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Age 16
First Appearance Morning Glories 7
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Amanda was a student and cheerleader at Morning Glory Academy.


Amanda initially appears as (presumably) the cheerleading captain, and invites Zoe to try out for the squad. Zoe seems hesitant, but decides to join up after Hunter tries to talk her out of it.

Under the instructions of Ms. Daramount, Amanda has Zoe answer three questions for her initiation. She asks for Zoe's earliest memory (seeing her father kill her mother), what the worst thing she's ever done (killing Hammond and destroying the body), and "Who is David?". At the last question, Zoe runs away.

Amanda gives her report to Ms. Daramount, who seems pleased, and tells Amanda that the cheerleaders' next curfew violation will be overlooked. As Amanda leaves the office, she is ambushed by Zoe, who stabs her in the abdomen repeatedly, killing her.[1]


Amanda's body is later seen being inspected by Lara Hodge upon her return to the school.[2]

Just before Woodrun, Zoe finds that her locker has been broken into, and a photo of Amanda placed inside. Shortly after, it is confirmed that many other students suspect Zoe to be involved with Amanda's death.[3]


Amanda has appeared in 2 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #7: All Will Be Free, pt. 1 Zoe
  2. Morning Glories #12: All Will Be Free, pt. 6 Hodge

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