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Age 16
First Appearance Morning Glories 7
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Chad was a student who attended Morning Glory Academy. He and Steve are introduced to Zoe by Amanda, who is trying to convince Zoe to join the cheerleading team.[1]

Some time later, Hunter is singing while listening to music, and bumps into Chad, causing Chad to drop his books. Hunter apologizes, and Chad is friendly, introducing himself and welcoming Hunter to the school.

When Hunter is on his way to meet Casey for a date, he is stopped by Chad and Steve, who threaten Hunter. Hunter calls to the wrong Fukayama twin for help, who punches him.

Chad and Steve tie Hunter up and take him to the greenhouse, under Hisao's orders. They see "one of the new girls" (presumably Zoe), and attempt to take her too. When the bag over Hunter's head is removed, Chad and Steve are hanging from the ceiling, guts spilling from their abdomens, and the phrase "all will be free" written on the ground.[2]

Chad's body is later seen in Nine's office, being inspected by Lara Hodge[3]


Chad has appeared in 4 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #7: All Will Be Free, pt. 1 Zoe
  2. Morning Glories #8: All Will Be Free, pt. 1 Hunter
  3. Morning Glories #12: All Will Be Free, pt. 6 Hodge (dead body)
  4. Morning Glories #31: Demerits, pt. 2 (photograph)

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