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Morning Glories #8

suffers from a form of visual and auditory distortion: whenever there is an important event, all the clocks he looks at reads 8:13 and he cannot hear the alarms he set.  While this happens at least twice a day, the rest of the time he can read a clock normally. This distortion causes him to be habitually late to important events in his life. He believes that it is a result of a watch he received from Abraham when he was ten. [1]

There are other examples of this number appearing in the series:

  • It was the time shown on the clock when Zoe and Hunter entered the laboratory during Woodrun. The lab subsequently exploded. [2]
  • Genesis:22 8-13 is the story of Abraham and Issac in The Bible.
  • The numbers 813 were the first three numbers of the sequence that Hunter recited while in The Tower.[3]
  • 813 was Casey's room number when she was in New York.[4]
  • A poster for Hunter's book club says the meetings are at 8:13.[5]
  • After her car accident, Casey's room in the hospital is 813.[5]
  • When Clarkson's baby is crying, the time is 8:13.[5]
  • Wow-mo, where Hisao meets Lara is on the 8th floor, suite 13.[6]
  • Guillaume waits until 8:13 to win the Towerball game.[7]
  • It is the time on the clock when Vanessa successfully makes contact with the outside world, after Guillaume's post Towerball speech and when Casey enters The Greenhouse.[7]


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