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Morning Glories Issue 23 Tinychat from November 29th, 2012
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: WE ARE STARTING
0002 susan: Okay yayy
0003 ariellalphabet: Yayyy!
0004 vicky: yaay wee
0005 guest-95184 changed nickname to sleepypizza
0006 tessa: oh my god
0007 tessa: SLEEPYPIZZA
0008 sleepypizza: HI TESSA
0009 tessa: strollin' down memory lane
0010 macey: i assume our first order of business is mourning the failure of the #savethetwins campaign
0011 tessa: ahaha
0012 susan: No let's skip that part
0013 jess: what are you talking about
0014 susan: I've already done it for all of us
0015 vicky: D'
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0017 ariellalphabet: A moment of silence for them!
0018 macey: yes that's true susan is the true victim here
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0020 tessa: we have to mourn a bit!
0021 tessa: yeah, it's true
0022 tessa: susan, i'm making a graphic for you
0023 sleepypizza: Poor real Jun D
0024 susan: Fukayamas/Happiness OTP will never be canon
0025 ariellalphabet: I knowww!
0026 LostPlot entered the room
0027 guest-95205 changed nickname to newuser9191
0028 susan: GOOD THANKS ='D
0029 vicky: guess its fukayama now
0030 tessa: hey ariellalphabet, do I know you? if not, hello!
0031 tessa: OH GOD
0032 ariellalphabet: I don't think so! Hi!
0033 tessa: that's painful
0034 tessa: hi!
0036 jess: this chat is unexpectedly ugh
0037 vicky: SORRY TOO MUCH
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0039 macey: also why is everyone getting my color
0040 macey: i am different now!!
0041 guest-95145 changed nickname to ilikeike
0042 susan: That's like when I had "fukayamas" as the like blog counter thing for me
0043 georgia entered the room
0044 guest-95217 changed nickname to georgia
0045 susan: but whenever I was alone on there it'd say "1 fukayama" and I'd make myself sad
0046 susan: sigh
0047 tessa: are we going to get a surge of twitterers? that's exciting, i hope we do.
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0049 anne entered the room
0050 georgia: hi guys
0051 tessa: hey georgia!
0052 georgia: anyone else red?
0053 susan: Hi Georgia~
0054 ariellalphabet: It makes all the flashback scenes to their childhood that much sadder
0055 macey: oh hey everyoneeee
0056 newuser9191 changed nickname to MatthewLloydLambert
0058 susan: Macey no
0059 macey: SORRY JUNISAO
0060 susan: Or how about
0061 joe_eisma entered the room
0062 guest-95112 changed nickname to alex
0063 ariellalphabet: Oh yeah, I should probably explain I'm from Twitter XD I've cosplayed as Jade recently
0064 tessa: oh, i think i saw that!
0065 guest-95223 changed nickname to anne
0066 tessa: possibly?
0067 susan: "I can't let them lose each other"
0068 vicky: also hello idk if i dont know some of you but hello hi /late
0069 macey: oh yes cosplayers are always welcome
0070 tessa: did it get tumblr'd?
0071 georgia: i introduced myself yesterday
0072 georgia: i'm colour photoset person
0073 georgia: that can be my nickname i guess
0074 sleepypizza: OH THAT'S YOU I LIKE YOU
0075 macey: -also alex is that you. i mean colorist alex
0076 alex: possibly.
0077 ariellalphabet: First time cosplaying, I loved it
0078 tessa: I am tessa obviously and I live on tumblr
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0080 tessa: as most of you are aware probably
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0082 macey: oh now we have another mystery
0083 lacracha entered the room
0084 tessa: that's so cool! lucky.
0085 macey: we even get mysteries out of the comic now!! jesus
0086 vicky: real life mga
0087 MatthewLloydLambert changed nickname to LostPlot
0088 georgia: no thanks
0089 sleepypizza: Real Life MGA sounds awful
0090 vicky: except less blood and guts and stuff
0091 guest-95238 changed nickname to lacracha
0092 macey: oh no there's still time for blood and guts
0093 mournthekrystle entered the room
0094 ariellalphabet: Yeah, I think I'd be pretty bad in real life MGA
0095 macey: everybody make sure nobody else gets murdered
0096 sleepypizza: school with basement cults that kills parents is NOT OKAY
0097 ariellalphabet: I have no discernible skill sets, I'd be screwed XD
0099 guest-95253 changed nickname to mourntheglories
0100 tessa: hey, didn't we have some specific question about timelines to discuss?
0101 susan: Thanks Vicky ='D
0102 macey: oh yes tessa ask these questions
0103 macey: let's get Serious
0104 tessa: SRS
0105 georgia: srs bsns
0106 tessa: I can't remember what it was now
0107 jess: SARS
0108 susan: Yea we'd been talking about the Month thing remember
0109 susan: How like
0110 tomila entered the room
0111 guest-95268 changed nickname to tomila
0112 macey: oh yes how when we did the math this is day 12 of the series
0113 tomila left the room
0114 susan: It doesn't seem to add up to a month? Or were we talking about something else
0115 ariellalphabet: I feel like I've missed loads since this is my tinychat D
0116 macey: but fortunato said akiko was locked up a month?
0117 tessa: yeah, that's what I meant!
0118 gabejer entered the room
0119 tessa: haaha, you will catch up
0120 jeremy_holt entered the room
0121 susan: No we had like a 3 -person tinychat a couple weeks ago
0122 guest-95277 changed nickname to gabejer
0123 susan: So most people missed it don't worry hah
0124 tessa: it was a GOOD ONE too
0125 macey: yeah it was only 8 of us at the most that one
0126 guest-95280 changed nickname to jeremy_holt
0127 macey: we actually GOT THINGS DONE
0128 susan: No it was 5 total hahah
0129 georgia: is that rare omg
0130 ariellalphabet: Cool cool!
0131 macey: oh wow sobs
0132 zoes_husband1 entered the room
0133 macey: that is super rare we actually have a lack of people right now??
0134 mournthekrystle: 'ello
0135 susan: After 22 there were a milllion people in here
0136 susan: Hey!
0137 ariellalphabet: Hiya!
0138 macey: yeah people are missing today what were they not shocked?? i was shocked
0139 tessa: hey!
0140 guest-95292 entered the room
0141 macey: not at hisun but akiko holy shit
0142 tessa: YEAH
0143 tessa: shit
0144 mournthekrystle: haha i love how someone said HEY I UNDERSTOOD THAT ISSUE!
0145 guest-95283 changed nickname to zoes_husband1
0146 tessa: akiko is my darling
0147 tessa: I am deeply concerned
0148 vicky: yes oh gosh
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0151 macey: i wasnt super into akiko before now i liked her but i wasnt SUPER INTO HER
0152 susan: I feel like we don't know enough about her for her to be killed off though??
0153 mournthekrystle: but the month thing doesn't add up to the timeline...
0154 macey: but i have a weakness for sacrificial characters oh no
0155 ariellalphabet: What's the timeline theory?
0156 tessa: SUSAN EXPLAIN
0157 mournthekrystle: or does it i'm confused
0158 susan: It's not so much a theory as confusion
0159 macey: the timeline thing- we did the math and it should be day 11 or 12 since the comic started
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0161 mournthekrystle: so the kids have only been at school for a month?
0162 mournthekrystle: er glories
0163 susan: Because if you go through the book it's not quite a month
0164 macey: but fortunato says akiko's been locked up a month
0165 ariellalphabet: That would make sense now I think about it
0166 macey: even though they caught her in #1
0167 vicky left the room
0168 mournthekrystle: so thats our timeline figured out then
0169 vicky entered the room
0170 guest-95307 changed nickname to vicky
0171 tessa: but it's not as if this comic is a big stickler about keeping events in order
0172 susan: Exactly yea
0173 mournthekrystle: haha truth
0174 georgia: but, i mean, the akiko brendan thing could have happened days before the glories arrived?
0175 macey: yeah i do feel it's interesting we have no concrete timeline
0176 georgia: or is that wrong am i confused
0177 ariellalphabet: yeahyeah *yay random flashbacks*
0178 macey: things are ambigious
0179 guest-95229 changed nickname to joe_eisma
0180 susan: But there was the specific crossover of Brenden being carried out while Casey was there
0181 tessa: shouldn't that have happened 2 years ago?
0182 mournthekrystle: well you can see brendon getting hauled away after he gets attacked by david
0183 tessa: OH RIGHT
0184 susan: Right am I lying?
0185 macey: georgia
0186 joe_eisma: hello hello
0187 tessa: that's weird
0188 mournthekrystle: when casey arrives
0189 macey: JOE HI
0190 georgia: oh right
0191 susan: Hi Joe!!
0192 ilikeike: joeeeeeeeeeee
0193 ariellalphabet: Hello!
0194 georgia: yeah i forgot
0195 jess: HI JOE
0196 georgia: okay
0197 vicky: hiiiii
0198 tessa: Hey Joe!
0199 macey: joe this issue was so pretty my eyes ate it like candy.
0200 mournthekrystle: Welcome
0201 joe_eisma: Good to see everyone here!
0202 lacracha: Hi Joe!
0203 joe_eisma: aw, thanks, Macey
0204 sleepypizza: Hi Joe!
0205 tessa: it was beautiful
0206 ariellalphabet: It truly was
0207 georgia: so beautiful
0208 tessa: especially the twins pages
0209 vicky: i cant get over david's art like wow
0210 mournthekrystle: it was a blood bath, i loved every drop
0211 georgia: and david
0213 joe_eisma: Yeah, Alex killed it this issue
0214 macey: yeah david just keeps getting prettier
0215 joe_eisma: haha David's not supposed to be pretty! ;)
0216 ariellalphabet: Was he pretty once though?
0217 joe_eisma: maybe
0218 macey: well i mean he's very detailed!! with all his burns and such.
0219 lacracha: David scares me
0220 joe_eisma: ahh yes
0221 sleepypizza: but he's my favourite colour so he has to be pretty D
0222 jess: macey is right, david is super bishonen
0223 alex: david has pretty hair.
0224 joe_eisma: haha
0225 macey: david is the prettiest purple
0226 tessa: i want to talk about david, actually
0227 joe_eisma: let's talk David
0228 susan: Go
0229 macey: yeah what happened with him and akiko there
0230 tessa: about who he kills vs. who he ignores
0231 ariellalphabet: yeah, and the fact he seemed to take orders too
0232 tessa: georgina was so unconconcerned about him in the beginning
0233 guest-95328 entered the room
0234 guest-95328 left the room
0235 tessa: but he doesn't only kill people in the ceremony
0236 sleepypizza: And why when he kills someone who's not a truant NOTHING HAPPENS
0237 susan: Also has he ever ACTUALLY walked through a wall I was thinking of that today
0238 guest-95334 entered the room
0239 joe_eisma: well, I think the new study hall did a great job characterizing him
0240 macey: well a big theme in this comic is fate right? maybe he can tell WHEN someone
0241 macey: needs to die?
0242 mournthekrystle: david doesn't seem to kill akiko, thats exciting, whats going on there
0243 guest-95334 left the room
0244 macey: like you can call him over like fortunato and akiko did and he'll see who needs to go
0245 joe_eisma: mm, I don't think I've ever drawn him walking through a wall.
0246 guest-95343 entered the room
0247 ariellalphabet: David just seems to randomly appear
0248 susan: People always say that
0249 joe_eisma: That's an interesting catch. We did just see Akiko fall, and nothing more
0250 susan: But they had to open the door for him hahah
0251 joe_eisma: true, Susan
0252 vicky: maybe not just not truants but only that reaction with the "special" students???
0253 mournthekrystle: theory, david is inside akiko
0254 macey: yeah he evidently walks around! between this and following casey in #1
0255 vicky: since i guess we dont know if every truant is "special"?
0256 guest-95352 entered the room
0257 mournthekrystle: all possesed out
0258 guest-95352 left the room
0259 macey: the implication i got from irina saying they let hisun die because he wasn't special
0260 macey: made me think all the truants are though
0261 guest-95343 left the room
0262 tessa: yeah, that's the point
0263 guest-94947 changed nickname to carol
0264 mournthekrystle: everyone has a role to play
0265 susan: I still didn't really get that but I'm sure it'll be cleared up
0266 joe_eisma: well, there's a reason why the main kids are the main kids and not the truants.
0267 tessa: abraham's criteria has to be the same as mga's
0268 vicky: though now i kinda feel like we only know akiko is for sure
0269 joe_eisma: maybe the main kids are special-er?
0270 carol: am i late for the party?
0271 tessa: because they all get accepted
0272 susan: Hi Carol!
0273 macey: i have a feeling the kids are the Big Players in the future yeah
0274 macey: the glories i mean
0275 jess: i guess they just kept experimenting till they got it right
0276 mournthekrystle: im sure she wasn't expecting akiko to interfer in her drugged out first date state haha
0277 jess: aw akiko
0278 joe_eisma: i guess we could just divide them as glories and truants instead of 'main kids.'
0279 joe_eisma: good point, mourn
0280 sleepypizza: Well and then at the end with David it seems like Akiko sobered up REAL FAST like she was
0281 sleepypizza: faking in the first place
0282 ariellalphabet: It seems likely
0283 ariellalphabet: Maybe she was trained to withstand those conditions?
0284 joe_eisma: it's possible, but i imagine you'd sober up pretty quickly if a ghost dude walked past
0285 mournthekrystle: truth
0286 ariellalphabet: Or something similar/weird
0287 jess: or maybe she was just more tired than hopped up on hallucinogens
0288 ariellalphabet: haha true
0289 tessa: quite
0290 susan: That panel was so great
0291 macey: oh i wonder? actually you know if she's still crushing on fortunato after all these years
0292 susan: When he walked between them
0293 ariellalphabet: oh god yeah
0294 macey: she could easily just used the opportunity to her advantage
0295 newuser5398 entered the room
0296 tessa: NO
0297 guest-95373 changed nickname to newuser5398
0298 newuser5398: hello
0299 tessa: I REJECT that theory
0300 macey: hello new user
0301 newuser5398: wanna see a penis?
0302 tessa: hmmm
0303 susan: Nah
0304 ilikeike: nah
0305 tessa: macey
0306 ariellalphabet: Lol
0307 tessa: fix it
0308 newuser5398 was banned by macey (mornglorschat)
0309 newuser5398 left the room
0310 joe_eisma: haha
0312 vicky: huzzah!
0313 newuser9097 entered the room
0314 susan: Thanks David.
0315 ariellalphabet: Whoo!
0316 guest-95385 changed nickname to newuser9097
0317 georgia: omg
0318 newuser9097 was banned by macey (mornglorschat)
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0320 carol: and so it begins...
0321 macey: so they're like a legion
0322 tessa: that's how we know we are legit now
0323 tessa: penis spammers
0324 susan: We haven't had this problem in a while boo
0325 zoes_husband1: Did anyone get the Giarrusso variant cover?
0326 tessa: emily got it for me!
0327 sleepypizza: I DID
0328 susan: I should have =(
0329 ariellalphabet: No
0330 macey: i ordered it from tfaw so i don't think i will get it sighs
0331 joe_eisma: ah yes i was wondering if those made it to shops
0332 tessa: it did in maine!
0333 zoes_husband1: Anyone know the ratio of it to the regular cover?
0334 ariellalphabet: I'm gonna ask for the variant though
0335 tessa: muaHAHAHHA
0336 LostPlot: next time someone offers a penis can we at least vote before we ban him? just saying...
0337 sleepypizza: It did in DFW too at least at Lone Star
0338 supercarmen entered the room
0339 LostPlot: hi, by the way.
0340 lacracha: I have the variant!
0341 guest-95394 changed nickname to supercarmen
0342 joe_eisma: oh cool. i used to have a pull list at lone star plano
0343 sleepypizza: I go to the one in Hurst
0344 joe_eisma: nice
0345 joe_eisma: i loved chris' variant--i think we should do more things like that
0346 mournthekrystle: i agree joe
0347 tessa: hey, has anyone theorized about ike being the school founder?
0348 susan: Yea I like to see them
0349 tessa: yes, I loved it
0350 jess: oooooh
0351 ariellalphabet: I saw a bit on the Study Hall
0352 georgia: i read the study hall about that
0353 susan: Tessa did you read the Study hall?
0354 tessa: NO
0355 tessa: UGH
0356 zoes_husband1: I loved it too. One shop said it was like a 1 in 25 but I don't think that's accurate.
0357 tessa: should I go do it now?
0359 tessa: I always am late with those
0360 susan: Yea there's a bit Matt did about it
0361 tessa: dammit
0362 ariellalphabet: Yeahyeah
0363 georgia: there's just a bit on ike being the headmaster
0364 mournthekrystle: I was about to read it then I was like noooooo chat starts in 20 mins and I have to eat
0365 georgia: like a paragraph or two
0366 georgia: towards the end, i think
0367 guest-95412 entered the room
0368 macey: not going to lie ike being the headmaster makes way too much sense it's CRAZY
0369 susan: Yea the end
0370 tessa: do I get credit for thinking of it too
0371 ariellalphabet: It is
0372 jess: ohh man
0373 susan: Yes
0374 susan: Because you came up with it on your own
0375 macey: even down to the little things like georgina and lara had different moms and ike
0376 se2k entered the room
0377 susan: \o/
0378 macey: gets all the ladies.
0379 guest-95412 left the room
0380 guest-95415 changed nickname to se2k
0381 mournthekrystle: it seems he has slashing powers tho
0382 se2k left the room
0383 mournthekrystle: both irina and georgina walk out with similar wounds
0384 macey: oh yeah ike's gift seems to involve killing doesn't it
0385 macey: slashing could be involved
0386 ariellalphabet: Definitely
0387 joe_eisma: good catch, mourn!
0388 tessa: thank you, susan
0389 mournthekrystle: =)
0390 guest-95427 entered the room
0391 joe_eisma: nick actually had to tell me to go back and put more blood on irina in those scenes. haha
0392 tessa: haha
0393 susan: Ohh my Nick
0394 guest-95433 entered the room
0395 macey: irina looked awful jesus christ
0396 upguntha entered the room
0397 guest-95427 left the room
0398 susan: Yea she was a mess
0399 guest-95436 changed nickname to upguntha
0400 tessa: I'm all anxious about her!
0401 guest-95433 left the room
0402 ariellalphabet: Me too!
0403 tessa: she's my other favorite
0404 mournthekrystle: nice I was comending alex on how bloody the next issue is looking and he was like oh just
0405 joe_eisma: good
0406 mournthekrystle: wait for 23
0407 tessa: I'm wringing my hands like a concerned mother
0408 ariellalphabet: She scares me, but I'm interested in her character still
0409 joe_eisma: haha
0410 macey: ha now i feel bad for 14-year-old irina and i'm scared of 16-year-old irina
0411 macey: what the hell happened to you kid
0412 joe_eisma: irina kind of reenergized me. not that i was bored w/ the book
0413 joe_eisma: but she was like fresh blood (no pun intended)
0414 carol: the spider powers change people
0415 ariellalphabet: Abraham happened to her!
0416 mournthekrystle: well it seems she has a darker past then the rest of the truants
0417 julia entered the room
0418 tessa: she did bring something new though, yeah
0419 mournthekrystle: or so it was hinted
0420 ariellalphabet: Yeahyeah
0421 guest-95442 changed nickname to julia
0422 susan: Yea what did she have to give up hmmm
0423 macey: oh yeah i find it hard to remember the comic without the truants
0424 tessa: that one panel where she's like "speak for yourself"
0425 susan: Yea doing the reread was so weird
0426 susan: Things were so different back then
0427 macey: it's like i was into the comic before them but now it's hard to think of it that way
0428 jess: and she was always the "focused" one and if she's a parallel to casey then
0429 tessa: deeply emotionally attached to the truants
0430 tessa: which is not a safe thing to be
0431 susan: Not at all
0432 macey: yeah we all got Truant Feelings from 21 on
0433 macey: it's ripping us apart
0434 ariellalphabet: It's not safe to be emotionally attached ot anyone in the MG universe
0435 joe_eisma: haha
0436 upguntha: I'm feel like they will all die
0437 zoes_husband1: lisa!
0438 sleepypizza: I just want the truants to be happy
0439 joe_eisma: i am really surprised how they struck a chord. it totally could have gone the other way
0440 susan: It's like getting attached to goldfish
0441 sleepypizza: they deserve it
0442 susan: That's Ike's line right
0443 mournthekrystle: i would like an update at least a page on casey
0444 mournthekrystle: i miss my homegirl
0445 tessa: ME TOO
0446 joe_eisma: ahh yes, casey
0447 macey: but if you want irina to be happy then you need to give her people to kill
0448 ariellalphabet: I miss my homegirl Jade too!
0450 joe_eisma: i'm really surprised not that many people are asking where she is
0451 tessa: casey! ugh! casey! i really do miss her! she is precious to me!
0452 susan: Yea it was nice seeing her today
0454 macey: because casey
0455 zoes_husband1: If you miss Casey, how do you think I feel about Zoe?
0456 joe_eisma: she was like the lead girl right off the bat
0457 mournthekrystle: at least jade was in the issue and it looks like we will see her and ike next issue
0458 julia: (I miss Zoe)
0459 upguntha: I think they struck a chord cause thet're not as clueles as the glories
0460 ariellalphabet: True
0461 shanice entered the room
0462 mournthekrystle: lmao zoes husband
0463 ilikeike: poor zoe's husband
0464 joe_eisma: i can only imagine, zoe's husband. ;)
0465 ariellalphabet: The weird chemistry between those two is amazing
0466 zoes_husband1: ;)
0467 macey: jade and ike were actually getting along i am amazed
0468 joe_eisma: haha upguntha
0469 guest-95463 changed nickname to shanice
0470 ariellalphabet: But then I thought that about Zoe and Ike and look what happened XD
0471 mournthekrystle: i feel ike knows a lot more than he tells
0472 upguntha: Jike 4 eva
0473 tessa: well he MUST
0474 macey: ike's confirmed to know about the truants now
0475 tessa: yeah! we were wondering about that!
0476 mournthekrystle: so was the predictment for headmaster OLDER! Ike in Study Hall?
0477 macey: but i don't think he knows who they are specifically, just that they exist
0478 susan: I wonder if they met
0479 ariellalphabet: Yeah, at least if he knows Abragam anyway
0480 ariellalphabet: *abraham lol
0481 joe_eisma: there's a cute shot of ike in 24.
0482 ilikeike: nice
0483 macey: they must know about him too, when hunter asks about ike ian's like "hnn no"
0484 mournthekrystle: lol ike is anything but cute imo
0485 mournthekrystle: handsome
0486 joe_eisma:
0487 macey: but then again ike had a public identity
0488 mournthekrystle: or dashing maybe
0489 susan: Truants know everything about the Glories it seems
0490 jess: ike is such a cutie tho
0491 ariellalphabet: I would describe him as dashing
0492 sleepypizza: That's because Guiallme's eyebrows are full of secrets
0493 ariellalphabet: suave maybe
0494 macey: ike's a horrible person but he IS attactive
0495 macey: *attractive
0496 susan: omfg
0497 macey: and a good character so there
0498 ariellalphabet: Maybe not good per se XD
0499 tessa: that one panel of ike making fun of hunter in detention in issue 2
0500 joe_eisma: i'm going to talk nick into making guillaume's eyebrows the headmaster.
0501 tessa: is still one of my favorite panels
0502 susan: Ahhh yes
0503 upguntha: he has some of the vest lines behind Pamela
0504 susan: I know exactly the one
0505 tessa: YES
0506 mournthekrystle: why didn't Guillaume go after Junisao
0507 jess: YES thats good
0508 macey: haha that's why guillaume's eyebrows are so big. he stored all the truant secrets in them
0509 joe_eisma: tessa--that one's one o my faves too
0510 ariellalphabet: Lol!
0511 sleepypizza: I still have nightmares about pamela
0512 macey: everyone's backstories are in his eyebrows
0513 tessa: not a word against pamela
0514 sleepypizza: She scares me more than david
0515 macey: I MISS PAMELA TOO
0516 carol: calling that pamela is the headmaster
0517 joe_eisma: guillaume knew he shouldn't cross irina and that it would be pointless to go after him
0518 ariellalphabet: Something must be odd in her head to be like that
0519 upguntha: Watch Pamela be the headmaster lol
0520 zoes_husband1: That makes me think of Family Guy's "Sherry and the anus"
0521 susan: Guillaume knew Junisao would backslap him
0522 tessa: that too
0523 joe_eisma: haha
0524 mournthekrystle: I suppose, but soon as he gets a chance I bet he books it after him
0525 ariellalphabet: yeahyeah
0526 mournthekrystle: well we know he can take it
0527 macey: yeah i have a feeling if guillaume got out of irina's sight he'd probably chase him
0528 joe_eisma: i keep wanting nick to do a pamela spotlight issue
0529 joe_eisma: i would draw the hell out of that. haha
0530 ariellalphabet: haha do it anyway!
0531 macey: i have a feeling a pamela spotlight issue would have Big Reveals somehow
0532 tessa: i would be all over that
0533 susan: Ohh God please yes
0534 mournthekrystle: hahaha yes!
0535 shanice:
0536 ilikeike: either that or a psycho baby nurse nine issue
0537 sleepypizza: Oh god it would be full of teddy bears, cupkakes, rainbows, and MURDER
0538 susan: Or a Howard spotlight issue
0539 zoes_husband1: Special holofoil issue. Pamela kills someone on every page.
0540 tessa: who was talking about pamela possibly remembering the truants?
0541 ariellalphabet: and makes their names rhyme
0542 joe_eisma: haha
0543 macey: hey susan needs compensation for her fukuyama feelings, give her a howard issue
0544 upguntha: Nurse Nine has nightmares about Pamela
0545 macey: THAT WAS ME TESSA
0546 tessa: GOOD JOB MACEY
0547 susan: YES PLEASEE
0548 tessa: i liked that
0549 macey: "friends don't keep secrets!", her old roommates were the truant girls
0550 macey: it matches up
0551 carol: an issue showing a bit of her past please
0552 upguntha: Best line ever
0553 ariellalphabet: omg
0554 carol: i'd love to read that
0555 susan: An issue of Pamela planning MGA Prom
0556 vicky left the room
0557 joe_eisma: i'll press nick on it. if pamela survives!
0558 mournthekrystle: well #savethetwins didn't work
0559 vicky entered the room
0560 upguntha: Did we figure out the Irina foreshadow from issue 4 yet?
0561 guest-95508 changed nickname to vicky
0562 susan: Shh we don't talk about that
0563 mournthekrystle: unless he isn't fully dead yet
0564 tessa: pamela has to survive. even if she is the only one.
0565 macey: yes we did! guntha it's on the tag
0566 joe_eisma: MGA Prom. I still want to draw the glories in their prom outfits
0567 mournthekrystle: thatd be cute
0568 tessa: that would be adorable
0569 tessa: and disconcerting
0570 sleepypizza: Can hunter go as a storm trooper PLEASE
0571 ariellalphabet: That would be awesome
0572 vicky: yes omg
0573 mournthekrystle: and couple them all up between the Truants and Glories
0574 ariellalphabet: at least a star wars tie!
0575 vicky: mga prom
0576 tessa: I went to prom as patrick bateman! he totally can.
0577 joe_eisma: haha
0578 sleepypizza: There was a storm trooper at my prom and it was AWESOME
0579 macey: i'm actually waiting for
0580 macey: the prom
0581 mournthekrystle: more like a sauve Han Solo/Indiana Jones
0582 susan: *the MGA-wide birthday party
0583 jess: AW YEA
0584 jeremy_holt: dang, I can barely keep up with this conversation. Tessa
0585 macey: i mean we just had a field day arc why not a prom
0586 joe_eisma: hey jeremy!
0587 tessa: THANKS
0588 jeremy_holt: what up, joe!
0589 vicky: david in a tux
0590 upguntha: Holttttt
0591 tessa: (plastic dress, ax earrings. my date did not like it.)
0592 ilikeike: steve holt
0593 ariellalphabet: hi!
0594 jeremy_holt: that's my brother's name. no joke.
0595 macey: david sits in the corner alone drinking punch and crying
0596 ilikeike: poor kid
0597 jess: no one wants to dance with him
0598 joe_eisma: no way
0599 ariellalphabet: and occasionally killing other students
0600 tessa: david is a perpetual wallflowre
0601 vicky: poor guy
0602 shanice: is he an AD fan?
0603 upguntha: is David the Ishmael of MGF
0604 upguntha: MG*
0605 ariellalphabet: perks of being David the psycho killer wallflower
0606 tessa: good god
0607 joe_eisma: I liked the Evangelion comparisons you guys came up with the other day
0608 joe_eisma: very cool
0609 vicky: and in that moment, i swear they were dead
0610 ariellalphabet: I'm thinking Rei-Jade?
0611 susan: Yea that was fun
0612 susan: It was all Macey though hahah
0613 tessa: yeah, who did the evangelion stuff? susan?
0614 tessa: macey
0615 tessa: okay
0616 macey: I DID i watched rebuild with susan and we were astonished
0617 joe_eisma: haha
0618 upguntha: I need 3.0 nowwww
0619 tessa: macey, I spent this whole issue imaging you pumping your fist
0620 mournthekrystle: that was very cool Macey
0621 susan: I was struggling to read subtitles and she was like MORNING GLORIES EVERYWHERE
0622 joe_eisma: Well, I'm an unabashed fan, but I actually don't even know if Nick's seen it
0623 macey: plus i completely forgot about "i musn't run away" which also fits
0624 macey: you know, time to stop running
0626 mournthekrystle: hahaha
0627 joe_eisma: uh ohhhhh Nick
0629 susan: [I'm working on it SORRY
0630 upguntha: YEs Macey
0631 vicky: whoops
0632 vicky: will do
0633 sleepypizza: Or at least my family we rewatch it on a regular basis
0634 tessa: um
0635 tessa: whoops
0636 jeremy_holt: Evangelion? Hate me now, it's okay.
0637 ariellalphabet: I think a rewatch of Evangelion is required tomorrow night
0638 macey: im so dissapoint in all of you
0639 sleepypizza: yesssss
0640 zoes_husband1: Next morning glories convention panel, ask nick nothing but questions about Evangelion.
0641 susan: Fandom wide Evangelion marathon
0642 macey: implying anyone can answer questions about evangelion
0643 tessa: can we do that? i never got through it WHOOPS
0644 macey: even anno shrugs at some of those
0645 joe_eisma: haha yes flood him with Evangelion questions
0646 nick entered the room
0647 macey: oh an unreleated note http
0648 macey: because i feel it summarizes the series well
0649 mournthekrystle: oh was Akiko singing a certain song while drugged out?
0650 guest-95556 changed nickname to nick
0652 susan: Yea "Walking on Sunshine"
0654 ilikeike: David's got headphones on underneath his hair blaring skrillex, right?
0655 macey: NICK HEY.
0656 tessa: hey nick!
0657 susan: Hi Nick!
0658 sleepypizza: HI NICK
0659 jess: hi nick!
0660 nick: hey all
0661 vicky: hello hi!
0662 lacracha: Hi!
0663 shanice: HI!
0664 carol: hey nick
0665 ariellalphabet: Was Walking On Sunshine a precursor to the whole David/enlightenment scene?
0666 upguntha: Hey Nick
0667 ariellalphabet: Hey Nick!
0668 susan: It was when Akiko was in the cell
0669 mournthekrystle: Okay I just wanted to make sure.
0670 macey: but it fits the david scene he EXPLODES INTO LIGHT
0671 tessa: at some point we should talk about fortunato's prayers
0672 mournthekrystle: haha it does, doesn't it
0673 susan: "I'm murdering on suuunshiiine"
0674 tessa: lord
0675 ariellalphabet: Lol!
0676 zoes_husband1: hah ha
0677 vicky: hah
0678 macey: fortunato needs to stop praying in ridiculous places
0679 carol: do you guys remember the first issue?
0680 macey: he's gonna pray in the middle of a massacre sometime and get himself killed.
0681 carol: did you even thought that we would actually KNOW those characters later?
0682 tessa: yeah, macey and I decided everything is basically fortunato's fault
0683 susan: Or alternatively his prayers will protect him duh
0684 upguntha: prayer makes him invisble
0685 jess: maybe he's not praying
0686 ariellalphabet: I wonder if Fortunato & Jade are linked through the whole prayer thing?
0687 ariellalphabet: Every time either of them pray, crazy stuff happens
0688 tessa: faith is obviously a huge theme
0689 tessa: but I want to KNOW
0690 complex entered the room
0691 guest95592 entered the room
0692 macey: oh there was a fortunato-jade parallel really strong in 22 but it's lost now
0693 macey: or at least it was absent here
0694 udjagaz entered the room
0695 tessa: what are the prayers supposed to DO
0696 susan: What are you referring to Macey?
0697 upguntha: Hey Nick is David version of Ishmael
0698 guest-95595 changed nickname to udjagaz
0699 jess: it gives them magical spiritual powers
0700 tessa: you think? i think it's still there.
0701 macey: susan i wrote about it DID YOU READ IT
0702 carol: what if it's their roles?
0703 guest-95589 changed nickname to complex
0704 udjagaz: dude
0705 guest-95592 changed nickname to guest95592
0706 udjagaz: have you guys seen the variant cover
0707 udjagaz: awesome
0708 carol: like there's a time traveler (hunter)
0709 joe_eisma: poor Fortunato. Dude has been in about 12 panels and now everything's his fault. ;)
0710 susan: Yea but I forget
0711 jess: like the storyline with nine/what did you see when your eyes were opened (in re
0712 carol: a prayer (jade)
0713 susan: I LIKE FORTUNATO
0714 mournthekrystle: lmao
0715 susan: Macey is out to get him
0716 macey: are we acknowledging fortunato's strange lack of screentime now because it's
0717 macey: very suspicious.
0718 guest95592 left the room
0719 tessa: he is
0720 tessa: UP
0721 tessa: to something
0722 susan: K Snape
0723 udjagaz left the room
0724 tessa: we know fortunato and irina have something going on
0725 mournthekrystle: I want to know what went down in the greenhouse to the headmaster
0726 tessa: that no one else is in on
0727 mournthekrystle: that the sisters were so worked up about
0728 tessa: yeah
0729 macey: oh yeah if anybody actually knows what irina's really like it's fortunato
0730 macey: they're pretty sweet on each other
0731 tessa: pfffft
0732 tessa: she is trusting him with her schemes!
0733 susan: Or at least that's how it was 2 years ago
0734 tessa: although that could partially be because he has sort of been isolated
0735 tessa: *was isolated
0736 mournthekrystle: I thought he knew things before they happened
0737 macey: when irina trusts you you're probably equally fucked up right??
0738 mournthekrystle: but it doesnt seem so much like that now
0739 ariellalphabet: Probably!
0740 jess: or because he seems virtuous/trustworthy to everyone
0741 jess: but if irina trusts him
0742 complex left the room
0743 susan: Or because he wasn't so great with English at the time
0744 mournthekrystle: with akiko and everything
0745 julia: I'm not feeling this Fortunato is evil thing, which means it's probs true
0746 susan: No one to tell her secrets to mwahaha
0747 macey: actually tessa and i discussed his english
0748 tessa: yeah!
0749 mournthekrystle: unless it was on a whim and he couldnt predict it
0750 vicky left the room
0751 macey: the scenes with irina 2 years ago, it's too good?? compared to when he's talking to akiko
0752 vicky entered the room
0753 guest-95625 changed nickname to vicky
0754 tessa: I don't think he's EVIL but I do think he's more deeply involved in stuff
0755 julia: what do you mean too good?
0756 tessa: yeah, what macey said
0757 macey: it makes sense that it'd be good now but not then
0758 tessa: it's kind of odd
0759 guest-95631 entered the room
0760 upguntha: If the school is watching the Truants why do they let them have an advanatge
0761 tessa: he went straight from not really being able to talk to akiko
0762 macey: so it's possible irina trusts him because she already knows his secrets or something?
0763 tessa: to tlaking to irina just fine
0764 susan: Also he was talking with Irina after waking up from whatever Nine had given him
0765 guest-95631 left the room
0766 susan: So that's an added obstacle
0767 jess: maybe that's because of time-travel fortunato though
0768 susan: Hypothetically
0769 tessa: that's true
0770 mournthekrystle: well it was 4 years when he couldnt talk really at all
0771 mournthekrystle: wasnt it
0772 macey: nah he was screwing up 2 years ago around akiko too
0773 susan: We never heard him talk 4 years ago
0774 mournthekrystle: well not nearly as much
0775 tessa: they came to mga 2 years ago and he was still iffy then
0776 macey: but not with irina who's the only other one we've seen him talk to
0777 mournthekrystle: oh okay
0778 julia left the room
0779 tessa: julia
0780 soddingwankers entered the room
0781 guest-95649 changed nickname to soddingwankers
0782 tessa: EMILY
0783 macey: but yeah i still hope futureato happens i want to be right about something
0784 soddingwankers: TESSA
0785 soddingwankers: hello everyone!
0786 carol: hello
0787 ariellalphabet: hi!
0788 lacracha: hi
0789 vicky: hi
0790 susan: What is that Macey
0791 shanice: hi!
0793 soddingwankers: wow ok so i totally need to start mathing name with urls WHOA GUYS HELLO.
0794 nick: Fortunato is like a lot of people, his english is better/worse depending on convenience
0796 HankGetup entered the room
0797 mournthekrystle: so megan made an appearence
0798 guest-95655 changed nickname to HankGetup
0799 HankGetup left the room
0800 susan: Ohh is it "future Fortunato"?
0801 mournthekrystle: with 1978 on the door....
0802 macey: i'm expecting most of the cast to be dead by the future tbh
0803 sleepypizza: Well it coult be that Futurenato is the one that rescued Akiko and that's why he messed up
0804 vicky: depending on convenience oooo?
0805 sleepypizza: the timeline
0806 macey: future jade seems to work alone
0807 tessa: emily
0808 tessa: and how everything is sad
0809 vicky: fishy
0810 carol: still
0811 tessa: and how if akiko isn't okay i will screa
0812 tessa: m
0813 carol: if ike is the headmaster
0814 carol: then he had sex with his daughter
0815 tessa: wait
0816 tessa: what
0817 susan: What
0818 soddingwankers: i have an ike theory
0819 carol: just pointing it out
0820 soddingwankers: (it's on tumblr from earlier)
0821 mournthekrystle: and each door has a year on it >.>
0822 susan: No but what
0823 joe_eisma: my political answer here is no actual sex was shown.
0825 macey: DUDE....
0826 jess: .......
0827 mournthekrystle: lmao
0828 vicky: OH
0829 susan: Ahh yes okay that's what we're refering to
0830 tessa: oh my god
0831 nick: ike didn't seal the deal
0832 tessa: thank god
0833 susan: Yea good
0834 mournthekrystle: gah i hate having the same color as people
0835 vicky: haha
0836 zoes_husband1: He had performance anxiety perhaps?
0837 soddingwankers: but i'm curious-- abraham kills issac inthe Bible story, but here Issac is tested and told
0838 mournthekrystle: haha but that smile when he walks out
0839 susan: Well Abraham is alive so wasn't that the condition?
0840 soddingwankers: that he has to kill his father abraham
0841 tessa: mm hm
0842 macey: thank you for clarifying nick
0843 tessa: as a sort of test
0844 tessa: does that make mga god?
0845 soddingwankers: so what if daramounts "father" is also the god-figure to the truants AND IT'S ALL THE SAME
0846 macey: i love how the answers we get from this chat are about underage sex
0847 soddingwankers: person*
0848 nick: same reason he lost his awesome luxury suite-- didn't go through with it
0849 tessa: oh lord
0850 jess: oh god oh god
0851 tessa: emily, i like that
0852 nemo395 entered the room
0853 macey: emily that's good i wouldn't be surprised at all
0854 guest-95682 changed nickname to nemo395
0855 nemo395 left the room
0856 soddingwankers: so, it could be that there's a plot twist in that abraham has to kill isaac, but isaac
0857 carol: is the headmaster
0858 soddingwankers: (or ike) is saved OR it's just different from the bible story, just reversed.
0859 mournthekrystle: but if daramount calls him father in the future that would be messed up so yeah
0860 macey: well remember ike killed...AN abraham, who knows what the deal's there
0861 upguntha: can only count on ike for his wit
0862 mournthekrystle: all signs point to no
0863 macey: there's already a reversal
0864 ariellalphabet: Hmmm
0865 tessa: this is totally random, but who can SEE david?
0866 ariellalphabet: Zoe could, Fortunato & Akiko could
0867 macey: i can't tell if hisun couldn't see him or is just really loyal to the academy tbh
0868 tessa: because jun was totally not glancing at him
0869 tessa: yeah, same
0870 carol: maybe just the special kids can
0871 ariellalphabet: I'm not sure who else he;s 'met' or so to speak
0872 tessa: that's what i thought but then GEORGINA can too
0873 macey: daramount and gribbs could, and presumably abraham
0874 susan: But all the other bros saw him
0875 susan: And ran
0876 macey: then again maybe they're special themselves?
0877 personman entered the room
0878 macey: the bros are probably special it's hisun who isn't
0879 jess: but is david more like an animal or a person
0880 susan: As much as I love Howard he doesn't seem like that kind of special
0881 macey: also that's the official name for hisun's crew now. The bros.
0882 jess: because he could have been a student
0883 jess: or osmething like it
0884 soddingwankers: i really just love david
0885 macey: david's pants look like the ones the kids at mga wear! just to
0886 guest-95706 changed nickname to personman
0887 soddingwankers: tangentially, when is he corporeal?
0888 macey: *torn
0889 soddingwankers: is he ALWAYS corporeal?
0890 carol: what if he was zoe's boyfriend and she can see him like he was before he became a ghost?
0891 susan: I think so but that's just me
0892 tessa: we talked a little about that
0893 personman left the room
0894 tessa: joe pointed out he never went through walls
0895 upguntha: Zoe had 50 bfs
0896 macey: yeah there's also the whole thing about there being three of him
0897 macey: what's up with that
0898 tessa: what?
0899 soddingwankers: OK.
0900 ariellalphabet: existing on more than one time at once?
0901 susan: Like vibrating
0902 zoes_husband1: I'm still her husband though.
0903 macey: the other davids that like ghost out of him
0904 macey: there's two more who do other things
0905 susan: Yea that's a better description
0906 ilikeike left the room
0907 macey: OH HM NOW THAT I THINK OF IT that reminds me of the cave shadows!!
0908 soddingwankers: Hmmm ok
0909 jess: OH
0910 carol: OH
0911 soddingwankers: WHOA
0912 susan: OH
0913 soddingwankers: (ha see what i did there)
0914 jess: combo breaker
0915 macey: i figured those cave shadows were like showing what people do through time so
0916 julia entered the room
0917 macey: maybe that could be an option for david
0918 guest-95727 changed nickname to julia
0920 vicky left the room
0921 tessa: I missed something
0922 soddingwankers: cave shadows, tess
0923 vicky entered the room
0924 guest-95736 changed nickname to vicky
0925 jess: but in the cave allegory they're supposed to represent perceived reality
0926 sleepypizza: jfc i study for like 5 minutes and i miss something
0927 tessa: that does not help
0929 tessa: go study liam!
0931 tessa: OH
0932 tessa: OH
0933 tessa: OH
0934 susan: OH
0935 sleepypizza: OH HOLY SHIT
0936 soddingwankers: good job there
0937 macey: stop saying oh it's like you're a hivemind
0938 tessa: shut up macey
0939 macey: don't become mga students guys
0940 vicky left the room
0941 susan: Should we ask Nick about the timeline or are we thinking that's a plot point?
0942 tessa: yeah, ask!
0943 vicky entered the room
0944 guest-95751 changed nickname to vicky
0945 susan: Me?
0946 tessa: also, don't shut up macey, i just like picking on you, sorry
0947 macey: it ok tessa you are the best
0948 tessa: you are also the best
0949 susan: We were wondering about when Fortunato says Akiko's been in there a month
0950 nick: right
0951 soddingwankers: There are a lot of differnt kinds of time stuff going, i think we've split into
0952 susan: because we thought they'd only been at the Academy for about 12 days?
0953 ariellalphabet: He wasn't necessarily tellling the truth?
0954 soddingwankers: alternative realities a few times, right?
0955 newuser7711 entered the room
0956 guest-95766 changed nickname to newuser7711
0957 mournthekrystle: btw joe I loved the blurry panel when Jun is coming out of unconciousness very cool effect
0958 newuser7711 left the room
0959 joe_eisma: mourn--that was all Alex! I'll post the inks soon for comparison
0960 vicky left the room
0961 nick: I believe it's about 3 weeks at this point
0962 vicky entered the room
0963 macey: we all need to love on alex more t
0964 tessa: hm
0965 tessa: okau
0966 macey: *tbh
0967 macey: oh hm ok nic
0968 guest-95778 changed nickname to vicky
0969 tessa: someone should chart this out
0970 macey: *NICK WOW I CAN TYPE
0971 tessa: vicky, quite playing with my heart
0972 susan: I was going to remember
0973 vicky: WEH tiny chat is pooping everywhere right now but let me add a late OH!
0974 susan: I'll do it after 25
0975 macey: when the whole comic is over somebody should string the whole comic together
0976 tessa: *QUIT
0977 jess: how many alternate realities do we have
0978 tessa: i also can type
0979 macey: in chronological order
0980 mournthekrystle: cool I'm excited to see it, I'll have to give him probs later
0981 jess: just asking yeah
0982 susan: Jess I have no idea
0983 nick: they're definitely coming up on a month, but the time lapse is really the second arc
0984 soddingwankers: well there's the one where jade died, the one where casey's with her dad in the marines
0985 susan: Yea the first arc is only a couple days right.
0986 soddingwankers: the one the truants came out of? did that happen? i got confused
0987 macey: but is the casey in the past an alternate timeline or is in the past of this timeline?
0988 soddingwankers: in woodrun
0989 nick: p.e./woodrun is all obvs. a day or so
0990 macey: this is a really long day.
0991 tessa: alternate, i'd say
0992 susan: Yea I was thinking about that
0993 susan: They must be exhausted poor kids
0994 soddingwankers: well, when casey went back in time, in theory she would have CREATED another timeline
0995 sleepypizza: Or it was all supposed to happen that way so it's till the same timeline
0996 carol: buut maybe she didn't
0997 carol: maybe it was all written
0998 macey: yes but we could also be doing a lost-esque whatever happened happened thing
0999 mournthekrystle: casey is messing up your shit just wait for it
1000 soddingwankers: because she's in the past of the one we're in, but she might coem back?
1001 vicky: does she have to live back to the present
1002 macey: which would match up with casey's dad being triggered by the mga logo
1003 macey: and casey being taught all those things she told her dad to do
1004 soddingwankers: I agree that she's probably in the same timeline that she started in
1005 carol: like it's a circle.
1006 tessa: good lord
1007 macey: also yeah if casey has to take the slow path she'd be almost thirty now, where is she
1008 carol: remember hodge said she could do anything
1009 tessa: someone draw this for me
1010 soddingwankers: but does that mean we get her back? if we do, that's another timeline, if not, then it isn
1011 carol: maybe every shit she does is prescripted to happen
1012 jess: also hodge is the one directing all the timetraveling
1013 macey: well this is the thing and it's come up along with the god and and faith stuff
1014 soddingwankers: I think that's probably it, but she's god or whatever so she might mess things up somewher
1015 macey: in this comic does free will exist or is everything fate?
1016 tessa: HEY
1017 tessa: okay
1018 macey: i expect that'll come up later
1019 tessa: we have god ike and god casey theories
1020 susan: Yea fate seems to be important, but to what extent? Good question
1021 tessa: which one of you had a theory about that?
1022 carol: so wait. what if casey comes back for jade. and future!jade is actually in the present tim
1023 carol: time*
1024 tessa: about all the kids being sort of trained up as little gods?
1026 carol: maybe they are demigods
1027 tessa: that was my FAVORITE theory
1028 macey: and in 22 you know how they go to the past?? the people then could have seen them
1029 macey: as gods
1030 susan: With their shiny rifles
1031 tessa: even if this isn't true
1032 macey: in other words they may have created gods by time travel
1033 tessa: it SHOULD be
1034 tessa: aaaaaaaa
1035 macey: which makes fortunato praying a lot very...interesting
1036 tessa: AAAAAAAA
1037 macey: since he'd likely know.
1038 soddingwankers: another thing
1039 upguntha: Maybe Hodge sent Casey back in time to stop Irina
1040 ariellalphabet: Isn't it weird we haven't actually seen David's full face?
1041 soddingwankers: after junisau learns they killed hisun, and he's running back to the tower (i assume)
1042 ariellalphabet: Maybe he is/was one of the glories/truants who got caught up in time travel, and ended up
1043 mournthekrystle: reason for everything
1044 macey: ariella there's a sketch of david with eyes in the back of the hc but it looks like concep
1045 mournthekrystle: just like not seeing the headmaster
1046 macey: *concept
1047 soddingwankers: is the rockety fire stuff the effect of Akiko's sacrifice? so those times are meeting up?
1048 joe_eisma: that is weird, Ari.
1049 macey: ACTUALLY WE SHOULD ASK THIS. does david have eyes?
1050 ariellalphabet: in the wrong place/time?
1051 tessa: joe said it is weird
1052 annyong entered the room
1053 tessa: that means it is worth noting
1054 joe_eisma: haha
1055 guest-95829 changed nickname to annyong
1056 jess: is he one of the students??
1057 jess: or "what did you see when you opened your eyes"
1058 macey: emily fortunato and akiko were also in the night world it seems, so it would match up
1059 upguntha: Does that mean that David opened Akiko's eyes
1060 macey: it's jade and ike who are left out
1061 susan: And the Flare!
1062 LostPlot left the room
1063 joe_eisma: David cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.
1064 joe_eisma: I bet no one gets that reference
1065 macey: i have a feeling akiko's eyes were already opened and that's how she knew david
1066 susan: Also it wasn't the tower, it was the school
1067 sleepypizza: i see what you did there
1068 ariellalphabet: But what about Zoe?
1069 LostPlot entered the room
1070 guest-95841 changed nickname to LostPlot
1071 jess: also he touched akiko's forehead from the front (rather than the back)
1072 ariellalphabet: She recognised/knew David
1073 soddingwankers: thank you macey
1074 georgia: okay mulder
1075 carol: going a little hunter there huh joe?
1076 jess: which is the "third eye" right??
1077 mournthekrystle: lol
1078 joe_eisma: haha
1079 macey: OH THIRD EYE HMM
1080 ariellalphabet: Maybe she did some weird mind-ready tricks with Abraham when she met him?
1081 tessa: well, zoe already has her weird layla miller childhood complex
1082 georgia: i mean, x-files, right?
1083 jess: like was there a reason david didn't do the back-of-skull thing
1084 ariellalphabet: I love you for that reference Tessa XD
1085 macey: http
1086 susan: I had posited (without any evidence) that perhaps Zoe already had her eyes opened somehow
1087 tessa: *curtsies*
1088 susan: Via the weird layla miller deal
1089 mournthekrystle: xfiles
1090 tessa: yeah!
1091 sleepypizza: Zoe
1092 susan: Exactly
1093 ariellalphabet: She does
1094 tessa: exactly
1095 joe_eisma: yep, x-files. i'm a dork.
1096 upguntha: I think David was from Abraham's academy like Zoe and Truants were
1097 georgia: i flippin love the x-files
1098 carol: she's the only one whho accepts who she is
1099 carol: whatever that means
1100 mournthekrystle: omg i also wanted to freaking say probs on the explosion of limbs and guts
1101 mournthekrystle: props*
1102 macey: david was happy akiko was going to hug him but then he fucked up more than usual
1103 macey: poor david. he will never get a hug.
1104 susan: She was egging him on though
1105 tessa: the tragedy of david
1106 soddingwankers: macey saaaaddd
1107 susan: she brought it upon herself
1108 soddingwankers: don't make me SAD
1109 macey: it's like fucking shakespere
1111 macey: GOD I DID
1112 tessa: aaaahaahhah
1113 macey: SHAKESPEARE!!
1114 laury entered the room
1116 tessa: yes
1117 tessa: it is
1118 vicky: lol
1119 susan: What's happening
1120 saintjonathan entered the room
1121 macey: -oh on the topic of what akiko did i just realized
1122 georgia: wait okay i have i somewhat x-files related question actually and that's
1123 guest-95874 changed nickname to laury
1124 macey: ian's going to kill fortunato. probably not literally but.
1125 guest-95880 changed nickname to saintjonathan
1126 ariellalphabet: Ian has been oddly quiet
1127 susan: I read that as Ike and didn't understand
1128 susan: But yes
1129 georgia: i sure as hell hope the conclusion of this is better than the one chris carter pulled out
1130 georgia: of his butt
1131 ariellalphabet: There's something about him aside from being like Hunter
1132 jess: ian got really dark and angsty actually
1133 susan: Hahah I trust that Nick knows what he's doing
1134 sleepypizza: yeah guys please don't pull an x files
1135 sleepypizza: that ending was aWFUL
1136 mournthekrystle: yes it was
1137 carol: oh god no
1138 georgia: in issue 70 just kill off all the bad guys and start again
1139 carol: nope.
1140 mournthekrystle: but i have a feeling its going to be more of a lost ending @@;
1141 mournthekrystle: which wasnt so great either
1142 macey: i actually would not be surprised at all if like halfway through this comic
1143 macey: things go so bad that somebody just goes back to the beginning and restarts
1144 susan: Macey don't go giving them ideas!!
1145 soddingwankers: sorry another david thing
1146 mournthekrystle: but very religious like the entirey of morning glories so far
1147 LostPlot: i am in the minority, i know, but i was so ok wirh the Lost ending.
1148 sleepypizza: but if it's a lost ending then they can always 'go back to the island'
1149 macey: OH IT IS A TIE. i thought it was a rope
1150 carol: but i thought we had agreed on "nobody changes anything when they go to the past"
1151 tessa: DUDES I am still watching lost okay
1152 georgia: i didn't mind the lost ending
1154 joe_eisma: it's rope. he lost a bunch of weight.
1155 sleepypizza: Tessa that show has been over for YEARS WTH
1156 mournthekrystle: i was okay with it too lostplot
1157 macey: oh ok joe
1158 mournthekrystle: just well felt a little cheated
1159 tessa: YEAH WELL some of us are slow okay
1160 macey: oh and that's a interesting detail
1161 carol: he was fat
1162 mournthekrystle: probably because I wasnt smart enough to figure it out before it ended i suppose
1163 jess: he
1164 joe_eisma: haha i'm totally kidding on the weight. but it is rope.
1165 carol: but killing people make him lose weight
1166 macey: oh ok i was gonna say he's so muscular though
1167 jess: was david always like this
1168 georgia: i mean as long as we get an ending, though. coughfireflycough
1169 carol: aw
1170 susan: wait no Lost spoilers pls what
1171 nick: so who do you all think is dead at this point?
1172 macey: nICK
1173 soddingwankers: oh darn it joe.
1174 georgia: that question makes me feel like i'm on qi or something
1175 susan: -whispers- no one
1176 macey: i mean. i have no idea. i have a feeling akiko's out for awhile but not DEAD
1177 mournthekrystle: i didnt give any spoilers i promise haha
1178 sleepypizza: wait what's rope
1179 carol: no body
1180 georgia: and whatever i answet the claxxons will go off
1181 soddingwankers: IM WITH SUSAN actually. .
1182 upguntha: Zoe
1183 macey: hisun could go either way
1184 carol: nobody*
1185 ariellalphabet: I'm not overly sure
1186 georgia: answer*
1187 LostPlot left the room
1188 ariellalphabet: I have a feeling Zoe'll be back in another timeline
1189 macey: im 90% sure zoe's gone though
1190 soddingwankers: exactly
1191 tessa: yeah DITTO SUSAN
1192 soddingwankers: mmmm, i think they'll all come back
1193 susan: What
1194 tessa: no
1195 susan: I thought you'd all make fun of me when I said that
1196 tessa: I don't
1197 upguntha: Nick said that we'd never see her again
1198 soddingwankers: they're all still on the first page, anyway
1199 soddingwankers: what noooooo
1200 tessa: that is true
1201 joe_eisma: Zoe is so going to be Nick's albatross. ;)
1202 shanice left the room
1203 macey: yeah zoe's still there. smiling. mocking us
1204 carol: nope.
1205 tessa: not ever letting it go.
1206 laury left the room
1208 julia: hisun is just... in... shock
1209 carol: zoey is reading this and laughing at you peasants
1210 annyong left the room
1211 zoes_husband1: "You're tearing me apart, nick!"
1212 georgia: i think chad and steve are dead.
1213 macey: i'm sure the kids zoe killed are dead
1214 georgia: oh hai joe
1215 ariellalphabet: I think Zoe knew way more than she let on
1216 macey: looking back at #1 i'm not sure brendan is actually
1217 susan: Good
1218 tessa: I think everyone who appears dead is dead-dead
1219 ariellalphabet: If she had her mind-ready tricks on Abraham, then she must know everything about
1220 ariellalphabet: MGA
1221 susan: I've been saying that for a while and everyone side-eyes me
1223 upguntha: just like Irina thagt's why i think she will die too
1224 susan: Yea of his eyeball
1225 susan: But still
1227 soddingwankers: were zoe's eyes glowing red when she was killed though? cuz that seems OFF.
1228 tessa: key word "YET"
1229 macey: emily that was just a thing alex did in coloring
1230 macey: nothing important
1231 soddingwankers: mmmk macey thanks
1232 tessa: i think once david has poked your head out you are a gonner
1233 macey: well brendan's even more suspicious than fortunato but not in a "maybe evil" way
1234 mournthekrystle: i believe that was just for effect sodding
1235 carol: maybe ONE of the people didn't die
1236 soddingwankers: when was brendan killed in relation to the glories coming?
1237 macey: more like in a "was important but we don't know how" way
1238 nick: there's something about that scene in nine's office no one has ever caught
1239 ariellalphabet: a few days top before they came
1240 tessa: same day they got there
1241 carol: like remeber when they counted one less dead person in whater issue that was
1242 macey: nick, the one in 12?
1243 tessa: we see him get carried out
1244 nick: yeah, in 12
1245 mournthekrystle: the day they arrived?
1246 lacracha left the room
1247 macey: hmm alright i'll have to look into that
1248 gabejer: Is it that there were 4 bodies and we had seen 5 people die at that point?
1249 mournthekrystle: extra dead body, nick?
1250 LostPlot entered the room
1251 guest-95928 changed nickname to LostPlot
1252 carol: and then hodge said "just because you were the ones who killed them blah blah blah"
1253 susan: No that was to Georgina
1254 carol: woops
1255 susan: in 15 i think
1256 mournthekrystle: i need to re-read and look now
1257 carol: i need to re-read stuff
1258 macey: OH can i just say i enjoyed the megan cameo?? i like her she's great
1259 susan: jk 14?
1260 vicky left the room
1261 tessa: YES megan
1262 jess: i love megan but who is she
1263 macey: i want more megan that's my request.
1264 jess: megan-centric issue!!
1265 macey: megan is bald murder girl
1266 tessa: same
1268 vicky entered the room
1269 guest-95934 changed nickname to vicky
1270 susan: Hi Vicky
1271 mournthekrystle: OH GOD
1272 mournthekrystle: I JUST HAD A THEORY
1273 nick: we'll see megan again for sure
1274 tessa: good
1275 macey: nick thank you
1276 georgia: was it bunnies?
1277 carol: yay
1278 tessa: we had a long theory talk about megan as future-spanish girl
1279 mournthekrystle: david was a sacrifce .....
1280 tessa: oh man
1281 ariellalphabet: I thought the same as Tessa
1283 ariellalphabet: about Megan
1284 upguntha: More Pamela
1285 vicky: tiny chat hates me
1286 susan: Also where was Roy in this issue what gives
1287 macey: oh my god i never
1288 mournthekrystle: macey why didnt i know you did?! it makes sense!
1289 macey: where did the goat go
1290 carol: hisun will become the new david
1291 susan: Carol, I'll take it
1292 nick: a very fun pamela scene is coming up in the next few issues
1293 macey: OH GOOD
1294 ariellalphabet: Maybe a future/past Hisun *is* David?
1295 tessa: YES
1296 soddingwankers: ummm the scene in 12 with nine? one of the bodies is female...shouldn't it be cheerleader,
1297 soddingwankers: two guys, and brendan?
1298 macey: emily it SHOULD but we never saw brendan did we, even though it was
1299 macey: greatly implied to be him
1300 macey: hmmmmm
1301 jess: wait re
1302 vicky: im beginning to think david is a collection of time energy mumbo jumbo
1303 mournthekrystle: yay pamela!
1304 susan: Yea that was the mysterious zipped bag
1305 soddingwankers: hmmm. right. brains-eyeball thing
1306 nick: one in the bag, chad & steve, amanda
1307 tessa: jess--we just don't know.
1309 nick: yeah, but people caught that
1310 mournthekrystle: one in bag isn't brendan?
1311 mournthekrystle: hmmmmm
1312 mournthekrystle: its probably in the wording
1313 susan: What about
1314 tessa: MIGHT not be brendan
1315 carol entered the room
1316 ariellalphabet: We only saw him being taken away by security guards
1317 susan: How Nine refers to David as a mascot?
1318 sleepypizza: why would they put one in a bag anyway?
1319 susan: I dunno
1320 carol left the room
1321 macey: also nick i'd like to ask you if you don't mind
1322 ariellalphabet: who knows what they did with his corpse
1323 guest-95967 changed nickname to carol
1324 macey: who's your favorite truant to write?
1325 soddingwankers: they're all in bags, the unknown one is just zipped
1326 sleepypizza: oh yeah okay
1327 soddingwankers: either it's particularly gruesome (likely), or its an older body
1328 georgia: he said it was someone no one had caught, though
1329 tessa: (please say "akiko and I never want to stop writing her" so I can know that she's okay)
1330 nick: i like(d) writing Ian & Akiko together
1331 jess: SCREECHES
1332 soddingwankers: awwwwww
1333 tessa: awww! yes!
1334 jess: ...................... like(d) though
1335 macey: awww but also oh no
1336 sleepypizza: but he put a d
1337 georgia: damn that d
1338 tessa: ugh
1339 jess: nononono
1340 sleepypizza: that's a d i don't want
1341 soddingwankers: macey, that's an accurate summary of this WHOLE SERIES
1342 tessa: ha
1343 nick: I've enjoyed all of them a lot tho
1344 macey: EMILY HAHA
1345 nick: irina is a blast
1346 vicky left the room
1347 macey: i was expecting irina, i'm surprised
1348 nick: vanessa & fortunato have really great stuff you haven't seen yet
1349 vicky entered the room
1350 tessa: irina is the best
1351 soddingwankers: i can't wait for more guillaume
1352 guest-95982 changed nickname to vicky
1353 tessa: I can't wait for more FORTUNATO
1354 nick: and guillaume has some cool things coming
1355 susan: I'm excited for more Vanessa
1356 vicky: ian's faces
1357 tessa: and more perfectly-fine-akiko
1358 soddingwankers: EEEEEIEFJGFIH
1359 macey: some cool things. wow why does guillaume get left out
1360 sleepypizza: oh god guiallume is my favourite aaaaah
1361 macey: do you have something against his brows
1362 tessa: this issue was so upsetting truant-wise, though!
1363 soddingwankers: no they are MAJESTIC
1364 soddingwankers: HE IS MAJESTIC
1365 sleepypizza: They're AMAZING I WANT THEM
1366 soddingwankers: AND MY FAVORITE.
1367 tessa: emily, are you even aware of the whole evil eyebrow thing
1368 ariellalphabet: I have a possible theory about something in #1
1369 mournthekrystle: are you doing blast to the past story arcs on each truant later?
1370 tessa: go!
1371 nick: i love the brows
1372 macey: aw yeah the truants are all fighting or suffering or both
1373 ariellalphabet: The first page is a guy looking at a note, right?
1374 tessa: the brows are killer. everyone should have huge eyebrows.
1375 macey: actually if #26 is an interval issue we can have #27-#32 mirror the
1376 ariellalphabet: I'm thinking maybe it's a suicide note
1377 sleepypizza: Tessa and I joked about me getting his eyebrows tattooed on my back
1378 soddingwankers: what no evil eyebrows what?
1379 macey: first arc w/ backstories
1380 tessa: YOU joked, I was 110% serious
1381 ariellalphabet: One of the glories or even truants possibly in the future killed themselves to help toward
1382 sleepypizza: If you pay for it i will get them
1383 mournthekrystle: lmao
1384 tessa: DEAL
1385 soddingwankers: Ooooohh ariella, that's cool
1386 ariellalphabet: a better future
1387 mournthekrystle: this is classic
1388 soddingwankers: i really like the recurring ominous phrases
1389 ariellalphabet: I'm not sure who yet though
1390 tessa: yikes
1391 mournthekrystle: your future spouse is going to wake to that one day and just be like wtf
1392 susan: I don't like this theory it makes me sad
1394 julia: https
1395 georgia: isn't that what jade says
1396 macey: oh ariella that's great
1397 georgia: right befoe she hangs herself
1398 ariellalphabet: Yeah, and I thought it was her for a while
1399 susan: OMFG JULIA
1400 soddingwankers: does anyone think there might be more birthday kids we haven't met yet?
1401 tessa: i am in awe of those brows
1402 vicky: those are beautiful julia
1403 ariellalphabet: But then I remembered the whole future Jade thing
1404 tessa: yeah! probably!
1405 sleepypizza: Oh my god breshnev is one of my history crushes HOW DID YOU KNOW
1406 jess: j...........ulia
1407 carol: omg i read it as "she bangs herself"
1408 ariellalphabet: while she seems most likely, I'm still not overly sure
1409 georgia: omg
1411 ariellalphabet: Although possibly Fortunato?
1412 tessa: JADE
1413 macey: they said "she" so
1414 tessa: no man
1415 julia: hehe
1416 tessa: we still don
1417 georgia: i bet those eyebrows crawl off his face and night and have adventures
1418 susan: So who would be reading the note?
1419 tessa: 't know wht jade "has" to die
1420 ariellalphabet: Oh yeah! whoops missed that lol
1421 tessa: so that's a thing
1422 tessa: that could fit
1423 macey: but yeah i wouldn't be surprised if fortunato had to die like jade tbh. parallels
1424 tessa: perhaps!
1425 ariellalphabet: Yeah, I see them
1426 macey: they're everywhere and im interested since jade is my favorite lady and fortunato's cute
1427 erin entered the room
1428 macey: that's like the only reason i really like him he's mega cute.
1429 guest-96030 changed nickname to erin
1430 vicky: ;)
1431 susan: Teddy bear
1433 soddingwankers: jade seems to go forward in time
1434 carol: the truant and glories already ARE paralles for me
1435 soddingwankers: not back
1436 tessa: jade is kind of underappreciated too! i feel like she's probably one of the most important
1437 ariellalphabet: Same
1438 lizzz entered the room
1439 guest-96036 changed nickname to lizzz
1440 carol: like zoe and irina and jade and fortunato
1441 soddingwankers: i wonder if her depression and her goth phase are relevant
1442 macey: i think it's more casey and irina hmm
1443 susan: Guillaume and Zoe
1444 tessa: casey doesn't HAVE TO DIE
1445 carol: leaders yeah
1446 ariellalphabet: I don't think she's depressed
1447 tessa: if casey dies i will die probably
1448 macey: oh we still need to know the story of why she stalked her teacher
1449 tessa: my body sprawled across a pile of comics
1450 macey: that seems like an interesting detail
1451 soddingwankers: ari, i agree, but they made such a big deal out of it
1452 tessa: yeah
1453 tessa: "remember how i cut you open"
1454 lizzz left the room
1455 tessa: or whatever that was
1456 ariellalphabet: I thought it was more Ike being a dick
1457 tessa: that is still a lot of ?? ?? ?????
1458 soddingwankers: father cuts daramount open
1459 tessa: OH
1460 tessa: yeah, good
1461 macey: OH HM
1462 ariellalphabet: and Jade said she knew she had to die in a kinda biblical sense
1463 macey: INTERESANTE
1464 tessa: OUI~~
1465 supercarmen left the room
1466 macey: when i get excited i lapse into spanish did you know.
1467 carol: MUITO
1468 susan: Eugapae!
1469 tessa: so, we still really don't know anything about marcus
1470 carol: it looked like portuguese tho
1471 tessa: or about why zoe was a baby layla miller
1472 carol: i thought you were going fortunato there
1473 tessa: or why that one woman had visions of them
1474 tessa: or the spanish girl
1475 tessa: or
1476 tessa: anything
1477 soddingwankers: tessa i have stupid questions, et on facebook pls
1478 susan: Or the cylinder
1479 soddingwankers: get*
1480 jess: or uhhhh whatever her name was umm
1481 macey: i still think the cylinder is david's house
1482 ariellalphabet: They're kinda connected
1483 mournthekrystle: hahaha
1484 susan: The cylinder is the headmasters.
1485 joe_eisma: haha
1486 macey: he has a little room in there,
1487 susan: *headmaster
1488 ariellalphabet: but where is he in the future with grown up Jade and the other scientist?
1489 jess: yeah! what's her name
1490 jess: julie
1491 jess: right
1492 macey: JULIE I MISS JULIE
1493 susan: Julie Hayes
1494 ariellalphabet: That's the one
1495 macey: nick are we gonna see julie soon? she's cool
1496 mournthekrystle: so going back to david and akiko
1497 ariellalphabet: Maybe her younger self will make an appearance?
1498 georgia: he must get dizzy if it spins all the time
1499 upguntha: The cylinder will cause the 3rd impact
1500 susan: omfg
1501 ariellalphabet: Or maybe she already has and we just don't know yet
1502 mournthekrystle: it looks like the entire buliding is collasping around them and a bright shining light
1503 mournthekrystle: errupts all ghostbusters style
1504 georgia: the cylinder reminds me of the like
1505 georgia: the big orb in doctor who that was filled with daleks
1506 macey: so upguntha is it like the mg version of lilith
1507 ariellalphabet: But then when it happens with Zoe & Casey, it sinks into the ground, and literally turns
1508 ariellalphabet: into hell?
1509 mournthekrystle: so is anyone going to even make it out of there alive >.<
1510 upguntha: yup
1511 ariellalphabet: Unlikely XD
1514 soddingwankers: What about Maggie? nick & co. aren't in the habit of extraneous characters...
1515 mournthekrystle: hahaha yes.
1516 susan: Because where else would you put MGA???!?
1517 soddingwankers: It's the hellmouth
1518 erin: to hide their dungeons and creepy padded cells
1519 georgia: i think maggie's gone for good?
1520 macey: emily maggie seems to have served a purpose akin to the other kids zoe killed
1521 susan: Yea me too
1522 macey: plot fodder
1523 ariellalphabet: What if David & the cylinder are some sort of weird judgement?
1524 georgia: i'm pretty sure they said that somewhere as well
1525 susan: Why was she wearing red shorts though that's the big question
1526 soddingwankers: georgia, i believe that, but what purpose did she serve?
1527 mournthekrystle: that is if mga is underground to begin with
1528 vicky: spin spin
1529 georgia: one of the study hall podcast, maybe
1530 mournthekrystle: closer to hell
1531 georgia: um
1532 mournthekrystle: etc
1533 julia: but she must have had some greater purpose
1534 soddingwankers: why did we get introduced to her at all?
1535 jess: that's probably why the sky changes colors
1536 ariellalphabet: As in, if you're not worthy you'll go to hell and the like
1537 tessa: because she was mad cute
1538 jess: (even if that was time travel woops)
1539 julia left the room
1540 georgia: make zoe more of a threat?
1541 upguntha: Has nick ever watch evangelion
1542 joe_eisma: to get your hopes up for poor Hunter!
1543 susan: So we would be sad
1544 georgia: so when she's chasing hunter it's more intense?
1545 susan: When she was viciously murdered
1546 soddingwankers: oh oh i seoe you macey oops
1547 georgia: because otherwise
1548 ariellalphabet: and then if David believes you are, you get enlightened or whatever happened to Akiko
1549 georgia: i mean you need something to remind you that zoe kills/has killed before you turn that to
1550 soddingwankers: but JOE you guys make characters matter more than that!
1551 georgia: one of the main characters
1552 soddingwankers: no on eis ever a one off
1553 soddingwankers: or hasn't been yet
1554 nick: i have not
1555 tessa: that might explain the whole "he's not the one you want" thing, ariell
1556 soddingwankers: that's awfully whedonesque if that's literally the only reason she was introduced
1557 upguntha: Blasphemy
1558 ariellalphabet: Yeahyeah
1559 vicky: ok, alas i must depart
1560 macey: ariella that would work i mean
1561 susan: Bye Vicky!!
1562 tessa: bye vicky!
1563 vicky: goodbye lovelies
1564 susan: Have a great week
1565 ariellalphabet: bye!
1566 carol: byee
1567 soddingwankers: Bye!
1568 ariellalphabet: Nice chatting!
1569 nick: just in case i ripped it off
1570 julia entered the room
1571 macey: we have a lot of religious themes
1572 macey: bye vicky!
1573 vicky left the room
1574 nick: bye vicky
1575 joe_eisma: nick has also never seen Lost.
1576 guest-96114 changed nickname to julia
1577 nick: ha
1578 upguntha: we were discussing the similarities
1579 joe_eisma: Nor The Prisoner, fyi.
1580 joe_eisma:
1581 georgia: maggie was a leaf on the wind
1582 zoes_husband1: Nor evangelion?
1583 macey: joe i can't tell if you're lying or not
1584 nick: there needs to be a social experiment where someone is deprived of fiction
1585 sleepypizza: NICK SMH
1586 carol: oh my gosh nick do you live in a cave?
1587 tessa: guys, I should go
1588 ariellalphabet: There's definitely more to Maggie
1589 susan: What about Twelve Monkeys/Primer/Back to the Future??
1590 nick: from birth, then asked to come up with one
1591 carol: like plato's or something
1592 macey: but yeah serious question about evangelion nick
1593 joe_eisma: muahaha
1594 nick_pitarra entered the room
1595 carol: tessaaaa
1596 macey: OH BYE TESSA i will miss you
1597 sleepypizza: bye tessa D
1598 joe_eisma: bye tessa
1599 carol: I'LL MISS YOU
1601 ariellalphabet: Bye! Nice chatting Tessa!
1602 georgia: bye!
1603 susan: Bye Tessa!
1604 guest-96126 changed nickname to nick_pitarra
1605 susan: You're lovely
1606 nick: bye tessa
1607 joe_eisma: awww hell
1608 upguntha: bye
1609 tessa: (liam, STUDY)
1610 tessa: (susan, so are you)
1611 sleepypizza: NEVER
1612 macey: pitarra's come to get revenge for you killing him joe
1613 susan: \o/
1614 tessa: tell me if we get HINTS
1615 tessa: night!
1616 susan: I laughed at that trololol
1617 georgia: hahahaha
1618 nick_pitarra: Joe Eisma is so fucking cute.
1619 tessa left the room
1620 susan: I will cap them Tessa
1621 upguntha: lmao
1622 joe_eisma: revenge? you should see what he does to me in manhattan projects
1623 susan: boo you're gone
1624 newuser7774 entered the room
1625 guest-96147 changed nickname to newuser7774
1626 newuser7774 left the room
1627 nick: whoa pitarra
1628 luis644 entered the room
1629 guest-96153 changed nickname to luis644
1630 luis644 left the room
1631 newuser7774 entered the room
1632 guest-96156 changed nickname to newuser7774
1633 macey: what is with all these people who come in and then leave
1634 newuser7774 left the room
1635 macey: do they mooch off our chat energy or something
1636 susan: Macey take care of this what is happening
1637 macey: little chat demons
1638 ariellalphabet: spambots
1639 nick_pitarra: He dies, but I atleast leave him w his fucking hands. My hands Joe? Really? I need these t
1640 carol: they come and see we are all mad
1641 mournthekrystle: that would be a cool experiment
1642 carol: and then leave
1643 macey: yeah but they're no spamming?? SO WHY
1644 joe_eisma: HAHA
1645 sleepypizza: oooh someone's bitter
1646 mournthekrystle: sorry delayed comment
1647 joe_eisma: not subtle at all i guess. haha
1648 susan: Plot twist Joe is nothing but hands doing all his work
1649 susan: disembodied
1650 joe_eisma: poor nicky poo's drawing hand gets blown off
1651 ariellalphabet: Like Thing in the Addams family
1652 carol: joe is actually david
1653 mournthekrystle: lmao poor pitarra
1654 georgia: like thing?
1655 susan: Joe is Hodge though
1656 macey: i wonder if riley and the rest of the artists will pop in to yell at joe too sobs
1657 georgia: just two things running around
1658 ariellalphabet: Haha yeah
1659 georgia: or that guy in angel that coul detatch body parts
1661 upguntha: that woud be funny
1662 sleepypizza: Maybe David is Hodge DID YOU EVER THINK OF THAT
1663 mournthekrystle: and i was just saying how i loved that scene of blood and limbs everywhere oops
1664 susan: It was good Macey!
1665 joe_eisma: oh we just have fun. they get blown up because i love them
1666 ariellalphabet: It was awesome Macey!
1667 saintjonathan left the room
1668 ariellalphabet: I dread to think what you'd do if you hated someone Joe!
1669 jeremy_holt: Who's idea was it to blow off Pitarra's hands?
1670 mournthekrystle: true love
1671 carol: It was fairly interesting Macey!
1672 sleepypizza: Joe only psychopaths murder out of love
1673 joe_eisma: NOT ME.....
1674 soddingwankers: Joe
1675 soddingwankers: it
1676 joe_eisma: yes
1677 soddingwankers: you're not going to, like, permanently maim one of them so we can tell them apart, right?
1678 joe_eisma: it might be awhile, but i will do it
1679 joe_eisma: haha no
1680 susan: I for one don't think they're that hard to tell apart
1681 soddingwankers: Okay good because that would be sad.
1682 susan: But some people seem to have trouble for some reason
1683 ariellalphabet: One of my friends who reads MG has a theory about clones
1684 carol: akiko should get like a lightning scar
1685 zoes_husband1: I first thought Irina was an older version of Zoe.
1686 carol: then we could tell them apart
1687 ariellalphabet: Although that is just his theory, that there's clones
1688 erin: the first time I saw Irina I thought she was Zoe
1689 ariellalphabet: I thought so too
1690 erin: and convinced myself she wasn't REALLY dead
1691 carol: me too
1692 mournthekrystle: aww
1693 carol: also hai erin
1694 erin: belated attack of felings
1695 macey: i'm surprised irina isn't scarred from the headmaster that could've done it
1696 erin: hi
1697 soddingwankers: I just find it difficult in low light! and when they're differnet places because TIME TRAV
1698 nick_pitarra: sleepypizza, when we bunk together at cons half the time I wake up & he's staring at me.
1699 nick_pitarra: no lie.
1700 upguntha: So my guess is that Megan came from Ab's school since she's doing the whole brother/sister
1701 joe_eisma: haha
1702 sleepypizza: oh my god THAT IS SO CREEPY JOE WTF
1703 joe_eisma: when he's in a deep sleep, i'll run my fingers through his hair
1704 macey: upguntha
1705 sleepypizza: Does he only get away with it because he's adorable?
1706 susan: Well this chat just took a turn...
1707 ariellalphabet: What about the whole 'time to stop running' Akiko-looking person on TV when Hunter's
1708 nick_pitarra: I'm awake, but I pretend to be asleep and just let him.
1709 nick_pitarra: it's the best.
1710 ariellalphabet: with his Mum in hospital?
1711 macey: ariella that was irina wasn't it
1712 erin: that was irina
1713 joe_eisma: haha
1714 sleepypizza: oh my god i can't even
1715 macey: it's just hard to tell since joe's drawn her hair longer
1716 ariellalphabet: Yeahyeah I always mix those two up >.>
1717 susan: Ohh I thought it was an Irina-looking person
1719 macey: ~who knows~
1720 erin: or maybe there's badass truant triplets
1721 joe_eisma: hi boo
1722 nick_pitarra: You're the best bud ever!!!
1723 ariellalphabet: Either way, the whole televised Truant talking to Hunter thorugh the TV is weird
1724 nick_pitarra: Congrats on all the success...
1725 joe_eisma: i'll tell charles you said that, nick
1726 nick_pitarra: and for drawing smoking hot ladies!!!
1727 carol: maybe the truants have their own tv show
1728 soddingwankers: ok i'm gonna write a paper guys
1729 macey: god the eisma-pitarra friendship is one for the ages
1730 nick: that was irina on the tv, yes
1731 joe_eisma: and i saw that thing he's working on for you
1732 soddingwankers: but i'll be in and out
1733 ariellalphabet: What if it's Irina's special 'thing'?
1734 susan: Bye Emily!
1735 erin: well maybe it wasn't communicating through the tv so much as getting into hunter's head
1736 macey: yeah i assume that's irina's thing! like she can put herself in someone else's place
1737 ariellalphabet: Bye!
1738 macey: in the eyes of someone else?
1739 erin: like how casey and lara can control people
1740 nick_pitarra left the room
1741 ariellalphabet: That's what I was about to say Macey!
1742 macey: which is why the interviewer keeps talking
1743 macey: but she goes off- she's appearing to hunter
1745 soddingwankers1 entered the room
1746 guest-96219 changed nickname to soddingwankers1
1748 nick: bye emily
1749 carol: that's what i've beeen saying all along
1750 ariellalphabet: Nahh, I think Irina is more like she can appear before people/in their mind
1751 carol: bye emilyy
1752 mournthekrystle: irina quoting emerson
1753 ariellalphabet: wheras Casey just tells people to do stuff and they do
1754 macey: yeah i can see fortunato and jade having the same powers but casey and irina seem diff
1755 erin: does that mean she can read the blank paper, like miss hodge?
1756 julia: wait where do you get that Irina can appear to people in their mind? sorry
1757 ariellalphabet left the room
1758 carol: what if that's ike's power?
1759 macey: julia that scene on the tv in 19
1760 ariellalphabet entered the room
1761 guest-96228 changed nickname to ariellalphabet
1762 julia: ahh I see thank you
1763 susan: In 19
1764 susan: Ohh sorry
1765 macey: i have a feeling ike's power about killing somehow
1766 susan: Julia we match
1767 macey: which is how he killed the abraham double in 11 and didn't get bloody himself i guess?
1768 guest-96234 entered the room
1769 julia: oh noes!
1770 mournthekrystle: irina posses zoe
1771 mournthekrystle: every kill
1772 carol: oh oh wait
1773 mournthekrystle: gah
1774 upguntha: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo
1775 erin: i don't think irina would say all the stuff about faith though
1776 carol: zoe has that power
1777 carol: and she uses it to make people buy her stuff
1778 ariellalphabet: I'm back
1779 macey: while i doubt this theory the truants do know about the faith stuff it seems
1780 mournthekrystle: i just thought she was a sexy seductress
1781 carol: maybe that's why she knew abraham's name when she was little
1782 macey: judging by akiko this issue
1783 ariellalphabet: Yeah could be
1784 upguntha: I don't think thst she controlled Zoe cause they called her "that girl"
1785 carol: she went into his mind or something
1786 sleepypizza: Okay guys I have to go study I have a bio test tomorrow
1787 susan: Good luck then!!!
1788 guest-96258 entered the room
1789 ariellalphabet: Good luck! Bye!
1790 julia: good luck!
1791 macey: oh see you!! good luck
1792 erin: bye!
1793 carol: goodbyeee
1794 sleepypizza left the room
1795 macey: i also have a bio test tomorrow oh no...but i studied today it ok
1796 susan: A+ for Macey
1797 nick: bye!
1798 guest-96258 left the room
1799 soddingwankers1 left the room
1800 macey: i have to run this chat man it's a PRIORITY
1801 upguntha: good luck
1802 guest-96264 entered the room
1803 susan: You're so good at it Macey snaps for you
1804 susan: You're famous you were on the Study Hall
1805 macey: hm alright what else should we discuss this issue
1806 nick: i have to head off here shortly myself, also- any last questions for me?
1807 guest-96264 left the room
1808 macey: nick can you give us hints for next issue again or no
1809 susan: Good question
1810 nick: sure
1811 susan: \o/
1812 ariellalphabet:
1813 nick: finally back to Ike & jade
1814 carol: AW YEEAH
1815 ariellalphabet: Ooh
1816 soddingwankers1 entered the room
1817 upguntha: JIKEEEEEE
1818 macey: YES GOOD.
1819 guest-96273 changed nickname to soddingwankers1
1820 nick: Gribbs has some big deal stuff
1821 macey: ah i saw alex was coloring gribbs!
1822 susan: Yea me too
1823 nick_pitarra entered the room
1824 ariellalphabet: Hmm
1825 guest-96285 changed nickname to nick_pitarra
1826 nick: and we learn some more about abraham obvs
1827 georgia: oooooohhhh
1828 macey: oh does that mean we finally get....ANSWERS??
1829 mournthekrystle: never haha
1830 georgia: i doubt it
1831 macey: in any case abe's a curious fellow i'm excited
1832 mournthekrystle: will we learn the past story arcs for the truants?
1833 nick: some stuff definitely gets answered yes- but we answered stuff in this one too
1834 upguntha: Will we see Pamela
1835 carol: brace yourselves, theories are coming
1836 susan: Does this mean that we won't really be seeing the Akiko aftermath yet then?
1837 nick: not in 24
1838 mournthekrystle: in future issues?
1839 upguntha:
1840 erin: when will we see casey again?
1841 jess left the room
1842 zoes_husband1: Should we buy a ton of copies of #25?
1843 nick: can't say
1844 joe_eisma: Yes you should
1845 susan: =/
1846 carol: spoiler alert. no comment.
1847 mournthekrystle: casssssey
1848 susan: Are there really multiple covers for 25?
1849 nick: oh yeah, you'll have good reason to buy 3, interlinked cover
1850 mournthekrystle: huuuunter
1851 susan: Ahh yes good
1852 julia: on a scale of 1 to 10... 1 being five packs of tissues and 10 being five million...
1853 julia: how many tissues...
1854 upguntha: How important is Megan
1855 mournthekrystle: my poor babies see ya in a few months if we are lucky
1856 susan: omg Julia hahaha
1857 nick_pitarra: Guest-96234 is Riley Rossmo Joe, he's none to happy about this death stuff.
1858 upguntha: When will we see the other 2 covers
1859 macey: morning glories
1860 joe_eisma: Aw
1861 mournthekrystle: hahaha
1862 mournthekrystle: you upset everyone joe
1863 nick_pitarra: Prepare to die in Bedlam Mother Fucker.
1864 macey: joe it's like you've got half the comic book world mad at you now
1865 joe_eisma: Okay
1866 joe_eisma: haha
1867 joe_eisma: What else is new?
1868 nick: soon, I think
1869 macey: at least nick (spencer) knows you well enough to give you a cool death
1870 carol: joe you are so evil
1871 nick_pitarra: OK bye for real now!
1872 ariellalphabet: Bye!
1873 nick_pitarra left the room
1874 upguntha: byeee
1875 susan: Hahahah
1876 mournthekrystle: bye, Pitarra!
1877 nick: bye nick
1878 macey: goodbye pitarra
1879 carol: byeee
1880 mournthekrystle: Will we even get an issue in Decemeber?
1881 susan: Yea what is the schedule looking like?
1882 mournthekrystle: on image it looks to be a double issue but if Alex is still coloring 24 i doubt we will
1883 nick: no, dec is a skip month for us, should get jan, and feb tho
1884 macey: 25 is a double issue
1885 mournthekrystle: if we are lucky!
1886 macey: ah ok! well we have the holidays to tide us over
1887 mournthekrystle: very unhappy birthday to meeee
1888 macey: your birthday's at the end of the month though right, maybe it'll come out in early jan
1889 macey: close ENOUGH like today's not my birthday but two days off ain't bad.
1890 guest-96234 left the room
1891 carol: you'r birthday is in december?
1892 mournthekrystle: crossing my fingers
1893 nick: it's on me, been a VERY busy last few months
1894 upguntha: my bday in DEC
1895 carol: do you get two presents or just one?
1896 susan: Macey your birthday is in two days??
1897 ariellalphabet: Mine too!
1898 macey: nah nick no problem, you gave us bedlam, all is forgiven
1899 mournthekrystle: I forgive you haha holidays alone are hectic for everyone plus all the projects you work o
1900 ariellalphabet: Yeahyeah!
1901 mournthekrystle: on
1902 macey: AND YES IT'S FRIDAY....
1904 julia: happy early birthday!
1905 julia: oi
1906 macey: oh thank you, blushes
1907 ariellalphabet: Happy early birthday Macey!
1908 susan: Congratulations on the gift of probably Fukayama death
1909 mournthekrystle: lots of dec birthdays and end of nov!
1910 susan: *probable
1911 mournthekrystle: lmao
1912 macey: yes this issue was a tragic but beautiful present
1913 ariellalphabet: Would anyone else be creeped out if our birthdays were on the same day? XD
1914 macey: it's like having a new version of like. faust written for me idk
1915 mournthekrystle: lmao yes
1916 julia: hahahahah
1917 macey: i'm trying to think of a tragic story here
1918 carol: my birthday is on may 2
1919 carol: i missed it by 2 days
1920 macey: but yeah i feel bad for all the mg fans born on 5/4
1921 macey: they must look over their shoulder while opening gifts
1922 ariellalphabet: Me too
1923 nick: couple quick q's before I go
1924 susan: K!
1925 carol: okaaay
1926 macey: alright!
1927 upguntha: Who is the headmaster lol
1928 joe_eisma: what did you eat today, Nick? I worry about you.
1929 mournthekrystle: any inspiration from ghostbusters in the david akiko scene?!
1930 ariellalphabet: Is tthe daylight change with Jade & Ike relevant?
1931 nick: After reading study hall, wanted to ask- do you think headmaster is a person, or
1932 nick: something else?
1933 mournthekrystle: a robot
1934 ariellalphabet: I liked their Fallout 3 styled theory.
1935 ariellalphabet: But then again, I love Fallout 3 XD
1936 macey: i actually theorized the headmaster was like some sort of cult, but
1937 carol: he's a dog
1938 soddingwankers1: i think headmaster is father is god. i'm sticking to that one.
1939 mournthekrystle: at least i had robot feels about it
1940 soddingwankers left the room
1941 carol: no, no a cat
1942 susan: I kind of thought it would be like super-human or something
1943 ariellalphabet: I agree with that one
1944 georgia: i still think he's a person
1945 macey: i have a feeling here it's one thing that isn't exactly human
1946 nick: I had chocolate covered raisins, Joe! I'm fine!
1947 mournthekrystle: DARTH VADER
1948 carol: cats will rule the world
1949 georgia: or at least he used to be one, i guess
1950 joe_eisma: GOOD LORD MAN
1951 susan: Yea same Macey
1954 susan: Nick please have a sandwish
1955 susan: *wich
1956 soddingwankers1: Have some hummus and rice, it's a complete protein!
1957 upguntha: what is your fav dessert
1958 mournthekrystle: this question time got out of control
1959 ariellalphabet: Yeah...
1960 susan: I thought Nick was asking us questions
1961 macey: haha yeah nick go ahead and ask us stuff
1962 soddingwankers1: well this is anticlimactic
1963 nick: ha sorry
1964 mournthekrystle: lmao..... *crickets*
1965 macey: nah it's cool
1966 joe_eisma: it's like 3 am where he is. i'm amazed he's conscious
1967 carol: it's 2 am here
1968 susan: Ohh my that's commitment to us =')
1969 erin: he had chocolate raisins to keep him going
1970 mournthekrystle: aww thanks for staying up to chat with us nick
1971 macey: oh i didn't know that! nick you are so nice wow
1972 ariellalphabet: It's 3Am here in the UK!
1973 nick: akiko/ian or akiko/fortunato?
1974 susan: Is this going to be a love triangle?
1975 macey: both, obviously
1976 soddingwankers1: Awww,thanks nick!
1977 mournthekrystle: or fortunato/irina?
1978 carol: akiko/fortunato
1979 zoes_husband1: akiko/irina
1980 carol: that too
1981 soddingwankers1: Akiko/fortunato
1982 ariellalphabet: akiko/fortunato
1983 susan: Truants/happiness
1984 erin: akiko/fortunato!
1985 soddingwankers1: AND HISAO/GUILLAUME OMG 5EVER
1986 mournthekrystle: its not going to end well for ian
1987 mournthekrystle: just like hunter
1988 susan: That too
1989 ariellalphabet: Yeahyeah
1990 upguntha: Jade and IKe
1991 macey: haha i actually switch to mourn's on this one i'm shameless sorry
1992 carol: yes please. jade and ike
1993 mournthekrystle: =)
1994 mournthekrystle: there was something about that campfire scene
1995 mournthekrystle: and just about their secerts together
1996 georgia: yeah
1997 upguntha: will we be seeing future JAde in the next 2 issues
1998 susan: They're such bros though sobs
1999 mournthekrystle: its intirging
2000 nick: finally- abraham, good or bad?
2001 ariellalphabet: Anyone else notice the daylight change with Jade & Ike at the end of 23?
2002 carol: bad
2003 soddingwankers1: Bad
2004 mournthekrystle: neutral
2005 ariellalphabet: neutral
2006 macey: EHHH grey. i don't think it's all black and white in this story
2007 susan: Good
2008 susan: but twisted
2009 soddingwankers1: i think he's working his own angle and not telling anyone the whole truth, therefore bad
2010 macey: he probably does bad things but for what he at least thinks is a good reason
2011 macey: i mean, raising child soldiers, yknow
2012 mournthekrystle: he is trying to balance the good and evil of the world
2013 susan: Exactly
2014 susan: "investments"
2015 nick: cool. night all! glad you liked the issue!
2016 soddingwankers1: Goodnight!
2017 susan: Goodnight Nick!
2018 soddingwankers1: Thank you
2019 ariellalphabet: Night Nick! Nice chatting!
2020 carol: goodbye nick!
2021 joe_eisma: later dude
2022 macey: good night nick!! SLEEP WELL YOU NEED IT
2023 susan: Good books this week!!
2024 mournthekrystle: thanks goodnight, Mr Spencer!
2025 erin: night!
2026 julia: bye nick! thank you for coming!
2027 georgia: goodnight!
2028 zoes_husband1: Thanks original headmaster.
2029 nick left the room
2030 susan: Thanks Daramount.
2031 joe_eisma: i should probably head out too. So yeah, next month will be kind of spare MG-wise
2032 macey: god nick really is the headmaster i think he said on study hall that the characters are li
2033 joe_eisma: but I will be posting some fun MG-related stuff
2034 macey: *like his kids but he makes them suff
2035 susan: Yay!!
2036 ariellalphabet: Yay Joe!
2037 macey: *SUFFER JESUS
2038 joe_eisma: hopefully it'll tid you over
2039 soddingwankers1: Cool!
2040 joe_eisma: tide
2041 susan: Thanks for stopping by Joe!
2042 macey: aw joe thank you!! you are the best
2043 julia: Thanks Joe!
2044 soddingwankers1: one hopes
2045 erin: thanks!
2046 georgia: oh awesome!
2047 susan: You're the greatest.
2048 julia: Actually awesome
2049 soddingwankers1: thanks you joe, you're a gem
2050 soddingwankers1: A DELIGHT
2051 julia: yes
2052 susan: A star
2053 joe_eisma: great chat tonight! thanks everyone for being here.
2054 joe_eisma: haha
2055 mournthekrystle: Thanks, Mr. Eisma!
2056 georgia: thank *you*
2057 upguntha: my body was not ready for this no MG in DEC
2058 mournthekrystle: Night!
2059 ariellalphabet: Thanks Joe!
2060 susan: Goodbye Joe and godspeed
2061 joe_eisma: talk to you on tumblr
2062 ariellalphabet: Night!
2063 joe_eisma left the room
2064 upguntha: g'nite
2065 carol: thank you, hodge
2066 soddingwankers1: au revoir
2067 julia: whadda sweetie
2068 macey: single te
2069 zoes_husband1: Thanks other original headmaster.
2070 macey: *TEAR WOW TINYCHAT
2071 soddingwankers1: macey
2072 ariellalphabet: I should probably go to I have to be up early tomorrow Dx
2073 soddingwankers1: nice words tonight
2074 susan: Now that Nick and Joe are gone I should spend the rest of this chat
2075 macey: okay now that they're both gone you can all be slightly more ridiculous
2076 susan: sobbing about Fukayamas
2077 soddingwankers1: you're, uh, good at those....
2078 carol: macey your keyboard is getting tired
2079 ariellalphabet: *too
2080 macey: this keyboard will never die i am soulbonded to it
2081 mournthekrystle: no #savethewins feels so devestated
2082 susan: THERE now not so much green eh
2083 julia: bless
2084 macey: HEY hisun could be just damaged considering what akiko did
2085 macey: maybe we won
2086 susan: Wait okay
2087 julia: it's hard to say
2088 susan: I was saying this earlier and Tessa all but laughed out loud at me
2089 susan: And now you're all jumping on board
2090 carol: hey guys what are your blogs? i already know some but
2091 susan: don't toy with my emotions
2092 julia: i was not there
2093 susan: I'm damianwheyne you got me
2094 julia: chasesteined (
2095 macey: telemakhy!
2096 georgia: chaaase omg
2097 georgia: i just have chase feels okay
2098 carol: OMG CHASE FEELS
2099 soddingwankers1: i'm soddingwankers, of course
2100 julia: i know i know
2101 georgia: and gert feels
2102 georgia: and just
2103 susan: Ohh crap I picked the same color as Georgia
2104 upguntha: ust started nexicon
2105 ariellalphabet: I'm Ariellalphabet pretty much everywhere, so feel free to add me and stuff
2106 georgia: how daaaaRRRE YOOUU
2107 georgia: i'm tonystarque
2108 ariellalphabet: Anywho, night! It was awesome chatting. Look forward to next time!
2109 julia: good night!
2110 upguntha: but upguntha everywhere else
2111 macey: bye ariella!!
2112 carol: good night!
2113 susan: Fine I'll be teal
2114 georgia: night!
2115 susan: Ohh Goodnight!
2116 susan: Thanks for staying up late hahah
2117 julia: how does one change colours
2118 julia: oops why did i british
2119 erin: bye!
2120 macey: it's slash color
2121 georgia: click on the cog
2122 julia: thank you!
2123 georgia: at the top right
2124 macey: like the slash symbol
2125 erin: i'm queensinhighgarden
2126 georgia: and you can pick
2127 ariellalphabet left the room
2128 georgia: slash color is more time consuming but also works
2129 georgia: cog, then 'application settings'
2130 susan: You don't really need to know this but
2131 carol: i'm sehboofs just fyi
2132 susan: I just accidentally ripped out some stitches in my knitting and i need to fix it
2133 carol: but i had to change my account and i have to follow people all over again
2134 susan: which could take a while
2135 macey: susan are you knitting a fukuyamas memorial scarf
2136 georgia: oh no
2137 georgia: you can make it out of tears
2138 susan: jk that wasn't so bad i shouldn't have said anything
2139 georgia: like that jumper spongebob makes that one time
2140 susan: WAIT WHAT
2141 susan: I'm going to make something for Fukayamas and hang it above my door
2143 georgia: SORRY
2144 susan: and cry at it when i wake up
2145 zoes_husband1: Adios fellow glories.
2146 susan: and leave
2147 julia: ah ir ealized i said i know i know after soddingwankers said i'm soddingwankers obvi
2148 julia: earlier
2149 susan: and go to bed
2150 susan: Goodbye!!!
2151 julia: but i meant it to chase feels not to
2152 julia: your identity
2153 erin: bye!
2154 julia: SORRY
2155 julia: bye!
2156 macey: bye!!
2157 carol: bye
2158 soddingwankers1: it's ok i understood that!
2159 carol: tchau
2160 zoes_husband1 left the room
2161 susan: PS I'm making socks, scarves are for squares like Ike
2162 soddingwankers1: oooh i'm blue now
2163 julia: ah I am glad
2164 julia: you should make fukayama socks
2165 mournthekrystle: you know
2166 susan: These will be my Fukayama socks
2167 soddingwankers1: or tshirst
2168 julia: *fukuyama yikes
2169 mournthekrystle: we do have a cute ike moment coming
2170 macey: one sock for each twin
2171 susan: No lie I have been knitting them while choking back sobs all day
2172 julia: fukayama? wait
2173 mournthekrystle: thats someone to look forward towards
2174 julia: yes
2175 susan: fukayama
2176 soddingwankers1: fukayama, i think
2177 julia: wow sorry i lost it
2178 julia: guys jun fukuyama is a real person
2179 mournthekrystle: i am the worst with spelling
2180 macey: jun fukuyama is the guy who voices fucking lelouch isn't he
2181 susan: The other day Audrey said she wanted to marry Jun Fukayama
2182 mournthekrystle: i have to look up the spelling on their names a lot >.< so if you see ive spelt something
2183 mournthekrystle: wrong in a post
2184 mournthekrystle: i apologize in advance
2185 susan: But I didn't think she was talking about mine so I said nothing
2186 susan: That's totally fine there are some crazy names in this book
2187 erin: i have to look up guillaume's name every time
2188 gabejer left the room
2189 erin: because how the hell do you spell that
2190 macey: i want to know all the last names functioning without them is hard
2191 susan: Hahah
2192 carol: fortunato is seriously the easiest one for me
2193 mournthekrystle: i just get very dyslexic
2194 carol: because my friend's name is fortunato
2195 macey: fortunato's easy because his name is so fun to say
2196 susan: I've typed it so many times because I'm always laughing at his face
2197 georgia: it sucks for tracking tags without last names
2198 mournthekrystle: oh wow thats cool carol
2199 susan: YES
2200 julia: (yeah he is Lelouch!!)
2201 susan: ALSO URLs
2202 macey: fortunato is actually a really common LAST name in my area it's funny
2203 mournthekrystle: where are you from?
2204 carol: it's not really common here tbh
2205 macey: upstate new york??
2206 julia: hhhahaha!
2207 carol: and i live in brazil
2208 mournthekrystle: im in a mixing pot here in chicago but ive never heard of it before
2209 upguntha: my fav shot form this issue
2210 macey: pretty sure that was everyone's favorite shot i mean
2211 macey: jesus fuck joe and alex
2212 susan: I can't open that link =(
2213 mournthekrystle: lmao
2214 carol: i can't open it
2215 erin: it's the shot with david touching akiko and then LIGHT
2216 mournthekrystle: i loved the wake up panel
2217 susan: Ohh yeaaa
2218 mournthekrystle: so cool
2219 carol: ah
2220 erin: i always loved irina panels. she emits badassery
2221 susan: I kinda liked the panel where they dumped Jun on the ground
2222 upguntha: try copy paste
2223 mournthekrystle: and the limbs and blood mwhahaha
2224 macey: you can tell joe loves drawing irina she looks great every panel
2226 mournthekrystle: lmao
2227 mournthekrystle: its hard after calling them by their names for 20 issues or so and have to switch them
2228 mournthekrystle: hunter makes the best joke on it
2229 macey: hunter saved us with junisao it made shit so much simpler
2230 susan: Yea that's particularly funny because
2231 mournthekrystle: truth
2232 susan: I was reading the old Morning Glory Days and for the Issue 9 one
2233 carol: hunter is a genius
2234 mournthekrystle: brb laundry
2235 susan: Nick is specifically like "I don't want people calling them mashup names and whatnot"
2236 julia: hahahahahahha
2237 macey: OH HAHA
2238 macey: SORRY, NICK....
2240 julia: best
2241 macey: akiko looks gorgeous in her last(?) scene too i'm looking at it now wow
2242 julia: ah cries
2243 julia: the panel of david going past akiko and fortunato is defintely one of my favorites in this
2244 julia: issue
2245 susan: Yea 100%
2247 susan: Fortunato's face wow It's flawless
2248 macey: i'm actually proud of fortunato he actually emoted a little this issue.
2249 julia: yessss
2250 julia: yessss!
2251 georgia: i have to go guys, bye! this was really cool
2252 susan: Bye Georgia!
2253 julia: bye georgia!!!
2254 macey: so he's not mg's version of jones
2255 susan: Welcome to our fandom hahah
2256 macey: bye georgia!!
2257 carol: byeee
2258 georgia: thank you
2259 georgia left the room
2260 erin: bye!
2261 susan: If only she saw the chat when Leanne is here
2262 susan: there's more caps-lock involved
2263 julia: hAHahHAha
2264 julia: wow
2266 macey: NO LEANNE
2267 susan: Yea Leanne fills the chat pretty quickly
2269 julia: are we going to do another one
2270 susan: I kinda wanted to cry about Fukayamas with her but that's okay
2271 soddingwankers1: my favorite panels were definitely the real-hisao running/real-jun dying ones
2272 julia: sans morning glories release
2273 julia: yes that was amazing
2274 susan: Those were my favorites but I also HATED THEM UUUUUUUUGHHHH
2275 macey: i am gonna save this so leanne when/if you read this this is the part where we miss you
2276 soddingwankers1: also guys this is my first MG release and HOMG I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN
2277 julia: awww yay!
2278 julia: and ahh hyes to leanne )))
2280 macey: ...oh i just realized, ian's gonna have to find out about akiko at some point huh
2281 macey: ha. haha. hahahaha
2282 susan: My first MG release was 19
2283 erin: but what if she's fine
2284 susan: So yay death all around
2285 macey: but what if she's NOT
2286 julia: was that... that maybe was my first too
2287 susan: It's funny I didn't even think about her dying at all until after I read the study hall
2288 carol: my first release was 20. i was super shocked.
2289 susan: That was your first Julia yes
2290 macey: mine was 19 too we all got pulled in my junisao and guillaume sobs
2291 susan: Leah's first was 20
2292 macey: *by
2293 julia: OMG YEAH
2294 julia: I REMEMBER
2295 susan: I got pulled in by Tumblr in general hahahah
2296 julia: I was typing reactions on fb and crying about guillaume and hisao
2297 macey: yeah tumblr took me too
2298 guest-96591 entered the room
2299 susan: That's funny Macey I figured you'd been reading it for 10 years
2300 julia: and then really surprised because i turned the page and pg13
2301 erin: i was looking back to see which was my first, and christ i've been reading this 9 months
2302 julia: wait no jk
2303 julia: lies lies
2304 guest-96591 left the room
2305 macey: i have friends who've been reading it since the first few issues and they'd talked about
2306 macey: it on plurk
2307 macey: so when i saw it on my dash i figured i'd pick it up
2308 susan: Lololol life over
2309 macey: -speaking of which one of them isn't here and should be GINGEY I MISS YOU.
2310 upguntha: been reading since 1
2311 anne left the room
2312 susan: When the book first came out someone recommended it to me and I put it on the backburner
2313 joey_eesma entered the room
2314 carol: upguntha you are the headmaster here
2315 erin: okay, my first was #16
2316 mellowyel entered the room
2317 susan: and then when I came on Tumblr and started downloading the scans it was one of the first
2318 guest-96600 changed nickname to joey_eesma
2319 upguntha:
2320 susan: I grabbed because it was right afrer the Tumblr explosion of it
2321 macey: is this like bizzaro joe haha
2322 mournthekrystle: oi back
2323 guest-96603 changed nickname to mellowyel
2324 susan: Joe is coming back for more but doesn't want us to know
2325 joey_eesma: mirror universe joe
2326 mournthekrystle: lol
2327 carol: alternate timeline joe
2328 macey: i assume mirror universe mg is very simple and has no mysteries
2329 susan: HAPPY AU
2330 mournthekrystle: YES!
2331 joey_eesma: in the mirror universe, morning glories was a one-shot about flowers
2333 julia: AHHaa
2334 mournthekrystle: ahhhhh hahahahaha
2335 mournthekrystle: thank you for this i havent laughed all day
2337 susan: [You guys made me mess up my knitting boo
2338 mournthekrystle: i feel this is the perfect time to say stupid shit unlike when joe and nick are here
2339 susan: Yea once they leave we can go crazy
2340 susan: and We can go crazy before they get here
2341 susan: if we need to emit ~feels~
2342 carol: yes. free your inner fangirls, sisters
2343 macey: I'M STILL THINKING why did nick ask us about akiko/ian vs akiko/fortunato is he like
2344 susan: But when they're here we can actually interact and that's so cool and we should take advan
2345 susan: tage
2346 macey: trying to pit us against each other or what
2347 susan: I DON'T KNOW
2348 julia: probably
2349 carol: it's like they're the teachers and this is a crazy classroom
2350 macey: i feel like he wouldn't do a love triangle without it being weird or fucked up
2351 susan: I'm really hoping there's not a tedious love triangle
2352 susan: Right
2353 carol: we all behave ourselves when they are here
2354 susan: I think he was probably teasing
2355 susan: maybe
2356 mellowyel: well, it's possible it's like jade/ike - antagonistic relationship and whatnot
2357 julia: maybe he just enjoys writing both and consequently wonders which one we like more
2358 mournthekrystle: i think he is jsut curious
2359 mellowyel: not that it'd actually happen but there's that parallel
2360 susan: I hope Ike/Jade happens
2361 mournthekrystle: im still very curious as to what he was talking about in the nine/hodge scene with the bod
2362 susan: I don't ship a lot but I ship them hah
2363 macey: akiko/fortunato's all weird because i have no idea whether fortunato repriocates
2364 mournthekrystle: ive been looking over those few pages for awhile and I am stumped...
2365 macey: at all
2366 carol: i REALLY hope ike/jade happens
2367 julia: I sometimes weep because Zoe and Hunter will likely never interact again
2368 susan: Yea me too mourn
2369 macey: because the kid's like emotionally nothing most of the time
2370 erin: i think this fandom could use more femslash shipping
2371 carol: what id fortunato actually likes ian?
2372 macey: i'll have to look tomorrow hmmm
2374 carol: if*
2375 susan: Zoe/Hunter/Jun was so delightful but cut short D'=
2376 julia: yes
2378 susan: What like OT3?
2379 mournthekrystle: haha i never understood all the slash stuff
2380 macey: oh man i started happy au ot3 fic of them and never finished it
2381 mournthekrystle: maybe im too old to like that
2382 julia: I just like cute interactions whether they are romantic or not romantic
2383 mournthekrystle: i can agree with that julia
2384 julia: and like cute does not necessarily mean cute it can mean interesting
2385 susan: Yes Julia we were talking about this hahah
2386 julia: yes
2387 mournthekrystle: how do you change the name slash name?
2388 susan: Hence my ultimate OTP being Fukayamas/Happiness
2389 macey: even the cute stuff in mg can end up terribly or crazy
2390 susan: =(((
2391 macey: watch as ian like kills people over akiko or something i mean really.
2392 mournthekrystle: truth
2393 julia: what do you mean name slash name, sorry?
2394 macey: nothing can be happy in this comic.
2395 mournthekrystle: in the chat
2396 carol: my otp of otps
2397 susan: Yea somenoe said it before
2398 susan: But Ian was really quiet
2399 susan: so was Vanessa but she stood up to Irina
2400 macey: everyone laughed at ian, NOW HE'S SHOWING THEM WHO TO LAUGH AT
2401 mourntheglories changed nickname to mournthekrystle
2402 susan: I dunno I was getting good-ish vibes from Vanessa and Guillaume but nothing from Ian
2403 mournthekrystle: nevermind got it
2404 macey: wait crazy ian is a great idea i like it
2405 carol: i can picture ian with a bazooka scream DIE MOTHERFUCKEERS
2406 julia: oh god
2407 susan: Someone go draw it right this instant
2408 mournthekrystle: hahahaha like video game nerd
2409 susan: Ohh wait nvm I was thinking Kazoo
2410 mournthekrystle: has anyone seen high school of the dead
2411 macey: ian kills people in the form of comic references
2412 mournthekrystle: or read it
2413 susan: No =/
2414 macey: freezes somebody han solo style
2415 macey: hits another with a delorean
2416 carol: omg that's perfect
2417 susan: Brings up the New 52
2418 macey: ok those were movies but you get it!!
2419 soddingwankers1: GUILLAUME
2420 mournthekrystle: theres this character that is a total nerd and when the zombies enter the school he goes
2421 erin: ian seems more like the snark away the pain type to me
2422 mournthekrystle: all gun know it all psycho warrior type
2423 susan: For anyone who doesn't know, My #1 job in this fandom
2424 susan: Is laughing at Guillaume's face
2425 soddingwankers1: sorry i'm trying to write a paper i was drawn in by the name of my BABYE
2426 carol: and then hunter will know the references and be like IT'S IAN THE KILLER IS IAN
2428 julia: HAHahahahAH
2429 susan: We can laugh together Emily
2431 susan: YES
2432 susan: OBVIOUSLY
2433 macey: have you looked at him in the panel AFTER
2434 macey: i just noticed like a week ago he's so pouty
2435 susan: I look at him in all the panels
2436 soddingwankers1: wait whos emily
2437 susan: WAIT YES
2439 susan: He's pouty during that whole thing goddamn
2440 macey: guillaume please.
2441 soddingwankers1: are you talking to me
2442 soddingwankers1: IS THERE ANOTHER EMILY HERE
2443 susan: No I was talking to you crap are you not Emily
2444 macey: I BELIEVE SHE IS you can laugh at guillaumes face together
2445 mournthekrystle: guillaume is so precious
2446 soddingwankers1: N O I'M TOTALLY EMILY
2447 susan: YES
2448 susan: We're Guillaume friends now
2449 soddingwankers1: i just didn't knwo anyone knew my name?!
2450 soddingwankers1: WE ARE YES
2451 mournthekrystle: hes totally dipping out to get juniaso
2453 susan: That makes us friends
2454 soddingwankers1: I DID DO THAT
2455 julia: wait where gasp
2456 soddingwankers1: no julia it's terrible
2457 carol: i am so lost here
2458 susan: Sorry Carol
2459 julia: no it is beautiful i am sure!
2460 carol: link please
2461 soddingwankers1: it's only redeeming factor is that it is made by our favorie people
2462 susan: Basically I'm flailing
2463 soddingwankers1: susan who are you on tumblr
2464 macey: susan's #2 fandom job is flailing over fukayamas
2465 soddingwankers1: i ALWAYS flail at guillaume
2466 macey: and MY job is crushing everyone's hopes and dreams
2467 soddingwankers1: also i literally only started MG a week and two days ago
2468 mellowyel left the room
2469 carol: hey guys did you notice that some people are online since the beginning of the chat
2470 carol: but didn't say a word?
2471 julia: yes
2473 soddingwankers1: so the whole WOW THEY'RE GAY TOGETHER thing was an enormous surprise and then i ran around
2474 soddingwankers1: screaming
2475 soddingwankers1: and being thrilled
2476 macey: no i think everyone talked at some point
2479 soddingwankers1: OH JESUS YEAH WE'RE BEST FRIENDS OMG
2480 soddingwankers1: I LIKE YOU A LOT
2481 soddingwankers1: WE TALKED
2482 susan: YES
2483 soddingwankers1: ok glad that's settled
2484 susan: We were the first ones to read so we were awkwardly trying to flail without spoiling other
2485 susan: *s
2486 soddingwankers1: YEAH
2487 susan: it was a good time yes
2488 soddingwankers1: YOU FLAILED WITH ME
2489 soddingwankers1: IT WAS SO GOOD
2490 soddingwankers1: i was AT SCHOOL
2491 susan: I tried but I was also in mourning but i did my best =')
2492 huhyeasure entered the room
2493 soddingwankers1: everyone was sideeyeing me as i sat on a couch and screamed in muffled tones as joe liked
2494 macey: i like how mourning glories is still an appropriate title
2495 carol: oh gosh, i remember that i read issue 19 during math class
2496 macey: CAROL WHY
2497 upguntha: well goddnight guys
2498 soddingwankers1: my posts and i cried and then fukayamas
2499 carol: and then i screamed "YES"
2500 guest-96681 changed nickname to huhyeasure
2501 macey: night guntha
2502 carol: BECAUSE BABIES
2503 soddingwankers1: goodnight!
2504 susan: Goodnight!!
2505 upguntha left the room
2506 macey: did you scream at the end though
2507 carol: and then i had to sayy that i just got the answer right
2508 julia: Ah goodnight!
2509 julia: oh no
2510 carol: goodnight
2511 macey: i would, the only reason i didn't was because that was my first new issue and i wasn't
2512 soddingwankers1: i screamed with my mouth closed
2513 soddingwankers1: i mean
2514 soddingwankers1: it's college
2515 susan: My #1.5 job is spreading the Fukayama love
2516 macey: SUPER INTO MG? it was after that issue it hit me
2517 soddingwankers1: so this isn't overly unusual
2518 macey: hit me like a brick
2519 julia: guys i am going through issues and i just
2520 julia: why does irina look so good
2521 susan: I feel like the sole Fake Hisao lover but it's okay
2522 julia: in every panel
2523 soddingwankers1: this is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me
2524 julia: sorry
2526 macey: irina is the babest babe in the entire comic
2527 carol: irina is actually america's next top model
2528 soddingwankers1: yeS IT IS OK THANK YOU
2529 susan: And we're a little tight-knit fandom which enhances the experience
2530 susan: We can cry over how hot Irina is together and it's not weird
2531 soddingwankers1: and you're all really NICE
2532 macey: fortunato's so lucky she keeps breaking into his room and falling on him
2533 susan: Spidirina
2534 julia: AHahhaha
2535 macey: dude all the babes are falling at your feet you gotta realize that
2536 susan: "Akiko please"
2537 soddingwankers1: furtunato don't care
2538 soddingwankers1: fortunato don't give a SHIT
2539 susan: omg
2540 carol: fortunato is GAY
2541 susan: Fortunato is a teddy bear
2542 carol: seriously
2543 julia: maybe!
2544 carol: it makes sense if he's gay
2545 macey: i know he's chaste as hell, he doesn't even seem to get akiko likes him until she kisses
2546 macey: him
2547 macey: and then he's like
2548 mournthekrystle: doesnt kiss back
2549 carol: and then she's dead
2550 macey: wait. processing. girl. kiss.
2551 soddingwankers1: i think he might not even be gay
2552 mournthekrystle: yup and then death
2553 huhyeasure: what the heck is a Fortunato?
2554 soddingwankers1: like i really am not feeling anything but an asexy vibe
2555 susan: Yea I don't think he is
2556 mournthekrystle: way too sad
2557 soddingwankers1: i feel like he has better things to do?
2558 carol: he's a pokemon
2559 macey: he doesn't make many facial expressions, he may just be?? emotionally stunted as hell
2560 soddingwankers1: like pray. and...does he eat? I have no idea
2561 macey: DOES HE EAT
2562 soddingwankers1: i would be so proud if he was autistic, actually
2563 mournthekrystle: hahahaha
2564 susan: I really want another lunchroom scene D'=
2565 erin: i get an asexual vibe too
2566 carol: i think the question here is DO POKEMONS EAT?
2567 julia: aww i am imagining fortunato going through a field of dasies smiling i dont know why
2568 julia: but it's very cute
2572 macey: how did we ever get to pokemon in this chat jesus
2573 susan: Thank you for distracting me from my obvious pain guys
2574 huhyeasure: hahaha Xd
2576 joey_eesma left the room
2577 julia: my roommate says they eat pokefood
2578 susan: Aww bye mirror Joe
2579 julia: "they are brown bits"
2580 julia: (jk)
2581 mournthekrystle: man i havent played pokemon since gameboy color first came out was it?
2582 macey: oh wait maybe he's a robot
2583 carol: wow
2584 macey: hunter built him in the future or something idk
2585 carol: i remember the first time i ever played pokemon
2586 julia: that would be so badass
2587 huhyeasure: Aw I miss my gameboy color!
2588 mournthekrystle: yeah i like my robot theory
2589 mournthekrystle: you know when that machine almost kills hunter
2590 macey: fortunato gets shot
2591 mournthekrystle: >.>
2592 macey: it's just all wires
2593 soddingwankers1: oh guys how many covers are there for this issue
2594 susan: Milk comes out
2595 soddingwankers1: no ew gross susan
2596 julia: ahaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahha
2597 mournthekrystle: two?
2598 susan: One and a variant
2599 soddingwankers1: that's DIRTY
2600 soddingwankers1: thank you omg i have them both COOL
2601 soddingwankers1: (one is tessas)
2602 susan: I was trying to reference Alien what happened
2603 soddingwankers1: (i am not That Person until the 3 part one comes out)
2604 susan: I saw that movie 40 years ago
2605 carol: i hate that i can't have any of them
2606 carol: living in another country sucks
2607 mournthekrystle: pokemon red and blue.... that and later yellow but thats all i played when those came out
2608 soddingwankers1: also can i just say my comic store is AWESOME because igot two issues for $5.98?
2609 carol: we don't even have the first issue yet
2610 macey: wow emily best
2612 soddingwankers1: like where did the tax go?
2613 susan: Carol do you download the scans then?
2614 mournthekrystle: lol no tax for mg fans
2615 carol: IS IT??
2616 macey: I HEARD IT WAS
2617 carol: yeah, i download the scans
2618 soddingwankers1: i think it is? THERE WAS A POST
2619 julia: yes I think
2620 mournthekrystle: employee discount of 10% to mg fans only
2622 julia: anarchicgalaxy posted about it
2623 soddingwankers1: carol oesn't give a shit
2624 soddingwankers1: oops
2625 soddingwankers1: fuck
2626 mournthekrystle: yeah i read that somewhere too
2627 carol: and then they are killed
2628 soddingwankers1: one sec
2629 susan: http
2630 soddingwankers1: can we not paste links?
2631 macey: well haha they're probably dead already this is morning glories
2632 carol: but it's alfuw because there's only 2 good comic shops in são paulo
2633 carol: and it's the biggest city here
2634 julia: susan why
2635 soddingwankers1: BABY
2636 soddingwankers1: GUILLAUME
2637 susan: This is the face guys
2638 carol: awful* what is wrong with my keyboard
2639 susan: This is the face that gets me
2640 macey: okay i just want to say why is fortunato such a fun topic. tessa and i talked about him fo
2641 macey: *for like an hour on monday too
2642 susan: Where?
2643 susan: Did you have another chat?
2644 macey: on aim we had this joke
2645 julia: i think it's because he seems complicated but we don't know much about him
2646 susan: Ohh hot damn how do you work aim
2647 macey: fortunato's english is actually still awful he has his orders completely wrong
2648 macey: the truants aren't even supposed to be at mga they had him read the map
2649 julia: hahahahahah
2650 carol: oh my gosh
2651 carol: hahahaha
2652 macey: "dude akiko wants to nail you" "but i am not a decorative poster"
2653 susan: The other day I was imaging all the Truants + Junisao/Hisao in a minivan
2654 macey: and i quote tessa
2655 susan: Driving off into the desert together
2656 julia: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
2657 macey: "she has a crush on you" "that sounds painful is she alright"
2658 julia: AHHHahhahaah
2659 susan: OHH NO FORTUNATO
2660 julia: who was driving the minivan
2661 guest-96750 entered the room
2662 carol: david
2663 susan: This reminds me of Leanne's thing about Hunter/Hisao
2664 susan: Junisao obviously
2665 guest-96750 left the room
2667 julia: ahhahaah ah yes
2669 macey: and it's been one issue
2670 susan: And like anything she says about Hisao/Guillaume
2671 susan: ME TOO
2672 julia: yes
2673 soddingwankers1: what did someone say guillaume
2675 julia: hahahha
2676 susan: That I imagined but shhh
2677 macey: but at least hunter must be having future adventures
2678 susan: Me
2679 susan: It's always me Emily
2681 soddingwankers1: i lov eyou
2682 macey: i am sure older jade is the best fake mom
2683 soddingwankers1: I'M LEAVING
2684 soddingwankers1: EXITING
2685 carol: they were the perfect breakfast club
2686 susan: Permanently?
2688 susan: Goodnight!!
2689 soddingwankers1: MAYBE I'LL BE BACK
2690 erin: i had no idea i could go so long without casey/jade interactions tbh
2691 susan: GOOD LUCK
2692 julia: ah good bye good luck!
2693 erin: good luck
2694 soddingwankers1: thank youuuuu
2695 carol: GOODBYE EMILYY
2696 soddingwankers1: you're all marvelous
2697 susan: This chat is supposed to end soon anyways
2698 susan: but shhh
2699 soddingwankers1: yes shh
2700 soddingwankers1 left the room
2701 susan: Sobs Guillaume
2702 macey: OKAY HAHA the chat is actually supposed to end in like a second
2703 susan: I need a frend who is not part of the Guillaume is Evil Campaign
2704 macey: and i have to save it!! so
2705 macey: i think it safe to close up shop now?
2706 susan: So we're being kicked out then?
2707 macey: well yeah this is. end time sob
2708 susan: Okie dokie smokie
2709 carol: are you going to call the cops if we don't leave?
2710 susan: No she'll call David duh
2712 carol: okay, goodbye guys
2713 julia: thank you as always for hosting (is that the right word)
2714 macey: no i am david obviously
2715 julia: !
2716 susan: Well as per usual Thaaaanks for running this Macey!!!
2717 macey: good night guys!! and no problem
2718 carol: you are all lovely
2719 susan: You're awesome
2720 erin: night!!
2721 carol: and nice
2722 julia: good night alllllll!!!
2723 julia: byeeeee
2724 carol: and i love you all
2725 susan: Goodnight everyone! Cry with you later.
2726 mournthekrystle: night everyone
2727 carol: goodnightt!!