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The Camp

A camp site out in the middle of the Egyptian desert where Abraham trains  children in the art of warfare.[1] Some children (like Guillaume) join the camp out of free will[2], others (like Hisao) are rescued and brought there by Abraham himself.[3] It is unclear how these children are chosen but they refer to each other as "sister" and "brother". The Truants are a group of six of these children that were specified by Clarkson and sent to infiltrate the Academy.[4]

When Georgina Daramount discovers the intruders (after a failed attempt by Irina to kill The Headmaster), she searches for the location of the camp and destroys it. She also kidnaps many of the children with her to the academy, the teachers she leaves to die in the fire.[5]

Guillaume, Hisao, Caleb, Abraham, Akiko, ?, Fortunato
Morning Glories #24

Later, Ike finds a photo of Abraham and some of his "children" labeled "Age 10" in Abraham's office.[6]


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