankers: help i'm making chili and i have no idea what i am doing
0915 nick: yep
0916 francy: yeah we still have a while
0917 krystle: yes helllo
0918 susan: it's 8
0919 susan: well right now it's 9
0920 macey1: on a completely different note, how cute is miss richmond
0921 krystle: so
0922 caleb_bollenbacher: thank goodness! in that case
0923 krystle: this apple and trees talk
0924 nick: thanks
0925 krystle: is there some sort of phrase i have never heard before i should know
0926 caleb_bollenbacher: i handed out my extras to people and it was very satisfying hearing "I need to catch up"
0927 macey1: "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" krystle, i assume
0928 susan: "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"
0929 nick: yep
0930 krystle: oh god
0931 nick: we now know where Ike gets his player moves
0932 macey1: we need more abraham without him dadding
0933 krystle: yeah ill brb i need to reread again once wasnt enough
0934 upguntha: Is there a way for me to order a signed copy of Vol 4
0935 macey1: because previously he's just been in Pernament Dad Mode
0936 caleb_bollenbacher: I dunno, in MG it seems like the tree maybe doesn't fall far from the apple
0937 susan: that's not an mgs phrase though
0938 upguntha: eisma always alludes me
0939 caleb_bollenbacher: SPACE TIME CONTINUUM
0940 susan: it's like an idiom
0941 susan: or w/e
0942 nick: we're figuring out if we're doing NYCC
0943 nick: no word yet, but hopefully
0944 macey1: nycc would be EXCITING
0945 tessa1: ooooooh
0946 shinerbrownies: oh yeah
0947 tessa1: that's close
0948 caleb_bollenbacher: the NYCC in the fall? I might be getting a press pass for that!
0949 shinerbrownies: i need to do that thing
0950 caleb_bollenbacher: *crosses fingers*
0951 vicky: OOhhh hopefully
0952 caleb_bollenbacher: that would be...the coolest
0953 krystle: yeah okay now i feel like a moron
0954 macey1: awww you are not a moron
0955 macey1: its just that this comic is very COMPLEX
0956 upguntha: That image party was funn
0957 krystle: today has been a very bad day lol but all this makes it better
0958 caleb_bollenbacher: MG fandom loves you, krystle!
0959 krystle: apple and tree comment was probably the most duh moment ive had in this comic and didnt
0960 krystle: pick up on @@;
0961 krystle: forgive me
0962 macey1: soooooo does anybody have any theories to bounce off here?
0963 krystle: and was casey drunk there
0964 bjornalexs: this issue was a head scratcher...and by far, the best ending of any single issue to date
0965 caleb_bollenbacher: I have to rethink my theories after finding that casey is NOT daramount after all
0966 krystle: hahaha shes all red int he cheeks and she was drinking some vino
0967 upguntha: I'm gonna make a side story for Baltarr
0968 francy: krystle i didn't pick up on it either it's okay
0969 soddingwankers: nick!!
0970 nick: yeah, i can't wait to get to c2e2 and the 1st q will be is she daramount
0971 nick: i'm sure of that
0972 soddingwankers: If Casey is 19 and drinking wine does that mean that scene is in Europe??
0973 soddingwankers: because that is an interesting thing if so
0974 haley: hodge gave her an over 21 id remember
0975 macey1: hodge said she changed her id to say she was 21 in #16
0976 krystle: thanks francy -_-;;; its so blatent i think thats why it threw me off lol everything is
0977 krystle: ususallly so complex
0978 macey1: because apparently hodge is all for underage drinking
0979 haley: hodge loves to party
0980 dylan: Hey nick, sorry if this q has already been asked but what issue is Mrs. Clarkson in previo
0981 nick: yep, we covered our tracks there #pre-planning
0982 dylan: previously*
0983 dylan: ?
0984 soddingwankers: mmm okay thanks guys
0985 macey1: clarkson got mentioned in 16 but
0986 dylan: I'll change my color so I'm not encroaching
0987 upguntha: Are there more defactors from the academy with mini camps
0988 macey1: i don't think she appeared AS clarkson before now
0989 krystle: well when abe is talking to baby ike
0990 cornflakepizza: Oh gosh, so Casey's 19 at the beginning? That's good to know.
0991 nick: 08, 016, 018
0992 krystle: he gets a call
0993 caleb_bollenbacher: ok so she's 19 in this issue...and old? just wanna be sure
0994 upguntha: or does Abe have many camps
0995 dylan: awesome thanks!
0996 macey1: she's 19 at the beginning
0997 cornflakepizza: I was side-eyeing Abraham a little...
0998 macey1: i think by the end she's 27ish
0999 krystle: and has to go so maybe it was to see casey
1000 francy: she's normally 16 in the series along with the other kids
1001 cornflakepizza: but now I feel better about that.
1002 caleb_bollenbacher: ok that's what I thought
1003 tdaniel: wait does Casey being Ms. Clarkson mean she can't be Daramount also?
1004 nick: yep, round 27 at the end there
1005 caleb_bollenbacher: loved he whole "my son is six" bit lol
1006 macey1: OH MAN that means casey knows abraham is ike's dad and such by this issue
1007 caleb_bollenbacher: my theory is that Hunter grows up to be Daramount
1008 caleb_bollenbacher: calling it
1009 krystle: what really throws me for a loop
1010 macey1: wonder if she ran into baby ike
1011 krystle: is that abe doesnt know about the time travel of casey....
1012 nick: nope, they are not the same, ever. I promise
1013 krystle: or so it seems
1014 krystle: saying well my son is 6
1015 caleb_bollenbacher: do we know for SURE that Ike's mom is Ike's mom?
1016 caleb_bollenbacher: hunter ISN'T Daramount? you're confirming?
1017 upguntha: i think Casey destroyed one of Abe's facilty......maybe Ike helped
1018 krystle: oh boy...
1019 macey1: ah are we just going to ignore the mention of benjamin again?
1020 susan: jess~~!
1021 caleb_bollenbacher: in issue 100 we find out that Mystique is everyone actually
1022 jess: guys hlep IM SO FUCKING CONFUSED
1023 macey1: we didn't learn anything new, but still
1024 jess: but what a good issue
1025 nick: benjamin popping up more and more
1026 francy: oooh yeah
1027 macey1: eventually ben will be on every page
1028 dylan: what's the connection between ike, hunter and casey in the page with each of them?
1029 vicky: hi jess!!
1030 caleb_bollenbacher: yeah, i'm intrigued to see the heirarchy there
1031 caleb_bollenbacher: this issue kinda turned some of that on its head for me
1032 bjornalexs: Benjamin Linus, I think
1033 krystle: thats just a restart of season 2
1034 liam entered the room
1035 krystle: er start*
1036 guest-1576008 changed nickname to liam
1037 krystle: and the reminder to say your goodbyes
1038 macey1: still, the placement was odd
1039 macey1: haha now i'm worried for jade and junisao. you are important too kids
1040 dylan: (I can't change my color)
1041 tessa1 left the room
1042 krystle: forward slash color
1043 macey left the room
1044 macey1: no i'm still here
1045 macey1: tinychat....
1046 liam: hi yes sorry i'm late
1047 krystle: hi liam
1048 tessa: hey liam!
1049 krystle: we have 26 in the issue 26 chat >.>
1050 upguntha: it seems like Casey visited every Glory's past except for Zoe
1051 vicky left the room
1052 dylan: I don't know about that
1053 macey1: oh she could have visited a bit of zoe's we don't know about
1054 krystle: only time will tell bwahahahahaha
1055 nick: we didn't show any related to zoe?
1056 vicky entered the room
1057 nick: weird
1058 macey1: i'd like to think by the end of this we could pick out every panel in that sequence and
1059 guest-1576041 changed nickname to vicky
1060 krystle: i cant tell if you are trolling us nick lol
1061 macey1: say, "this is casey effecting [a glory/truant
1062 caleb_bollenbacher: i think that means something zoe-related is significant
1063 shinerbrownies: nick is always trolling
1064 macey1: we know she effected vanessa's, after all
1065 macey1: and jade's, and ike's....
1066 macey1: and hunter's
1067 tessa: does this imply we get more zoe backstory in the future
1068 dylan: hey nick, do you choose to put MCR on that kids shirt?
1069 liam1 entered the room
1070 guest-1576053 changed nickname to liam1
1071 caleb_bollenbacher: question for nick
1072 nick: nope that was all joe
1073 caleb_bollenbacher: do you pick out all these names for specific purposes? or is some just happenstance?
1074 dylan: ah ok
1075 nick: but good choice
1076 dylan: yeah, excited for Killjoys
1077 dylan: VERY
1078 nick: little bit of both. some names are def. on purpose
1079 caleb_bollenbacher: i figured some, like Abraham obviously, were
1080 bjornalexs: Is Novikov self-consistency principle in effect, I wonder?
1081 susan: dagney is named after his grandma
1082 nick: true
1083 tessa: aww
1084 7788 entered the room
1085 shinerbrownies: georgina is nick's wife
1086 krystle: go on tell them who you named after your wife
1087 guest-1576065 changed nickname to 7788
1088 krystle: lol
1089 dylan left the room
1090 guest-1575972 left the room
1091 guest-1576074 entered the room
1092 dylan entered the room
1093 macey1: nick i have a silly question because i like dogs
1094 guest-1576080 changed nickname to dylan
1095 macey1: is that dog in 25 a particular dog or just a dog because you needed a dog there
1096 tessa: (felicia day is on the tv screen and all i can think is SHE LIKES MORNING GLORIES)
1097 krystle: lol
1098 nick: yep, georgina is named after my wife
1099 nick: she loves that
1100 dylan: hahaha
1101 krystle: i love casey's expression when she looks in the mirror for the first time as daramount
1102 vicky: nice
1103 krystle: "you've got to be fucking kidding me" my exact response too casey
1104 caleb_bollenbacher: lol yes. that was rich!
1105 haley: why doesn't casey notice the similarity between ms clarkson and daramount?
1106 haley: like issue 1 16 year old casey
1107 krystle: i think its like ike
1108 caleb_bollenbacher: cuz she doesn't know daramount then
1109 macey1: i was gonna say, if i was casey i'd consider it odd
1110 krystle: where he killed his dad
1111 krystle: but is all gapped about it
1112 nick: @bjornalexs good question, but it wouldn't quite solve everything, would it?
1113 jess: but that was high school right?
1114 upguntha: When will we have an issue like 10 again
1115 krystle: with all the time dravel
1116 guest-1576074 left the room
1117 krystle: travel*
1118 francy left the room
1119 caleb_bollenbacher: also cuz it's MGA...probably mind stuff at work
1120 jess: like, au high school
1121 shinerbrownies: casey's "you've got to be kidding me" could also be her realizing she's her favorite teach
1122 krystle: lol...
1123 krystle: but do you know what i mean
1124 tessa: hey
1125 krystle: shes already done these things
1126 vicky left the room
1127 vicky entered the room
1128 guest-1576119 changed nickname to vicky
1129 tessa: could isabel be the girl who shows up in ike's hallucination?
1130 tessa: "so we created our own gods" girl
1131 susan: i thought that was macey's face
1132 susan: *faVE
1133 macey1: that's alicia tessa....
1134 susan: alicia
1135 nick: @upguntha lot more like that one coming
1136 krystle: oh yeah totally i think so
1137 tessa: AH okay never mind
1138 macey1: alicia's a cutie, how could you forget her!!
1139 upguntha: happy dance happy dance
1140 susan: because she has like 3 lines
1141 upguntha: yes gluton for punishment
1142 shinerbrownies: when are we getting MGA prom
1143 tessa: I'm sorry! my brain is messed up due allergies! horrible memory.
1144 nick: that'd be big, right?
1146 tessa: yes
1147 vicky: oof, allergy season, i feel ya
1148 shinerbrownies: i can't wait to see who is pam's date
1149 macey1: it'll be shipping mixed with copious murder
1150 nick: don't worry by 75 none of us will remember anything
1151 upguntha: meeeee
1152 nick: including me
1153 krystle: lol
1154 tessa: very comforting, nick
1155 shinerbrownies: by 75, mgash will just be "ugh, i dont even know anymore" and then links to old posts
1156 upguntha: I'll be str8 for Pamela
1157 macey1: pamela will obviously be dating everyone. they were all too scared to say no
1158 krystle: im sure you have a secret timeline somewhere
1159 nick: i do NOT
1160 krystle: all mapped out
1161 nick: Matt's timeline is the only one I have on paper haha
1162 haley left the room
1163 nick: it's all in my head
1164 macey1: nick that's INSANE
1165 krystle: oh man we are doomed
1166 upguntha: ahhh duhhh he's making it up as he goes along
1167 tessa: how on EARTH do you handle that
1168 vicky: how do you keep track of it all what
1169 tessa: well done
1170 nick: we've only had one mistake in 25 issues, by one year
1171 macey1: that is brilliant
1172 tessa: very impressive
1173 krystle: was that the number hoopla hunter was suppose to spew out last issue?
1174 vicky: i can only assume then youre constantly thinking about mg, nothing else
1175 liam1 left the room
1176 krystle: lol you havent read bedlam then
1177 susan: other than his 12 other books he's writing hahah
1178 sam entered the room
1179 nick: 024, the picture, Hisao is there a year earlier than he should be
1180 vicky: theyre all mg aus
1181 caleb_bollenbacher: I feel like Prom at MGA would end up being Carrie...with more blood and stuff
1182 francy entered the room
1183 macey1: hisao obviously time traveled
1184 krystle: ah okay thanks nick
1185 macey1: (im kidding)
1186 guest-1576176 changed nickname to francy
1187 guest-1576173 changed nickname to sam
1188 nick: but we can no-prize it by Abraham just remembering wrong when he wrote it
1189 macey1: wow abraham better shape up on your dad skills
1190 francy: wrote what i missed things
1191 macey1: how does he keep all his kids straight there's like fifty
1192 susan: abe was drunk
1193 upguntha: Nick would you ever write a book set in outer space
1194 nick: Yes. I got an idea there, one of these days hopefully
1195 caleb_bollenbacher: Space Prom Academy
1196 caleb_bollenbacher: PLEASE
1197 upguntha:
1198 bjornalexs: What was Gaius Baltar doing in issue 26?
1199 nick: heh
1200 macey1: when we get live action mg can we please get all these cameo actors
1201 nick: keep an eye on that one
1202 dylan: hey nick, I'll be at c2e2 is there any possibility I can get an interview? I work for...
1203 dylan: pastemagazine
1204 krystle: was that really who the doc was
1205 upguntha: I love paster
1206 nick: sometimes I definitely put them in with that hope, for sure
1207 dylan: (sorry this is possibly the easiest way to ask
1208 dylan: _
1209 nick: @dylan definitely
1210 dylan: oh man awesome!
1211 nick: maybe grab me after the friday panel?
1212 dylan: great!
1213 macey1: nick what's your single favorite cameo joe has done
1214 dylan: (now I'm going to read everything again)
1215 krystle: i also saw a hunter s thompson
1216 nick: kenny fucking powers
1217 nick: it's way too distracting, but I love it
1218 macey1: all i know about eastbound and down is ben wyatt is in it, so
1219 7788 left the room
1220 upguntha: PS the last line of Infinite Vacation always gets me
1221 cornflakepizza left the room
1222 shinerbrownies: i'm surprised joe hasn't put you and him and alex and rodin and tim and johnny in the book
1223 liam left the room
1224 vicky: ahh okay i gotta skat, bye everyone <3
1225 francy: bye vickyyyy
1226 vicky left the room
1227 tdaniel: yeah - joe sucks!
1228 newuser7646 entered the room
1229 guest-1576233 changed nickname to newuser7646
1230 newuser7646 left the room
1231 macey1: byyyye vicky
1232 shinerbrownies: tim! i didn't even see you in here!
1234 caleb_bollenbacher: does joe do all the cameos at his discretion or do you put any of those in the script?
1235 susan: bye vicky!
1236 nick: haha, i would die the worst death
1237 tdaniel: lurking- I asked a Casey/Daramount/Clarkson question...a ways back.
1238 nick: most are all him, I love it
1239 macey1: why didn't we realize it was you.......
1240 krystle: i wish we asked about it when joe was still here
1241 macey1: that was super lame of us
1242 krystle: and yeah hi tim
1243 krystle: bunch of jerks here
1244 tdaniel: I don't know. So, because Casey is Clarkson, does that prove she can't be Daramount also?
1245 nick: heh heh
1246 krystle: so did anyone elses hurt hurt when caseys dad said him and her mom would be there for her
1247 krystle: heart*
1248 nick: tim getting the early start on the rest of my life
1249 francy: okay i should go to i need to do homework
1250 shinerbrownies: tim, lets do a regular audio mga podcast where we try and prove casey = daramount
1251 nick: dan is father of every year
1252 francy: night everyone!
1253 macey1: dan's like an unnaturally good dad
1254 macey1: bye francy!
1255 krystle: he needs a mug to tell him so
1256 francy left the room
1257 krystle: aw bye francy
1258 nick: which makes a bit in 27 more awesome, i promise
1259 newuser7646 entered the room
1260 guest-1576290 changed nickname to newuser7646
1261 newuser7646 left the room
1262 macey1: OOOH REALLY
1263 krystle: awesome as in tragic then okay
1264 nick: heh
1265 nick: so what do you all think is gonna happen in 027?
1266 caleb_bollenbacher: I think someone died in the room with Ike
1267 caleb_bollenbacher: or at least lots of blood
1268 alexander_hemsley: casey is going to find body doubles for her parents and save them
1269 krystle: i dont think we are going to find that out for a couple issues
1270 caleb_bollenbacher: Casey is going to make out with save the future?
1271 krystle: i think we are going to get more of the continuation of whats going on in the freshman
1272 krystle: casey and the furture time travel caseymount
1273 tdaniel: We see where Zoe went when she 'died'?Totally wild guess everyone I have not special info
1274 dylan: Probably a return to the tower of babel to put the timeline back!
1275 susan: yeaa
1276 macey1: 27's gonna pick off where 25 left off plus some more caseymount stuff
1277 krystle: then feed back in to see her get back to the rpesent with the glories
1278 caleb_bollenbacher: oh frick....Zoe is totally in the Red Room, isn't she?
1279 macey1: just a giant mashup of things happening
1280 nick: soooo... is there a page from 025 in everyone's 026?
1281 susan: 27 is double, right?
1282 macey1: yes there is nick!
1283 caleb_bollenbacher: i think seriously there's gonna be a reset, like WoodRun basically didn't happen
1284 susan: yea
1285 upguntha: Casey will Kill one adult
1286 nick: sooo-- that is a mistake
1287 bjornalexs: I think Irina "time traveled" away right when the shot went off. Streaks in the sky...
1288 krystle: looks like she killed a handful in 26 lol
1289 susan: =o
1290 macey1: yeah she did! casey's a murdererrrrrrrr
1291 dylan: oh man!
1292 macey1: OH NO NICK......
1293 sam left the room
1294 dylan: what was supposed to be there
1295 macey1: but that explains....a lot
1296 susan: wait that page isn't supposed to be there?
1297 nick: it's fine, but blergh
1298 shinerbrownies: waitwaitwait
1299 shinerbrownies: you're telling me i tried to "figure that out"
1300 shinerbrownies: for nothing?
1301 upguntha: lmao
1302 upguntha: oh matt
1303 susan: was it supposed to be blank?
1304 krystle: so printing error?
1305 nick: is it in the print version? or just digital?
1306 macey1: it's gonna be okay, matt, sit down and drink some reese's cocoa or whatever
1307 dylan: i have the print and it's there
1308 susan: print
1309 upguntha: It was supposed to proove how Casey = Daramount
1310 macey1: i just have digital but it's there too
1311 tdaniel: wait - it works though!
1312 krystle: loooool
1313 dylan: i'm on the edge of my couch nick! what was supposed to be there?
1314 krystle: we were all just talking about that
1315 upguntha: Ike killing ABE
1316 susan: i just glazed over it i'm actually laughing??
1317 susan: "ohh this again hmm"
1318 caleb_bollenbacher: which page is a mistake? the one at the very beginning?
1319 krystle: i made all this excuses for it too
1320 krystle: these*
1321 macey1: nick we all thought it was intentional so
1322 tdaniel: don't make me go into the server and sneak that page on the net Nick...
1323 macey1: you can PRETEND it is
1324 krystle: tell us
1325 susan: how did it even wind up there i'm so confused
1326 krystle: you know you want to
1327 krystle: you know whats sort of eerie
1328 susan: cool guys don't look at explosions.mp3
1329 krystle: isabel and casey look a lot like georgina and hodge younger....
1330 nick: yeah, not only that, you're actually MISSING a page
1331 macey1: ohhhh SHIT
1333 nick: so yeah, my night is a bit ruined now
1334 guest entered the room
1335 shinerbrownies: let me post it on MC, nick. I want these sweet hits.
1336 macey1: ohhh no nick oh no
1337 caleb_bollenbacher: oh nooooooooooo
1338 nohvarr: poor nick of spencer
1339 guest-1576401 changed nickname to guest
1340 krystle: and did anyone back track to the conversation with hodge and daramount about cheating
1341 macey1: it's okay nick we still love this issue it is okay
1342 krystle: i know someone said something
1343 caleb_bollenbacher: WAS IT THE PAGE WITH ALL THE ANSWERS????
1344 krystle: noh varrr LMAO
1345 jess left the room
1346 krystle: most likely
1347 macey1: nick lock that page in a vault and auction it
1348 krystle: oh god lets cheer up nick
1349 guest left the room
1350 krystle: think of something faaaaast
1351 upguntha: That page is the prize for woodrun
1352 nick: we got very lucky in terms of what page it is, i'll say that.
1353 nick: you can live without it, amazingly
1354 upguntha: you can always fix it in digital version
1355 nick: but yeah...
1356 dylan: yeah it's probably just Casey and Abraham talking right?
1357 macey1: i didn't even notice anything seemed gone
1358 dylan: it might explain why they were fighting later on in the issue...
1359 dylan: not "just"
1360 nick: yeah, it's amazing luck that its the pages that it is
1361 tessa1 entered the room
1362 guest-1576425 changed nickname to tessa1
1363 dylan: that's still important
1364 krystle: thats good
1365 macey1: so think of it that way, nobody would know if you didn't say
1366 dylan: like every panel
1367 tessa left the room
1368 susan: it seems like it would have been conversation between casey and abe? or something
1369 susan: ohh someone said that oop
1370 susan: my apologize
1371 caleb_bollenbacher: maybe include it in the next one? "Previously...on Morning Glories..."
1372 wigler left the room
1373 nick: yep, it was in fact
1374 krystle: have some fairy godmother jade to make everything all better
1375 krystle: http
1376 susan: =(
1377 krystle: i hear she grants wishes
1378 macey1: fairy godmother jade is alex's magnum opus
1379 macey1: he can't beat that
1380 shinerbrownies: its like joker said -- when you say one little page is missing, everyone loses their minds
1381 susan: no matter how many trees he colors
1382 krystle: haha is that what he said?
1383 macey1: it's what i've DECIDED
1384 macey1: and he seemed very proud of it
1385 bjornalexs: I say post the page to your twiitter
1386 krystle: haha i love you macey
1387 susan: someone at image is getting fired tonight oooooooo
1388 susan: i jest
1389 caleb_bollenbacher: i like bjornalexs' plan
1390 macey1: oh no everyone at image is so cool i want them to keep their jobs
1391 dylan: yeah post it to your twitter
1392 caleb_bollenbacher: same here! Image is THE BEST
1393 upguntha: I love the image ppl they're always cool at nycc
1394 krystle: http
1395 huntered entered the room
1396 tdaniel: Just downloaded and read it. I think we should post w/ your permission Nick.
1397 upguntha: OMG gansta
1398 guest-1576473 changed nickname to huntered
1399 krystle: thats what alex turned my fairygodmother jade into lol
1400 macey1: what does being huntered entail
1401 caleb_bollenbacher: if someone posts put a link where I can see it. It's in the digital version?
1402 macey1: do you turn blue and spout numbers
1403 krystle: crossing my fingers for the go on posting the page
1404 nick: tim, emailing you now
1405 tdaniel: Cool.
1406 huntered: i am totally clueless lol
1407 krystle: the definition of huntered should be something like "to lose all sense of time and
1408 krystle: direction with no clue to what is going on"
1409 nick: this is your behind the scenes look at the book
1410 nick: sigh
1411 krystle: aw itll be okay nick
1412 dylan: tim works for image
1413 macey1: awww nick it's super okay
1414 dylan: google you guys!
1415 tdaniel: I work for the creators.
1416 dylan: yeah it's fine
1417 upguntha: We still <3 you
1418 krystle: im glad our silly chat opened your eyes to it
1419 krystle: you could have gone a few more weeks without knowing
1420 tdaniel: Image central production staff work very hard, takes many people to produce a book...
1421 krystle: i can only imagine
1422 macey1: and you all do so well!
1423 shinerbrownies: tim is a man of the people
1424 macey1: i've never read a comic by image that wasn't magnificently put together
1425 tdaniel: stuff like this does happen sadly. The page is cool and has a great panel in it by Joe.
1426 krystle: yeah we cant thank and send you our love enough
1427 tdaniel: the sad part really is NO ONE is ever more disappointed than people that do produce it.
1428 tdaniel: Our readers are always super supportive and forgiving - this chat is a fine example
1429 shinerbrownies: if you guys like how MC looks, thank Tim. he's a huge part of that
1430 tessa entered the room
1431 guest-1576575 changed nickname to tessa
1432 susan: ohh yea \o/
1433 krystle: high five
1434 tdaniel: Well - thanks for reading and letting me be a part of this for almost 3 years!
1435 jess entered the room
1436 guest-1576590 changed nickname to jess
1437 macey1: NOT A PROBLEM TIM you just make this better than it couldve been otherwise
1438 macey1: you're the raddest
1439 upguntha: Well love Tim and Enourmous
1440 tdaniel: So come on Nick - let's make some lemonade and let me share the link to the page!
1441 delima entered the room
1442 guest-1576605 changed nickname to delima
1443 nick: yeah, i'm fine with posting it in here for now
1444 tdaniel: Hey Enormous(thanks)! This is about Glories. Focus people!
1445 dylan: yes!
1446 nick: and we'll work to get it fixed for digital and the trade
1447 tdaniel: Alright, coming up in a moment. (No kidding Nick).
1448 macey1: RAD
1449 shinerbrownies: nick, cool with me posting it on MC in the Study Hall?
1450 dylan: yeah, sidenote, awesome job with getting the trade out this week w/ 25
1451 krystle: lol you guys are awesome
1452 macey1: nick you're the bomb!
1453 huntered1 entered the room
1454 guest-1576638 changed nickname to huntered1
1455 bjornalexs: getting popcorn ready
1456 nick: yep, Matt, go for it
1457 dylan: i buy the issues, but was still very impressed
1458 krystle: so chatroom how does it feel to be the first public to see the unseen page?
1459 shinerbrownies: cool, because i already have the post in edit mode
1460 macey1: it feels AMAZING
1461 upguntha: No one can have a sell then sell an issue for $1
1462 macey1: yeah i hope between the $1 issue and the comixology sale we get a lot of new people
1463 macey1: from this week and next
1464 krystle: i agree
1465 krystle: i put it on my facebook
1466 macey1: i was desperately trying to convert people yesterday with the sale
1467 krystle: and i never show my comic geekdom on there
1468 dylan: I converted my dad
1469 macey1: a dad convert....wonderful
1470 macey1: i pulled a bunch of my irl friends into it
1471 dylan: yeah same
1472 delima: i just bought the $1 issue and then literally bought all three trades so im a convert hehe
1474 guest-1576719 entered the room
1475 guest-1576719 left the room
1476 dylan: wow
1477 krystle: most of my friends who read comics moved away and got married so i have no one to talk to
1478 dylan: how much reading did you do today?
1479 delima: i read em backwards just for kicks hehe
1480 krystle: lol
1481 delima: like 3 then 2 then 1
1482 krystle: awesome
1483 tessa left the room
1484 tessa entered the room
1485 guest-1576728 changed nickname to tessa
1486 jess: then it makes even less sense hahaha
1487 guest-1576731 entered the room
1488 krystle: wb tessa
1489 upguntha: now buy 4 lol
1490 delima: i knowwwwwwww!
1491 guest-1576731 left the room
1492 delima: i meant 4 then 3 then 2 then 1
1493 macey1: yeah 4 is necessary!!
1494 delima: ive read em all
1495 macey1: ah good
1496 delima: crazy shit
1497 krystle: it probably makes just as much sense
1498 macey1: reading mg backwards sounds like a weirdly fun idea
1499 huntered1: bought the vol 1 TPB, left it on my counter for two weeks and picked it up 2 days ago...
1500 tessa1 left the room
1501 huntered1: its awesome
1502 delima: i read em backwards on purpose cuz i knew it was lost-ish
1503 delima: so i wanted to see what that would be like
1504 krystle: so plese tell
1505 atomw left the room
1506 delima: well its all pretty new
1507 tdaniel: Okay, sorry that took a minute. Server being weird...I have a page for you.
1508 delima: ok i dont wanna interrupt if theres a new page coming...ill wait
1509 tdaniel: http
1510 macey1: thank you tim!!
1511 tdaniel: There you go! Joe did a beautiful job on that last panel.
1512 shinerbrownies: hmmmm
1513 dylan: on bated breathwhat the fuck!
1514 shinerbrownies: kiev
1515 upguntha: AHHHHHHHH
1516 macey1: >kiev
1517 shinerbrownies: ukraine
1518 dylan: she wants her/?
1519 shinerbrownies: irina?
1520 macey1: IRINA.....
1521 upguntha: thanks Tim
1522 macey1: that explains a lot actually
1523 macey1: if casey gave abraham the names
1524 bjornalexs: Nice, that really helps
1525 krystle: thanks tim!
1526 krystle: thanks Nick!
1527 dylan: yeah
1528 dylan: that's a huge deal
1529 bjornalexs: How did Casey know Irina?
1530 delima: that was cool
1531 macey1: via hodge i assume
1532 tdaniel: My pleasure. Thanks again for reading.
1533 macey1: so the reason abe has the kids is because hodge sent casey to the past....
1534 macey1: it's a time loop
1535 upguntha: Primerrrrrrr
1536 krystle: kiev is where zoe is?
1537 macey1: nah zoe's indian
1538 krystle: ah thats right
1539 macey1: kiev's in ukraine- must be irina
1540 shinerbrownies: zoe was dubai
1541 krystle: ah yes
1542 huntered1: somebody explain to me what this page is about? please don't let me die stupid
1543 krystle: shit
1544 krystle: that makes a lot of different
1545 bjornalexs: Looks like Abe is Casey's gopher
1546 krystle: HAHAHA sucker
1547 delima: so is hodge actually against the academy?
1548 macey1: haha yeah casey had him wrapped around her thumb
1549 upguntha: Kiev capital ofUkraine
1550 macey1: nah i think hodge's for both the acadey and herself
1551 delima: she did kill vanessa right
1552 macey1: *academy
1553 shinerbrownies: mumbai, not dubai
1554 shinerbrownies: my b
1555 macey1: yeah, apparently. though i'd hesitate to say vanessa is dead
1556 krystle: i dunno i think we havent got the whole story on her motives
1557 dylan: yeah no one's really dead
1558 delima: ok
1559 dylan: at least it seemed
1560 dylan: they just have their eyes opened
1561 krystle: vanessa hasnt jumped to the past to warn hodge yet
1562 dylan: except for Jun
1563 bjornalexs: Vanessa looked pretty dead with those open eyes
1564 dylan: he's probably dead
1565 dylan: being a sacrifice and all
1566 dylan: like, the real Jun
1567 upguntha: don't get me started on that one
1568 krystle: yeah that was pretty cleared up last issue
1569 krystle: akiko
1570 bjornalexs: Akiko may still be alive...
1571 krystle: wasnt
1572 macey1: akiko seems more like comatose to me
1573 krystle: and who knows what happened in BAM! panel of ike, jade, abe, and irina
1574 delima: but this page means casey gets abe to round up all the desert kids, or just truants?
1575 macey1: i'd think all the desert kids
1576 krystle: looks like traunts
1577 dylan: except Casey blew up the place right?
1578 dylan: was that explosion abe's camp?
1579 krystle: it could have been
1580 bjornalexs: Who know when that panel occurred
1581 delima: dude jun/hisao was the most confusing thing reading it backwards
1582 upguntha: lol
1583 krystle: that whole sequence was strange
1584 krystle: since she is talking to people from there after the ka boom
1585 macey1: that explosion seemed to be at the base she grew up at actually
1586 delima: like the army base?
1587 dylan: hmm
1588 krystle: her dads base?
1589 upguntha: Abraham had a number of facilities
1590 upguntha: Ike set dire to one ofthem
1591 krystle: Nick did say something about that for next issue
1592 macey1: yeah her dad's base
1593 krystle: that we would see him/ best dad comment
1594 dylan: well, it's gotta be significant that Casey time traveled to that base
1595 susan: macey why do you say it's her dad's base?
1596 dylan: because she probably didn't travel across land
1597 dylan: well, maybe she did
1598 dylan: but either way, that base is connected to MGA
1599 susan: macey
1600 caleb_bollenbacher: sorry, spaced out for a minute. was the missing page posted while I was internet asleep?
1601 dylan: http
1602 dylan: o
1603 dylan: not
1604 upguntha: yup
1605 dylan: that
1606 huntered left the room
1607 krystle: yes
1608 caleb_bollenbacher: where??
1609 dylan: http
1610 krystle: http
1611 bjornalexs: Nick also tweeted it
1612 dylan: that
1613 upguntha: So Cassey is the reason the trollop killed Zoe
1614 susan: macey
1615 bjornalexs: Zoe was going to kill Hunter...maybe
1616 dylan: no way
1617 dylan: she'll try
1618 dylan: maybe
1619 macey1: yes susan
1620 susan: why do you think it's her dad's base?
1621 upguntha: she was opening his eyes
1622 macey1: because of the guys with army uniforms
1623 caleb_bollenbacher: i love you all. thanks
1624 dylan: is MGA underground?
1625 susan: but they look a lot like the uniforms of the adults at abraham's camp
1626 krystle: <3
1627 macey1: -oh wait looking at it again those aren't uniforms
1628 guest entered the room
1629 macey1: oh huh, they do, a bit
1630 susan: and the tower in the background
1631 guest-1576890 changed nickname to guest
1632 macey1: but why would casey do that?
1633 susan: looks an awful lot like one at abe's camp that we've seen
1634 susan: we don't know
1635 macey1: OH YEAH THEY HAVE
1636 macey1: THE BOOTS
1637 susan: she's doing stuff hodge told her to do so
1638 dylan: i can never tell if it's underground or not
1639 macey1: THE CAMP BOOTS. you're right it must be some facility of abe's
1640 susan: i mean supposedly
1641 caleb_bollenbacher: oooh, that page is sweet
1642 dylan: but if it is, the camp could be on top of it
1643 krystle: whos the bald guy below the explosion
1644 macey1: but dylan daramount said they spent time looking for abraham
1645 susan: underground has been a theory for some people
1646 krystle: yeah
1647 macey1: it wouldn't be hard to find him if it was right above mga
1648 dylan: no I mean her dad's camp is right above it
1649 rdouek left the room
1650 krystle: above mga
1651 dylan: if it's underground...
1652 krystle: yeah i hear you
1653 macey1: ooooh that could also be something
1654 macey1: maybe? maybe.
1655 krystle: it is a maybe
1656 krystle: good theory
1657 krystle: brb
1658 dylan: because why would she travel there?
1659 upguntha: You need a Stargate to get to the academy
1660 dylan: plus, Hodge travels right back down that series of tunnels back to MGA
1661 dylan: she doesn't seem to go far
1662 macey1: oh yeah the NUCLEAR TUNNELS
1663 macey1: what was up with that
1664 macey1: i don't think we've ever heavily discussed that
1665 upguntha: we don't know if those tunnels lead to the academy
1666 susan: hey friends i need to go shower and get in bed, bye \o/
1667 susan left the room
1668 dylan: I thought they did
1669 dylan: because Hodge takes them there
1670 guest left the room
1671 macey1: byyye susan!!
1672 dylan: btw, do you guys do this every month? I just caught it on nick's twitter
1673 macey1: well hodge has those crazy time powers so who knows
1674 macey1: yeah, we do! for every new issue and midway until the next one
1675 macey1: we'll do one on may 4th i'm sure
1676 dylan: oh awesome
1677 dylan: have you guys found a good analysis of the entire series online?
1678 upguntha: it's a crafty trick by the one and only nick spencer
1679 dylan: i mean season 1?
1680 upguntha: Study Hall
1681 caleb_bollenbacher: i gotta head out and do some screenplay editing, but great talking to you all!
1682 caleb_bollenbacher: thanks for the secret page!
1683 caleb_bollenbacher: and Nick
1684 dylan: screenplay editing?
1685 macey1: bye caleb!!
1686 krystle: bye caleb
1687 krystle: study hall for sure
1688 dylan: rad dude
1689 macey1: and also dylan yeah, the multiversity study halls are amazing
1690 dylan: go do it
1691 krystle: not a run down of season 1 yet tho
1692 macey1: we'd be dead without them
1693 caleb_bollenbacher: @dylan, yeah, I gotta get ready to submit for Austin Film Festival
1694 caleb_bollenbacher: thanks!
1695 krystle: very dead lol
1696 dylan: really cool
1697 dylan: oh yeah?
1698 dylan: I'll check that out then
1699 shinerbrownies: dead? oh my
1700 dylan: because I've pretty much been subsisting on my wits
1701 caleb_bollenbacher: feel free to FB message me if you wanna chat writing stuff Dylan
1702 krystle: http
1703 krystle: i just listen, read the tag for everything there
1704 caleb_bollenbacher left the room
1705 dylan: yeah man
1706 macey1: yeah very much so we need a topic everyone likes to discuss
1707 macey1: usually we're still going strong now
1708 upguntha: Am i the only one excited for the Scott Forbes variant for 27
1709 krystle: oh i need to remember
1710 delima: what have people said about julie hayes? shes only been in one issue right?
1711 krystle: what issue is the young hodge and daramount in
1712 macey1: i miss julie very much
1713 macey1: krystle
1714 jess: i want julie back a lot!
1715 dylan: thanks krystle
1716 krystle: i need to draw some paralells
1717 delima: nobody has any idea about her right?
1718 krystle: you are welcome
1719 krystle: im excited for all variants @@;
1720 krystle: this could be big
1721 krystle: esp with mckelvie
1722 delima: except that she made the cylinder and works for jade?
1723 macey1: julie's interesting because we have her entire backstory
1724 tdaniel left the room
1725 soddingwankers: hello again darlings
1726 macey1: only missing a few details
1727 macey1: but she's been absent
1728 bjornalexs: the Pitarra variant is hilarious
1729 delima: yeah
1730 macey1: but yes, she made the cylinder, she works to future jade now
1731 krystle: wb darling
1732 macey1: *for
1733 delima: ok
1734 upguntha: I can use the irina action figure as a voodoo doll
1735 upguntha: lol
1736 krystle: omg i couldnt stop laughing at the pitarra variant
1737 krystle: the freaking mga backpack and lunchbox with matching canister
1738 macey1: irina with a matching backpack and lunchbox is the funniest idea
1739 macey1: innocent schoolgirl irina
1740 soddingwankers: but she totally would omg
1741 soddingwankers: if only because they're military issue
1742 macey1: she'd have so much fun with it
1743 krystle: lmao military issue for sure
1744 nick: sorry for bailing all
1745 tdaniel entered the room
1746 krystle: but yeah these variants could help us get more fans
1747 guest-1577055 changed nickname to tdaniel
1748 krystle: no worries nick
1749 upguntha: gnite have fun at c2e2
1750 macey1: no problem, nick!!
1751 huntered1: did casey and hodge only went back one day maybe?
1752 macey1: what do you mean huntered
1753 delima left the room
1754 huntered1: well
1755 huntered1: we assume they went back to maybe 1990s from 2013 right?
1756 macey1: yes we did. 13 years
1757 huntered1: hodge gets escorted back by a military guy back to academy entrance
1758 nick left the room
1759 huntered1: and we re back when we were introduced to hodge in the very first place
1760 huntered1: so this means a) the PE might be 13 years ago
1761 macey1: OH you think that
1762 huntered1: or b) hodge does another time travel when she enters academy area
1763 macey1: mga itself is in the past?
1764 huntered1: yes
1765 huntered1: or maybe not in time at all
1766 macey1: that's actually very plausible
1767 macey1: i can definetely see that, yeah
1768 bjornalexs: with ancient ruins on the campus, it's plausible
1769 macey1: i remember matt suggested once that mga is out of reality itself
1770 bjornalexs: and shadowy caves...
1771 tdaniel left the room
1772 macey1: that's why it has the tower of babel, plato's cave, etc
1773 macey1: it's its own thing
1774 nohvarr left the room
1775 huntered1: maybe this explains why the parents dont remember their kids
1776 huntered1: because they havent been born yet
1777 krystle: this yeah yeah yeahs song on the mix I have been listening to all month and its on the
1778 krystle: tests mg mix @@;
1779 huntered1: no wait
1780 krystle: makes me uncomforable
1781 huntered1: they have
1782 macey1: tests is an interesting title for an arc isn't it
1783 macey1: who and what is being tested
1784 krystle: yes
1785 krystle: i like it
1786 upguntha: she prob called cell phone numbers
1787 krystle: i dont want a lost ending
1788 krystle: ill flip
1789 macey1: i'm sure mg will have an original enough ending
1790 krystle: no afterlifes or alternate realities
1791 krystle: crossing my fingers
1792 macey1: now alternate realities would work
1793 macey1: i've been pondering the idea of future jade's timeline being an alt. universe for awhile
1794 krystle: i feel like its just one huge curse
1795 krystle: and they are trying to break it
1796 bjornalexs: two timelines, tangent universe?
1797 krystle: so finally there is a better future
1798 krystle: even if it isnt for all our lovely truants and glories and teachers and parents etc
1799 bjornalexs: like Donnie Darrko
1800 macey1: i think we have the implication that the whole world is at stake in this comic
1801 krystle: yeah.... fuck one of my favorite movies lol
1802 krystle: maybe that was just in the back of my head
1803 krystle: but really i get that curse vibe
1804 macey1: so the better future must be for the whole world, even if only the people at mga know it
1805 krystle: going through all the many generations over thousands of years
1806 krystle: yeah
1807 krystle: im speaking completely broad about it
1808 jess left the room
1809 soddingwankers left the room
1810 krystle: because thinking of it in small sections and peoples intentions seem to be going in circle
1811 krystle: s for me lately
1812 soddingwankers entered the room
1813 krystle: oh god i scared everyone away
1814 guest-1577169 changed nickname to soddingwankers
1815 macey1: nah it's just the chat is weirdly slow tonight
1816 macey1: not sure why
1817 krystle: yeah
1818 macey1: okay a question then
1819 macey1: why do we think casey is 16 in 25
1820 soddingwankers left the room
1821 macey1: time shenanigans? something else?
1822 soddingwankers entered the room
1823 guest-1577187 changed nickname to soddingwankers
1824 soddingwankers: aaah i accidentally closed the atb
1825 soddingwankers: macey nick said she is
1826 soddingwankers: 16 in 25 and 19 at beginning of 26
1827 krystle: because of what hunter did
1828 krystle: it wasnt jade
1829 krystle: or the cave
1830 krystle: its a different travel
1831 soddingwankers left the room
1832 krystle: it brought her back the way she was when she left that day
1833 macey1: so you think what hunter did somehow...made her a teen again?
1834 upguntha: She can time travek more than once guys
1835 krystle: and when hodge told her she would have to wait a long time
1836 macey1: hmmm that's an odd thought
1837 krystle: 3 year skip later
1838 macey1: yes upguntha also has a point
1839 krystle: and bam
1840 macey1: casey's been shown to have similar powers to hodge before- with the
1841 macey1: mind control
1842 macey1: sooo could she also have a nonlinear timeline, like hodge?
1843 krystle: yeah but i dont think she can time travel
1844 krystle: well she can
1845 krystle: but its not her power
1846 krystle: she inspires and mind controls or whatever
1847 krystle: im getting a headache with the time travel
1848 huntered1: every time lol
1849 krystle: but its just my theory on why she came back at 16
1850 krystle: thats why she needed hunter to go with her to the cave originally too
1851 krystle: i have a feeling that had something to do with it
1852 krystle: and since it didnt work out that way
1853 krystle: now she came back
1854 upguntha: if she can pursuade anyone why didn't she get her way in issue 2
1855 macey1: ah yes we still don't know what would have happened if hunter did go with her
1856 krystle: and maybe she hasnt done all that daramount spy stuff yet
1857 krystle: and is going to go back to that timeline
1858 macey1: upguntha i'm thinking she could only do it after she time traveled
1859 krystle: i dunno so confusing
1860 macey1: like you can do that in the past, not your present/future
1861 krystle: ah yeah that could be
1862 macey1: so if hodge gave casey all the names for the camp kids
1863 krystle: i still have a feeling that with all the timelines
1864 macey1: and made her do all these things
1865 macey1: how much does hodge KNOW
1866 macey1: is there anything she DOESN'T know
1867 bjornalexs: One day this series will be looked at as the opus magnum of time travel
1868 krystle: a lot of the p[eople who time travel aka ike, vanessa, casey, are all going to get
1869 upguntha: maybe she used abe to get them in the basement
1870 krystle: confused at points like ike clearly already has
1871 krystle: where he hasnt done that yet
1872 macey1: i think there's something to ike in particular losing it though
1873 macey1: i mean- it's IKE, of all people
1874 krystle: yeah maybe
1875 bjornalexs left the room
1876 macey1: (cough i still think ike is david cough)
1877 krystle: but killing your father and not remembering it is sort of norman bates meets donnie darko
1878 macey1: well ike remembers killing abraham
1879 macey1: and he remembers what happened after
1880 macey1: but he doesn't quite know what was happening then
1881 krystle: ah yes okay
1882 huntered1: so abe was also somehow able to travel into the future
1883 macey1: yes
1884 dylan left the room
1885 macey1: we have to consider that in the very end abe has to end up dead on the office floor, though
1886 macey1: what the steps are to that point is the mystery
1887 julia entered the room
1888 krystle: yeah for unknown reasons
1889 guest-1577358 changed nickname to julia
1890 krystle: exactly
1891 huntered1: maybe he knew that he was gooing to get stabbed and die. it has to happen this way
1892 krystle: ugh i feel like i forget so much i start making my own stories in my mind with this comic
1893 macey1: abe did seem to know in advance ike would kill him yeah
1894 macey1: he has the knife and the will left out
1895 krystle: hence why he was so drunk out of his mind
1896 julia left the room
1897 krystle: Oh
1898 krystle: i think we will have a clear idea of who caseymount is
1899 macey1: YEAH actually taking that into account that scene is very painful
1900 macey1: hmmm. i think we do have the clear idea that she's casey
1901 macey1: but the full extent of her knowledge we don't know
1902 krystle: due to having a hood or something to cover her up
1903 krystle: and the way she talks of course
1904 krystle: just looking at 25 helps a bit
1905 macey1: yeah yeah she's definetely grown up!
1906 krystle: man
1907 krystle: headache comign on ten fold
1909 krystle: lol
1910 krystle: i was hoping to have really great talks with nick and joe about stuff at c2e2
1911 krystle: im just gonna be brain dead
1912 krystle: and like sign my comics
1913 krystle: okay bye
1914 huntered1: bye
1915 krystle: lol
1916 krystle: we have like 5 mins left right mace?
1917 macey1: YEAH we can just end now though if we want haha
1918 huntered1 left the room
1919 upguntha: gdnite
1920 krystle: night guys
1921 krystle: have fun its hockey time for me
1922 upguntha left the room
1923 krystle left the room