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Vital statistics
Age 16
First Appearance Morning Glories 1
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Brendan is a student at the Academy.  He is romantically linked with Vanessa Richmond[1] whom he meets on her first day.  Vanessa brought him in on the attempt to rescue Abraham[2], but he ended up in the room with the Cylinder and was killed by David.[3]

When Lara Hodge freed Vanessa from confinement, she told Vanessa that the nature of Brendan's death is very difficult to untangle. She granted Vanessa one concession - five minutes alone to say her farewells to Brendan, via Time Travel. While Vanessa told him to tell her the next day that he'll find her, all her reminders are for naught as a younger version of Hodge wiped his memory of their conversation.[4]


In his first appearance, his name was spelled "Brendon" but later issues spell it "Brendan".


Brendan has appeared in 4 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #1: For A Better Future, pt. 1
  2. Morning Glories #21: Truants, pt. 2
  3. Morning Glories #25: Truants, pt. 6
  4. Morning Glories #32: Demerits, pt. 3

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